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  • Title: Afterlight
  • Author: Alex Scarrow
  • ISBN: 9781409108160
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback

The world lies devastated after the massive oil crisis that was described in LAST LIGHT Human society has or less entirely broken down and millions lie dead of starvation and disease There are only one or two beacon communities that have managed to fashion a new way of living Jenny Sutherland runs one of these groups Based on a series of decaying offshore oil rigsThe world lies devastated after the massive oil crisis that was described in LAST LIGHT Human society has or less entirely broken down and millions lie dead of starvation and disease There are only one or two beacon communities that have managed to fashion a new way of living Jenny Sutherland runs one of these groups Based on a series of decaying offshore oil rigs for safety a few hundred people have rebuilt a semblance of normality in this otherwise dead world But as her and her people start to explore their surroundings once again, they start to realise not every survivor has the same vision of a better future than their catastrophic past There are people out there who would take everything they have War is coming, and the stakes are truly massive

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I'm seriously irked because I wrote a whole long review of this terrible book, and it got eaten by my computer. So now I hate it even more! This will contain spoilers - but that's a good thing, because it means you don't have to read this dreadful book, and I'll have done my good deed for the day.Afterlight is the sequel to Last Light, a laughably bad novel about Peak Oil. When we last saw our heroine Leona, she had narrowly escaped being murdered by a shadowy Illuminati-style cabal of political [...]

This book is recommended to me by Don.Thanks yo!XD I know this book is a sequel, but I dont bother to read the first one.u dont really need to read the first if the second book somehow explains to us what book one is about.spoiler,yo! Ok, I've bought this book when I was going to an outing(to a bookstore,really!) with my bestfriend(Mi_kan) the other day. I was browsing through the shelves when I saw this book looking at me curiously.Or maybe u can change the 'I' and 'the book' position in that s [...]

I got through a quarter of this and I'm bored. I had high hopes as I thoroughly enjoyed the first book (last light). Unfortunatley, the book is too slow to get started with the story split between the days of the crash (which was fully explained during the first book) and also the interactions of a community spent on an oil rig too much time is spent trying to force on the reader a utopian existence without power, rather than constructing an action post - apocalyptic action story that could have [...]

Post apocolyptic thriller, which had me from the first page. This is a follow on from Last Light and I can honestly say that this was better than the first book. The scary thing was not the ruthlessness of life post social breakdown, more the way the story rang true. This is no Mad Max type wasteland novel, this is how I suspect things would really turn out if we ran out of oil. There are some interesting parallels to Lord of the Flies and the inclusion of a charismatic child abuser added a dime [...]

i was fortunate enough to see the end of communism. hopefully i will be fortunate enough to not see the end of this civilization.

Post apocalyptic thriller - set after the collapse of the oil industry - Afterlife is the follow on from an earlier work called Last Light which I have not read. This book manages to stand alone although there are a few reference to the earlier work and having read it would probably be beneficial. The story is told between the two communities of Bracton oil rigs and the surviving group of people in London. The breakdown of society is well told and fully believable and the main characters of Jenn [...]

Loving this from the start. The story took up from Last Light and told the tale from 10 years in the future back to the crash day, jumping forward and back to fill in the gaps. I think I like the idea of the world as we know it ceasing to exist and mankind having to start again. A tale of survival. Thoroughly enjoyed this story from start to finish. No major surprises just a well told story which is totally believable. We have been warned!

again loved this book, hated finishing it.

The setting for ‘Afterlight’ by Alex Scarrow is the UK, ten years after the oil ran out. It is a sequel to ‘Last Light’ but can be read as a standalone novel. Like the first, it is a moreish thriller with the touch of frightening reality. After the oil crash there were riots, looting, murder and rape. Beacon communities were established, safe zones which eventually became unsafe. Now, only two remain. This is the story of what happens to them as survival and recovery phases into rebuildi [...]

If you've read the previous book, Last Light, you'll probably enjoy this one too. It's set 10 years after the events of the first one, Alex Scarrow states his reasons why which I thought was a refreshing thing to see - I like it when an author takes time to connect with their readers.The story itself isn't quite as gripping as Last Light, the sense of urgency is somewhat lacking, possibly due to the nature of the story being 10 years after the chaos and panic of the first story. However, I still [...]

Overall, incredibly disappointing book.After reading the first of the series, I had high hopes for the sequel - I was very wrong.Set 10 years after the events of the first book (with the exception of some of the characters at the start of the book which take place during the same time period as the first book until they catch up with the other characters (time-wise) and then they run in parallel again.Despite using some of the same characters (the heroes of the first book) - I'm completely at a [...]

Great page-turner. The fact that it only took me 3 days to read this 584 page beast proves how much I couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed seeing the different communities that succeeded (or failed) 10 years after the crash. It's a refreshing change of pace from the typical starving plague-ridden cannibalistic riot stories that make up the majority of post-apocalyptic fiction. The treatment of women though It wasn't offensive. It wasn't chauvinistic and it wasn't feminist. It was just downrigh [...]

About a year or so ago, I read the Alex Scarrow novel 'Last Light' where the world's oil supply is disrupted, global civilisation collapses within a matter of days and an English family fights to survive and escape from an increasingly savage London.Although nothing new in terms of premise and delivery, 'Last Light' was a compelling thriller that kept me reading until the end.'Afterlight' is the sequel that takes up the story again 10 years after 'Last Light'. Despite the hardships and privation [...]

Afterlight is not the type of book I would normally pick up but I'm glad I got a chance to read it as it was immensely gripping and scarily realistic. The novel tells the story of how after an oil crisis in 2010 our world has become devastated. The story is mainly focussed on the United Kingdom and in flashbacks shows us how the first days after the crisis were filled with riots and parties and everybody taking whatever they could get their hands on for themselves and if necessary (and sometimes [...]

Having spent the last year and a half devouring every post-apocalyptic and dystopian novel I can get my hands on, I can confidently say that Last Light & Afterlight are my favourite so far! (In fact, I think this second book is actually better than the first, which is fairly unusual as these things go) Between them, they depict such a likely scenario, (I personally believe it's the most likely potential apocalyptic event at this point in time and particularly we in the UK would certainly hi [...]

This was an excellent sequel to 'Last Light'. Whereas the first book was a fast-paced thriller with knife-wielding hitmen, shadowy conspiracies and an effective countdown-to-armageddon, Afterlight has a more considered feel, albeit with a strong polemic tinge to it.Most of the story takes place 10 years after the crash, on an offshore gas rig where about 450 people are living, led by Jenny from the first book. The baddies are a group of brutalised survivors from one of the government Safe Zones [...]

Following on from Last Light, this follows the further adventures of the Sutherlands in post crash England. Again the theme of greed is prominent, but very much within the context of survival against the odds. Many of the ideas will be familiar through The Day of the Triffid and Survivors. It took me longer to get into this one, the start required far more setup that Last Light and it took it's toll. The general idea of the fragility of those societies that were carving a foothold in the new wor [...]

Vote: 3,50Class: L-B1 (FP) (Final book of a duology)After the apocalyptic Last Light we now follow the events and the main characters ten years after the Crash. The book is very different from its predecessor: slow and more introspective while the first was fast paced and plot driven. The apocalyptic world (3,25) is quite well described if not totally believable. It's also a quite pessimistic world, where children and men, left to themselves, become less than animals There is some hope for a new [...]

I hadn't realised this was a sequel when I started reading it, but it worked perfectly well as a stand alone. I enjoyed reading it, and the plot was sufficiently tense and interesting that I got o a point where I couldn't put it down. But I've only given it a moderate rating - mostly because it was so bleak! This is a very negative portrayal of human nature. Now, bleak is not a bad thing necessarily. I did find this story hard to get into at first, because it was bleak layered on bleak, with a s [...]

This is definitely the best book I've ever read!!!! Set in a believable dystopian future, in a world without oil the main characters live on an off shore oil-rig to escape the hoards of gangs roaming Britain. Some of the younger characters venture onto the mainland and meet up with a corrupt settlement in London. meanwhile the oil-rig settlement faces the rise of a new religious fanatic. From start to end the whole thing was amazing (and a feminist's dream haha). This is the second book out of a [...]

Although the plot was gripping and surreal, the author seems to have an extremely sadistic and negative outlook towards the entire storyline. Happiness seems like an after thought - literally - as the only light at the end of the tunnel is delivered in the epilogue. I dont see why the author has to put such a negative and possibly inhumane book for the world to read. I was expecting more details about the concept of "peak oil" and the technicalities of oil shortage in the world, and was disappoi [...]

Very good.It's impossible to agree or disagree as to whether this is how the collapse will finally come about (probably not in my lifetime but when, not if) but I think this scenario unlikely.Also, unless it was through some kind of warfare or disease I don't believe the powers that be would allow power to slip through their fingers so easily, communication would not breakdown so rapidly. They would be absolutely ruthless in their desire to keep control and ultimately law and order would be main [...]

Set 10 years after Last light Afterlight for me is a book about whathappens after the collapse from the loss of oilThe book us based on what happens to the characters in the first book - and how they survive.The story is set 10 years after the `big crash' when the oil stopped flowing and the lights went out and the food stopped coming. The Sutherland family are surviving on an oil rig with a community of fellow survivors, but their sanctuary is about to be invaded by an unlikely sourceWe are als [...]

Just to get it out of the way first, I'm bloody annoyed that nowhere on the cover of this book does it mention it's a sequel to "Last Light", it just says; "from the author of Last Light". Grr. By the time I realised I was too far into the book. Naturally I want to read Last Light, but it's been spoiled a bit by knowing some of the outcomes. Back to Afterlight, it's a great read, a frightening vision of what could go wrong with our dependency on oil. In some ways it reminded me of Threads, altho [...]

Afterlight is the follow up to Last Light, with the story being picked up 10years after the events of the first book.The plot is well constructed and it is interesting to follow the characters and see how they progressed since the collapse of government and order. However, I didn't enjoy the story as much as the original for a number of reasons. Firstly, the characters were not nearly as likeable as the original, which was especially surprising of the recurring characters (Jenny especially so). [...]

Set 10 years after Last light Afterlight for me is a book about the last best hope for Humanity (to steal a line from BSG).Alex sets out with some old faces to explore a time after the oil crash, have we changed, can we adapt/ change and create a new future? or are there just too many out there who hunger for the days of old and the power that they can reap for themselves.Following the fates of the Sutherland Children while they explore their past and look to the future.Again alex weaves the sto [...]

This is a slower read than the first story Last Light but stick with it because it's just as good. Last Light was a fast paced thriller as the central characters fought to get back home, fought to find lost family members and fought to stay alive. This one is set 10 years after the events of Last Light as some vague sense of normality has started to return as a group have found a way to survive and live with each other. There are still threats out there and you can see the pieces slowly coming t [...]

Found it a bit confusing at first due to first book and second book,10 years difference, a 4 year old grand daughter. Where did she come from? Who is the father? How did they get to the gas platforms? This time gap was explained at the end of the book in the authors notes. Maybe these should have been at the start of the book. I kept feeling that I had missed a whole book somewhere. Still I enjoyed the whole story an I am now starting on October Skies, the book that Alex Scarrow mentions in the [...]

Una digna sucesora del primer libro. La secuela ocurre 10 años después de los sucesos de "Last Light" y por tanto nos encontramos con un futuro post-apocalíptico que en cierta manera nos recuerda a "Mad Max" y similares.Creo que esta segunda parte me ha gustado más que la primera. Aunque aquella aporta una forma de hundir la civilización actual muy interesante y que parece no tan descabellada, al menos dada la situación geoestratégica de UK. Esta segunda nos trae una aventura trepidante y [...]

I fair enjoyed this second title in the series. As the author notes in his afterword, setting it so much further on from the first book lets it be different and it's own thing. It's a pretty scary potential future, though set to an extreme - I really don't think self-sustaining little hamlets couldn't or wouldn't form for themselves - that leaves behind some thoughts on our rampant consumerism and unsustainable consumption.Along the way we have a few surprises, a somewhat abrupt ending and a few [...]

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