Fatal Affair

Marie Force

Fatal Affair

Fatal Affair

  • Title: Fatal Affair
  • Author: Marie Force
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition

On the morning of the most important vote of Senator John O Connor s career he is late again His best friend and chief of staff, Nick Cappuano sets off to O Connor s apartment expecting to roust him from bed and hoping he is alone But what Nick finds is that O Connor, the handsome, amiable Senator from Virginia, has been brutally murdered, and Nick s world comes crashingOn the morning of the most important vote of Senator John O Connor s career he is late again His best friend and chief of staff, Nick Cappuano sets off to O Connor s apartment expecting to roust him from bed and hoping he is alone But what Nick finds is that O Connor, the handsome, amiable Senator from Virginia, has been brutally murdered, and Nick s world comes crashing down around him Complicating the disaster, the detective assigned to the case is none other than Sam Holland, Nick s one night stand from six years earlier, the woman who broke his heart and haunts his dreams With six years worth of unfinished business hanging between them and than a few scores to settle personally and professionally, Nick and Sam set out to find the senator s killer while trying and failing to resist the overwhelming attraction between them that seems to have only grown over the years.It soon becomes clear that the Senator s past holds secrets that not only led to his death but now endanger Nick and Sam as well Working together to find a killer and to rediscover the love they thought they lost long ago, they must put the past behind them and build a future that offers a world of new opportunities for both of them including an offer from the Virginia Democrats for Nick to finish the last year of John s term.

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“Do you ever get used to telling people their loved ones have been murdered?”“No, and I hope I never do.”Chief of Staff Nick Cappuano wasn’t prepared for what he’d find when he went looking for his boss, Senator John O’Connor who wasn’t answering his phone calls. It wasn't unusual for John to oversleep, and it was up to Nick to make sure the Senator got where he needed to be on time. This particular morning should have been nothing all that different from what Nick had dealt with [...]

4.5 Stars! Marie Force is a hit or miss author for me, and I'm pleased to sayis one was a HIT!Great start to this series. Drew me in and held on tight! Loved the chemistry between Sam and Nick, and the relationship between Sam and Freddie, sort of reminded me of Eve and Peabody, from the In Death. Not quite as good, but I liked that the focus wasn't always on the main couple, and their banter was a great diversion. I'm hoping that Freddie's role will be more than as a secondary character as the [...]

This book took over my life for 24 hours, keeping me guessing right until the end, and the summary can be quickly covered by a conversation between myself and a friend:Friend: Must go, work to do. Me: I must resume my quest to discover who stabbed this Senator and cut his willy off. Friend: Uh*pauses*Friend: Nic? WTF are you doing?Me: The perp left his willy in his mouth btw.Because yes, of all the words I can pick for a male appendage, I picked willy.Anyway, my review. Marie Force isn't a new a [...]

Wow, how can a book go down the drain in such a terrible manner in the last few pages is beyond me. Seriously, a murder mystery that looked really intriguing and beautifully layered was solved like (view spoiler)["ooooh, she bought a plane ticket two days before the murder, yeah, ohmigod, how could I've missed that?" said the oh-so-talented detective. Gee whiz, I couldn't possibly agree more, what kind of law enforcement professional misses that? Not to mention the several bodies thrown in in th [...]

As a very visual person I like to peruse the reviews before starting a new book to see who my friends and other reviewers envision as the MCs. Surprisingly I didn't find any ideas for Sam and Nick so here are mine:SamNickSexy people over 30ey actually do exist ;)Fatal Affair was an entertaining romantic suspense that managed to hold my attention right from the start. Unfortunately there were some similarities to my all time favorite series, J.D. Robb's Death, which forced me to make comparisons [...]

So we're doing an episode on romantic mysteries for Read or Dead and I picked this up from the library on a whim cause it looked kind of ridiculous but I ended up mostly liking it? You can hear my work out my feelings with finding a romance that I didn't hate in the episode, probably. (Also helped me fulfill the Read Harder task of read a book with a terrible cover cause MAN that cover is terrible)

A U.S. Senator is brutally murdered in his own home. His best friend, and chief of staff, is not only "fortunate" to find his mutilated body, but the lead Detective on this case is the same woman Nick spent one night with sex years ago, and never heard from her again.Sergeant Samantha "Sam" Holland hasn't the time to think about the night she spent with Nick. She has bigger fish to fry, she desperately needs a "win" after a bust gone wrong recently, and finding the Senator's murdered just might [...]

**2.5 stars**Fatal Affair started great. The mystery was multi-layered with a complex victim. Most of the time in mysteries/romantic suspense, murdered people are just bodies and the reader rarely gets to see them as real people with virtues and vices. Not in this one. The friends and family of the murdered Senator showed real grief at his passing and it was wonderful to see Nick, the hero, being overwhelmed by the murder of his best friend.But around a third of the way in, the story became drag [...]

4 starsI debated for a long time how to rate this, and it took even longer to write this review(which itself is longer than planned, lol). I hope you find it helpful.The MysterySenator John O'Connor was found murdered in his bed on the morning of the most important vote of his career. The nature of the crime made it feel very personal, but can the timing be a coincidence? Slowly, as the book develops, we find out The Senator had many, many secrets and that there were a lot of people who had a re [...]

Fatal Affair by Marie Force is a 2010 Carina Press publication.I have read some of the books in Marie Force’s other series, but have always wanted to dive into this one, since it is so popular. One thing, sadly, that has kept me at bay is the lack of availability of these books. Some subscription services have titles from other series, but not this one. Both of my Overdrive library accounts have a waiting list for every very single book in the series, so I just kept putting it off. However, wi [...]

From the very first chapter of this book I knew it was going to be a winner. With several of my favorite components included 1) being a story about cops and 2) being a romantic suspense, this book had my attention.It starts off with a bang and never lets go. I loved the hard core Sam who had a weakness for her long lost hookup, Nick. With plenty of heat and steam to keep the pages turning plus a ton of twists and turns, this book kept me captivated and guessing until the end. Nick is a sweethear [...]

This one crossed my radar because of Katie and Jess, and I can really see what they both liked about it - the heroine being the cop, and being competent and the one in protective mode was definitely good. I also liked the mystery plot fine, despite feeling it went a bit gratuitous for what was really needed from the baddie. Sam's father was a great character too.Unfortunately, the romance didn't work at all for me. So instead of a nice combination of solving the crime and sorting the relationshi [...]

I loved this book!This is the first Marie Force book I have read and am now a fan. I decided to read this book as quite a few friends on here were talking about it and I had just had an email from Carina press advertising their sale. When I followed the link it showed this title for $0.99 which was a bargain so I grabbed it not really knowing how soon I would read it. Low and behold the reviews kept coming in and a few friends who I dilegently follow reviews from (as they have never steered me w [...]

Marie Force is one of my favorite authors. She writes wonderful and entertaining contemporary romance. In "Fatal Affair," she has written an intelligently well-developed suspenseful plot containing twists and turns that will keep you guessing from the beginning until near the end who committed the murder of a United States Senator. The characters, both main and secondary, are superb and well-defined. The chemistry between the two main characters is absolutely sizzling. Although the mystery is fr [...]

My first experience with Marie Force - won't be my last. What a great book for an introduction to a series. It had everything I look for in a good, no make that a great read. Extremely well written, scenes, etc. not over described. Fairly fast paced from cover to finish. The 2 main characters are interesting and flawed - great police procedural/murder mystery - lots of suspects, twists and turns with an indication of inner turmoil yet to come.Looking forward to the rest of the books in his serie [...]

This book seriously reminded me of the In Death series, we have the heroine Detective Sam, who works homicide who is dedicated to her job, the case takes place within a few days and she works insanely like Eve does, getting into the mind of the killer, forsaking sleep over the case. Then there is Nick, a guy she had a one-night stand with six years and whose call she waited for.So, the hero Nick's best friend a United States Senator is murdered which brings the heroine back into his life. She ha [...]

US senator John O'Connor is murdered in his home and Detective Samantha Holland is given the case. Sam needs vindication badly because she was the detective that ordered the shooting on a crack house the resulted in the death of a child. As she gets to the crime scene she runs smack into Nick Cappuano, O'Connor's chief of staff and the guy she had a memorable one night stand with 6 years earlier. The two reconnect while solving the murder.This book was a definite page turner with the suspense el [...]

Favorite Quotes:Did you just apologize? I didn't think guys did that. This is a first for me. You'll have to excuse me while I take a moment to enjoy it.On the sure-to-be rare instances when I'm actually wrong about something, I'll do my best to admit it.What you require is so far beyond order the sphincter police haven't invented the word for it yet.You're the key to everything. I knew that years ago when I first met you, and I know it even more now after living without you for so long. You're [...]

I thought this was a so -so read. The plot sounded interesting and I liked the fact that it was part of a series. However, the book really didn't really grab me. I didn't think the characters were anything special and I found them quite boring and "off". Nick kept trying to be Sam' s protector, yet she's a gun totin' cop and he's an unarmed suit. Really guy? He couldn't seem to wrap his head around the fact that that is what she does day in and day out - protect people. And he started many a fig [...]

Sam and NickSo if I hadn't have read the In Death series first I probably would have adored this one. But it seems like a knock off of Eve and Roarke. Like Eve and Roarke but less. It is still good and I jumped right in to book 2, but its not Eve and Roarke.

Discovering Marie Force brings to a satisfying end my search for an author to fill the gap Karen Rose left when she started to shove the romance to the background in favor of the murder investigation. I buy Romantic Suspense because I want romance with the suspense but a lot of RS authors just weren't getting the right amount of mix.Then comes Marie Force and after finishing Fatal Affair at 5am this morning, I'm so glad I have the 2nd installment, Fatal Justice ready because I definitely haven't [...]

Writing: I liked the way Marie Force revealed information about the mystery. I felt like I was part of the investigation. I was trying to help the detectives figure out the mystery. CRAZY? I know. 3rd person narration. A few POVs.Characters: Sam and Nick were the MCs. I was confused by Nick’s personality. He would come across as Alpha at times, then Sam would push and Nick would retreat. Some of Sam’s power/strength was at Nick’s expense. Sam can be in charge without castrating Nick. I did [...]

First let me say I was reluctant to read this seriesnce it's not a vampire series! I was poked & prodded to start the Fatal series and here I am. I read this book in record time, as all of you who know me, I'm a super slow reader. But this book kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting for more, more, more! I tried desperately to figure out who the killer was and in the end was very surprised and even said to myselfw why didn't I think that's who it was?!!Love the main characters in the ser [...]

Overall, great book. It did start out kinda slow for me, but picked up momentum the further we got in the story. It starts right off with the Senator's murder and the first half of the book was more about Sam interviewing suspects with the secondary story being about her reconnecting with Nick, the Senator's Chief of Staff and Sam's old flame. It took about half way through the book before I felt like the story really picked up. Once things started to heat up, I began to really enjoy this book m [...]

*meh*is book was boring, and kinda stupid, to be honest.I loved "The Wreck" by Marie Force so I was hoping to at least get a good read from her. Unfortunately not so much. I didn't hate it. It just didn't entertain met even in that "easy-romance-book" way that usually skates by with a 3-star rating from me.I namely thought Sergeant Sam Holland was annoying and way too stereotypical "I'm a female cop and have to prove myself by being masculine". And though Nick had promise, he ultimately turned o [...]

Notes to self:Likes: Nick and Sam as a couple, some good supporting characters, the plotDislikes: I couldn't see a cop who needs to make a good impression doing some of the "stuff" that Sam does. Did Nick really drive Sam's police issue vehicle?Nick included on way too many "police only" situationsWhy is Freddie playing babysitter? He's on the main team, they would stick someone else on babysitting duty. Only a romance novel would play that plot line and I prefer that even romance novels keep th [...]

Yay! I think I've found a new series(: The story had a brisk pace, likable characters, interesting case resolution, and an excellent romance. I like the way Nick doesn't let Samantha run away from her feelings and talks her through her insecurities before she blows them out of proportion. Force's writing style is much less developed and intricate than, say, Roberts or Singh but it still makes for an enjoyable read. I will be starting book 2 ASAP!

I really enjoyed this 1st book in her Fatal series!

Updated 8/2015: Re-listened to Felicity Munroe's narration of this novel. Fell in love again. Now I HAVE to hold off on the rest, it's part of challenge and I want to keep the details fresh and not mix them up with book 2. Original Review 6/2013:Love, love this book, great characters a nicely twisted murder and subsequent plot. Nick & Sam make an excellent team and the ensemble cast is top notch. This is a series which I definitely plan to continue it. has the kindle version free right now. [...]

Not a bad read. Totally get a J.D Robb (ish) vibe while reading. No where near as intrigueing or as in depth though.Will I read more of the series? Maybe. I would would call this a great filler read while waiting for the next In Death book to come out.

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