Star Trek: Nero

Mike Johnson David Messina

Star Trek: Nero

Star Trek: Nero

  • Title: Star Trek: Nero
  • Author: Mike Johnson David Messina
  • ISBN: 9781600106033
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback

From Star Trek 2009 feature film writer producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, and artist David Messina, comes an all new story set within the events of the hit film Not an adaptation, this exclusive story follows the villainous Nero as he seeks to destroy the Federation.

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This continues from Star Trek Countdown and serves as another prequel to the 2009 movie. On its own I didn't like this quite as much as Countdown but it was still worth it to learn more about Nero and the events that lead up to the movie. This one focuses on what happened to Nero after he went through the black hole and what he did for 25 years right up to where the movie starts off.Both of these books together provide a legitimate explanation of exactly why Nero blames the Federation and Spock [...]

Um, apparently I think I maybe one of the few Star Trek fans who didn't wonder what Nero was doing for 25 years when he had to wait for Spock to appear in the alternative universe. Somehow I was under the impression that the Romulan ship got trapped in the vortex and stayed frozen for all that time until the opportune time for the reunion with Spock presented itself. So imagine my surprise when the graphic novel points out that Nero was held in prison by the Klingons. What?! Okay, sets up some r [...]

In reading the reviews of the Star Trek tie-ins, many people seem to believe this is the least necessary of the three, but I disagree. There are many revelations that tie into the movie in this volume including why Spock is where he is in the movie and why Nero becomes so set in his views. Learning these details were just as rewarding as the ones in Countdown for me. There is a moment early on where some of Nero's crew more or less dissents and I wish that would been moved to a later part, becau [...]

In the movie, Nero came through the black hole 25 years ahead of Spock. What did he do all that time, and how did he come to predict when and where Spock would arrive? This movie answers all that and ties in several other references from the movie. The sentient ship thing from issue 3 is a little weird, but otherwise it's quite good. Spock's perspective towards the end is priceless. Some bloody fighting and a bit of drug use. Recommended reading for fans of the film.

This was excellent. This volume along with Star Trek: Countdown contains vital background information to the Star Trek reboot. Whereas Countdown provided background for Spock and Nero in the Next Generation era, this focused on Nero's activities in between his first appearance and his attack on Vulcan 25 years later. You should definitely read Countdown before seeing the movie, but I wouldn't read Star Trek: Nero until after you've seen it.

¿Qué fue de Nero durante los 25 años que esperó a Spock? Pues si queréis saberlo, leedlo. Tiene un guiño a una de las primeras pelis originales de Star Trek y abre un interesante campo con el funcionamiento de la Narada, la nave de Nero. Interesante, aunque como todas estas novelas gráficas, muy corta. Esta historia da para libro.

This was a really interesting look at what happened to Nero during those 25 years in the time warp that he was waiting for Spock to come through the worm hole as well. I would recommend reading this BEFORE reading the novel adaptation of the movie, rather than after. Really good and you better understand Nero's anger and hate, as well as his extreme dedication to vengeance.

I actually wish that this one were longer. Wanted to see a bit more of what happened during the prison years. Love how this tied into Star Trek Into Brightness though.

This book will completely change the way that you watch the movie, and make you feel more comfortable with the changes.

Loved the back story. The art not so much.

While I didn't like this one quite as much as "Spock Reflections," I still think that it is an essential read for anyone that liked the newest Star Trek movie. This book takes place between "Countdown" and the events in the movie, and give a lot more insight into the evolution of Nero's character that wasn't touched on in the film. (And how he was missing half of an ear, yikes!)Once again, the artists that were behind this are absolutely multi-directional hatching EXPERTS, beautifully utilizing [...]

Now this is what I would have wanted to see in the 2009 Star Trek movie. A solid background story for the villain to make him more understandable and whole as a character. Eric Bana would have had a field day with a story that gets under Nero’s skin and reveals his tragedy to the reader.This is dramatic but smart storytelling at its best, handling themes of loss and the drive for retribution boldly and with emotional charge. After reading this the movie feels so much better. Trek has by custom [...]

I wanted to see some more of Nero's backstory, but between Countdown and this I got more than I wanted. In particular the sequence where (view spoiler)[the Nerada is activated by V'Ger and the crew then goes all the way out to meet V'Ger and back was unnecessary and forced just to link the new Trek universe to the events in the old Trek universe. (hide spoiler)] The art is decent, the story is okay, but just didn't engage me as much as I had hoped. Probably won't read again.

Out of all the Trek Alternate Universe graphic novels I've read so far, this one was surprisingly the best. Plot wise, but most importantly, in the art. I'm always extremely disappointed in the art but this time I found myself stopping to admire it rather than hoping to skip past it quickly. Since this was the one book I was least expecting to enjoy, it was a very nice surprise!

A much better and different in style comic than Countdown. I really recommend this, as it adds more backstory to the movie and character if Nero. Great drawing style (a bit too thick lines, but very accurate faces) with a very cinematic feel, only darker than the movie. Notice a goof near the end - somebody doesn't know the color of Vulcan blood:)

In filling in Nero's background, and his route to hatred and self-destruction, this is first rate work. It's also very much superior to the film, where we get virtually none of this through the character presentedunless it's hiding somewhere behind JJ Abrams' lens flares. The surprise visit to a parallel V'Ger is the highlight of this story.

While this is the least of the three Star Trek 2009 prequel comics, it's still pretty good. Art is probably the best of the three, but it's still not all that stylish. There's some nice space scenes though.

Definite read for the fans of the 2009 Star Trek fans. Answers major plot questions, such as why Nero just didn't go back to Romulus and say hey our star is going to blow up and why his mining ship is so insanely powerful. It's nicely written and fits in nicely with the film.

Nice "fill in the blanks" story explaining just what Nero was up to during the 25 years between his arrival in the new Trek universe and his encounter with Kirk and the gang. Includes some fun homages to the pre-existing Trek universe as well.

Filling in some blanks pre-movie - I like getting more of Nero's motivation.

Well, it's Star Trek. So, that's cool. Huge discontinuity between some panels. Glad I got it for free at the HPL!

Есть кое-какие шероховатости в переводе.

some insight into the years Nero waited for Spock, just before the first movie of the new rebooted star trek universe.

not as interesting as countdown, but still enjoyable.

The prequel to the movie was okay. It didn't really add a lot to the story, in my opinion. Some of it seemed to be a big reach.

Some additional insights into Nero's motivations. For example, why didn't he go back to Romulus when sent back in time? Also some additional info on his time at Rura Penthe.

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