Curious, If True: Strange Tales

Elizabeth Gaskell

Curious, If True: Strange Tales

Curious, If True: Strange Tales

  • Title: Curious, If True: Strange Tales
  • Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition

CURIOUS, IF TRUE Strange Tales is a collection of five dark Victorian tales of suspense, horror, mood and mystery by Elizabeth Gaskell, published variously between 1852 and 1861 Includes The Old Nurse s Story, The Poor Clare, Lois The Witch, The Grey Woman, and Curious, If True.

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I am giving this collection of stories only three stars. There were some good stories and some OK stories. One of the OK stories was "Lois The Witch". It was set during the Salem witch trials. Gaskell could have made that story better. I did enjoy "The Old Nurse's Tale". That story is wonderful on audio if you happen to have the right reader. So there was a good creeper in this collection and some OK stories.

1. The Old Nurse's Story2. The Poor Clare3. Lois The Witch4. The Grey Woman5. Curious, If True.My favorites are "The Old Nurse's Story"and "Curious, if True".

Terus terang, ketimbang Jane Austen dan Charlotte Bronte, aku lebih kagum dengan Mrs. Gaskell ini (☆ω☆)Ngarang kisah tentang penduduk kota kecil yang kocak.!Bikin kisah romance berlatar revolusi industri dan demo buruhjuga oke!Dan kali ini, aku bersyukur dapat mencicipi kisah horor karya beliau (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))Isinya ada 5 cerita :- The Old Nurse's Story : gadis kecil, pengasuh yang setia, rumah tua dengan tragedi masa lalu, organ yang berbunyi sendirimuanya resep standar namun komplit [...]

Not enjoying these stories -- the moralizing irritates me and the paranormal (ghosts and demons) bores rather than frightens. I read the first 2 stories and the first chapter of the third; the last two stories I have read previously in "The Grey Woman and Other Tales". Those two would be the best in this collection

This book was recommended to me because of an interest in re-told Victorian Fairy Tales. It literally kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I read the book on the train from Williamsburg to Philly, and after approximately 7 hours of train riding, I did not want the train to stop because I so wanted to finish my book. My favorite in the series was the Old Nurse's Tale (which is often a favorite of the Norton Anthology as well as other Victorian compilations. I never actually read the sto [...]

All right, the book was definitely worth reading. "Lois the Witch" and "The Grey Woman" are the best stories IMHO, the first one very dark (it's about the witch hysteria in Salem and the first story I've ever read about it), the other dark also, but with a good (well kinda) outcome and a very interesting storyline which just begs for rewrite or reinterpretation. The few first ones weren't that absorbing though, hence 3 stars.

If you are expecting another Cranford, you are in for a big surprise! About as far from it as you can get. Who knew Gaskell could hop genres like this? Definitely worth a read.

'Bought' because it was free on . The first story, 'The Old Nurse's Tale', was okay but not at all exciting or scary, and didn't make me want to read on.

I taught "The Old Nurse's Story" last time I taught Brit Lit and the students ate it up. They did a great job relating it's themes to the Victorian period and enjoyed it on its own terms as well. I decided I needed to check out the rest of her short ghost stories. All of the other stories are equally interesting. They are gothic, and unlike "The Old Nurse's Story," the rest are set in the past and in foreign countries. It surprised me how well Gaskell wrote within the dark and gothic vein. My fa [...]

A collection of tales that I found rather interesting and enjoyable. In this work are 5 tales and having read so many of the author's other works was rather surprised that she wrote these. I would say they are Gothic, supernatural and well written. The one I favoured amongst them was "Lois the Witch", the author's fictional tale relating to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Arthur Miller used the real names, made changes to the historical facts to best suit his purposes to compare it with the inve [...]

Who would've thought Elizabeth Gaskell wrote horror? Wellspense sometimes, although there are a couple of genuine spooks and witches in this collection, mostly presented in a historical vein. Victorians look back to the 17th century for their ghouls the way Tim Burton has us looking to the Victorians. The title story is more a clever parlor-reading exercise than great literature, but "The Grey Woman" is a gripping adventure tale in the line as Bluebeard, and "The Poor Clare" and "The Old Nurse's [...]

Yeah, these are Victorian "scary" stories. Interesting to get perspective on what was creepy then versus what is creepy now. Three are a little creepy, the fourth more a morality tale. I would only recommend this to those into Victorian lit, and within that subset, those who like that style of gothic horror. The writing style is good though, so I can't completely pan it.

An interesting collection of stories. Lois the Witch was definitely my favorite, as it explored some really interesting themes in religion and hysteria. I found the last tale the least satisfying, but overall a great selection of stories.

For me, Lois the witch was the best story in this collection. The first two stories didn't manage to captivate my attention, however, I'm glad I didn't give up on the book since I also enjoyed the last two, The Grey Woman and Curious, if true.

DNF at 44%. I've tried repeatedly to read this book, but the first tale in particular is a 101 on how to spoil a solid idea with tedious tangents, repetition and zero suspense. I like reading from this era and genre so I'm used to its conventions, but this bores me to tears.

A great little set of Gothic stories. They're not what you would expect from the author of North & South and Wives & Daughters. It goes to show how diversified authors used to be. I really enjoyed reading some Mrs. Gaskell's less well know works.

Book was a little hard to follow and spend more time reading the dictonary to understand more than half the words. Would not recommend this book unless you have a masters in old english\french

I only read the first couple of these. They were ghost stories, stories of exorcism, definitely not my thing.

Gaskell, que intensa, mai.

Although I very much enjoyed the plots of these tales I found the language to be overly heavy in the fashion of Victorian description of minute details.

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Hahahah - Just slurped me up some Gaskill and wonder if this is the same short story sequence; we shall see.

Not my favorite. I didn't even finish the whole book. The stories were just weird, not what I wanted to read.

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