Doctor Who: The Death of Art

Simon Bucher-Jones

Doctor Who: The Death of Art

Doctor Who: The Death of Art

  • Title: Doctor Who: The Death of Art
  • Author: Simon Bucher-Jones
  • ISBN: 9780426204817
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback

In 1880s France, Doctor Who and his companions find themselves caught up in the desperate internal power struggle of a clandestine brotherhood The future of Europe is at stake, in a war fought with minds and bodies altered to the limits of human evolution.

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This book made me want to do drugs. Really, I read it seven times and I still have no idea what was going on. I just really like the title, it seems like there are a lot of good titles in the New Adventures series. Also in this novel the Doctor is written for very well, at least he knows what's going on. Ace makes everything better too! Perhaps the best thing about this book is that it received such bad reviews that so few people bought them that those of us who own copies have found that they a [...]

Conceptually speaking, this book is fucking brilliant. I love what was attempted her in principal. The ideas of scale, dimension and perception being tooled with well. However, the prose was so thick, obtuse and just insufferably contrary in parts so as to make a great idea into a total slog. There were whole passages, chapters and phrases that either contradicted themselves or made no sense at all. It was a poor affect even if noble in attempt. This could have been a really good book, it has a [...]

So, I'm getting tired of the psychic powers story arc. Look, it's another story about psychics. And it has yet another explanation for psychics. Sigh. Here's it a race called the Quoth activating humanity's psychic potential.This book also felt very much like a sequel to (or even a repetition of) Christmas on a Rational Planet, which really wasn't to its benefit. But once more we get a society hovering on the edge of the industrial age and weird aliens and way too many characters and very stacca [...]

nwhytevejournal/2297663ml[return][return]The Seventh Doctor, Chris and Roz end up in Paris all involved with the Dreyfus case and Ace. I'm afraid I thought this wore its historical research a bit too heavily, without compensating gains in characterisation or plot

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