The Legion of Time

Jack Williamson

The Legion of Time

The Legion of Time

  • Title: The Legion of Time
  • Author: Jack Williamson
  • ISBN: 9780722191750
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback

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AN ARMY OF TIME TRAVELLERS WERE THE LAST HOPE OF THE DOOMED HUMAN RACE As his plane hurtled down in flames, Denny Lanning knew he was dying and then the ship appeared Ghostly and shimmering, it came from nowhere, it travelled through time, and it was crewed by an army of dead men from every great war in history On board, Lanning soon learned of the phantom craft s despeAN ARMY OF TIME TRAVELLERS WERE THE LAST HOPE OF THE DOOMED HUMAN RACE As his plane hurtled down in flames, Denny Lanning knew he was dying and then the ship appeared Ghostly and shimmering, it came from nowhere, it travelled through time, and it was crewed by an army of dead men from every great war in history On board, Lanning soon learned of the phantom craft s desperate mission In the far future, mankind was destined to choose between two paths One would bring peace and wisdom, while the other would destroy the entire world The odds were horrifying in favour of destruction and only the ship of the Legion of Time could hope to save the human race

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Denny Lanning and his Harvard roommates end up meeting again later in life, rescued at the moments of their death and traveling through time with eight other warriors recruited the same way. Their goal is a battle to decide the cosmic probability in favor of Jonbar, a utopia with (of course) a beautiful woman who visits Denny at points in his life and warns him. The villain is an evil woman (still beautiful) who wants to be immortal in the other probability option. She commands an army of insect [...]

Another of the Best Novel nominees for the Retro Hugos. It didn't thrill me, I'm afraid. The basic concept is sound, though: Denny Lanning is a college student who's visited by a hologram from the future. This beautiful girl tells him he has to save the future so that her beautiful, perfect city 9Jonbar) can exist instead of the foul, evil city (Gyronchi) that has its own beautiful girl that tries to convince him to go their way. Eventually he's about to die in the Spanish Civil War, and then he [...]

Fun short novel about a regular Joe whose fate will determine whether the future will be a Utopia, or a dead world ruled by an evil queen. Very pulp, written in the late 30s. I still have to read After Worlds End, the "second half" of the book. Jack Williamson is one of my favorites of the old school science fiction writers.

"The Legion of Time" consists of two novellas that Jack Williamson wrote in the late 1930s, neither of which have anything to do with his wholly dissimilar Legion of Space novels of that same period. Both of these novellas are written in the wonderfully pulpy prose that often typified Golden Age sci-fi, and both are as colorful, fast moving and action packed as any fan could want. That elusive "sense of wonder" that authors of the era strove for seemed to come naturally for Williamson, and if th [...]

University student Denny Lanning is startled out of his daily round by the appearance before him of a beautiful young woman, Lethonee -- or, at least, a projection thereof -- who pleads with him that he in some ill defined way preserve the existence of her far-future civilization, Jonbar, rather than that of the wicked tyrannical warrior queen Sorainya. Denny promises to do his best, although his resolve falters when he encounters Sorainya (again in projection), whose crimson chainmail garb cann [...]

A great early classic of science fiction by the great Jack Williamson.

This book contains two unrelated novellas: The Legion of Time, originally published as a serial in the May - July 1938 issues of Astounding and After Worlds End, published in the Feb 1939 issue of Marvel Science Stories. Both are written in typical pulp style with less than believable characters, no character development, and lots of action. If you can't deal with that kind of writing, these stories aren't for you. If you can overlook the flaws, you'll find an amazing density of ideas, no doubt [...]

While the title story might deserve an extra half star, the companion piece is enough weaker that it only averages three.Legion of Time is a story about alternate futures and probability, and was one of the earliest SF stories to deal with the implications of what we now call quantum mechanics.The story hinges on a version of the observer effect, and a time-travel version of Schrodinger's cat, as an unfortunate scientist helped cause a horrific future by watching it from the past. Undoing this i [...]

I read this book because it was nominated for the Retro-Hugo Award. The contents of the book are somewhat different than the description. This is the Bluejay Books paperback edition of November 1985. It contains the short novel, "The Legion of Time," plus the short novel, "After World's End," both originally published in 1938, and are not otherwise connected in any way. The total page count is 249. The book is illustrated by Ilene Meyer. The cover illustration shown in the description is obvio [...]

nwhytevejournal/2304620ml[return][return]I hadn't appreciated that this was where the phrase "jonbar point" originated; I twitched with some excitement about a reference in a 1938 book to the defence of Paris in 1940 (though there are then Russian rocket pilots from 1947 which is a bit early); I was struck by the intense descriptions of hand-to-hand combat, practically trench warfare, which presumably must have been much in the war literature of the time reflecting the previous conflict (William [...]

Storyline: 2/5Characters: 1/5Writing Style: 2/5World: 2/5 I think this would be an enjoyable read for those who delight in raw, mindless action or who can appreciate the historical circumstances (and state of the genre) in which it was written. I have neither of these qualities, and for me it was a shallow, ridiculously-paced and outdated work of science fiction. This could have served as a screenplay for a thirty-minute television episode filmed in the same style and costumes as the 1987 He-Man [...]

This book is really fun. It has time travel, genetically engineered and people, sword fighting, damsels in distress, basically everything a good action adventure needs.I love the idea that the future and the fate of the human race can hinge on one small, seemingly insignificant event, that the flow of time can turn heroes into villains and villains into heroes based on different circumstances. I love that the average Joe can become a hero by affecting small and simple things, provided it is at t [...]

I read this book because it was referenced in Ultima, but sadly it was a waste of time. The Legion of Time might have been worth it back in 1938, but (at least in my opinion) it doesn't hold up today.

Some spoilery thoughts here:ciaracatscifi/201

4 stars from Sandy: fantasyliterature/revi

1.5 starsAll of the cliches of Burroughs and Smith, with none of the ability to actually pace a narrative!

1982 grade D (At 1938 it is basically just old and out of date.)Series book LT1

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