In Search of the Trojan War

Michael Wood

In Search of the Trojan War

In Search of the Trojan War

  • Title: In Search of the Trojan War
  • Author: Michael Wood
  • ISBN: 9780140238709
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback

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Tales of Troy its heroes Achilles, Hector, Paris the legendary beauty Helen have fired the imagination for 3000 years With In Search of the Trojan War, Michael Wood brings to life the legend lore of the Heroic Age in an archeological adventure that sifts thru the myths speculation to provide a fresh view of the riches the reality of ancientTales of Troy its heroes Achilles, Hector, Paris the legendary beauty Helen have fired the imagination for 3000 years With In Search of the Trojan War, Michael Wood brings to life the legend lore of the Heroic Age in an archeological adventure that sifts thru the myths speculation to provide a fresh view of the riches the reality of ancient Troy This gripping story shows why the legend of Troy forms the bedrock of Western culture why its past is a paradigm of history Wood s meticulous scholarly sleuthing yields fascinating evidence about the continuity development of civilization in the Aegean Asia Minor With 50 of debris from constant rebuilding, human destruction, earthquake abandonment, the mound of Troy contains the beginnings ends of new races civilizations.AcknowledgementsPrologueThe search for TroyHeinrich SchliemannThe coming of the GreeksHomer the singer of tales Agamemnon s empire A forgotten empire the Hittites the GreeksThe peoples of the sea Conclusions the end of the bronze ageBibliographyPicture CreditsIndex

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Spiralling down, discussing in turn the ongoing interest in Troy, the archaeologists who worked the site (view spoiler)[ Schliemann, Dorpfeld, Blegen(hide spoiler)], their discoveries, the evidence from Homer, our understanding of the world of Mycenaean Greece, then the documents surviving from the Hittite (view spoiler)[ a superpower of the Bronze Age Middle-East (hide spoiler)]archives, I felt as though a clear and final single answer was before us when the text turned, and like a bird on a th [...]

The Trojan War holds a grip on the imagination like few other events in mythology. Part of the modern interest in the myth is due to the startling confirmation over the past century that Troy was a real place, located exactly where the legend puts it, with even minor details of topography from Homer's text backed up by archaeological evidence. This makes Troy a fascinating subject to discuss, but also a dangerous one: it's too easy to let the imagination run riot and conclude that perhaps the le [...]

More on the Trojan War. . . This was written in conjunction with a PBS Television series, which probably influenced the way it was organized. It takes a historical approach, beginning with Heinrich Schliemann's excavation of Hissarlik, then going on to the excavations at Mycenae and the other Bronze Age sites in Greece, to the excavation of Knossos, and ultimately to the Linear B tablets and the Hittite archives. It was actually fairly interesting. The author's conclusions: the question is still [...]

The Trojans and Achilles and the great ancient war always seemed to be just a myth, as first told by a blind poet. But Michael Wood brings the reality to life with the exhaustive research on the actual historical city of Troy, brought to ashes by the revengeful Greeks.The author keeps the reader involved with descriptions of the archeological digs and even illustrating how the city of Troy was closer to the sea thousands of years ago. The Bronze Age comes to life here and even includes the re-di [...]

Deeply informative and entertaining. Wood's tone is brisk. Unsure if any of his conclusions are recognised or firm or if we can put credence in any of them, but Wood convinced me that Troy VI was 'Heroic' or mythic Troy. I knocked one star off because a timeline was absent and would have helped, and some more maps and diagrams (eg of the site, it's locale and conjectured extent, estimates of coastline etc) would have been nice. A fun read.

This books is heavily weighed down by conjecture, but incredibly endearing conjecture. Also, no matter how many guesses Wood makes, he always comes back to reality to point out how far the facts actually take us. Just an extraordinary look at the Greek Bronze Age, which makes me want to delve even deeper.

Despite (or perhaps because of) being written by a non-expert, this is definitely the best book on the Trojan War out there. Wood is willing to do a little speculation in order to provide a possible picture of this historical event, rather than simply offering up all the tidbits of evidence and leaving it to the reader to make sense of it all. Archaeologists seem to have a knack for seeing buildings in a pile of rocks, but they are pretty bad at helping non-archaeologists to see those buildings [...]

Wonderful companion to the documentary series I've watched several times. Makes for great material to flip through.

A revised edition of the 80's book about the archaeological search for Troy. A good introduction to the subject.

Forever my favorite historian, Michal Wood is at least partially responsible for my love of travel and fascination with discovering all things ancient.I saw the documentary before reading this book, and was utterly enraptured - even today, it remains one of the most thorough and extensive looks at the real history of the Trojan War.Michael Wood takes the reader (or the watcher) on an exciting journey, touching upon the history of the myth, the years of archaeological excavation, and the many the [...]

Like a detective story, but with a little too much detail. I really didn’t need all the information on the various types of early Greek writing. I don’t think this was intended for an academic audience--I assume it was a tie in to the TV show--so the audience here is the general public. More about the legends and characters would have been better. But, his enthusiasm is apparent and he sweeps you along with him. Unfortunately, at least when this was written, we don’t seem anywhere closer t [...]

I received this book from KQED the local PBS station in San Francisco after donating for the year, during the pledge break that was featuring Michael Woods show (moving picture show) about the archeology of Hisarlik and the history of the ancient Greeks.It is delightfully detailed and tells of ancient peoples including the Trojans, the Achaeans, the Hittites, the Sea Peoples, and more. The photo-journalism of the archaeological site is unmatched anywhere else.

Thorough. Painstaking even. Dull, dull, dull. A more accurate title would be "In Search of Mycenaen Pottery, from Greece to Asia Minor." Might have hurt sales.Four stars (subtract one for being a bit dated) if you want a textbook on the archaeology behind Troy & the Mycenaen culture. Much guessing, although generally with references back to where the guesses came from.Two stars if you want a light nonfiction read.

Very good.A Hx of archaeology as well as a search for Troy.Background of the Eastern Med in the Bronze Age well covered. Good ref to early sources. Any specualtion well backed up and openly noted as speculation.Also looks at how the myth may have evolved as well as the physical evidence to back up any theory.Only downside for me was a lack of illustrations (items being ref'd but never shown.web image searches filled the gaps) and a fairly poor map.

This book is one of the most in-depth, accurate and fascinating books I have read yet concerning the Trojan War. Michael Wood goes to great lengths to discover the facts we do not need to know more of the legend and fiction that surrounding the Trojan War, we need the truth,and this is exactly what Michael Wood achieves in this riveting and informative book. Highly recommended!I have read this book four or five times, and it is like a new book every time.

This book tries to answer the question, "Was there really a Trojan War?" with a yes. Wood does a convincing job of it. There are still some scholars who question where Troy is; but on the whole, most believe we've found it and something devastated the city around the right time. Not telling any need to read it!

Like his In the Footsteps of Alexander, this book, a combination of archaeological history and history of legend, was written to accompany a television documentary. Like it, both book and documentary are complementary and well-worth watching. Even if one already knows the material Wood discusses, the imagery in both the book and the series is worthy of attention.

I am Greek and I love my mythology and history so I will ready anything that has valid arguments about it and also I am always interested to see how non Greek people see my history and heritage. Interesting book, did not agree with some of the facts but that doesn’t mean I am right or wrong. Good book.

It completely changes your opinion on whether the Trojan war really happened or not. When I first got this book I was unsure whether I would be able to finish it but I did because it was really interesting the pictures definitely helped.

I was assigned this book to read for a course on the Trojan War. It's well written and packed with information. There is also an accompanying dvd that is wonderful. I have not finished the book but I will go back to it when I can. It's worth it.

I was obsessed with this mini-series when I saw it on TV when I was visiting my grandparents in Florida in 1986. It took me YEARS to find this book and I love it with a passion bordering on insanity. Hahaheehee!

This is the companion to his documentary of the same name. Michael Wood makes learning history fascinating and addictive. I've seen almost all of his doc's and am enriched. I draw upon them often, even while watching the news!

This book taught me just how much I *didn't* know about archaeology at Troy. I also loved getting the context of archaeological discoveries in areas connected with the Trojan War story/myth. Now to find out what's been discovered since the updated chapter

Obviously, this is now "old" research as it was written over 30 years ago. However it does do a good job of describing the key archeologists who dug up the site of Troy, and how various archeological insights show the nature of kings and countries in this time frame. Now looking for related books.

its the best book i have ever read has battle,romance,emotions everything.i like Achilles he is the breavest ogf greeks

While the details are not very insightful, Mr. Wood does a lot to tell what is known in a way that was very accessible.

The history of what we know about the Trojan War. Very detailed.

Michael Wood is my favourite populariser of historical subjects. This one got me started on collecting his books and the DVDs of his TV programs.

Good overview of the topic and mostly interesting. He sometimes gets a bit carried away with his speculations though.


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