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  • Title: Siren
  • Author: Tricia Rayburn
  • ISBN: 9780571260065
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback

Something deadly waits beneath the waves off Winter Harbour, and this summer, no one s safe.Seventeen year old Vanessa Sands is afraid of the dark And heights And the ocean And pretty much everything else Fortunately, Vanessa s fearless older sister, Justine, has always been there to comfort her That is until Justine jumps off a cliff near their family s holiday homeSomething deadly waits beneath the waves off Winter Harbour, and this summer, no one s safe.Seventeen year old Vanessa Sands is afraid of the dark And heights And the ocean And pretty much everything else Fortunately, Vanessa s fearless older sister, Justine, has always been there to comfort her That is until Justine jumps off a cliff near their family s holiday home in Winter Harbour, her lifeless body washing ashore the next day.Everyone assumes that the tragedy is an accidental result of Justine s adventurous ways Everyone, that is, except Vanessa Vanessa returns to Winter Harbour alone, looking for answers from Caleb Carmichael, Justine s summer love who was with her when she jumped But when Vanessa learns that Caleb has been missing since Justine s death, she joins forces with Caleb s older brother, Simon, to try to find him.Soon, it s not just Vanessa who is afraid Panic sweeps through Winter Harbour as bodies wash ashore, all male, each victim found grinning from ear to ear And as the death toll mounts, Vanessa realises that to save Caleb and solve the mystery of her sister s death, she has to confront a secret she s kept for years one that could end her summer romance with Simon and even life as she knows it.An utterly gripping paranormal romance for Twilight fans sick of copy cat vampire novels but in love with paranormal romance.

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EDIT: Gave the book another star because it still has a book-length plot, however small, and the romance is not the main focus. It far exceeds other YA books in that aspect, but only that aspect.OKAY. First things first before we get startedTricia Rayburn's 'Siren' will now be called 'Mermaid' to avoid confusion.The Sirens from Greek mythology were 2-5 bird women (or just women) that lived on rocky islands. I don't think a name is ever specified. They lured sailors to their death with their allu [...]

Flashy-eyed women in Winter Harbor, grinning male corpses washed onto the beach, a dead girl whispering things into her sister's ear a stunning secret to be revealed. Wow.Let's get this out of the way quick and dirty (after having endured 154 pages): I do not recommend this book, not even to mermaid-lovers, because - The plot is so very disconnected. Things happen without the reader being "informed". For instance you switch from the scene in which Justine storms out of the beach house to the sc [...]

Review copy provided by publisherWhy I Read this Book: You know those books out there, the ones that you’ve heard about but really had no desire to read? Sure, you’ve read the blurb but it doesn’t do anything for you. Or it’s about something (perhaps a certain paranormal/methodical creature) that you just don’t read…? That’s what Siren was to me. But then it became something completely different.When I was asked to review Siren, I wasn’t sure if I was up for it. I checked the rev [...]

Оказа се по - интересна от очакваното! Все още не мисля, че е съвършена - бих казала дори, че повечето от моментите са страшно предвидими и вече добре познати. Но е увлекателна. Особено когато се чете на плажа, както се случи при мен!

4 hearts for Siren!Siren intertwines the mythology of mermaids who could sing sailors to their deaths on rocky shores with modern day sirens in Winter Harbor, Maine. The sleuthing of a grieving sister, Vanessa and her friend/romantic interest, Simon, explore numerous strange deaths and extremely bizarre weather that is happening on Lake Kantanka in Winter Harbor, Maine. When Simon's younger brother, Caleb goes missing right after Vanessa's sister (and Calebs girlfriend) Justine plunges from a cl [...]

In the end, I am glad I am finally done with this book. Seriously, I expected so much more from this book and in the end, Tricia Rayburn didn't come close to my expectations. Which weren't that high to be honest. I just wanted to read an exciting story about sirens. And I got nothing. Well, not enough.The beginning is slow and confusing but well, it could improve right?! Well, it didn't. The problem is that the blurb practically does reveal all until page 250 or so. From there on, the book final [...]

Nope. Couldn't finish this halfway through. Impossibly boring. What mystery?The majority of the book deals with Nessa's grief and her coming to terms with her sister's mysterious death through running away from her life and living alone. I can't believe her parents would allow their under-aged daughter to do that, no matter how much they're grieving themselves. There was more about Nessa being a waitress/dealing with Queen Bee Waitress than of her being enmeshed in whatever mystery. Yet another [...]

I have to admit, I'm glad I got this one from the library. I'd heard some buzz about it and was excited to read it, but it ultimately felt really flat to me. I love a good teen paranormal read, but this one felt underdeveloped with boring characters that I couldn't bring myself to really care about. I found the lack of parental supervision when something so horrific had just happened to be completely unrealistic, and I was bothered that Vanessa, who had never kissed a boy before, went from kissi [...]

At first, it seemed to me like the story will be about Vanessa, the one who is afraid of everything (we have similarities), jumping into the water, then turning into Siren. Unfortunately, the guess was wrong. After 200 pages, I was still waiting for something to happen, but nothing happened. The storyline was absolutely not what you could expect, and it's unclear whether it is good or bad. Easy to read. The most important thing about this book. You can't sink in it but can read it whole in one s [...]

I wasn't sure what to think about this at first. I love books about mermaids and other sea people and I love mythology, so I was intrigued by the description of this book. The book started off a little slow and confusing for me, but eventually I got into it and I'm glad I stuck with it. The story is great, and it doesn't portray sirens as just the villain or just the hero. It's not just one girl fighting a group of sirens. It's about her relationships with some of them, positive and negative. Sh [...]

It's somewhere between 1.5 stars to 2 stars. A very forgettable book with cardboard cutout characters and empty villains who are evil just for the sake of being evil. Plus, the author failed to explain a lot of things.

I consider myself lucky when I say that I was able to read SIREN months before its release. In fact, I picked it up based solely the title and cover art, before I'd ever even heard of it. I had no idea what to expect, but soon found myself completely immersed in the mystery and romance of Rayburn's phenomenal YA debut.It isn’t hard to guess what the novel is about, given the description and title, but that doesn’t stop Tricia Rayburn from writing a compelling mystery with a great love story. [...]

Ummmmmm, is there a sequal?? And if so could I read itke nowThis book was great! I loved reading every part of it. From the very first word on the page to the last word, this book had me holding my every waking breath. It caught me, making me read this in one day. Yeah, thats how fast I devoured this. After Vanessa older sisters passes she leave going in search of some answer to her sisters death. Vanessa is all of a sudden is witnessing death occuring by the ocean.Sailors found at the shore wit [...]

What a great read. I didn't except to be so swept away by the story. (that was for you Sophie) LOLI didn't except to enjoy Siren as much as I did. I'm not a huge mermaid/siren fan, but Tricia Rayburn has presented such a fantastic mythology and a beautiful, vivid setting that I am changing my tune. I absolutely enjoyed reading Siren. I was hooked from the get go with the setting being in Maine. It's beautifully described and adds a lot of elements and feelings to the book.I really enjoyed the ch [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It wasn't as fast paced as other books I've read, but at the same time it kind of was, but in a different way. Which I know doesn't make any sense whatsoever. It didn't have a ton of battle scenes, the romance throughout wasn't as intense as in most books. But I think I liked that more, because it seemed more realistic, like kind of a break from how books these days are. And I liked that at the end, Vanessa said that even though she jumped, she was still scared - [...]

Wow, I'm so glad I read this book. It's definitely on my top favorite books list. I'm even more excited that it's a trilogy because Siren definitely leaves you wanting to know so much more. I didn't think I was going to read this book in one day. I was really wrong. Right from the beginning I am so curious as to what is going to happen. It's one big mystery book and that's why I loved it so much. There was so much mystery that WASN'T predictable, there was summer love, and love for your family a [...]

After I reached page 40 in this book I remember looking down at the page number and being amazed that I had learned so much about our characters and the story in that number of pages. After that, I would find myself trying to keep on task doing something else but wandering back to Siren to read more.Our main character, Vanessa, gets involved in a mystery of sorts, which keeps you guessing as the reader for the entire thing. As you may have guessed, the title does play a role, but since it has el [...]

Quick and dirty: I love the mystery of the book but it would have been better if they explained more about the SirensFull review to come.

i finished like three days ago. haha. forgot to update. I loved it though

I really enjoyed this one. It was definitely different. It looks like there could be a sequel. Can't wait to find out!


Understated, capturing YA? In my library? It's more likely than you think. The pace of the book reminds me of The Forest of Hands and Teeth, another recent library find.

This book was a really pleasant surprise, I'm glad to say. I've been reading it all morning through and just finished it. :)Of course, it sounds just like your typical supernatural romance YA novel. But what I really liked was that this was just if you took it at face value.The story is about a jittery girl named Vanessa, whose sister Justine dies cliff-diving/tombstoning while they're on holiday in coastal Maine one summer. Shortly after that, Justine's boyfriend Caleb goes missing. While her m [...]

Right off the bat, I have to say I hate this cover! I wish it could have looked more modern or more real. There is just something about it I really don't like, but I'm glad I gave it a chance anyways. Anyone who knows me, knows my favorite kid movie was "The Little Mermaid". Ariel covered my room, she was on by bed, on the walls, the toys were everywhere. I still know every word to "Under the Sea' and "Part of your World" and I still adore the movie. I try to force it on my poor little 3 year ol [...]

This was another ARC I scored last month; the book isn't going to be on the shelves until June. Siren starts out as a typical teen summer romance, where two brothers and two sisters spend their last summer together before college, at Winter Harbor, a sunny Maine resort town where both families have houses. The first chapter was so sappy and typical that I almost put it down, but then the main character's sister dies a mysterious death. The rest of the novel revolves around the main character try [...]

SIREN was a surprisingly heartfelt supernatural YA debut. It elegantly combines ocean myth with relatable human troubles for an interesting and absorbing read.Though the plot unfolds slowly, Tricia Rayburn accomplishes a lot when she makes Vanessa into an actually sympathetic protagonist. Despite her self-acknowledged fears (unlike many other YA paranormal romance heroines, who don’t realize they’re irritatingly passive about everything), Vanessa’s attachments to the people she loves drive [...]

Review Originally Posted Here: goodbooksandgoodwine/2Siren by Tricia Rayburn is one creepy book. I mean, you would think mermaids aren’t exactly creepers as they swim around signing about how they ‘want to live out of these waters and spend a day warm on the sand.’ Sirens, on the other hand, are MEAN. They sing and lure people to their deaths. They do not want to be part of our world. Well, anyways, Siren by Tricia Rayburn opens with seventeen year old Vanessa Sands being Chuckie Finster, [...]

Best part about it? The cover.I mainly read this book because my sister had it and I didn't have anything else to read. I wasn't expecting much, it's a quick summer romance with mythical creatures. Except the main character, Vanessa, doesn't even realize the people she's around are sirens until two thirds of the way into the book. Kind of bizarre when the title is "Siren."The story skips around a bit. Justine, the sister Vanessa has always looked up to and loved, dies. We get almost none of the [...]

I was very excited to learn I would be reading and reviewing Siren. Many great things have been said about this Tricia Rayburn novel and I wanted to see for myself.I was hooked from the first chapter. There are not many mermaid/sea creature reads out there. So, Siren was a cool drink of (salt) water to what has been floating around YA. For those of you who want to read something different that also holds your favorite reading elements (love, lose, etc), you need to pick up Siren.From chapter 1, [...]

Reviewed by Andrea for TeensReadTooVanessa Sands and her older sister, Justine, are very different, but very close. Justine is the daredevil and loves to be in the spotlight and the center of attention, while Vanessa is afraid of everything.One night, after a family argument, Justine's fearless ways end in a tragic accident. Her body is found washed ashore after a cliff-diving accident near her family's vacation house in Maine. But Vanessa doesn't believe that her sister's death was just an acci [...]

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