Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates (Dover Juvenile Classics)

Mary Mapes Dodge

Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates (Dover Juvenile Classics)

Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates (Dover Juvenile Classics)

  • Title: Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates (Dover Juvenile Classics)
  • Author: Mary Mapes Dodge
  • ISBN: 9780486428420
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback

In this classic winter tale, set against a backdrop of frozen canals in a land of windmills and wooden shoes, the year s most thrilling event is about to take place the race to win the coveted Silver Skates.For youngsters of the Dutch village, the time is especially exciting But Hans and Gretel Brinker, with their hand carved wooden blades, can hardly expect to competeIn this classic winter tale, set against a backdrop of frozen canals in a land of windmills and wooden shoes, the year s most thrilling event is about to take place the race to win the coveted Silver Skates.For youngsters of the Dutch village, the time is especially exciting But Hans and Gretel Brinker, with their hand carved wooden blades, can hardly expect to compete against their well trained young friends who own costly steel skates Raff Brinker, their father, is seriously ill, and the desperately poor family is struggling to survive To win the race, the siblings will need a miracle and a helping hand.First published in 1865, Hans Brinker, or The Silver Skates was greeted with instant popular acclaim The heartwarming tale continues to delight countless readers today with its messages of virtue rewarded and the importance of maintaining courage in the pursuit of one s dreams.

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What a delightful book this is. I am generally disappointed by children’s books, but Mary Mapes Dodge did not talk down to her audience, and as a result the read is enjoyable, even for an adult. Interestingly enough, I had thought this book was written by a Hollander, but it was written by an American. She obviously wanted her young readers to learn something about a nation that she so clearly admired, so she included a great deal of history, descriptions of customs and well-drawn images of th [...]

I'm reading this to decide if it gets to stay with me or not. I have a very, very bad (or maybe good) habit of buying books I haven't read because I've heard they're good. Or I want to read them. Or they're on sale. This was one such book. 'Hey, everyone has read Hans Brinker, I should too.'Thus far I'm really liking it so maybe it was a good thing I bought it (several years ago and am just now getting around to it).September 20, 2009 - I finished! Yes, it took me much longer to read than normal [...]

Luxuries unfit us for returning to hardships easily endured before.That is one of the little gems which pop up throughout this classic book of children's literature. Published in 1865, it was second only to Dickens that year in sales. Written by an American who had never been to the Netherlands before the book was written, it has, apparently, been a much-loved book handed down through the generations. Although I come from Flemish/Dutch ancestry, this book was unknown in my family, perhaps becaus [...]

Το κοριτσακι με το άσχημο , φτωχικό παιδικό περιβάλλον, με εναν πατερα βαριά άρρωστο που βγαινει πρωτο σε παγοδρομίες και βαζει κατω τις σνομπ γνωστες της με τα λεφτα και τα φτιασίδια, ένα υπεροχο βιβλίο! Κερδίζει το έπαθλο σε πείσμα όλων και ας μάχεται με τις πιο αντίξοες συ [...]

This is one of the greatest books for children I've ever met. Indeed you won't meet such books nowadays, not with such a beautiful language and such good lessons to teach. I've read Hans Brinker twice. The first time was when I was 11 or 12 and it impressed me so much that till now it is the second association with Holland for me (after the tulips :))So when this year I was searching for something to read during the Christmastime and occasionally saw the title among the list of other Christmas b [...]

Worst. Book. Ever. Okay, maybe not the worst, but a really boring, awful book. The actual story of Hans could be told in about fifty pages. The edition I read on was nearly three hundred pages long. I can appreciate it for the historical things--I've read enough books from this time period to know that the personalities of the Brinker children and some of the other boys are how the authors imagined children, and the "history of Holland" asides are in there to educate small children back in the [...]

A wonderful tale of a close-knit family, set in the beauty of Holland. I come back to this nearly every winter! A perfect read to curl up in front of the fireplace with.

I can't believe I made it through an upbringing in Holland, Michigan as a descendant of Dutch Immigrants, without having read Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates before now.A good third of the middle of this book is a travelogue of the Netherlands, with some history thrown in. There are some classical references I had to look up, even though it's a children's story. It was written in 1865.It's full of pithy sayings, supposedly from the Dutch. My favorite was "Humble wife is husband's boss." Somet [...]

I quite enjoyed reading this book. It reminded me so much of Holland and at the same time produced much more to my interest. This book could now be taken to be a historical text for a lazy American (if this term is not too much redundant). Much history of Holland is laid out, some as a field trip through the countryside. This is not a challenging read but I bet that the orignal target audience of young folks will hardly touch it these days though the book is still to be found in the juvenile sec [...]

Mary Mapes Dodge tried to make a Holland sandwich with this book, and in my opinion, it's a culinary failure. Wanting to educate American children in the 1800's about life in Holland, she wrote a part fiction, part non fiction account of village children living near Amsterdam. Then she shoved it in the middle of a story about Hans Brinker and his troubled family, and added in some extra non fiction for good measure. This really spoiled the book for me. I liked Hans and his family, but I was frus [...]

This is an old-fashioned children's book, with a story meant to encourage the development of character and Christian values in its readers. I might be frustrated with its didactic tone if it were not for the fascinating background it gives on the Netherlands. Overall, it's rather charming.

I loved this book as a kid and reread it several times. It was especially enjoyable while eating Dutch chocolate shoes. ;-) This book made me fascinated with all things Holland. I still have the edition I read when I was 8 or 9.

Shiloah just keeps finding books that I should have rated on here years ago. I love this book because of the memories as much as the content. My grandma read this to me a couple of times when I was a child and I do so cherish that memory.

Една от любимите ми детски книги. Чела съм я безброй пъти! Заради нея ми купиха кънки за лед и цяла зима ходех в неделя да се пързалям:-)).

A sad book, and an uplifting book at the same time. Well worth your time to read.

2.5 stars

This book is about a boy named Hans Brinker, age 15, and his sister, Gretel, age 12, live in Holland in the mid-1800s. Ten years before this, their father, Raff, suffered an injury that left him hurt and useless. The children and their mother have lived in poverty ever since. They know Raff buried a big pile of mula, but he's was unable to tell them where it is. Raff also left a pricy watch with Dame Brinker just before his injury, making her promise to keep it safe. She doesn't know the point o [...]

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing but misinformation can be catastrophic. This book was written for youthful readers and has been a favorite tale for many years. Starting in the year 1872 (exactly 100 years prior to my moving to Holland) the story tries to combine the social life and historic heritage of the Low Countries with a fictitious story of the Brinker family. I can still remember the pictures this tale painted in my impressionable youthful mind the first time I read it fifty y [...]

would only be tolerable if abridged. I liked the story of Hans and his little family, their tragedy and their determination to get through it. But then somehow we got this group of young boys who were allowed to spend a winter holiday unsupervised with plenty of money skating all over Amsterdam, having various adventures, and delivering long tedious lessons about Dutch life and history and culture to the token English boy who makes all this slightly plausible. I SOOOOOOO didn't care. If want to [...]

This is written as a children's book, but it is for children who are serious readers! The action is a bit milder than we so often see today. The only magic is that of human compassion, the life-or-death drama is that of an ill parent, the fabulous wealth is only that of the loss of the family's savings. Of course, the great prize is the silver skates. Every chapter is packed with history. The writing style is somewhat dated, but the characters are well-drawn.Fun to go back and read as an adult, [...]

Wouldn't read it again nor would I read it to a child. If I wanted to have some history of Holland based on stories from certain times in history, this would be great. Otherwise, the story is in parts too much history that is dated, too much kids being super nice to other kids, and tragedy becoming unrealistic miracles all in one story. Normally, I can consider the original context and appreciate the story for what it was intended to be. This was just over the top hokey for me.

I was trolling my way through this one when my dog graciously destroyed it. He picked the right book at least. I could not get into this one at all least when I was a teenager. I might try it again if someone convinces me that should waste the last few precious moments of my life reading bland descriptions of Holland's landscape.

I hated this book. The story of Hans Brinker itself is fine. What I detested was the break from the main story to follow a group of boys with too much time on their hands exploring Amsterdam and pointing out "fun facts" of art and history. Not incredibly well-written either.

I really enjoyed this story. It brought back childhood memories of my mom reading this to me on Saturday mornings in her bed. It is a disjointed story as the author adds facts about Holland, but still well worth the effort.

Like Dickens, Mary Mapes Dodge tells a story about children trying to survive. Hans and Gretel's father is not in his right mind and cannot work. Although the chatty style and Dutch history lessons detract, the story is very moving when it gets back on track with Hans' quests.

Great story! I love that it emphasizes virtue and uses a higher vocabulary than you typically see in popular children's books. I will be sending this book to my 13-year-old niece to read. And then I will plan a trip to Holland because it sounds lovely.

Those are memory stars. I read this over and over when I was a kid. Have no idea how many stars I'd give it now.

It's very difficult for me to say which book was (or is) my particular favourite at any given time, because I tend to have more than one book that I keep reading again and again. Silver Skates was one of those books that I kept reading all over again when I was about 8 to 10 years old, because I was completely mesmerised by the world of ice skating and the Netherlands. (To be honest, back then I was quite convinced that the entire country of Netherlands looks like Venice )It had been quite a few [...]

I have a copy of this book that was my grandparents,' and it's been on my list to read for a long time since it's a book that takes place in Holland, where many of my ancestors are from. I finally started reading it when I visited Holland in September of this year. It took me several months to get through it, and I had to wade through a lot of the details of the boys' skating trip across Holland, but I adored the characters and loved the rest of the story. Reading a story that takes place in Hol [...]

A wholesome story with many characters. Lots of details about Dutch life in mid 1800's. Two stories in one, with the middle section give great detail about school boys' skating trip to the city to see museums. A little slow and detail dumps, but worth it in the end.The story of Hans, and the Brinker's and is really good and includes a pretty awesome plot twist.

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