The Ice Cradle

Mary Ann Winkowski MaureenFoley

The Ice Cradle

The Ice Cradle

  • Title: The Ice Cradle
  • Author: Mary Ann Winkowski MaureenFoley
  • ISBN: 9780307452467
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback

Sleepy Block Island seems just the place for ghost whisperer Anza O Malley to find some much needed peace and quiet But with troubled spirits dead set on making their voices heard, rest is in short supply February 1907, Block Island Residents of this tiny Rhode Island community awaken to a scene of tragedy During a midnight blizzard, a New York bound steamer carrying 1Sleepy Block Island seems just the place for ghost whisperer Anza O Malley to find some much needed peace and quiet But with troubled spirits dead set on making their voices heard, rest is in short supply February 1907, Block Island Residents of this tiny Rhode Island community awaken to a scene of tragedy During a midnight blizzard, a New York bound steamer carrying 157 passengers has been destroyed at sea Volunteers rush to the beach to organize a search and rescue effort but for most of the passengers, hope is already lost A century later, residents of the island are busy preparing for the summer season and debating the merits of a proposed wind farm near the beach No one expects that those long forgotten passengers may have something to say about the project, but the restless spirits are furious that their final resting place may be disturbed and turn to Anza to help them protect it If spirit world preservationists aren t enough, Anza also has to face the uncomfortable possibility that her five year old son, Henry, has inherited her gift And then there s that handsome fisherman whose charms are proving difficult to ignore What began as a simple island sojourn turns into a week of chills, thrills, and ghostly intrigue in this gripping second novel in the Ghost Files series.

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Using the real-life Larchmont disaster as background, Mary Ann Winkowski and Maureen Foley tell the story of a modern woman, Anza, who travels to picturesque Block Island to assemble the records of the shipwreck into a cohesive whole. Anza also has the ability to see ghosts and help them cross over. When she arrives on the haunted island with her young son in tow, she finds plenty of lost souls in need of her talents and a contentious political battle over a proposed wind farm planned for the is [...]

Who you gonna call? A ghost writer, I hope.Anyway, this is the story of a ghost whisperer. If you think the Dog Whisperer is a fraud as I do, then you might find healthy competition here from Anza O'Malley, who is 1-800-Ghostcalled to Block Island (Rhode Island, for those who only know about Martha and her nearby Vineyard).Anyway, Block is hopping with spirits -- pissed off spirits (hell hath no fury like). Bad enough that their ship sank in 1907 while most of them were sleeping (some dream!), b [...]

This book probably deserves a better review from a different reviewer. As we all know, some books resonate with us and others do not, and it's not necessarily the fault of the writer.In The Ice Cradle, Anza is a single mom, book binder, and ghost whisperer. She has the ability to see ghosts and help them cross-over to wherever it is they should go when they die.Anza is overjoyed when she gets a call from the Block Island Historical Society. They have papers and memorabilia from the wreck of a st [...]

“The Ice Cradle” is the second novel from “The Ghost Files”, a series of novels by Mary Ann Winkowski and Maureen Foley. These novels are about Anza O’Malley, who is a ghost whisperer that can see and speak with ghosts, and even has the ability to open a portal to allow them to cross over. Not too surprisingly, there is a lot in common with this type of story and the TV series “The Ghost Whisperer”, as Mary Ann Winkowski is a consultant for the series. I did not read the first book [...]

Fans of the hit TV series Ghost Whisperer will love The Ice Cradle. Mary Ann Winkowski is a consultant for the show and also the co-author of this incredible story. Ice Cradle has it all and without doubt covers several genres including: historical, paranormal, romance, political, environmental and mystery. It is also a clean read that is suitable for a broad range of ages. This is more than a paranormal investigation story. Thematically, it appeals to a reader on several levels. The historical [...]

I wanted to like this book, but found the multiple story threads far too distracting. It didn't help matters any that I couldn't bring myself to care about the heroine.

The Ice Cradle is the second in the Ghost Files series by authors Mary Ann Winkowski and Maureen Foley; the first being The Book of Illumination. Anza O'Malley and her son Henry return in this novel, when Anza accepts a bookbinding commission on a small island community, Block Island. One of the elements I really like about this series is the main character's occupation of bookbinder. Weaved throughout the story are references to bookbinding techniques and materials that are irresistible to book [...]

Anza O’Malley and her six year old son, Henry live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Anza works at home as a book binder. While this job sounds interesting it does not pay much. So when Anza receives a telephone call from Caleb Wilder with the Historical Society, Anza is all ears. Caleb wants Anza to research a tragic accident that took place back in 1907. There was a steamer called Larchmont that was traveling from Providence to New York City. The steamer crashed with a schooner, The Harry Knowlto [...]

This novel follows the story of Anza, whom can see and communicate with ghosts as she travels with her son Henry to Block Island in Rhode Island to help put together a book on the Larchmont wreck which took place there in 1907. I was intrigued by the novel's premise on and on the back of the book when I received it. I was worried though that it was lend itself to being too campy or overly done, as so many books are that deal with the supernatural. This novel however took me by surprise and over [...]

I received this book as part of the Vine program.From the moment I began to read this book, I could not put it down. Anza is a single mother who works as a book binder. She is offered a job on Block Island to chronicle the history of the Larchmont disaster; a steamer than sank off the coast of RI killing almost 200 people. Anza also has the ability to see and speak to ghosts as well as opening the door for them to cross to the other side. This ability places her in the center of a violent wind [...]

It was pretty slow going for most of the book which was good and bad. It was bad because I found myself not caring about Anza or her precocious toddler a lot. But it was good because sometimes a slower pace is much appreciated and I found myself fantasizing about staying in a bed & breakfast myself. I found Bert pushy and annoying at first but by the end, their romance was touching. I absolutely adored everyone else. Especially the ghosts. It was a fine solid read. Can't complain too much. I [...]

This book sounded like a very interesting read. I thought it started off rather well, but about mid-way I lost a bit of interest when the main character seemed more interested in making out with the "cute boy" than the fact that she was trying to communicate with the local ghosts! It just seemed a bit far fetched for her to fall so quick for someone she just met and then she lost all interest in the whole reason I chose the book to begin with. I was quite disappointed with the ending as it just [...]

An easy read. If it weren't for the gardening, I'd have read this in one sitting instead of 2. A cute little story. But I was a little disappointed that the landscape painted wasn't true to the island. It gave the indication that the wreck was at the Southeast Lighthouse, but the wind farm was actually installed at the North Light. The bar (The Pier?) and the B&B, and the pizza place well, it didn't need to be so fictionalized. But to those who've never been there, no harm, no foul.

The main character is a book binder - what a fantasy job! That drew me in. This book is by a paranormal investigator who was the consultant for the CBS series "Ghost Whisperer." That was one of those shows on my viewing schedule. The setting - Block Island off Rhode Island - I want to go. A romance buds.

I had never had this book on my radar and that's a shame! Mary Ann Winkowski has written a very interesting novel. I was glued to this book and was so sad when I reached the last page. The story is filled with ghosts from the sinking of the Larchmont off the coast of Block Island, Rhode Island. I can't wait to read her first book.

I had a very hard time getting into this book. It could not hold my attention, then after about 50 pages or so It became a little easier to read then enjoyed it up until the corny ending. I wasn't expecting happily ever after. I m not sure if I will read the other books by this author. I am a fan of the Ghost Whisperer series though.

Actually read about four years ago, but coming to mind with this week's news that the foundation has been poured offshore for a wind farm just south of Block Island. The threat of that wind farm is a major component of this book.

This book was a light, quick read. The reason I gave it 2 stars is because the storyline didn't build tension as it progressed, and at least for me personally, the authors failed to bring the characters to life in a believable way.

Enjoyable read. Read it in one sitting. Not what I thought it would be and I wish a little more info had been given about the shipwreck itself from a historical perspective (not even sure if it was real) but otherwise fun!

This book was a quick read about a single mother who goes to Block Island. Typical, she finds love, fights the "bad guys" oh and crosses over a few ghosts. I wanted to like this book more than I did, but overall it was a fast read just not what I was hoping it would be.

Loved this ghost story - really want to find the 1st one now. Of course it's not in the stores. Great protagonist who is a historical preservationist who sees ghosts. Loved the premise. Great characters and very well written.

I loved this book. It has an engaging story and interesting characters, with mystery, suspense, and a bit of romance, all well-written and captivating. I didn't realize this was the second in a series; I can't wait to read the first book!

Fun and entertaining! Wish there was another to readbut it looks like this is the end of the line.

why most ghost stories be so predictable? this one was nothing but light fare, I am still looking for one that will captivate me.

This was like reading an episode of The Ghost Whisperer. A wonderful, quick read.

Enjoyable book. I didn't realize it was a second in the series at the time I purchased it but I didn't need the first book to follow this one. Quick read.

Meh. Bored. The only reason I got nearly 100 pages into it was that public transportation crapped out on me and I had nothing better to read.

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