Mass Effect: Retribution

Drew Karpyshyn

Mass Effect: Retribution

Mass Effect: Retribution

  • Title: Mass Effect: Retribution
  • Author: Drew Karpyshyn
  • ISBN: 9781841499840
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback

1st Orbit edition paperback new

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If you'd like to see my reviews of the first two Mass Effect books click on the links: Revelation and Ascension.The first Mass Effect book, Revelation, was a way to get Mass Effect suited to the book world. It involved characters from the first game and acted as a prequel. The novelty of it was that you read about places you, technically, had been to (walked through, ran through, shot at people through, etc). By involving the characters we knew it was a test to see if Mass Effect could adapt to [...]

Timeline note: Retribution is set almost immediately after the main storyline of ME2 concludes, but before The Arrival DLC. Which, I suppose, makes it canonical that The Arrival is post-game, even if you can play it through in the middle of the storyline. But it always worked better, from a story perspective, as a post-game adventure than a mid-game one.Retribution has a strong hook: The Illusive Man has infected Grayson with Reaper nanotech as revenge for the events of Ascension, the prior book [...]

Well, purely in the comparative context of the Mass Effect novels, Retribution is all right and actually noticeably better written than Revelation. (I haven't read Ascension yet.) That honestly isn't saying much, though.If you're a fan of the Mass Effect game series as I am, it may be worth a read-through as a companion to the game. As a novel, though, I can't really say much in praise of Retribution, I'm afraid. Many of the same problems plague Retribution as did Revelation. The dialogue is nat [...]

I really enjoyed Drew Karpyshyn's Mass Effect series of books that tied into the games. This third book in the series wraps things up and leads into Mass Effect 2. This gives readers more information on The Illusive Man and how Cerberus works. It also provides more information on Kahlee Sandersand David Anderson and there is even a brief mention of Shepherd. All good stuff for Mass Effect fans. Now that Andromeda is out, it was kind of nice to listen to some of the old school Mass Effect stuff. [...]

Surprisingly, this one had the barest glimpse of potential at being an interesting story. Squandered, but there was the gem of an idea here. However, the writing was awful. Once more, nearly every line of dialog is accompanied by a phrase telling us the internal mental state of the character in question. And the paragraphs of prose in between dialog blocks are merely transcriptions of what the characters are thinking, what their base motivations are, punctuated by clumsily written actions.Show, [...]

Always liked this author. The Mass Effect universe makes for great video games and fiction!

The lie ran so deep that even those who’d helped bury the truth had convinced themselves the Reapers were nothing but a myth. They continued on with their mundane existence, too weak and too stupid to acknowledge the horrific destiny awaiting them. But the Illusive Man had devoted his life to facing unpleasant truths. - Drew Karpyshyn, Mass Effect RetributionMass Effect Retribution picks up two or so years after the end of Ascension. Grayson, a former Cerberus operative, is living incognito on [...]

Having read all three Mass Effect novels written by Drew Karpyshyn, I have to say they are very much three of a kind. Same style of writing, same ideas about the plot in all three. Each book seeks to flesh out the Mass Effect universe without directly touching on the main plot of the games. This is really a double edged sword. On the one hand, getting too deeply into the main plot wouldn’t make fans happy as there is such a variety of paths and choices to take the player character that inevita [...]

Nothing about this book I didn't like. Karpyshyn is one of my favourite writers for Bioware, and I was sorely sad to see him leave the team, and this was definitely my favourite book of his.Many people forget that the galaxy had more than what Commander Shepard was dealing with, and that important events that shaped the plot for Mass Effect 3 conspired without the intervention of everyone's favourite human Spectre/N7 Commander/neighbourhood playboy/girl. As much as I loved Revelation and Ascensi [...]

The illusive man knows about the reapers and their attack. He wants to find their weaknesses for when they attack. He sends his agent Kai Leng to go get his former Cerberus employee. That way Grayson can be studied, when the illusive man puts implants in him. Kahlee finds out that Grayson is missing and asks Anderson to help find out what happened to him. Kahlee Sanders is a lead scientist of humanity. Anderson is one of the top military soldiers for humanity. The Council is made up of three spe [...]

This is the third novel in the series, and it once again goes in a slightly different narrative direction. The focus seems to be more on action than the previous two novels, and it achieves an exciting pace while also giving readers further insights into the Mass Effect universe.Kahlee Sanders and Paul Grayson are at the heart of the story, and even David Anderson is back in the thick of things this time. The plot picks up a couple of years after the end of the second novel, and pivots around Ce [...]

The third book in the Mass Effect series, and the first time I actually felt a twinge of disappointment. I felt the story was sloppier than the others, filled with plot points that jarred me out of my reading, distracting me from really getting into the book. It almost felt like the author was rushed.Also for the first time, I started to get very irritated with Kahlee Sanders. Characters in the book even made it a point to remind her she's not the best judge of character, but seriously, how many [...]

Another book in the series, that makes Mass Effect universe more real in my mind. Not a great book, but a good book none the less. It's hard to write in a universe, where all the main events have already happened and you are left on the fringes of the story, trying to make it interesting. Sol things considered, not bad at all :)

The following review has been copied from behnamriahi.tumblrMass Effect: Retribution, written by Drew Karpyshyn and published by Del Rey Press, is a third-person, science-fiction novel set in the Mass Effect universe, told primarily from the points-of-view of Paul Grayson and Kahlee Sanders. With great technological advancements, humanity has set foot into space and made many new allies by joining a council of other races. They commune primarily at the Citadel, a space station of epic proportion [...]

tl;dr: I am a hardcore ME fangirl, and this is a great little puzzle piece in the canon, if imperfectI'm a dedicated Mass Effect fan. I threw the Big Fit after #3 (goddammit Bioware, the end), I own not one but two N7 jackets (one's a trackie, shut up); my reusable Starbucks cup has "Shepard" sharpied on it and it never ceases to amuse me. I'm part of the fandom (if you are too, message me because I've got some good shit bookmarked). I own an omniblade (got in on sale though; DO NOT pay full pri [...]

This is the 3rd book in the Mass Effect series by Drew Karpyshyn. This book is based on the game by BioWare. I don't play video games so I don't know how it compares to the game but it is a good read in the Space Opera genre. In this one the Illusive Man has captured Grayson and is doing experiments on him in an effort to find the secrets of the Reapers before they can destroy mankind. Shortly before he is captured Grayson manages to get a message off to Kahlee Sanders with all the information t [...]

Aw man :( It was a sad ending for me. I kept clinging to the hope that something could be done about it, but yeah lost cause. The book was tons of fun, even if it made me suffer a bit xD. I liked it better than the last one, but it may be due to the fact I already knew most characters, so there was no need for time to get used to them. The Reaper angle gave the plot an interesting flavor, at least for me. I consider this one to be the best of the three books. I've seen reviews about the fourth, [...]

The book was ok. Had the elements I wanted, but lacked the interesting story as its prequel. I really fell for Gillian and the fact that she's not part of this book probably contributed to me not being able to give it a higher rating.It was an interesting story overall, and I was glad to read about the characters in it, as well as getting a deeper understanding for my favourite universe. Would recommend it to someone interested in the Mass Effect universe, but wouldn't reread it.I have high hope [...]

Como ya me pasó con los otros dos, Castigo me ha gustado mucho y voy a seguir rebuscando en la ciencia ficción. La saga Mass Effect ha sido todo un descubrimiento aunque se apoye en la historia principal que se deja para las consolas. Tengo claro que a veces está bien tirarse a la piscina y probar cosas nuevas.100% recomendada al igual que los videojuegosSEÑA EN EL BLOG.

Acte final de la course-poursuite engagée dans le tome 2, quelques années plus tard. Même casting, avec cette fois la présence de Anderson et l'apparition de Kai Leng. En dehors de ça, le livre souffre des mêmes défauts que son prédécesseur. Rythmé, divertissant, mais peu significatif par rapport aux jeux.À nouveau, sympathique mais sans plus.Note : 3.75 /5Chronique complète ici.

OverviewExpanded media for a video game is a hard thing to get right. Normally, when reviewing a book I look at it on two levels: is it a good book for the universe it is in, and is it a good book in general that someone who has never been exposed to said universe might enjoy? I would say almost all of the Warcraft novels fall into the former camp so when I read Drew Karpyshy's Mass Effect: Revelation I was impressed it wasn't just a good Mass Effect book, but it was good book in general. So wit [...]

İlk üç kitap içerisinde en güzeli bu olmuş. Oyun serisinden bol bol referans ile, Illusive Man'in Shepard reisin 2. oyunda elde ettiği Reaper teknolojilerini kullanmasını ve Aria hanımı detaylıca işlemesi çok hoş olmuş. Ayrıca oyundaki rezalet boss keko ninja Kai'nin detaylıca anlatılması da, nefretimi biraz daha artırdı.

I really think the mass effect series of books (and possibly games) is just not as well written as the dragon age ones. But so far they are still pretty good. Maybe it's just me and my love for fantasy over sci-fi.

The best of this series of four, Retribution ties up what probably should have been left at a trilogy. There are important story bits here for the game trilogy, as well.

Después de terminar este tercer libro pensaba que era el último de la saga, pero al parecer hay uno más (de otro autor) que termina con todo lo acontecidoLo cierto es que el primer libro es muy trepidante y con un trasfondo bastante alentador, pero la continuación del segundo y la resolución del tercero hace que la historia se diluya y salvo matices, la parte más importante se obvia. Es cierto que este tercer libro se conocen más datos de la amenaza que concierne a todo el entramado galá [...]

Great conclusion to the trilogy

The first two Mass Effect books, "Revelation" and "Ascension", surprised me with clear writing and engaging storylines, so I've known for a while that I would be reading through all of them. I guess "Retribution" moved up on my "to-read" list after BioWare (the video game company that created the Mass Effect franchise) "fixed" the endings of Mass Effect 3.OVERALL: 3.6 out of 5I loved this book. It's great science fiction, but it's also a fun "chase the monster" story, with all these different gr [...]

Set after the events of "Mass Effect 2", Retribution starts with the leader of the terrorist pro-human organization Cerberus, The Illusive Man, in a fight against time. The Illusive Man knows the Reapers are coming and he will stop at nothing to save humanity. Eager to study the process and effects of reaper indoctrination, he has the perfect subject for the terrible experiments needed. Paul Grayson, the only man who betrayed him and got away. But no one can hide from the Illusive man forever an [...]

Aside from Jim Butcher, I think Drew Karpyshyn is my favorite living sci-fi author. But don't make him say his name backwards or he'll disappear to his his home dimension. Heh.I preferred DK's Star Wars: Darth Bane series to his Mass Effect trilogyd I look forward eagerly to his upcoming Star Wars book about Darth Revan--from the stellar Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game. DK was head writer for both the Knights of the Old Republic game and the Mass Effect series of games, both fr [...]

I’ve been a major fan of BioWare’s games, and their associated tie-ins, since Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in 2003. The games have stories that are tightly coupled to their gameplay mechanics and this combination makes it nearly impossible for me to walk away once I’ve started playing them. The Mass Effect universe was a unique IP created by BioWare that has already spawned two mega-hit video games (with a third game due Christmas 2011). In addition to the game itself, there have [...]

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