Unexpected Night

Elizabeth Daly

Unexpected Night

Unexpected Night

  • Title: Unexpected Night
  • Author: Elizabeth Daly
  • ISBN: 9781883402518
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback

The discovery of young Amberly Cowden s body at the base of a cliff, as well as the strange events apparently related to the impoverished acting troupe at the Cove, disrupt Gamage s restful golf retreat Reprint.

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Young Amberley Cowden stands to inherit $1 million on his 21st birthday. If he dies before reaching the age of 21, his money leaves the family. Amberley's health is very poor, though. He had rheumatic fever as a child and it severely damaged his heart. There is considerable doubt that he will live to see his birthday. Despite this, Amberley tries to live as full a life as he can. He decides to go to Ford’s Beach, a resort, because his cousin, Arthur Atwood, is the member of a traveling theater [...]

The mystery of what actually happened over a bleak 48 hours or so somewhere on the Maine coast had me completely bamboozled -- usually with a Golden Age detective novel I have some idea of what's going on under the surface -- and for this reason I have, rather reluctantly, to tip my hat to Unexpected Night in respect. But all of that came out in the last couple of chapters. Getting to that point was, for me, a bit of a slog.An oddly matched group of family members is making its way to a resort i [...]

It's Vintage Mystery Sunday and time to step into my vault of classic mysteries and choose one to feature that I read and loved before blogging took over my life and I began reviewing everything I read. This week I'm featuring Unexpected Night by Elizabeth Daly. I don't quite remember how I first found out about Daly and her charming and urbane amateur detective, Henry Gamadge. I think I stumbled across my first one in the tiny local library in the equally tiny town where my husband & I live [...]

After accidentally starting this series with book 7, I picked up the first book of this series for a proper introduction to its main character, Henry Gamadge. Originally published in 1940, this book was a good solid murder mystery that kept enough suspense going to keep me reading. I enjoyed this book as a recreational read, and I look forward to the rest of the series.

I got as 3/4 of the way through before reconciling myself to the fact that I wasn't having a good time.British? Check! Golden Age Mystery? Check! Agatha Christie says 2 thumbs up? Check! And yet so many problems 1: I felt the characters were names rather than characters, and wouldn't have been able to tell you one thing about any of them that made them interesting (other than the victim, who suffers from Not Being Believably Human, something many of the other named personages suffer from).2: Th [...]

A young man in ill health successfully arrives at his majority, inheriting a sizable fortune, only to die suddenly and under suspicious circumstances. Did his ne'er-do-well cousin the actor kill him for his promised bequest? A jealous aunt hoping for a larger inheritance for her son? And why is someone now trying to harm--or terrify--the late heir's sister? Henry Gamadge, trying to enjoy a quiet holiday, is drawn into the hunt for a killer.I read Elizabeth Daly's Henry Gamadge mysteries many yea [...]

Reasonably enjoyable vintage mystery, but it was a bit difficult to follow. It was hard to keep the characters straight, and there weren't THAT many, so I think they weren't well developed. It was also difficult to tell who was speaking. That seems partly to be because of confusing paragraph breaks, and since I read an e-book, it may merely be a formatting problem.My Kindle version skips several pages toward the end, and, unfortunately, those were the pages that explained how and why the crime o [...]

The first few books in this series are mildly entertaining, but irritatingly outdated. Not just outdated, but full of unenlightened attitudes that seem to reflect the author's views. Henry Gamadge is a member of the elite of Manhattan, and it's obvious what he and his contemporaries think of those who are below them on the social ladder. His "man," Theodore, is a gem, but apparently has no family or a life of his own. Later in the series Henry gets married, but his wife is quickly written out an [...]

This introductory novel to Henry Gamadge is a fun, quick read that had several twists and turns. I can see why Elizabeth Daly was Agatha Christie’s favorite author.

While the plot was interesting, I found this book a little hard to read. Often it was unclear who was speaking or being referred to. I also felt too much of the conversations were forced repartee.

Eh, the characters and situations that Ms. Daly enjoys are rather tiresome.

It's been over 20 years since I read this book. So I thought it was about time that I gave Elizabeth Daly's Henry Gamadge series a fresh airing and hopefully blow a few cobwebs away from my brain.First published in 1940. My copy is the Otto Penzler reprint paperback edition of 1994.Elizabeth Daly is listed to be one of Agatha Christie's favourite authors and I can understand why.Her stories are well written, plotted and with a main character in the form of Henry Gamadge, noted authority on rare [...]

This one has been on my shelf for a while after finding a copy in a used bookstore. I was unfamiliar with author Elizabeth Daly and her creation Henry Gamadge, and in fact was unclear on whether this was the first Gamadge mystery or not. The way the character is introduced felt odd for a first appearance; it felt like the author pre-supposed readers would know certain things about her main character (including reference to a sidekick in New York City who has a penchant for codes and cloak-and-da [...]

It's so great, to have "discovered" yet another Golden Age mystery writer. Elizabeth Daly's gentleman sleuth is Henry Gamadge"rare book expert" in 1940s New York. It's amazing to me that I have lived so long knowing absolutely nothing about so many wonderful writers from this era. This novel was the first featuring Henry Gamadge. I was halfway through the book before I realized that he was a young man and not a middle-aged fatherly type; what fooled me was his calmness, his quick thinking, and h [...]

Henry Gamadge is visiting friends when he is introduced to Amberley Cowden. The youth, referred to as "Amby" by his guardian, is about to turn twenty-one and inherit a vast fortune. There are some interesting family dynamics going on. If Amby, who has always been sickly, dies before his birthday, a French relative (the nephew or some such of the man the money originally came from) is set to inherit. If he makes it to twenty-one but dies without a will, his sister will inherit. But Amby has alrea [...]

This is the review for Unexpected Night; it also comes up when the book "Nothing Can Rescue Me" is entered. Henry Gamadge is playing a quiet game of bridge at a Maine summer resort when he meets a very ill young man who will inherit a fortune if he lives until midnight. When he dies a few hours after midnight, everyone should be as happy as possible--considering that his health has been bad for many years. But there are a lot of tensions in the family, and Gamadge can't help but find out why.

Elizabeth Daly was reportedly "Agatha Christie's favorite mystery writer," but I was a little disappointed -- the plot was hard to follow and the characters fairly thin (yes, even thinner than Christie's). I missed AC's carefully laid readerly clues and red herrings -- the dénouement didn't seem to have been earned.

An enjoyable mystery with an old-fashioned flavor.Amberly Cowden had a weak heart, but it's not so bad being an invalid if you're a rich invalid. Too bad he didn't get to live to enjoy the money. His fatal heart attack was accompanied by a fall from a cliff. Was it murder or accident? And what about the other deaths?

Fun read but not great. A little too obtuse. Characters seem more British than American. Some use of archic English. Dialogue a little hard to follow at times. First in Gamache series but often not cited as first. More for reader who will read all in series rather than the casual reader.

I love a good Golden Age Detective Story, if its done well with a memorable lead it can give you some solid entertainment. And while Henry Gamadge, amateur sleuth and noted authority of rare manuscripts, is no Sherlock Holmes I was still pleased to spend a few days with him.

Interesting curio. The author seems to be setting Gamage up as an American Peter Wimsey. The plot was unnecessarily complicated (and not really credible) and better editing would have prevented Daly from getting bogged down in extraneous detail. But interesting nonetheless

An OK mysteryHaving never heard of these Henry Gamadge mysteries, I was interested in reading the first one. It was OK, but I think they have not really weathered the test of time.

Many twists and turns to this story. You get to see all the clues but you need to play detective, cause you won't get the answers until the very end.Ingenious mystery, with a very cruel murderer.

This was a fun vacation read. British cozy mystery circa 1940 meets Maine theater circuit.

Complicated shady goings-on at a Maine resort, involving a number of related people that I had trouble keeping straight.

Good plot, definitely Christie-ish in style.

A rather slow start with some confusion on characters, but in the end a satisfying vintage mystery set in Maine.

Pleasant cozy mystery in the style of Agatha Christie. 1940s Maine summer vacationers. Sudden, though not unexpected death, leaves an inheritance in question. First in the series; suggested by Susan.

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