مئة سر بسيط من أسرار السعداء : ماذا تعلم العلماء عنها وكيف تستطيع أنت الاستفادة منها؟

DavidNiven ابتسام محمد الخضراء

مئة سر بسيط من أسرار السعداء : ماذا تعلم العلماء عنها وكيف تستطيع أنت الاستفادة منها؟

مئة سر بسيط من أسرار السعداء : ماذا تعلم العلماء عنها وكيف تستطيع أنت الاستفادة منها؟

  • Title: مئة سر بسيط من أسرار السعداء : ماذا تعلم العلماء عنها وكيف تستطيع أنت الاستفادة منها؟
  • Author: DavidNiven ابتسام محمد الخضراء
  • ISBN: 9960209377
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback

Amazing Book, مئة سر بسيط من أسرار السعداء : ماذا تعلم العلماء عنها وكيف تستطيع أنت الاستفادة منها؟ By DavidNiven ابتسام محمد الخضراء This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book مئة سر بسيط من أسرار السعداء : ماذا تعلم العلماء عنها وكيف تستطيع أنت الاستفادة منها؟, essay by DavidNiven ابتسام محمد الخضراء. Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you

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If any of you would have seen me a couple of years ago, you would have spotted me on the prowl of the self-help section of any bookstore. Now I won't even give it a second glance and it's because I came to the realization that other people saw it as lame. It's like openly admitting I'm pathetic and need some serious help. Even if that advice, for lack of a better word, is crap, which I must confess sometimes it is. But why should I feel guilty about this? I mean I'm just trying to improve myself [...]

الكتاب تماما كما يدل عليه إسمه الكاتب درس حياة الأشخاص السعداء وخرج بمئة صفة مشتركة بينهم ،كل صفة أو فكرة تم ذكرها بشكل مختصر مع مثال بسيط ، هي أشبه بملاحظات لا تتجاوز كل منها صفحة ونصف أو صفحتان عموما كتاب خفيف وجيد ، إن لم ينفع فلن يضر :)

I don't know why I read these types of books, because they usually just leave me feeling annoyed rather than enlightened. This book is full of simple, common sense suggestions. It includes groundbreaking advice such as get more sleep, eat more fruit, exercise, don't surround yourself with bad smells and be open to new ideas. Who would have thought incredibly obvious things would make me feel happier?Actually, I want to rant about something small that was mentioned in this because this always rub [...]

I personally think that this is a book that everyone should own. Whenever I feel a bit down, I go to this book and do one of the tips and it always makes me feel better. The information in this book is all backed up by research. It's interesting to look at their findings. I take this book with me wherever I go, because you never know when you need a little cheering up!

انتهيت من قراءة كتاب : مائة سر بسيط من اسرار السعداء للدكتور : ديفيد نيفين ، ترجمة ونشر العبيكانتقييمي للكتاب ٥/٥ كتاب رائع وبسيط ومركز وتستطيع قراءة أي سر او نصيحة لوحدها دون ترتيب او ترابطكل سر او نصيحة تحدث عنها الكاتب لا تتجاوز صفحتين وفيها قصة لفهم النصيحة وكذلك دراسة حول [...]

Concise and to the point, this book lists 100 simple ways to improve your life by increasing your level of happiness. Following each 'secret' you'll find the scientific research to back it up. But don't misread me here; the steps are really simple and easy to apply. Yet these are definitely not your run-of-the-mill, one person's opinion, made-up factoids. And that makes it a great read. Some of my favorites include reading books and using aromatherapy. Obviously since I was reading that book, I [...]

If I could only abide by the 100 behaviors the book recommends I think I'd be happier and a better human being

Kum.Ba.Ya.Very simplistic kumbaya at that.All the hating on TV was particularly grating, especially the whole bit about TV only offering one simplistic plotline while books apparently expose you to millions of creative trains of thought. Bitch please, and I say that as someone who loves reading.Quick read, though.

كتاب خفيف وممتع وهو عبارة عن روشتة مختصرة لأسباب السعادة، استخدم فيها الكاتب احصائيات علم النفس وعلم الاجتماع مما أضفى على حديثه قدر كبير من المصداقية.

I basically read this entire book during one commute (it was a long commute involving an unauthorized person on the tracks). The author digests a mountain of academic papers about happiness into 1-2 page anecdotes and guidelines about the kinds of activities and habits of mind that make people happy. I suppose I’m an essentially happy person because most of the things he says seem supremely obvious to me, even if I’m only 95% successful at doing them. (But I don’t beat myself up about bein [...]

I like this book, mostly. Mr. Niven gives short snippets of actions that can lead to happiness, followed by a short example of somebody who did or didn't take that action (and the positive or negative consequences that arose), followed finally by a result of a study showing how taking these actions is generally better than not doing so. One concern: It seems that some of the suggestions are very similar to others, and probably could have been combined. Perhaps you could say there are differences [...]

I think it's fascinating that there are psychologists now who are studying happiness. It is neat that they are looking into what healthy people are doing right instead of what unhealthy people are doing wrong.However -- I thought this book was a bit fluff. It seems like they took a list of the 100 most common traits of happy people, added some statistics and then wrote some little fluffy paragraphs to go with each one. I liked the list and the statistics, but the little stories weren't so inspir [...]

كتاب مئة سر بسيط من أسرار السعداء، كتاب خفيف جداً ويختزل الكثير من الدراسات المفيدة والتي ان تفكرت فيها قليلاً ستكون فعلاً سعيداً او أسعد. الاقتباسات التي تذكرت ان اكتبها هي التالية: "هل ولدت في هذا العالم لتحصل على. سيارة أفضل من جيرانك؟ دع هدفك الحقيقي يوجهك لا المنافسات ال [...]

It was one of good self-help books I've ever read. You may apply in your everyday life. The author made good summaries from academic journals. The book is surely readable and interesting though there might be nothing novel. Common sense based. However, the thing is we easily forget such a way to human's well-being. The book may remind me of something important in life. But just a self-help book. Nothing serious but good.

I am intrigued by happiness and the many ways people try and find it, an interest left over from a college course I took called Happiness and the Good Life. This was a small book with a bit of a hokey premise, though it is full of good advice. The chapters were short (about 2 pages each), so they were easy to read but I think I would have preferred a more in-depth look at each of the "secrets" and why they work. Still, I found it interesting.

Privalumas (+): Krūvos mokslinių tyrimų apie laimę ir laimingumą!Trūkumai (-): Tyrimai 17+ metų senumo (naujausias 1999, vidutiniai apie 1995). Didelė dalis tyrimų kartojasi. Šiaip surašyta taip, kad atrodo lyg nemokamas pamfeltas, dalinamas prenumeruojant tinklaraščius. Labai gali būti, kad pradžioje tai ir buvo tai.Tyrimai - smagu, bet jie velniškai seni, o rašymo kokybė prasta. :'(

فكرة الكتاب تعتمد على نتائج وأبحاث قام بها علماء درسوا السعادة والرضى في حياة الناس ليقوم المؤلف بتلخيصها وعرضها بشكل مبسط في متناول يد القارئأظل أرى من وجهة نظري أن السعادة تكمن في تمام العبودية لله، وأن كل تلك الأسرار التي تعب العلماء في دراستها وتحليلها للوصول إلى النتائ [...]

Como a leitora Adalira Morningstar escreveu há dois anos, é um livro de auto-ajuda que não ajuda. Serviu-me para exercitar a língua, aprender vocabulário. Não tinha outros livros faceis para ler neste momento. Uma estrela para o português usado, outra para o que merece o livro próprio.

This book lists 100 different ways that some people have a better life. Since most of the ways listed are the way you think about the good and bad in your life, this list is more a nose-thumbing to those folks that aren't wired that wayokcrossing/journal/4

يعرض 100 طريقة للوصول الى السعاده و أعتقد ان المشكله ليست في عدم معرفتهم المشكلة في تطبيق ما نعرف :)

I like to keep this around and read a few chapters when I'm grumpy.

اسرار نجهلها في حياتنا وهي بين ايدينا

A sweet summer read. The facts and research are interesting but the anecdotal stories to back up the facts are lame.

ب كلمة وحدة "محبب"حبيته كثير و استفدت منه جداً، جميل جميل!!

كتاب يعرض كل سر او نقطة لوحدها في صفحة او صفحتين ف لذلك هو بسيط وغير ممل .

خفيف ظريف

I came across this book and decided to read it off a whim. (It was a good decision.) I love that each "secret" has a fun life story and is backed by research studies. Some of these secrets are obviously (like exercising) yet others I would have never thought of. My favorite one is 26: Root for the Home Team. Never in my life have I seen the home team as an advantage to root for (mostly cause my home teamsalways lose). Yet after reading this I'm kinda excited to start rooting for them again. Chan [...]

The book had some nice anecdotes and suggestions, but since each section just gets a brief overview it is easy to just read through them and forget them shortly afterwards. If it could have focused on the most effective secrets in detail, it would stick in the mind better.

This high level book combines simple wisdom, examples, and research in a digestible way. Overall, no one thing is the magic bullet to happiness, but instead a series of positive personal choices.

3.5Read 2 or 3 pages on days a needed positive affirmations. It wasn't "self help-ie" to me, more like it bought out a lil 🌞. So if you need a reminders of the good, this is useful 😊

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