Kabuki, Vol. 5: Metamorphosis

David W. Mack Bill Sienkiewicz John Sayles

Kabuki, Vol. 5: Metamorphosis

Kabuki, Vol. 5: Metamorphosis

  • Title: Kabuki, Vol. 5: Metamorphosis
  • Author: David W. Mack Bill Sienkiewicz John Sayles
  • ISBN: 9781582402031
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback

Image Comics offers the latest collection of David Mack s acclaimed Kabuki epic The latest tale of the enigmatic assassin of the Noh The book which Mack says represents my most diverse range of fully painted and mixed media artwork, and marks my most evolved work as a writer collects all nine painted issues of the recent series titled simply Kabuki The story thatImage Comics offers the latest collection of David Mack s acclaimed Kabuki epic The latest tale of the enigmatic assassin of the Noh The book which Mack says represents my most diverse range of fully painted and mixed media artwork, and marks my most evolved work as a writer collects all nine painted issues of the recent series titled simply Kabuki The story that sets the stage for the current Alchemy storyline returns to print Featuring an introduction by BILL SIENKIEWICZ and an afterword by filmmaker JOHN SAYLES, this is the largest KABUKI collection yet and still one of the most sought after Collects KABUKI 1 9.

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What the bleep does David Mack know? This book could have been so much better, but Mack had to ruin it by devoting the entire closing chapter to stating his half-baked new age philosophy taken straight out of the psuedo-scientific movie What the Bleep Do We Know? He has the right to believe in whatever he chooses, of course, but he could have presented his views in a more interesting way by incorporating them into the story rather than having his characters stop in the middle of a chase scene an [...]

Kabuki is a series about transformation. Yes, it has beautiful art. Yes, it has great writing. And while the central theme of the narrative is transformation, what I found even more powerful is the way the art of the stories transforms from collection to collection, seeming to mirror the character’s evolution.I have met David Mack a couple times at Comicon, and I’ve been meaning to ask him if he always intended from the beginning for the story to be about transformation and to move from stan [...]

HANDS DOWN, THIS IS THE GREATEST COMIC BOOK I'VE EVER READ. Great art. Morphing symbolism and metaphors. great pace and awesome visual acrobatics, Add some fresh insights into Causality, existentialism, quantum mechanics. Just a thrill basically. David's work is pure genius. Entertaining all the way… and inspiring too -- my best passage in the whole series: " When we realize that all action is art, that the entire universe is an orchestration of living creation and creating life, and the very [...]

this volume took a lot longer to finish than I originally thought it would. The last third of the book was especially dense, not just in ideas, but also shape and form. While it may be frustrating at times (more on that later), deciphering all the squiggles, processing all the motifs and taking the time to dissect each frame and pack truly enhances the experience.Metamorphosis is testament that the Kabuki series is more than just a graphic novel – it is equal parts academia, art, experiment, p [...]

get this for the brilliant wall to wall art (collage, watercolor, drawing, lettering, photography and on.) and stay for the non-linear story about transformation of identity, alchemical intersections of future/past consciousness. if scarred, tattooed cyberpunks dreaming quantum physics laden poetry, rogue government agents with a zen philosophy, homoerotic, transgressive genders who employ psychoanalysis as theatre do it for you, DM is your guy!

This went complete art house on me. Completely understand why but wow! That was a lot of art house graphics. Hope the next book is a little more traditional in its layout - I could use the break. Not that the art work takes away from the story, as a matter of fact it adds on to it very well. It was just a little much when it was 2 books straight.

"Some say that there is a very fine line between genius and insanity. I'm not sure there is any line at all." A dizzying journey. The entire time of experiencing this, I was engulfed by the extensively expressive Kabuki's internal reality. Like Sienkiewicz said, "Kabuki: Metamorphosis" deserves a perfect ten.

The art was absolutely gorgeous!

So insanely beautiful. It's like reading a dream.

One of my first introductions to non super-hero books. Jae Lee set the stage with his ill fated Hellshock book. I wanted it to succeed as you don't see a lot of examinations of psychological issues in comics, at least not during the height of Image and variant covers in the 90's. Kabuki deals with the internal struggles of a highly technological society that no longer requires the services of the hero it helped create. This book is most likely the most(non Raymond Carver)well-crafted fiction eve [...]

I love David Mack's artistic sensibility and this book is a great step towards 'The Alchemy' which I thought was just brilliant. Some of the pages are works of art in and of themselves but sometimes it was too much and just difficult to read. If you like the standard graphic novel with panels and straightforward story-telling, this is not that story. However in his attempts at stepping outside the comics-box, it becomes a bit muddled. This book has Kabuki in a psych ward for defective government [...]

My favorite collected volume from the series, though I expect only until The Alchemy gets its own book. Plot really disappears for long portions of the book, and most any semblance of traditional panels vanishes along with it. The pages are often so overwhelmingly full of graphic and textual information that I can only process a small portion of the full impact with each reading. Of course, this means that each return to the book rewards me with some new aspect of the story that I hadn't taken i [...]

The artwork is stunning (in fact, I only bought this because I picked it up and was amazed at how beautiful it was-- I never usually buy out of order in a series) The story bends and twists just like the words on the pages-- the interaction this requires reminded me somewhat of books when I was a kid, with little letters to pull out, etc. but the ideas are sophisticated and complex: an interactive book for the intellectual young at heart, perhaps.

Very confusing and multi-layered. I've only read the first volume in addition to this one and must express doubts about what he could have thrown into the other volumes. The story of Kabuki seems to flow pretty seamlessly from vol 1 to vol 5. The fact that everyone is mentally or emotionally fucked up makes this a much harder read, and sometimes they go off on rambling manifestos, but it is beautiful visually so that is something very cool too.

A prime example of the melding of words and images, proof that the comic book is no longer the territory of sweaty twelve year old boys. From the intricate storyline to the amazing artwhich varies from pen and ink to heavily collaged images to lush watercolorevery aspect of this series is extraordinarily well done.

After Circle of blood I think most of the remaining books were a let down. Lovely, but they have nothing left to say, no tale to tell. Full of beautiful art I completely recommend them for the completest, but you don't really learn anything more about what happened, than what was inside Kabuki's head.

Very artistic and everything but I don't feel like I should have to work so hard to read a graphic novel. Words strewn all over a page, in different colours, going round in spirals or through a maze - looks great but hell to read.

My favorite of the series to date

This actually explains a little more about what was going on in the first tradebook.

A psychedelic, colorful, bright and yet extremely claustrophobic. An odd joyrney seen through the filter of madness.

At first the artwork looked fantastic but the story was a drag. Trying to be a lyrical action/thriller I guess. Boring.

The artwork in this graphic novel is exquisite. Mixed media drawings and watercolors fill every page. Layout unlike any other graphic novel I have read. Truly a work of fine art.

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Really enjoyed reading this.

This guy is very artsy. I think i like it. Want to read to find out.

I don't love all the Kabuki series, but the artwork in this book is stunning.

loaned to Kevin 8/15/07

Nice art but I found the story hard to follow (review circa 2006)

i want this book. its so beautiful. so beautifully written, illustrated, and designed. i love his work. bloody as well.

Another great series of comics by David!

The most beautiful graphic novel I have ever seenDavid mack is a phenomenal artist and writeremes of identity, lost, revenge, and transcendence. READ IT!

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