Because a Little Bug Went Ka-CHOO!

RosettaStone Michael Frith Dr. Seuss

Because a Little Bug Went Ka-CHOO!

Because a Little Bug Went Ka-CHOO!

  • Title: Because a Little Bug Went Ka-CHOO!
  • Author: RosettaStone Michael Frith Dr. Seuss
  • ISBN: 9780394831305
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Hardcover

Little things can have a big impact, as in this funny Beginner Book by Dr Seuss writing under the name Rosetta Stone and Michael Frith When a little bug sneezes, he unknowingly sets off a hilarious chain reaction that wreaks havoc clear across town From a toppled turtle to a sinking ship to a disrupted circus parade, Because a Little Bug Went Ka Choo takes a hystericLittle things can have a big impact, as in this funny Beginner Book by Dr Seuss writing under the name Rosetta Stone and Michael Frith When a little bug sneezes, he unknowingly sets off a hilarious chain reaction that wreaks havoc clear across town From a toppled turtle to a sinking ship to a disrupted circus parade, Because a Little Bug Went Ka Choo takes a hysterical look at consequences in a way that only Dr Seuss can Originally created by Dr Seuss, Beginner Books encourage children to read all by themselves, with simple words and illustrations that give clues to their meaning A little bug sneezes, causing a chain of calamities Repetition helps beginning readers and cartoon like characters add zest School Library Journal.

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I love this little classic. I pulled this out at our family reunion and began to read it and soon all the kids had gathered around me to listen to the story and laugh at the pictures. It's a comedy of errors. I love the illustrations in beautiful color. I remember this from my childhood. You should give this little bug a chance for one sneeze and a whole lot can happen!

Dr Suess - Teaching children theoretical physics since 15 November 2013 An alternate title for this book could quite well be 'Chaos Theory for Kids' or more aptly 'The Butterfly Effect for Kids'. This little book pretty much outlines the idea behind the Butterfly Effect: the theory that if a butterfly flaps its wings in China it causes a hurricane in Miami. Okay, this book is not that extreme, but because a little bug sneezed it created a chain of events which resulted in a boat sinking, a helic [...]

This is a fun book. It's a short read with lots of action. Also, there are many unexpected twists. For instance, when the police motorcycle sidecar is flying in the air, it looks like it's headed for the city. Lo and behold, on the next page it's smashed through a boat. The city does come.ral pages later. I can't say the wait was long or bad, and the events leading up to it were fun. I will admit the ending to this is rather abrupt, and there's not much in the way of resolution.Good read nonethe [...]

Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo takes readers on a comical journey about how one little action can create a large ripple effect. This book can be used to teach many important lessons, such as how one person’s actions can have an effect on others around them. This is certainly a lesson relevant to middle school. I would use this book to talk about not only that lesson, but also about the cause and effect text structure pattern. The book is a great way to introduce students to this pattern, as [...]

This novel is a great way to teach cause and effect to students. The book follows the actions that occur that all starts when the little bug sneezes. The events that follow get crazier and crazier as the book progresses and leave the reader on the edge when it ends because the narrator says the events are still happening as far as he knows.This book is simple, but that allows the teacher to teach a complex concept and take it further with a writing prompt or activity. It is also a great way to l [...]

I read this book to a group of elementary school children at a women and children's homeless shelter in Phoenix and they loved it so much they asked me to read it aloud again. This book, although it may be funny, teaches an important lesson. It teaches its readers that even the smallest action can have a big effect on others. One little bug sneezed and it caused a series of unfortunate events. The smallest thing can make a big difference. I think that is a great lesson for any child to learn, an [...]

This book can be used to introduce cause and effect relationships. The book shows that no matter how small the cause is the effect can triple. The book can also help students understand that for every action in the classroom there can also be a consequence.

A favorite as a kid, and to read to my own kids. Cute and fun, while also teaching something about cause and effect.

Because a little bug sneezed "Ka-choo!" a lot of things happens afterwards. A turtle got hit, a hen got wet, he kicked the bucket and hit farmer Brown, then the police came too fast to rescue him but he tripped and went flying, eventually landing on the boat Mary Lou and Mary Lou started to sink and they were rescued and headed to town and ended up at the circus and its an experience none of them will forget. And all because a little bug went "ka-choo"!!Theme: there is always a consequence to ev [...]

A fun idea about a little thing causing a big problem, due to anger. Good lesson, but when a book gets a "Cat in the Hat" label, certain expectations come. The illustrations are similar to Seuss, but less other-worldly. The words occasionally rhyme and rhythm, but not consistently. It left me wishing for a little more.

Read w Theodore in big bear. We've had this title for a while but I never logged it in. Great story.

My son finally covers his mouth when he sneeze and coughs!!!

oh my goodness so cute! can't believe I haven't read some of these books!

A book on primary chaos theory in which one small event creates utter disaster with no one truly at fault.

I would have liked more rhymes.d to know more about this amazingly strong worm!

This is an excellent book for beginning readers. The illustrations are interesting and the story keeps young readers turning from one page to the next.

I recently bought this for my youngest daughter because I have such good memories of this book growing up. She loves it now too :)

Delightful whimsy.

Sheesh! Who'd have thought one little sneeze could cause such a disaster?

cause and effect, sort of

One of my favorite children's book of all time. As a child, I would read this from beginning to end again and again in a single sitting. It made me giggle hysterically no matter how many times I read it. I had to learn to read on my own because my mom was probably fed up of reading it to me over and over and over again!It had been years since I'd even thought of this book, it had probably been passed down to the younger generations born into the family. It was only recently that I had to go in s [...]

I don't know exactly what it is about this book, but it is one of my favorites that I read when I was going through these little books I picked up from the libraryIt was just funny to see all the "chaos" one little bugs sneeze caused! And it made me wonder if some of the crazy things that have happened in this world, like a pebble hitting the windshield, could be because of a little bug sneezingNow, I know, that's just crazybut hey, who knows right? lolI just found this book to be so much fun to [...]

This is a great book to use in grades K-2 maybe even 3rd. Because the book is filled with cause and effect examples, this book would be an awesome tool to use to introduce the concept of cause and effect to students. This book is also filled with rhyming words so a teacher could use this book to introduce rhymes, and how words rhyme with each other. After reading the book a teacher could have the students come up with a class room list of rhyming words. Or the teacher could also introduce a sci [...]

In this cute story a little bug sneezes, and then craziness ensues while we follow the chain of events that follow. With rhyming words and colorful illustrations, children are sure to be captivated by this fast pace story. Also, this would be a great book when introducing cause and effect to your students. Every page shows an example of a cause and effect situation, and the overuse of 'because' really highlights this. This is a story I would recommend to be included in every early elementary sch [...]

I read this to K or 1st grade students when they are working on Dr Seuss books. The classroom teachers already have large collections of Dr Seuss books but this one is interesting because it is the only one he wrote under the pen name 'Rosetta Stone'. It is also a bit different than many Dr Seuss books because it is not written with his usual trisyllabic meter. It is a good book to start a discussion of cause and effect, and it is also good for checking to see how well the students can recall th [...]

Because a Little Bug Went Ka-choo follows the sequence of events that happen when a bug sneezes. Because the bug sneezes, somethings drops, because something drops, men fly off their ship and so forth. This funny and creative story teaches children about the consequences something small can have on something big. The illustrations are colorful and full of animation allowing kids to constantly have their eyes wandering and looking through the story at every thing that is happening.

My babies loved this one, as it is easy to read with "character voices", and now I am enjoying reading it to my little granddaughter! We had to get her HER VERY OWN COPY, even though she is only five months old and cannot demand much except milk and diaper changes, and cuddles. Seriously, I love that the lesson is that there are consequences to our actions, and that we don't do anything that doesn't impact others. I also love the pseudonym!

Illustrator: Michael FrithAge: PreschoolSummary: A little bug sneezes and the chain of events that follow are unbelievably started by the little sneeze.Applications/Uses: If you are discussing in your classroom chain of events or things that happen because of something else this would be a fun place to start, this book could also be read just for entertainment.Themes/Connections: Animals, chain of eventsAwards: None

Because a Little Bug Went Ka-choo by Rosetta Stone (picture book)Chaos is being caused all around a little town, from a police officer falling off his motorcycle, to a boat almost sinking. All of these events are due to a little bug saying “ka-choo”. This book is a good into to poetry. I would use it to explain what poetry is and maybe ask students to write their own version of a poem, depending on their ages.

My daughter thought this book was the best book ever, so I read it to her multiple times when she hadn't started reading yet. When she learned to read, she read it to anyone who would listen to her. I repurchased it when it got lost and gave it to her so she could continue to share this brilliantly written tale with others.

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