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  • Title: Tempted
  • Author: Megan Hart
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  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition

I had everything a woman could want My husband, James The house on the lake.My life Our perfect life And then Alex came to visit The first time I saw my husband s best friend, I didn t like him Didn t like how James changed when he was around, didn t like how his penetrating eyes followed me everywhere But that didn t stop me from wanting him And, surprisingly, JameI had everything a woman could want My husband, James The house on the lake.My life Our perfect life And then Alex came to visit The first time I saw my husband s best friend, I didn t like him Didn t like how James changed when he was around, didn t like how his penetrating eyes followed me everywhere But that didn t stop me from wanting him And, surprisingly, James didn t seem to mind.It was meant to be fun Something the three of us shared for those hot summer weeks Alex stayed with us Nobody was supposed to fall in or out of love I didn t need another man, not even one who oozed sex like honey and knew all the secrets I didn t know, the secrets my husband hadn t shared After all, we had a perfect life And I loved my husband.But I wasn t the only one.

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I really enjoyed Ms. Hart’s “Dirty”, but this one was not a big hit with me. It may have been my mood at the time of reading—I am not sure. The story here is with a married couple, James and Anne, and a man named Alex. Alex is James’ childhood friend that has been absent for a number of years. He comes into their lives and becomes much than a regular houseguest for the summer. We learn about Anne’s life bit by bit as it happens to her. She has a difficult relationship with her mother [...]

Once again, Megan Hart brings a more likely dose of reality to an erotic romance. Although I love to get lost in fantasy land with hot stories of menage and elicit affairs, this story is yet another example of how feelings and emotions can get all jumbled up and confused--even with the best laid plans and a strict set of rules. Obviously there are a lot of conflicting emotions in this story, otherwise this seemingly happy and loving young couple would have never allowed this man into their bed. [...]

Tempted is the first novel in the Alex Kennedy series. Tempted is good on so many stirring levels. Willing voyeurism, exhibitionism and ménage a trois, though it’s more about consequences, responsiveness, and enthralling ties.Anne and James have what is a good marriage. James and Alex have been best friends since they were young. Alex and Anne have never met due to a falling out that Alex and James had in college and the fact that Alex has lived in Singapore all these years. Then on day, when [...]

Compelling, wonderful and oh so intense. Other reviewrs have given the outline of this story so I'll not repeat. What I will say is Megan Hart has once agin come up with an emotional hot bed of relationships, human interactions and the devistating consequences that can happen when we take our lives down and untrodden path, wow that woman can write!!A web of lust,love and deceit plus the stories of Annes family both imeadiate and extened make this a compelling read. I found the relationship betwe [...]

My 1st foray into MH’s realm (“A summer to remember” woulda been a more apt title), where vows are made to be broken, “No holes barred” is not the ménage policy, a dysfunctional family celebrates fake anniversary, closeted Bi-s have a co-dependecy problem & interact like juvenile delinquents, 1 sibling gets saddled w/ kids & a boatload of debts (> $ 70,000) thanx to a gambling addict aka her deadbeat loser hubby, another sibling - w/ a distinguished potty mouth – gets kno [...]

2 StarsThis was a very well written book with great characterization, pacing, plot development and realism (mostly), but I didn’t enjoy reading it. Threesomes just aren’t my thing but I read Alex’s book, Naked, and wanted to understand his past relatioship with his best friend James and his wife, Anne. I liked Anne, adored Alex (honorary hero) and was disappointed with, and frankly, disgusted with Anne’s husband, James (hero). The ending was bittersweet for me. I was mostly glad Anne dec [...]

“I looked at the cards in my hand, the queen of hearts nestled between the king of clubs and the king of spades. No wonder she was smiling.”When you look at the cover of this book, anyone who's not familiar with the work of this author will assume that this is probably just another erotic novel with lot of "ohhhh God & yesss":D in it.But this book is more than that. There are some really hot & steamy scenes, but what really stands out in this books is the story itself and emotions ag [...]

This book was an emotional rollercoaster. The book is not so much about the menage but about the consequenses of bringing another person into the marriage bed. It's not lighthearted reading, it will actually make you think.

Anne and James have what by all definitions is a good marriage. James and Alex have been best friends since boyhood. But Alex and Anne have never met due to a falling out that the men had in college and the fact that Alex has live overseas all these years. Anne is not familiar with all the elements that make up James and Alex's friendship and it's a mystery she has never cared to explore. Then Alex phones and James invites him to stay for the summer. Alex takes Anne's breath away with his looks [...]

A while ago I read my first Megan Hart book, Broken and it is one of the best books I’ve read. I then went on to read Dirty and Stranger (I must space her books out, they take so much out of me) and I enjoyed them. Dirty was really, really good. Stranger – I didn’t like Sam as much, but Jack completely stole my heart.By chance, I had Tempted in print sitting on my bookshelf, I had found it at a used bookstore awhile ago. So I picked it up a few nights ago, intending to read the first chapt [...]

Others have summarized the plot so I'll just cover what worked and what didn't. The relationship between Alex and James was interesting. It wasn't healthy by any means, but it's definitely something that could have, and should have, been explored much further. The author dropped the ball on that big time, especially since it was the ONLY interesting part of the book. Anne was vapid and annoying and her accusing James of lying to her was laughable, considering she wasn't exactly a shining beacon [...]

I really, really like Megan Hart's books. Normally. But not this time. I am so totally shocked that this book rates so highly on Good Reads. It boggles my mind. The summary of this book is more than a little misleading. (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] DO NOT read any further if you don't want to know how this book ends. And I'm only doing this because I wish someone had told me how it ended because I would not have read it. In short, the friend who comes to stay with them for the summer, Alex, e [...]

WOW!!! This book is beyond DEEP! Ms Hart did a superb job with this one. The characters, issues, dialogue, etc Please do not let the cover fool you or cause you to stray away from this one. This book deals deeply with the all too real emotions & reality involved when allowing another/or others (third parties), into the sanctity of your marriage, home, bed, body, & heart. Passively or Aggressively allowing others to set or dictate the tone of your life and the person you have chosen to sh [...]

Here's the thing about this storyI keep telling everybody to read it bc I need someone to discuss the ending with. Now that I've had a long time to process it (and get over it), I think I'm okay with the way things stayed. Ialwaysroot for the underdog. In this story I guess all three characters can be considered underdogs, but there's one that I had a soft spot for. If you know the male leads I like, you'll know which one I chose. So the ending kind of killed me. I want to say it was a "realisti [...]

I have to say unfortunately the characters here didn't grab me at all, I found myself skimming quite a bit. They all seemed a bit cold and detached or something. I just couldn't get lost in the story.I must admit though that this author sure knows how to write a hot sex scene and I think if possible used every sexual term available in them :)

TEMPTED was a chemistry-laden adventure of marriage, friendships and family. The family elements, I didn’t care for and seemed an unnecessary diversion. The marriage and friendships, however, were riveting reading. Messing with the solid marriage dynamic seems a risky endeavour and reading the journey of emotions was fascinating and absorbing. I enjoyed the writing. I can’t help myself but read on with the novella and consecutive books.

It's good on oh so many stirring levels. It is about willing voyeurism, exhibitionism and ménage a trois, but it's more about consequences, more about responsiveness, more about enthralling and absorbing ties. It's a really wonderful book and not many people have heard about Megan Hart. But this whole genre is so underestimated. I mean genre, she writes erotic stories but her writing is so poignant. If you had read this book without knowing 'where it belongs', without seeing this luscious cover [...]

Once again, Megan Hart has wrapped me into her world of complex characters where I feel like I have just been on an emotional roller coaster. This book is a mix of love, sorrow, LUST, deceit, heartbreak, humor, etc, etc, and my poor mind cannot take it anymore!!! I always have to follow up her books with something much more lighthearted so I don't feel like my brain will go into shock.Do not judge this book by it's cover, because although yes, it is sexy, the story of what happens between these [...]

This has to be without a doubt the best sexy book I have ever read. There are several (lots) of sex scenes with a husband and wife and then a third party- they are all different and all hot. She does not overuse phrases or words to describe the couplings. It is just plain sexual.Now that is out of the way the real reviewFabulous book about a husband and wife and their respective families (though mainly hers) and their relationships. The introduction of an old friend (his) adds the angst to this [...]

I think Megan Hart is the reason I have "erotica" and "erotic romance" as one shelf; that way I don't have to make myself crazy trying to categorize. This was such a well-written and compelling but ultimately unsatisfying book. In the narrator Anne and her sisters, we see four adult children of an alcoholic who have unwittingly found themselves continuing the pattern of secrets and lies they grew up with, and I didn't feel that was addressed enough for Anne. (view spoiler)[She and her husband li [...]

3 starsI'm not sure what to think about this book. I liked the characters, both the main and the side ones. But at some point it just started taking a direction I didn't like. Basically, the story is this: James and Anne have had a happy life and a great marriage. Sure, they had problems with their families, and their pasts, but they handled it. Then came Alex. Alex is James's best friend and it's also obvious they have this thing between them. The story develops we see James's relationship with [...]

I thought this would be some regular cum-dripping threesome novel, which is fine with me!But.This novel changed my life in so so so many ways, I can't even sit here and take the time to state them all. I love Megan Hart's writing. She has a way of incorporating theme, life lesson, impeccable character development all into one huge mega Orgasmic Adventure!She takes the erotic romance novel serious!I WANT TO BE MEGAN HART!

I enjoyed the realness of this story. I know that inviting a 3rd into the bedroom is not common, but the feelings that transpired seemed real to me. The ending irritated me a little, but not enough for me to not like the book.

*For those who read my status this book was a currently reading book but I didn't shelve it.* My thoughts right now : "What the f*ck did I just read!?!" So I ask a friend to recommend a book that's got romance, deep feels and a different and not cliché storyline.This book gave me the different aspect but it was a whole lot of f*cked up for my liking. Most of the book I was confused with who was in love with who, then I was hopeful with who would end up with who then I was back to f*cking square [...]

Looking for a happily ever after? A sweet romance? A fun three-some romp that helps strengthen a marriage? (Umm, I had to throw this in because you do realize that this book centers around a threesome -- hint, take a look at the cover). Well, Tempted is not any of those things. Tempted is my first novel by Megan Hart. And I understand readers either love her books or are lukewarm about them. I tend to like romance only if the characters are well-written, the main characters face a relationship s [...]

So I have to say the blurb for this book and it's sequel, Naked, which I read via Netgalley and will be reviewing soon, are both kinda off the mark. When I read this novel I didn't get the feeling that Anne didn't like Alex the first time she saw him, yes she appeared uncomfortable about this long lost friend of her husband's that she knew so little about and with the way James changed around him. But I NEVER got the impression she didn't like Alex, in fact I thought she was pretty much immediat [...]

I loved this book, but for completely unexpected reasons.I read the premise of this book and thought: "ooooo, threesome, titillating!" But I should've known better than to expect something so simple from a Megan Hart book.If you're looking for fantasy erotic romanceis probably won't do it for you. It's a little too real, a little too "let's dig up every last bit of emotional baggage and bring it to the surface" to be true escapist reading.But this is why I love Megan Hart. She can take character [...]

3.5 stars. Tempted is told in first person from Anne's point of view. She's married to James whom she loves fondly. It's not an earth-shattering love but a calm, solid one. Then Alex comes into their lives. James and Alex have a history together and Anne immediately feels attracted to Alex. Soon they all three end up in bed together, which makes for some pretty hot sex scenes. Always straight m/f/m scenes, not a hint of m/m action though. Of course things become complicated when emotions get inv [...]

This is my second book by Megan Hart, and while I didn't enjoy it as much as Broken, it was still a very well written, powerful, emotional read. It kept me turning the pages and axious to see how it would all end. I was surprised that the story was so much more than just about Anne, James and Alex. At least 1/2 of the book was about Anne's family, her three sisters and planning their parents Wedding Anniversary. It was an enjoyable change of pace. The youngest sister Claire was a hoot and manage [...]

This story is a hard hit to reality. Maybe that is why I liked it so much. I say this because there is no perfect ending. Life isn’t always about happy endings and being able to do and be everything you love. Sometimes in life, you just have to accept what you can’t change. In some ways, this is the typical love story. There is romance, drama, dark pasts and intense sexual attraction. But it is also a little different. Megan Hart goes into great detail about how love truly feels. Love is no [...]

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