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  • Title: Killer
  • Author: David Drake Karl Edward Wagner
  • ISBN: 9780812509847
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback

On the nightmare planet Zuyle evolved a race of predators so deadly they could overrun worlds Only two of them almost destroyed the planet Doronin The enigmatic rulers of the galaxy ordered Doronin annihilated to stop the spread of the creatures not knowing that one had been lost by smugglers on Earth

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This was certainly a book that was difficult to put down. Non stop action, a blend of SF & almost Sword & Sorcery as only Wagner & Drake could do. It will never o down as a great classic, but it's certainly one of the most enjoyable reads I've ever had.Most of all, it was well written. The characters were well developed, the scenes vivid & story's progression logical. I was a bit put off that one character's motives were revealed too early & bluntly, IMO. I think the book wou [...]

This book is actually part SF and part fantasy. It combined the talents of David Drake and Karl Edward Wagner, and is an excellent work. It's a bit like Predator 2 but set in ancient Rome. However, it came out in 1985, well before the movie. I've always wondered if the book didn't influence the movie.

This book was an interesting read. It's set in ancient Rome during the reign of Domitian. A dangerous lifeform crashes onto the Earth and is captured by a beast hunter to be taken to the arenas of Rome, and the alien sent to recover it has ulterior motives. The main human characters are somewhat interesting, and the main alien character (outside of the phile) is mostly just a jerk. To me, the phile was actually one of the more interesting characters in the book, as were the mysterious galactic r [...]

Very enjoyable read. Being a huge Wagner fan, there is no way I could pass up this book -- and you can tell when Wagner's pen is on the page with regards to sheer graphic brutality -- nonetheless a fantastic collaboration of two great writers. The book is set in an alternative history of ancient Rome, paralleled with advanced alien worlds. The plot is quite fast-paced which compliments the brutal action, resulting in a hard-to-put-down novel. I loved it. Think Predator meets Gladiator. Awesome.

Killer is an excellent and rare blend of science fiction, horror, and fantasy, all brought together and seasoned with Drake's expert knowledge of ancient Rome. I believe that the two authors' styles and strengths complemented one another quite well. A second edition of the novel appeared with a truly ghastly and silly cover, which I believe served to force it into obscurity, which is a shame. It's a really exciting and enjoyable story, well worth reading.

Alien vs. Predator, but set in ancient Rome with hunters trying to capture the alien for the colosseum and another disguised alien (predator) trying to stop an outbreak. Nothing amazing and a bit forgettable, but fun for a few hours!

Picture HBO's Rome combined with Predator (with a smidge of The Ghost and the Darkness and a hint of The Hidden) and you're on the right track. It is a great read, despite three not-so-good covers it has been stuck with. It'd make a superb mini-series on HBO or AMC.

A great mix of both science fiction and horror,an unknown creature is captured and destined for the coliseum of Rome, soon after capture the beast escapes and is hunted down by an ex Gladiator and his companions.The action is fast paced and often gore filled, the Authors do a fine job blending the two genres, the characters are well thought out, and Ancient Rome in all it's decadence and splendor is well addressed.Full of exciting twists and turns this book will appeal to lovers of both horror a [...]

The premise of this book is an alien killing machine is unleashed on 1st century Rome and a retired gladiator is out to capture it on the orders of the emperor. I really wanted to like this book but I just found it too dark. There were a couple of moments while reading this book where I thought "No. They wouldn't do that. They wouldn't go there." and guess what: The authors of the book DID go there and they DID do that.

I enjoy stories about ancient Rome. I enjoy sci-fi stories. Take two top-class authors and mix the two genres an you have a great story.Some nice twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.Those of you who have put this on their 'to read' list - PUT DOWN your current book and read this one.

I wouldn't call this book fantasy at all. It's hard SF. Just because it's set in historical ancient Rome and the heroes carry swords instead of rayguns doesn't make it fantasy. There's no magic, no time travel, and no violations of known physics.

Gladiator meets Predator. Does it get any better?

In ancient Rome there are humans and aliens, hunters and the hunted. Reminds you of the Predator movies, fast and brutal.

Space aliens and Romans. Enjoyed it.

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