Eggs to Lay, Chickens to Hatch: A Memoir

Chris van Wyk

Eggs to Lay, Chickens to Hatch: A Memoir

Eggs to Lay, Chickens to Hatch: A Memoir

  • Title: Eggs to Lay, Chickens to Hatch: A Memoir
  • Author: Chris van Wyk
  • ISBN: 9781770101739
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback

Agnes, the Van Wyks Zulu domestic worker, had a special relationship with the young Chris in the late sixties and early seventies As the years passed, the two grew closer, swapping stories about coloureds and zulus, life in Riverlea and Soweto, pass laws, politics and falling in love.

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This was such a fun read. The authors first book,Shirley, Goodness & Mercy: A Childhood Memoir, felt like it was written by an adult looking back on his life as a coloured boy growing up in apartheid South Africa. One could definitely pick up on the anger and despair.Eggs to Lay, Chickens to Hatch: A Memoir felt like it was written through the rose-tinted eyes of a child. And such a clever, charming child! I had a giggle on every page. I wish we had more South African memoirs like this one.

One of those books that needed to be written to bring a further understanding of all the different people in South-Africa.I was impressed and intruiged.And beside it being an important book because of the theme it handles it was fun and entertaining. THe protagonist was a inventive smart kid and very lovable. You understand his wonderings and his actions.A not to heavy book on a heavy theme which is always a plus. The book not being to heavy makes it more accessible to a big group of people.Defi [...]

I love this rambling memoir of a fellow South African, who experienced life on the other side of the colour bar. I laugh out loud, stop to reminisce and cry for our beloved country. What a mixed up place!

Nobody can write about the coloured people like Chris Van Wyk you are my hero bru

This is not a sequel or a follow-up to Chris' first memoir Shirley, Goodness and Mercy but rather a collection of new stories from his childhood. I enjoyed it - Chris van Wyk has a wicked sense of humour - but not as much as Shirley, I'm afraid.However, this is a lovely book to read on holiday or when you don't feel like reading anything too heavy. And because each chapter is a story in itself, you could actually take a while to get through it. I think that Chris van Wyk seems like a wonderful g [...]

I enjoyed this book, just like I enjoyed Shirley, Goodness & Mercy. Chris has an innate gift of transporting you to his childhood and have moments where you just can relate to his childhood stories so much so that I found myself gushing with remembrance of hopscotch, walking to and from school. You are transported to the streets of Riverlea. In Eggs to Lay, Chickens to Hatch, Chris has an exceptionally good friendship with their Zulu helper, they exchange cultural stories, this way Chris lea [...]

Ostensibly light reading, about a coloured boy growing up in Johannesburg in the '80s. Occasional mentions of the apartheid system, however, function like sudden barbs in an otherwise typical boyhood memoir and make you think about the perversity of growing up under that regime. It was very interesting to read a South African account from the coloured side of the fence (I never knew, for instance, that coloured people kept Zulu housekeepers), and especially poignant as a pendant to the contempor [...]

This second collection of the author's memoirs is another gem. Chris manages to write about the joy and sorrow of childhood, while simultaneously illustrating how apartheid managed to influence even those childhood events. His own growing understanding of the inequities of the political system forms part of the narrative, but his wit and humour keeps the tone stimulating. Short extracts from some of his early writings allows one to glimpse the development of the accomplished author to be. One of [...]

A good read. Rated it 3.5 stars for my book club. I did prefer "Shirley, Goodness and Mercy", but can't really pinpoint why. I think that one had more of a "flow" whereas this felt more like a collection. Possibly a collection of stories that didn't make the first cut? Really enjoying the South African authors at the moment though and I find the exposure to how "the other side" lived during the Apartheid years fascinating.

Chris is an amazing write and this book had me as captivated as Shirley, Goodness and MercyI cannot wait to read more of his work. This book's characters are all robust and equally lovable however, the protagonist is my fav!

The South African Frank McCourt, but not as bleak in spite of the seriously disadvantaged background. It isn't deep, but it still packs an impact, when you think about it. I would recommend this as a light read, which tells a very real story of Apartheid South Africa.

A great read about a young boy living in the coloured community during the apartheid era. I love the way van Wyk writes you can clearly hear his voice telling you his stories of family friends and how he bagan writing. I loved it.

Hierdie boek was vir my 'n aangename verrassing!

You've done it again Chris! Thank you so much for this Especially for this one! Beautifully crafted Wonderfully written!

Light reading, deep thoughts, funny, pertinent, all South African and cross racial memories of the '60s and '70s

Van Wyk's style is easy to read and filled with humour on every page. Very recognisable for everyone who grew up in South Africa, yet not just a fuzzy warm, childhood memory. I really enjoy the way this man writes and will read anything of his I can lay my hands on.

Hilariously entertaining, thought provoking and delightfully familiar.

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