This Is Where We Live

Janelle Brown

This Is Where We Live

This Is Where We Live

  • Title: This Is Where We Live
  • Author: Janelle Brown
  • ISBN: 9780385524032
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Hardcover

A novel about subprime mortgages, ruthless Hollywood economics, and the unraveling of a young marriage This Is Where We Live tells the story of Claudia and Jeremy, a young married couple she s an aspiring filmmaker, he s an indie musician who are on the verge of making it Her first film was a sensation at Sundance and is about to have its theatrical release, he s assemA novel about subprime mortgages, ruthless Hollywood economics, and the unraveling of a young marriage This Is Where We Live tells the story of Claudia and Jeremy, a young married couple she s an aspiring filmmaker, he s an indie musician who are on the verge of making it Her first film was a sensation at Sundance and is about to have its theatrical release, he s assembled a new band and is a few songs shy of an album They ve recently purchased their first home an adorable mid century bungalow with a breathtaking view of the city of Los Angeles with the magical assistance of an adjustable rate mortgage But a series of seismic events the tanking of Claudia s film, the return of Jeremy s ex girlfriend a manipulative, self destructive, fabulously successful artist , and the staggering adjustment of their monthly mortgage payments deal a crushing blow to their dreams of the bohemian life and their professional aspirations and make them question their values and their shared vision of the future As she did so insightfully in her first novel, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, Janelle Brown once again proves herself a trenchant social commentator and a keen and compassionate chronicler of the emotional turmoil, moral conflicts, and knowing compromises of her characters This Is Where We Live is a novel about the crucible of this economic moment the way these times play with our hopes, compel us to reckon with our ambition, test our capacity for reinvention, and ask us to question the very things we love.

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What starts as a look into how we rally when the things in our life don't work out like we hope takes a left turn into the disappointing and cliche.Claudia hopes to be a film maker, but as her big film tanks, she looks at the dire situation of her life (the house she loves about to go into foreclosure), rallies, and takes a job as a teacher at a fancy private school. She does her best to think pragmatically about how to advance her situation, rather than succumb to it. Unfortunately for Claudia, [...]

This book is about two 30 somethings, a couple, Claudia and Jeremy who are married and living in California. Claudia has written and directed a movie which did well at Sundance, but when it gets to the larger theaters it doesn't do well at all, and so she has to get a job which she does at an elite school as a film critic teacher, and while there she makes a bad decision. Jeremy is a self centered child in an adults body that is playing at being a husband and guitar player who wants to put out a [...]

I'm not so sure about this book. I'm finding it hard to care about the characters. Now that I'm finished, I know I didn't care about any of them. Marybe I'm just tired of yuppies/hipsters whining about having to grow up. The story moves, though and the book does have some appeal. Possible recommendation for people who want a few steps above chick lit.

I really liked the concept of this book in the beginning, but as the book went on, I grew to hate both Claudia and Jeremy. Simply put, they are both extremely pretentious, to the point where I couldn't stand them. After getting themselves into a financial mess, they take in a perfectly nice roommate named Lucy, then proceed to treat her rudely and look down on her for absolutely no reason. Seriously, she was nothing but friendly and pleasant to them. They still need money, however, so Claudia bi [...]

An excellent novel about our times. Claudia and Jeremy, caught up in the momentum of the "gimme, gimme" generation, buy a house they cannot afford only to realize once the interest rate adjusts, their nascent marriage begins to flounder. Jeremy, in possession of an original painting his now famous ex-lover Aoki gave to him, refuses to sell the half-million dollar masterpiece that could pay off their mortgage and sustain their lifestyle. Instead, Claudia takes a teaching job at a private school a [...]

Oh boy.n this book starts out going in one direction then goes a totally different way. I did not like nor identify with either main character and the endwell let's just say that isn't the way I would have gone. Easy enough read, but again coudln't get behind what the characters were doing throughout the book.

Well written but the main characters are so annoying. And the endinge less said the better. Very unsatisfying. Save your money and time for a better book.

Firstly I haven't even finished the book yet, but I feel like I need to get some thoughts out. This book is so mind numbly dull that I think reading the dictionary might be more entertaining. You could go up to any Joe Schmo in the street and they could tell you that this is their life story, that the shitty economy got to them and ruined their world. That they lost their job and had to take on two others that they didn't want just to make ends meat. People don't want to read books to read about [...]

The earthquake the characters experience at the beginning of this book is prescient of how their carefully structured life is about to come tumbling down. They do not see the forewarning, though, so are totally unprepared when their Hollywood dream turns rapidly into a nightmare. Claudia, a film-maker and Jeremy, a musician are representative of the millions of real people who rushed into trying to be grown-ups (marriage, a mortgage, dream job) and lost it all because of bad decisions (interest [...]

This was a very quick read for me. It's about a mid 30s couple who are trying to follow their dreams. The wife is on a journey to become a successful director while the husband is in a band who is working to finish an album. Then real life hits and her movie bombs at the box office, and he hasn't been paying the adjustable rate mortgage (gotta love those!) because it adjusted, lol, and he was waiting for her huge deal with a movie company to pay it off. It just goes downhill from there as the hu [...]

I'm giving this a higher rating than the average reviewer, but I really liked this! Claudia is a filmmaker, Jeremy is a musician, and they're married living in LA. They bought their dream house and have an adjustable-rate mortgage. The rate adjusted, and they become close to losing their home. As they try to figure out a way to pay the higher monthly mortgage, they each have some setbacks that affect them financially and personally. Their lives kind of go into a downward spiral as they grapple [...]

Needed some fluff reading to distract me from too-serious life. My favorite part of this book was the way all of the main characters' problems were clearly caused by their stupidity. I find that view of how the world works very comforting. Otherwise, not that fun a book. It was pretty much all about problems. When the "happy ending" finally arrived, it was too quick and easy after everything that had happened before--unconvincing. And where the hell does Jeremy get the balls to just assume he's [...]

I finished this book in a couple of days, a couple of months ago, after my friend Janelle Brown (best to just put that out there) sent me a galley. If I didn't love it - which I did -- I'd just tell her "It was good" and/or avoid her for as long as possible (and not bother with a review). Janelle, as her fan base knows, is a fluid, fun, writer. Her story is about an arty couple in LA who have what's best described as "good problems" (how to be artful and make money and not drive drunk in Los Ang [...]

Was extremely disappointed with this book, because I liked the author's first one (All We Ever Wanted Was Everything). I wanted to stop reading this one almost as soon as I started it. I could not get into the characters at all. I didn't like the dialogue, and the plot was soooo slow and boring. I forced myself to sit down and finish the second half of the book one evening and the only positive thing I can say is that it did get a little bit better towards the end. I still feel this book was a t [...]

This is really 2.5 stars but I am rounding up to 3 for my ranking because it was a First Reads win, and it's the least I can do.Though the description interested me, this didn't turn out to be my kind of book. The premise of people struggling with money and a "Quarter Life Crisis" of sorts was interesting enough, but I couldn't sympathize with any of the characters (in fact, I kind of hated them), which meant it was difficult staying invested in reading. The end of the book also gets rather melo [...]

This is the story of a young 30's couple in L.A. She's a budding director and he has had some modest success as a musician. They buy into the American dream of potentiality, possibility and following your dreams without compromise. This is exemplified when they buy a house with no money down and and a sub-prime mortgage. Her film tanks at the box office, his band breaks up, the economy goes into the toilet and the mortgage payment adjusts to an unpayable amount. An insightful look at moral confl [...]

2.5 - the writing was good but the characters were insufferable. I had to stop reading several times because I hated them so much.

I lost interest :(

Claudia and Jeremy are struggling artists trying to make it big in the entertainment industry at the same time the real estate market is imploding. Despite the young couples' best efforts, the brass ring remains elusive. They take in a boarder to help make ends meet, which turns out to be a terrible decision. Then more bad decisions are made, and before long, the couple goes from Claudia and Jeremy vs The World, to just Claudia vs Jeremy. Good plot, good set up, good execution! I thought both Cl [...]

This was a random grab off the library shelf, I was drawn in by the cover. This is the a contemporary story about a house in LA with a crippling mortgage. But it's really about a marriage, and how two people combine their dreams to live together. It's about expectations and life. Do we love the people we love purely as they are, or do we love their potential?This book built slowly, and I can see why a lot of people did not like it very much. I found it contemplative and clever, even if one end e [...]

I really enjoyed Watch Me Disappear by this same author so I eagerly went to this one next. It wasn't quite as engrossing but it shows her range -- this was a novel of relationships instead of a thriller. I thought she captured the mood of the housing bust, Great Recession era in which it was set perfectly, and while I found Claudia, the protagonist, exasperating at times, I could also relate to her decisions.

The couple in this book were both at a crossroads in their lives - individually and as a married couple. I found this book very profound as I am also at a crossroad in my life and marriage. I ended up writing down several passages in this book to ponder. This book was a great read made all the greater by coming at a difficult period in my life. I found it to be wise.

I wanted to read this on a friend's recommendation. Living in Los Angeles, I was able to relate to the locations and even the character profilesI think Brown is an excellent writer, but I just wasn't crazy about her characters in this book. I kind of couldn't wait to finish it and move on to her newest, which I really enjoyed.

I started this novel last night, continued on this morning, and finished this afternoon. It's rare these days that I will read in such concentrated chunks of time. This was a page turner for me. I would classify it as a "beach read." Now I'm off to read another Janelle Brown.

I felt like this story was a bit much - much longer than it needed to be, doesn’t really seem like the characters were developed, and just kind of ended up where they did. And the ending was not really exciting or matched what happened.

Meh. Predictable.

slow to start I liked it but felt like the ending fell short

It picked up towards the end, but overall was a slow read with characters I just had a hard time liking. Certain aspects of this book were painfully real (almost too real for my life right now), but other parts just seemed too unrelatable.

I won this book on First Reads, and I am very glad I did.  Jannelle Brown's This Is Where We Live has tied with Emma Donoghue's Room as the best book I have read this year.  This Is Where We Live is about the relationship between Jeremy, a musician trying desperately to hold his band together so they can finish their album, and Claudia, and up and coming screenwriter/director, and how they cope, individually and together, with the looming foreclosure of their home, which occurs at the same tim [...]

I am an equal opportunity reader: I will chase any engaging story to its point of closure. But two things deepen my reading experience and make a novel stand out. The first is powerful writing: lyrical sentences, the bite of the real, an author's ability to spell bind me with their craft. The second is a story that forces me to think deeply about new ideas.Having finished Brown's sophmore release earlier today, I realize it's not her writing that stands out. I didn't stop while reading to linger [...]

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