Getting Out of Jersey

Matthew Paul Esham

Getting Out of Jersey

Getting Out of Jersey

  • Title: Getting Out of Jersey
  • Author: Matthew Paul Esham
  • ISBN: 9780982762318
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback

It always starts small A single action, followed by another, and another By the time most people realize the scrabbling noise in the dark is coming from something with teeth, it s too late In a small town in South Jersey, the darkness has taken root, spreading fast Only a few people have survived The ones who are left, are Getting Out of Jersey Best new horror It always starts small A single action, followed by another, and another By the time most people realize the scrabbling noise in the dark is coming from something with teeth, it s too late In a small town in South Jersey, the darkness has taken root, spreading fast Only a few people have survived The ones who are left, are Getting Out of Jersey Best new horror Susan Preston Can t wait for the second book Andy Green Great ending John Masterson

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I love the Mad Max / Day of the Dead type survival stories. I guess there is something in me that likes to be "me" versus the world. Being a zombie lover, I've bought a few books hoping they would deliver, but unfortunately I was left wanting more. The characters were too thin or one dimensional, or there wasn't well thought out action scenes.This book delivered on all fronts. The characters were well thought out and multi dimensional and the action was non stop. I just downloaded book 2 can't w [...]

There were a few times I got a little freaked out while reading this, but I take that as a good sign. The storyline is so intense, I really fell for the intense emotion between the two pain characters and their fight to survive. I really liked the fact that it's not just some virus with hordes of undead chasing them. The plot is really well thought out and the twists and turns kept me reading to the very end.

Too often I get hallway through a book and I can pretty much tell you how it is going to end or tell you ten other books I've read that did it better.I have to say that the vampires, even if they are never called that, are awesome. They are dark and unknown and the take on the genre was fresh and new.Highly recommended.

This is basically your standard doomsday zombie book. It's actually more what I was expecting "World War Z" to be like. There's no "new take" on an old genera here or much that hasn't been done before in some fashion. With that said, what the book does do, it does very well. The story is paced well with good action scenes. The suspense builds throughout the book and pays off at the end like a good zombie tale should. If there is a criticism to make it's that the book could benefit from a good ed [...]

Loved this book. A friend recomended it to me and I couldn't put it down.Now I owe her lunch.

I was surprised by how gripping the main characters were and how well written the story was. I liked the way the that as the inner darkness and evil is expelled, the world around Daniel starts to fall apart, but in a strange way it is balanced. Even with everything going bad, Daniel is in a better place after everything falls apart than when he was ignorant of what was lurking in the shadows.I also liked the fact that its not just a "zombie" novel. The story was really well written, and I could [...]

From start to finish this book is full of action. It's well written and has solid characters who you will be rooting for by the end of the book. I love survival/end of the world stories, especially those with zombies/vampires and things that go bump in the night. This book fit the bill perfectly. Loved it!!!

A good, solid, undead apacalypse book with a twist.The author didn't take the usual route for undead - it's not an evil fog or virus causing the zombies but something else.I liked the fact that there was a good story and a plot behind what was happening and a little bit of the unexpected as well.The book had a lot of action and interplay between the two main characters. I enjoyed watching them grow together throughout the novel.Spoiler -Damn them for killing Mr. Deringer!!!

Really enjoyed this. It is not your average end of the world survival tale. I love the genre, but a lot of the books I read have the same basic story. Hordes of undead (be it virus or something else) and the main character/party must fight from point A to point B.This was a refreshing change from that. Well written and with a fresh take on the undead.

Not gonna lie, this has great reviews, but I really just added it cuz of the name. (If I got out than so can you!)$4.99 on Kindle & Nook

Great series. I love these books.

Just the things to get my undead junky fix.

This was the pleasant surprise of my summer. What an awesome story. I couldn't put it down.I love end of the world stories and this one was original and well written. The spiral into the end was so well done, and the action just pulls you in.Thralls = ZombiesBrutes = Massive creatures that don't have much intelligence but are very strongGrays = The ruling class of undead. They can turn people with a bite, and some of them have special abiltiies.I won't ruin the ending, but it has a nice twist. I [...]

Great thriller. I love the way the two main characters interact and everything unfolds around them.Daniel has this amazing edge to him, yet he's never lets that take away from his humanity. The way he can be cutting down the undead and still be concerned about Justine is so well written. This is one of those books that I started reading and I picked my head up and I was halfway through the book and it was time to turn the lights out. I ended up reading another twenty or so pages in the can on my [...]

A great early summer read. This was one of those that crept up on me. I was expecting zombies and gore and got something very different. I found a lot of little gems while reading the book. Everything conclusion isn't spelled out, but it draws a clear picture of the world. I also liked the fact that not once is the word "zombie" used in the book.The undead are thralls - the slaves. I really enjoyed the interplay between the types of undead and the hints at the backstory. It was just enough to ge [...]

My BF made me promise to read three of "his" books.This was my favorite. The characters are balanced and OMG - there is a strong female in there!!!I love Sookie, but she needs to get tougher.

Very excited to have received a notice from . Anxiously awaiting my copy of the book. Hopefully in time for the winter break coming up! I will update my review of this book asap. THANKS :)I am not a big reader of suspense / thriller stories and just about quarter of the way in I am hooked. WOW! I will be posting back soon, but so far I am able to get past the suspenseful turns throughout the plot. There is enough information right away in the first few pages to keep me very interested!I wish th [...]

**I won this off of Giveaways (ARC)**1/14/12 okay I have had to rethink this through. I decided this book is better than a Meh, but not by much more looking at my review, i don't think i would change much, except the stars given. I was trying to be nice and fair; but cheated myself. So 1.5 stars it is.I really think it deserves 2.5 stars; mainly for entertainment value and trying to figure out what is up with the undead. Are they vamps or are they zombies? Or is it a combination of both? Felt l [...]

OK.I'm up and down.1. Zombies invade. But they don't just 'show up' like in most apocalyptic novels/books (involving the undead). There's a foundation of 'something just isn't right in this town' and people disappearing and then : boom.I like zombie stories, I like 'something just isn't right in this town' stories, so this might be the perfect story for me.2. Hero (Daniel) and heroine (Justine)? Total can jobs! A PTSD Marine and a troubled teen who is "just too damaged to be goo for anyone, Dani [...]

I'm a huge fan of Tom Clancy and military action thrillers, and pretty much anything with zombies and monsters. This had a nice mix of all of the above. The fight scenes were top notch and very gritty. I could almost smell the rotting meat and gunpowder. Daniel's relationship with his father was actually touching. Especially around the scenes when he is crashing and thinking of killing himself. The slim line between the abyss and life making sense is so fine. There was something very touching an [...]

Really enjoyed this book but there were a few things about it that made it seem like the author didn't do enough research on the subject, specificly spin drift on bullets and the size of sewer pipes. Also he talks about walking, "hand and hand." At least where I live it's hand in hand. I found things like that really distracting from the story. Also, based on the printing and lack of research I couldn't help but wonder if this book was self-published.Otherwise I really liked the book.

Decent horror plot but the suspense pieces felt a bit hokey at times. There really are only so many close calls and almost deaths that fit into a novel. I'd prefer a few more plot twists than oh no they almost died.n.

Fun ride!

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