Unleashing Ciaran

Cassandra Gold

Unleashing Ciaran

Unleashing Ciaran

  • Title: Unleashing Ciaran
  • Author: Cassandra Gold
  • ISBN: 9781600885907
  • Page: 238
  • Format: ebook

After all they ve been through together, werewolf Drew and his half demon mate Ciaran are than ready to live a normal life.Then Drew s peace of mind is shattered by a mysterious 3 a.m phone call A new threat has emerged, from a direction he never thought possible.This time, it may be up to Ciaran to protect Drew

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A month after the event in Claiming Ciaran where they are able to overcome the threat to their lives, were-wolf Drew and his half-demon/half-fae mate, Ciaran, are preparing for Christmas and hope that their life can return to normal. Unfortunately, an encryptic phone calls from Drew's mom shatters that hope because a new threat comes along. A human shooter is able to shoot Drew with a silver bullet and almost kills him. Ciaran realizes that this time, it's up to him to protect his wolf mate.This [...]

The tables are turned in this segment, as there are now people after Drew and Ciaran finds himself the caretaker for a change. This is a bit of an adjustment for alpha protector Drew, but he isn't given much of a choice. Ciaran calls in the help of his grandfather, as well as Nick, in finding and taking care of the bad guys. Still waiting for more Nick action.

First Read from November 27 to 28, 2010I love these guys so cute Second read 9-5-12Still love them Now I wish Nick had a book

I'm gonna miss these guys:'(

Used to being the Alpha protector, Drew's world is turned upside down when he is threatened and he must rely on his love Ciaran to be his protector. Ciaran must call on all his strength and cunning, and even his demon background to help his mate. Ciaran also now has friends and family that he can call on to help, which he didn't have a few short weeks ago as a Fae outcast.Drew and Ciaran's relationship continues to grow and blossom and I appreciate that Drew is not threatened by the fact that he [...]

It was nice to see Ciaran start to take control of his powers in this third installment although I was hoping for a bit more than what we saw. This one had a little angst with Drew being hurt and struggling to find his wolf and a dark side to it regarding Drew's family. Like the previous book, I enjoyed the further emergence of the secondary characters (view spoiler)[(yeah on Ciaran's dad and grandfather helping out!) (hide spoiler)]. Nice entry in this series.

This is a cute series about a werewolf and a half fae/demon. Light on character development but very sweet story about two outcasts finding love together. Some nice secondary characters and very fast reads. Not standalones at all so start from book one. I hope to see more in the series. Short reads but very likeable, interesting characters.

I really like these characters. They are sweet and well-written. I'm not as big a fan of the 'perils of penelope pitstop' feeling these books give me.

I really like that the guys actually work. We see them working they have to make time for working. They have to be at work at a certain time. I also like that he's s regular computer guy, neither an idiot not a hacker. Just a guy who works in websites. I love the normalcy. Much better written the last one. Lots of great peril throughout, excitement and danger for such a short story even if a bit predictable and just the right amount of sex. I like that the little guy came into his own and (view [...]

Read on 10-25-13I am so pissed! ARGH! (view spoiler)[The title is Unleashing Ciaran, right? Well then, let's see it! In the big fight, we get DREW's POV?! I wanted Ciaran's and how he was handling "being a demon". I feel like I got cheated :( I wanted more of the secret meetings between him and his dad. I wanted Ciaran to talk to Drew about what he was doing. Ugh. I wanted more magically from Ciaran.(hide spoiler)]Once again, I loved Janie and Nick :) I want to know more about Nick, like pronto! [...]

Rating 4.25It is often easier to stand up and fight for those you love rather than for yourself. Ciaran may be sweet but he is fiercely devoted and protective of Drew. Poor Drew and Ciaran! I certainly hope this is the last of life threatening drama for them. Although I hope it isn’t the last time we see them! I would love to read more about their relationship and lives as well as see Nick get his HEA. He totally deserves it!


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