Akira, Vol. 5

Katsuhiro Otomo Yoko Umezawa Mary Jo Duffy

Akira, Vol. 5

Akira, Vol. 5

  • Title: Akira, Vol. 5
  • Author: Katsuhiro Otomo Yoko Umezawa Mary Jo Duffy
  • ISBN: 9781569715277
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback

In the 21st century, the once glittering Neo Tokyo lies in ruins, leveled in minutes by the infinite power of the child psychic giant, Akira Now a wasteland of rubble and anarchy, the Great Tokyo Empire rises, a ragtag group of zealots and crazies who worship and fear Akira and his mad prime minister, Tetsuo, an angry teen with immense powers of his own and equally immIn the 21st century, the once glittering Neo Tokyo lies in ruins, leveled in minutes by the infinite power of the child psychic giant, Akira Now a wasteland of rubble and anarchy, the Great Tokyo Empire rises, a ragtag group of zealots and crazies who worship and fear Akira and his mad prime minister, Tetsuo, an angry teen with immense powers of his own and equally immense twisted ambitions The planet at large is not taking the threat lying down, however, and the might of the world is ready to take on the Empire, but will technology s most advanced weaponry be enough to destroy Akira and is Tetsuo an ever greater threat The fifth chapter in a sweeping epic of over 2000 pages, Akira vol 5 is the penultimate act of a mind blowing graphic novel masterpiece of awe inspiring imagination and gut wrenching power, and the inspiration for the classic Akira animated film.

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This is an awesome volume five. Things are shaping up for a definitely explosive concluding volume. Now, for those who are wondering how much the book differs from the movie, my answer they are similar at some key plot points with a lot of differences. The manga definitely covers way more than the movie. Like, the movie happened for just days, while the comics spans for months. The scope is also larger in the comics (view spoiler)[with superpowers America and Russia having significant roles (hid [...]

(I read Akira in one huge go over a weekend, so I will be cutting and pasting this review for all 6 volumes)Akira is an epic work of science fiction sequential art. The storyline is complex and consistent. There is social commentary, ethical musing, and morality woven through an action packed storyline of science gone wrong. The "romance" portion of the story is believable as well. The two characters are drawn to one another over time, and the world doesn't stop for them to wallow in their newfo [...]

One of the Best Manga Science Fiction Ever Published. If there is one thing when it comes to anime, people will always remember Akira. When it comes to manga, this is a one read people should invested on. I love Akira personally because of its sheer epic story of man versus Godhood and any thing that writes about power, this is the book people of all reader types should read. 30 years ago in 1992, an explosion in Japan cause the beginning of World War III. In 2028, Tokyo has become Neo-Tokyo, a [...]

No sé que más puedo decir sobre este manga, es todo excelente. En este tomo cada una de las facciones a favor o en contra de Akira se preparan para una confrontación final. Es muy interesante la forma en la que Otomo narra el viaje interno de Tetsuo, lo convierte en un personaje que es mucho más que el matón del principio de la historia, casi en una víctima de su propio poder. En mi opinión, esos grises son lo que hacen que este manga sea tan complejo y hermoso.

One of the best series's I've read. Gotta get volume 6. I ordered it almost a week ago. COME ON !

Amo a Katsuhiro Otomo, amo como encuadra, como dibuja, como te cuenta la historia. Quiero ya el tomo 6.

Tetsuo damn you fine.

4.4/5The fifth volume brings us closer to the end, and even though we're this close to the finale, Otomo is still introducing us to a new set of characters, most of whom are isolated on an American aircraft carrier. Tetsuo's brash captain initiated a violent turf war with Miyako in the previous volume, and continues to push for Miyako's complete destruction. Bio-weapons are secretly being smuggled into the ruins of Neo-Tokyo, Tetsuo shows off an incredible display of power that knocks the world [...]

These are some of the most incredible graphic novels I've ever read in my life. If you are looking for something that contains depth of character, well developed storyline, incredible imagination, and spectacular art, you've found it. Akira pulls no punches and is not interested in playing it safe - it'll grip you from start to finish and have you itching for more. I highly recommend pacing yourself with these. I was so excited to read the next one that I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Bec [...]

One of the strongest volumes in the series. If you like science fiction or 80s action movies, you'll love this. The art is incredible, and the storyline picks up speed here after a lackluster volume 4. I read the 35th anniversary collector's edition in hardcover, recently released at the end of 2017, which I would strongly recommend if you like Akira already. The overall collection, box, and even the physical book itself are works of art. Most books in hardcover have a drab cover underneath the [...]

This series gets better and better. This has become the more dramatic of the bunch as Tetsuo loses his human side into the darker-side of The Power, stripping away all sense of morality, self, and value into the webbing of an omnipresent power. Violence and risks are stacked high in the risk of reward for closure of a story gone amok in such beauty that is as chaotic as the things of creation. Omoto is on a locomotive roll careening into a pitfall of extreme momentum. Cannot wait for the Final A [...]

The series continues with amazing art and a story that is starting to come to its end. Kaneda and Kei are getting ready for the final battle against Tetsuo, though they have very different methods of achieving this goal. The Colonel, Miyako and the military of Russia and America all want to take care of the problem that Neo-Tokyo has become, but their knowledge and power is limited compared to that of Akira and Tetsuo.

Kanedaaaaaa's back! Where was he? Who knows! How'd he get back and how'd he survive? No idea! But he's just the thing to liven up the quiet life of Neo Tokyo with a bit of his healthy rebelliousness and undying thirst for revenge against his once-best-friend Tetsuoooooooo! But Tesuooooo wants to hit the moon's eye like a big pizza pie and also throw a few fighter jet planes around like toys and begin his disgusting mutation into a mindless blob of flesh and metal.


Well worth the read

Huge tonal shift, still really good. Crazy

This is such an epic story. I can't wait to see how it finally ends.

Se esta poniendo bueno

Mensch-MaschineEin gewisser Stimmungswandel ist zu Beginn dieses 5. und damit vorletzten Bands der Reihe zu spüren: Ein Flugzeugträger mit Soldaten und Wissenschaftlern an Bord ist auf dem Weg, die Bedrohung durch Akira und Tetsuo, die weltweite Ausmaße angenommen hat, ein für allemal zu beenden. Während diese Armada auf rohe Gewalt setzt, planen die anderen Psycho-Mutanten unter Führung von Mutter Miyako einen subtileren Ansatz Und am Ende dieses Bandes, der sehr abrupt aufhört, steht de [...]

Volume 5 focuses more on Tetsuo's growing powers and the different military offenses against Akira. There's also a "turf war" between the Great Tokyo Empire (of which Akira is de facto leader) and Miyako-sama's side, mostly instigated by the Captain of the Great Tokyo Empire. Because people are leaving Akira's side and going to Miyako-sama for food and shelter (two things that Akira's side have failed to adequately supply people with), they hold a rally of some-sorts where Akira and Tetsuo show [...]

The moon? Howwhatdid he breathe? I don't understand. It was cool, but damn. And what exactly do the Americans think they can do against someone who personally blew a hole in the moon, and serves someone stronger?It's nice to have Kaneda back to his brash, juvenile, confusingly chivalrous ways. I still don't like him, but he's a strong character who knows how to survive. Hopefully Kei continues to do the same thing. And, btw, I must not be the first person to secretly ship Chiyoko/Colonel, am I? [...]

The art and story continue to be amazing and the destroyed cityscape wonderfully cathartic. While reading the first couple volumes I felt that sometimes the action was a bit too fast paced. Whether I have grown accustomed to the pace or it’s slowed down a bit I’m not sure but I no longer feel it’s a problem. I have enjoyed the later books more than the first couple, especially since the re-destruction of Tokyo. I’m looking forward to how this series ends and re-watching the movie, hopefu [...]

A disappointing downturn in quality—not a particularly abrupt one, nor a considerable change. But still, after the first three volumes, Akira takes a more standard, tropey road. Kaneda is suddenly that whiny, shouty protagonist from every anime I've ever seen. As the drama turns more fantastical it loses a je ne sais quoi driving force, a certain amount of frenetic excitement, even though Otomo's action scenes remain as good as ever. The intertwining machinations of the American scientists, Am [...]

The more that I have read this series, the more I wondered why they did not take the time to create a proper sequel to Akira the animated movie. This manga series has such superb depth that I cannot recommend it enough. In this volume of the manga, it managers to start a subtle but penetrating examination of the Japan's relationship with the United States and the rest of the world. I have seen that trope done time and again, but Akira's treatment is level-headed and engaging. And that's not even [...]

This volume advances the story and ends on a heck of a cliffhanger. Events are all coming together, leading to the conclusion in volume 6.This is another thick book, over 400 pages, but a reasonably quick read. Otomo's art, as always, is great. The black & white art is fine, for the most part, but there are a few pages I'd really like to see in color. (If only someone would release a color version on Comixology)

The anticipation for the next volume is killing me. While this entire volume is pretty much a slow build-up to the ending battle, the pacing itself doesn't feel like it has slowed down. Rather the pacing almost feels like it has ramped up a bit in this volume because of all the action sequences. Like hearing and seeing the bubbles in the water before the pot gets to a full rolling boil. Looking forward to the epic battle that is sure to come.

This is the penultimate book in the series and my challenge for the evening - yes i had to read it in the evening in one go - as the various characters draw to the inevitable conclusion you cannot wonder who will survive and who will not - you will be surprised and if you are familiar with the amine by now you must have realised that nothing is as it seems. The pace is still manic running headlong to what you can only expect to be an epic show down. Read on it does not get better than this.

After reading Books 1-4 in fairly rapid succession, didn't get to Book 5 till 9 or 10 months later. Unfortunate, and with a story this complex definitely affected my appreciation.Even with that, it's still a clearly incredible work, and in this penultimate volume there is an overpowering sense of everything speeding up, faster and faster, towards the chaos and climax. And yet Otomo is *still* introducing new characters, and developing old ones! Impressive.

Just when you think you know what is going to happen, the massive psychic abilities of Tetsuo blows up part of the moon. I am not going to lie, I did find this a little difficult to follow especially as Kaneda and Kei are drawn similarly. However having said that this is still a great manga and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

This is one of the best volumes so far, it shows tetsuo as he merges into his "final form", which is pretty intense. You also see progress in the relationship between Kaneda and Kei.Though, if you start reading Akira from here, you won't understand a thing.This is a great addition to the series, but it is necessary to start from volume one to make the most from this manga

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