The Way I Feel

Janan Cain

The Way I Feel

The Way I Feel

  • Title: The Way I Feel
  • Author: Janan Cain
  • ISBN: 9781884734717
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover

Feelings are neither good nor bad, they simply are Kids need words to name their feelings, just as they need words to name all things in their world The Way I Feel uses strong, colorful, and expressive images which go along with simple verses to help children connect the word and the emotion Your child will learn useful words, and you will have many chances to open convFeelings are neither good nor bad, they simply are Kids need words to name their feelings, just as they need words to name all things in their world The Way I Feel uses strong, colorful, and expressive images which go along with simple verses to help children connect the word and the emotion Your child will learn useful words, and you will have many chances to open conversations about what s going on in her his life Recommended by parents, teachers and mental health professionals, The Way I Feel is a valuable addition to anyone s library This book is ideal for children with autism Ages 2 8

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This book has all the feels! Well, a lot of them anyway. If I had a kidlet this is the book I’d be choosing to explore feelings with them to help them distinguish one from another. I love that there’s no judgement about having a specific feeling and that no feeling is labelled either good or bad. Taking us on a poetic journey through silly, scared, disappointed, happy, sad, angry, thankful, frustrated, shy, bored, excited, jealous and proud,Janan Cain has created a wonderful tool to help kid [...]

I like how this book switches from emotions so quickly. Many social emotional regulation books focus on sad or upset feelings, and it can bring the whole book down. I like how this one switches from excited to disappointed to happy, so the children don't get stuck on one emotion. Additionally, the passages provide explicit descriptions of what these emotions look like. This is helpful for children who have lower social emotional skills, because they are better able to identify feelings with the [...]

I honestly and absolutely love this book!!!! Ahhhh lol, from the cover page alone, I already had a feeling that this book would be awesome. It just makes you want to open it and see what's inside. I plan on reading this book to my students, because it teaches them about language and how to express themselves. I love how it shows almost every different emotion and even captures very vivid and expressive illustrations to match each one. I truly appreciate how "The Way I Feel" introduces a wider ra [...]

This book is a good book because its all about the d ifferent emotions, from when the little boy was mad, sad, jealous, happy, scared and even excited. you can read this book to children on a day you are talking about emotions or even when you may feel some kids are going through a hard time . this book just might make thier day just to let them know thier not the only one who has emotions or feels sad and mad somedays. It is a social/emotional book. My favorite part of the story was thanksful. [...]

Per my second graders: I liked it because it was telling you how they feel. I liked it because the mommy was playing with the baby and they lady got mad. I liked it because it shows how you feel.

Text-To-Text The book, “The Way I Feel,” by Janan Cain, is a younger version of “Feelings”, by Aliki. Both books explain with written words and beautiful, whimsy illustrations the way we feel in many situations. The emotions of story telling both authors do is factual and tangible. Janan Cain’s book is a bright illustration of exactly how we might feel when we are happy, angry, jealous, scared, or frustrated. Aliki’s book portrays the same emotions, but in an older version. I would u [...]

I liked this book because I think it would be very useful with young children. Children who are just starting to speak, but don't have the words to express their feelings often get frustrated. I have been reading some things lately about how to handle such situations and a lot of sources say that helping them learn the words to express themselves can reduce their frustration. This book has great pictures that illustrate the feelings being described. Reading it with children would help them to un [...]

Cute book about feelings. There are rhyming words and emotion words surrounded by context clues. Great colorful illustrations. I would use this book for early elementary age children to teach about feelings.

I remember reading this book when I was younger. I think I still remember reading this book because of the cover. The cover is a great attention grabber which is why I think it would do well in the classroom. The Way I Feel goes through many emotions and how you feel and act when you are in that type of mood. The text on all of the pages reflects the mood that is being described which I love! For Silly, the words go up and down, for happy, the page is filled with bright colors such as yellow, pi [...]

I added this book to my text set for Dr. Williams class since my topics are the exact same. This book is great for a child with autism because it doesn’t focus on one emotion but various emotions of what a child with autism may feel. Janan Cain has given children the language to express their emotions—not only through her choice of words but through the use of vibrant colors, mood-enhancing illustrations, and the font and flow of the words, some of which weave across the page. Children who h [...]

1.)The Way I Feel2.) Social/Emotional Skill Taught: The skills that are being taught here are self awareness and recognition of emotions that we experience.3). I would use this book to expand the children's vocabulary and to help give them words to use, so that in the future they can describe and express how the feel. I liked that this book was created by a Chicago artist who created so vivid pictures to help her own child express emotions other than the two children seem to know happy and sad. [...]

The Way I Feel is an excellent book to help children understand their emotions/feelings and how to appropriately express them. There are big, colorful pictures on each page and each page is dedicated to a different emotion/feeling.I would use this book in my classroom. I love the verbal simplicity and the big colorful pictures pictures in this book. I also like the fact that it explores a variety of emotions/feelings to help create a deeper understanding for children.The lesson that I would use [...]

If your child doesn't understand why they are sometimes happy and occasionally sad this sturdy board book will help them understand their feelings. As they navigate the world around them it's important for your child to understand the emotions that happen within their bodies. Bright cheery illustrations depict emotions like anger, sadness, being excited and more. The back pages share insight and suggestions for parents on how to engage their children regarding emotions and how they feel when som [...]

Cain, J. (2000). The way I feel. New York, NY: Parenting Press. This book goes through different emotions. It also addresses how children can deal with them.This book should be partnered with The Way I Act. With these two it gives children a rounded image on how they are supposed to act on the way they feel. The illustrator used the media watercolors for this book.I remember as a kid having problems expressing how I feel and I think this book would help students understand the different kind of [...]

Feelings and emotions just come popping out at you! What a great book with colorful and vibrant illustrations that express so many moods.This book is so much fun! What a valuable tool for all young children, autistic children, emotionally disturbed, as well as so many moreI think this book would be super to use for a lesson on emotions and feelings. What a great lead into a discussion relating to and recognizing our feelings and then how to act and react appropriately.

(by 6.5 yo)This book is about feelings. Happy, angry, jealous, sad and also excited and proud. The book is different from a lot of other books because it's about feelings and not a lot of books are about feelings.

A young girl talks about her feelings and why she feels that way. She also talks about what she does when she is feeling a certain way.1. Feelings2. Cause and Effect3. Incorporate in how to deal with students feelings one-on-one.

i have to read this book for homework for school (preschool - age 5) i like books better when i don't have to read them. this book is about emotions. i like that the word looks like the emotion so i can read it myself along with my mom. i know most of the words in this book.

Great for teaching emotions to littles.

Great book for school counselor's!

This book was a creation of beautiful poetry and childhood memories.

Great book to explain many different types of feelings - straight forward, good for kidst just fluff and full of rhymes - has substance

This one is a bit stilted. It feels like it was purposely written for SEL curriculum.

Good job at describing feelings that all people experience. Helps kids label their emotions and better express themselves.

Great way to help kids learn about different emotions.

Published in 2000, this realistic fiction book would be great for getting students to learn and think about emotions.

"The Way I Feel" is a great book to help children recognize and understand their emotions. It is important for kids to know that how they're feeling is normal, so giving an explanation of what can trigger some emotions is important. This is a cute book with a lot of silly and fun pictures, but also sad and realistic pictures-- both are important for kids to recognize.

I did enjoy this book, but I wasn't completely crazy about it. I did still see helpful times to use this in the classroom, which explains the three stars I gave it. I would definitely use this as a read aloud for a kindergarten or first grade classroom during the beginning of the school year and discuss how we all handle our emotions and what's an appropriate way to feel during given situations. I would make this an interactive book. For example, when the main character talks about making a funn [...]

Exuberant illustrations dance across the pages of The Way I Feel written and illustrated by Janan Cain. It walks young readers through several moods and captures the intensity of their wildest feelings. Text spirals, bends and wriggles across the page. Color reinforces the feelings being described for example, brilliant reds and oranges for anger, blues and turquoise for sad,The story describes kid-familiar emotions : an older sib’s jealousy, frustration, disappointment, etc. With respect and [...]

I really like this book for younger grades. When students are just starting out in school, sometimes they find themselves confused with how they are feeling. This book includes beautiful illustrations that help kids understand the concept of feelings in a fun and interactive way. I like to read this aloud for the younger kids as well as show how each face might look. I would recommend this to my students and parents.

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