Right Before Your Eyes

Ellen Shanman

Right Before Your Eyes

Right Before Your Eyes

  • Title: Right Before Your Eyes
  • Author: Ellen Shanman
  • ISBN: 9780385340519
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback

Outspoken playwright Liza Weiler left Yale with everything she thought she needed to make her mark on the New York stage So why, nearly a decade later, is she still waiting for her real life to finally begin But like any great drama, Liza s life only needs one good twist And that s what happens when she turns her ankle on the way out of a downtown nightspot and fallsOutspoken playwright Liza Weiler left Yale with everything she thought she needed to make her mark on the New York stage So why, nearly a decade later, is she still waiting for her real life to finally begin But like any great drama, Liza s life only needs one good twist And that s what happens when she turns her ankle on the way out of a downtown nightspot and falls into the arms of a suspiciously gallant Wall Street prince and a practically perfect ER doc Suddenly Liza not only has a couple of men in her life, but her play has fallen into the hands of a ber hip theater director Now Liza s about to discover how much mess she can make of a seemingly good thing and how terrifying, slightly tragic, and utterly hilarious a little success can be.

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I really liked this book. I don't know if it's because I feel like I'm in the same situation as Liza (being with a guy that she feels no spark with) or what, but I could totally identify with her. Plus, I like how she sometimes holds nothing back. Yes, sometimes she's a bitch, but aren't we all? Also, I liked how this chick-lit didn't end where most chick-lits end: after she bags the guy that is more suited for her. I liked that Shanman continued to tell Liza and George's story after they get to [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire novel. Not only was it hilarious (I laughed out loud a lot), but it also felt pretty real and, at times, touching even. Liza is a refreshing character - intelligent, witty and flawed. Thankfully, unlike most female protagonists of late, her insecurities did not revolve around her body image and general lack of self-esteem.

funny, characters that I can relate to.good story

Reviewed by Lissa Staley Posted April 6, 2007Romance Chick-Lit | Contemporary Chick Lit Struggling playwright Liza Weiler thought that after 10 years of trying, she'd find her place in New York City. She loses her temp job at a convent after she tells off Sister Lorraine. Her perpetual graduate student roommate Jeremy needs her share of the rent, and while she knows her plays are very good, they aren't paying the bills. Liza is disappointed that her Aunt Fran, a successful actress, still hasn't [...]

Persze mint minden romantikus komédiában, itt is már az elejétől világos, hogy kik vannak igazán egymáshoz rendelve, de akárcsak az Everything niceban, a főhősnek fel kell rázódnia, rádöbbennie saját hiányosságaira ahhoz, hogy megértse és kiérdemelje a boldogságot. Ellen Shanman itt is jó szereplőket és teljesen hihető konfliktusokat választott ahhoz, hogy egy hagyományos romantikus sémára ráhúzva ne tűnjön erőltetettnek és sokszor olvasottnak az egész. Na me [...]

Okay, so this is chick lit, but it's really good chick lit!!! Summer's here and the sun makes me lazy, so in between reading chapters of the Little Friend, which is quite serious, I'm reading some chick lit booksd this is a great debut novel from an author to watch Her protaganist, Liza, is funny, and real. She does not have a trust fund or a fabulous job. And if you like stories where the two people who eventually end up in love are not initial fans of each other - think Hepburn and Grant in Ph [...]

Started off really strong, but sort of fizzled for me in the middle. There were some really great laugh out loud moments, but in the end, it didn't click as securely as one I LOVED. Still, I might look into more by the author. Whe it was bad it was boring for me, but when it was good it was AMAZING.

I'm glad I read Everything Nice before I read Right Before Your Eyes. While this book had some moments that made me laugh out loud and I really liked George, I think the excellent character development in Everything Nice was missing in her first book.Right Before Your Eyes was cute, but great. I hope she continues to improve like in Everything Nice.

Not a bad read; a typical chick lit fun romance. Sometimes the main character was kind of abrasive and harsh, though. Even though she was just being defensive so as not to get hurt and that was a part of her personality, it made her a bit hard to like at times. Otherwise the book was funny, entertaining and served its purpose.

I read this whole thing, but it was kind of infuriating. It didn't go far enough in any one direction to be worthwhile. The main character was too much of a jerk to want to root for, but not enough of a jerk that you loved to hate her. Her romance had some difficulties, but they didn't feel real. And the quirky aunt character just came off as a rude, arrogant old woman.

This was a pretty good book. I do believe that it was unnecessary to have the language in it, but other than that, it was pretty good. I like that sometimes the most important person in our life is the one we don't notice. But when we finally do, it makes our life that much better!

I was addicted to reading this book, but then a little disappointed at the end because I felt like there wasn't any bigger lesson to be learned. Although it is a love story, it was a little too much teenage drama even though the characters are well into their 20s.

Didn't finish this book, because of all the swear words, especially the 'f' word. I ruined the book. It sounded like it could have been good, but couldn't get through all the trashyness. Her Aunt is so wanting her to sleep with just anyone, and her friend does. Too bad.

I saw this book on Greta's list, and I knew it must be good :) And sure enough, it's a winner! Shanman has a wonderful wit and is a calculated story teller. She never hestitates to include all the juicy details. Love it!

Debut chick lit fiction. Playwright Liza Weiler meets a jerk Wall Street prince and an ER doc in the same night. Colorful characters. Fluffy and light, some weak plot points, but a good beach read.

I loved every minute of this book, especially the minutes with George. As far as chick-lit goes, this book is a winner - smart, funny (actual LOL funny at times), great pop culture references, has some weight but is still a fun read.

entertaining chicklit type talefunny realistic characters. a good beach read, i didn't want to put it down! :-)

This. was. so. cute. Read in a few hours. I laughed out loud once, I cried a lot at the end, and I was totally rooting for the character (even though I didn't really identify with her).

The perfect fast read. Pick it up if you're going to the beach, or taking a plane ride. HIGHLY reccomend it!

I loved this book! The narrator is smart and relatable, the writing is funny, but intelligent Seriously, loved it.

Laugh out loud funny!

Worth reading for the dead mouse.

Chick-lit; I'd have preferred a story where the characters were more fleshed out and not quite so shallow, but not bad for what it is.

Great bookfunny!


I enjoyed this book, in fact I read it in a single day! The characters were all very relatable and I found myself wishing that I had the nerve to express myself the way Liza did sometimes.

Fluff - but it was fun.

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