Valor's Choice

Tanya Huff

Valor's Choice

Valor's Choice

  • Title: Valor's Choice
  • Author: Tanya Huff
  • ISBN: 9780886778965
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

In the distant future, humans and several other races have been granted membership in the Confederation at a price They must act as soldier protectors of the far civilized races who have long since turned away from war Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr was a battle hardened professional So when she and those in her platoon who d survived the last deadly encounter witIn the distant future, humans and several other races have been granted membership in the Confederation at a price They must act as soldier protectors of the far civilized races who have long since turned away from war Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr was a battle hardened professional So when she and those in her platoon who d survived the last deadly encounter with the Others were yanked from a well deserved leave for what was supposed to be easy duty as the honor guard for a diplomatic mission to the non Confederation world of the Silsviss, she was ready for anything.At first it seemed that all she d have to contend with was bored troops getting into mischief, and breaking in the new Second Lieutenant who had been given command of her men.Sure, there d been rumors of the Others the sworn enemies of the Confederation being spotted in this sector of space But there were always rumors The key thing was to recruit the Silsviss into the Confederation before the Others either attacked or claimed this lizardlike race of warriors for their own side And everything seemed to be going perfectly Maybe too perfectly

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Military Space Opera written by a woman who really knows what she's writing about. Marvelous characters and alien races, extremely snappy dialogue, an endearing and tough heroine, and lots of fast action. Torin Kerr is one of my favorite main characters ever written, and I am a particular fan of this book (the first in the series) because it opens with a post sex pheromone hangover and ends with a battle based one of the early moments in the Zulu War (late 1870s). Please, don't make the mistake [...]

Series Review:I barreled through this series: Huff is an expert at crafting edge-of-your seat, against-all-odds showdowns, but also manages to underpin her books with a worthy (if somewhat limited) allegorical perspective. This is military sci-fi, starring "Confederation" marines, and so is infused with military culture, with the added sci-fi interest of imagining a force that combines humans with two other (fascinating) alien species into a single fighting force. I was not surprised to learn th [...]

“Hey, what’ve you got?” “Same fukking thing as you,” Juan grunted. “Hot bag of balanced nutrients in a tasty fukking paste.” It's no secret that Tanya Huff is one of my favorite authors so I'm a bit biased on her books. Still Valor's Choice is amazing. Filled with action, fun characters, weird alien species that I wouldn't want to hang out with, and a plot that is believable for a scifi book. Usually I'm not a fan of military science fiction but this was fun enough to have me hooke [...]

There's a statement made in this book that "troops" tend to remember the good part of service and not so much the bad. To an extent that's true, otherwise ex-militarily people wouldn't be fans of military readsThis is an excellent action/military science fiction read. The Confederation is made up of multiple species of people. Some of these are so very adverse to conflict that the word pacifist can't even apply. They are physically, emotionally and even mentally unable to deal with it (this by t [...]

Valor's Choice, is the first of theConfederation series and my first book byTanya Huff. It’s an excellent military space opera set in the very distance future. I enjoyed it from page one, but when action picked up halfway through I simply couldn't stop reading.It revolves around a great protagonist, Torin Kerr, a marine female Staff Sergeant. Hardened military veteran, Kerr has been put in charge of a platoon of marines to serve as honor guard to a group of diplomats on a mission to get a new [...]

Enjoyable story, with a bit of a slow start to introduce the member species of the Confederation, which picks up rapidly halfway in. Staff sergeant Torin Kerr is smart, and really, really good at managing her officers and keeping her squad of marines busy and focused. What starts as a diplomatic mission to bring in a new species, the Silsviss, to the Confederation, becomes an attempt to protect a bunch of diplomats from a frightening and increasingly desperate situation.Likes: 1) The marines had [...]

I enjoyed Valor's Choice. I know I'm coming late to this series, and I have the next three books here waiting for me to read. I've read a lot of Tanya Huff's contemporary fantasy books, but this is the first science fiction that I've read from her.I was happy to find her humor throughout the narration of this book. The main character, Toren was interesting and a very strong personality without being overwhelmingly so. This book takes place in the future, a future so far in advance, that there ar [...]

I loved this book before I went and started writing books myself. There is a crazy thing that happens when you write books, though. You develop editing brain, and you can no longer read without picking up all the little issues that you might change in your own stuff. It is a real downer, let me tell you. I don't enjoy reading as much as I once did.A real downer. So I went back to this book, as I have a few other books I once loved, with a hopeful grimace. I really, really wanted it to be as good [...]

As a non-aggressive, peace-loving, middle-of -the-road liberal, I have no idea why I am drawn to space military sci-fi books. It's baffling. I think this is at least my third series in that genre, including the Heris Serrano and the Honor Harrington series. These series do all have female protagonists so I'm sure that's one appealing aspect for me. This is the first book in the Valor series and I plan on reading the others. This series has a slightly different take as the main character is not t [...]

While reading this I remembered why I don't read much military Sci-Fi. And that's because I find it boring. Yes, that's right. I find that most military Sci-Fi revolves around cardboard cut out characters, that take part in wholly forgettable and uninteresting stories. This was no exception. I only give it 2 stars because it's not bad for the genre. But this is a genre that suffers from a lack of talented authors. There are only two author that I can think of that I thought wrote good military S [...]

It's really interesting because I can't say that I was IN LOVE with this book the whole time, but I was very entertained by it. Torin Kerr is a badass-meets-soccer-mom-meets-marine and it's a really fun combination. She's so friggin COMPETENT. And not in a Mary Sue way. It's more like, she has to be to stay alive. And she's a strong female character that never tries to rip the nutsack off of the closest male, which seems to happen far too often in 'tough' female character books.I dig that. On to [...]

Reread by audiobookI love this book. This a re-read for me so it's nice to go over stuff I didn't remember. I love the ending where Torin calls her commander a bastard without saying the word. This is a fantastic series I would recommend to sci-fi fans.

I love military fiction, as well as science fiction, and so naturally I dig military science fiction.I really enjoyed this book. Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr was indeed a bad-ass, as other reviewers have noted. She gets the job done. One of the blurbs likens her to the Ripley character in the ALIENS movies.Huff's knowledge of military life rings completely true. The characters are all great fun, and she does a decent job of making the names unique in order to help the reader remember which characte [...]

Great fun read. Loosely based on a real battle. Fantastic workdbuilding, great characters which were easy to relate to, the situation, the ideas, the battle, the various species were fascinating. The main character is a woman, well written, strong, quick thinking, great sense of humor. I had my husband pick up the series from the library and I'm looking forward to reading the 5 books currently out.I'm always amazed by the breadth Tanya Huff has for writing. Different genres, the different series [...]

This is very engaging military space opera, and it held up well for a re-read. There’s a lot of humor, mostly based on contrasting the habits and characteristics of a wide variety of alien species, but the story is quite serious.Marine Staff Sergeant Kerr and her combat-weary platoon, composed of three mostly compatible species, and commanded by a brand new, inexperienced officer, are sent on a diplomatic mission which goes violently wrong.Admittedly the aliens are of the Star Trek variety, wi [...]

originally posted at thebookplank/2014Valour's Choice is one of the latest titles to strengthen the science fiction line up of Titan Books. Tanya Huff's books have been out in the US for quite some time already and as with many other titles both US only and these of Tanya Huff and books by other authors, Titan Books is bringing them to the UK! Tanya Huff is an Canadian author who is well known for many of her books including The Silvered, the Confederation series of which Valour's Choice is the [...]

3.45 stars.The action is unrelenting. It reminds me of one of those old Western movies where the Natives have surrendered the Fort/Outpost and severely out-numbered the people inside, but in a sci-fi setting.Staff Sergeant Torin is an experienced soldier who not only has to look after the troops under her but have to subtly encourage her superiors to make the right decisions, not an enviable task. (view spoiler)[I wonder if that one-night stand with the new Lieutenant will spark more tension lat [...]

I had previously read the author's vampire books and was intrigued to see what she could do with a military SF book instead. As it turned out, she could do quite a lot with it.The story, ironically enough, is pretty much the same as the last book I read (The Left Hand of Darkness), in that it involves a diplomatic approach to a new species in an effort to get them to join a confederacy of other races. The differences are that there are a number of different species involved, there is a military [...]

This was my first military style science fiction read though I'm not sure why. I've loved science fiction since I was nine years old and fell in love (as much a nine year old can) with my very first fictional boyfriend. You may have heard of him. Han Solo? Unfortunately, no Han Solos in this book but I enjoyed it nonetheless. This is the story of a far and away future where multiple worlds comprise the Confederation, and who are facing the threat of an encroaching hostile race. To help shore up [...]

This is the kind of military SF I really enjoy - plucky soldiers killing things! I read this years back and somehow it left no memory in my mind except for the whole (view spoiler)[ 'oops, I slept with a superior officer'(hide spoiler)] which is not a proper spoiler since it happens in the first chapter. Since this was bloody good stuff, I can only assume it was read during one of my hospital periods when books came in the cerebellum, hit the brainstem and sadly disappeared to vague uncertain wi [...]

Reviewed at andthenireadabookI enjoyed Valour’s Choice from the get-go. The Prologue introduces the world quickly and painlessly then we’re straight away introduced to Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr. I loved Kerr; she’s tough, funny, devoted to her people, and not immune to the charms of the di’Kayan. The story proper begins with the morning after the night before. Kerr’s indulged in some post-battle R&R with a nameless di’Kayan, the most sexually adventurous known race and almost irr [...]

I enjoyed this, for the most part.It's very UF in tone -- single main POV with only minor digressions, fast bantering dialogue and mostly fast paced plot, blackish humor, skimming sexual attraction over action, minor angsting by the Very Capable Hero (female) over Duty and Life and such. And the UF tone was furthered by the narrator, Marguerite Gavin, who is known for narrating UF series like the Hollows, Kitty Norville, and others. I'm very fond of her narration style (the Hollows books were my [...]

Valor's Choice, this book is quite different than your classic sci fi opera since Mrs. Huff doesn't put politics as a major factor in the story, what she really cares about and excells in is characters and conversations, add to the mix the awkwardness and merriness of a bunch alien species working together in one marine squad and you will have a very enjoying read and funny conversations. mind you, this joy could really hurt when something unfortunate happen to one of the marines you grow to car [...]

Read in the 2 for 1 Confederation of Valor.Torin has just finished with one battle when she and the remains of her platoon are thrown into another a diplomatic mission that is supposed to see no combat. The new lieutenant also happens to be a man she met and slept with the night before. That actually has nothing to do with the story. The platoon has to survive them being blown out of the sky and attacked by a bunch of young Silsviss. Very good story. Had me biting my nails with each turn of the [...]

An enjoyable piece of military SF. "Valor's Choice" differs from most books in the genre in that the main character is an NCO, and I was vastly entertained by her manipulation/education of her wet-behind-the-ears Lieutenant. Other than that it doesn't stand out that much from the rest of the genre, but it's a good read.

Love the fact that there is no differentiation between men and women (or the three combat species) in the military in Tanya Huff's Confederation milieu. It's an interesting setup and prepares the ground well for the following books.

I won't be continuing the series. I'm not invested in any of the characters. Stuff happened, on to the next. That's my summary of this book. Also, some of the beginning was boring.

Humans were given entry to the Confederation because the elder races had long since lost their ability to fight a war, and now one had come calling upon them. Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr and her platoon are assigned to a diplomatic mission to recruit a new race into the Confederation before the aggressive Others can get to them. However, the ceremonial role goes awry when their transport ship is shot down, and Kerr has to keep her people, and the diplomats, alive for the future of the Confederatio [...]

This book was absolutely amazeballs! For a book that was written in 2000 (geez, was that almost 20 years ago now?), this book is surprisingly modern in its thinking. Female main character, male and female gay/bisexual characters, an atmosphere of casual relaxedness generally surrounding sex (even in the military culture). It's exactly the kind of thing I would expect from the future, and yet all the *cough* male *cough* scifi writers seem to just shrug this off in favor of whatever new hot techn [...]

A friend who knows how much I like reading sci fi novels featuring kick-arse heroines lent me this first-in-the-series volume of treasure. Suffice it to say, I think I owe him wine! Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr is not amused when a two star General hauls her and the pick of her troop away from some well-earned leave in order to babysit a multi-species diplomatic mission to the non-Confederation planet of Silsviss. Their mission: to impress the local warlike reptilian population sufficiently with th [...]

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