Mommy's Black Eye

William G. Bentrim Christi Schofield

Mommy's Black Eye

Mommy's Black Eye

  • Title: Mommy's Black Eye
  • Author: William G. Bentrim Christi Schofield
  • ISBN: 9781449512576
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback

In soft pastel color pictures on every page, Bradley and Bonnie bear ask Mom, sitting in her big armchair in a dark living room, why she has a black eye The message is reassuring, group hug Although Daddy left, both parents will always love their children Includes USA resources for domestic violence.

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Bradley, kid in short knee pants carries a school knapsack, sits close by younger Bonnie, in blouse and jumper, when sunlight on her big flowered armchair reveals Mom to have a black eye. Dad had to leave, but both parents love them dearly, group hug. The bear family are all scrawny (more real than cuddly toys), in short sleeves, like humans in a warm climate, an ordinary summer day changed. A reassuring message for a troubling issue, a specific answer to an already positive move. Better in Adob [...]

Mommy’s Black Eye is a book that we wish would never need to be written. Unfortunately there is a need, and one that continues to grow. The author, William G Bentrim, is a former teacher and guidance counselor. In his calm and understanding approach, he explores this topic for children in a household where abuse has happened. Using a mama bear with a black eye and answering questions asked by the children, the author leads the conversation so that the children will not feel any blame or fear. [...]

The topic of Mommy's Black Eye is domestic violence and sometimes a parent doesn't really want to read a book about domestic violence to their child but some do because they want them to know whats out there. Luckily, Mommy's Black Eye is highly suitable for young children and simplifies things down so that young children can get a brief and simple understanding that it's not acceptible for one parent to hurt another one.The illustrations are really good and children and adults will love them.I [...]

"Mommy's Black Eye" is a children's book that addresses the issue of domestic violence Domestic violence exists. That is a simple disturbing fact. It isn’t something that should be ignored or swept under the rug. It is imperative to face this problem, acknowledge its existence and do our best to aid those who are exposed to it. Children, all too often, are susceptible to accepting responsibility for their parent’s bad behavior. They need to understand that they are not responsible for the vi [...]

4.5 Stars actually - Original review posted at Layers of ThoughtDomestic violence is not an easy topic, but it is nevertheless a very real and important one. My Review: This is a wonderful little children’s book with illustrations that are both sweet and sad. It tells the story of two children who, after a very noisy night, find that their mommy has a black eye when they come home from school.As Mommy talks with the two children, a boy and a girl, in a realistic tone, she tells them how they a [...]

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