The Black Candle

Catherine Cookson

The Black Candle

The Black Candle

  • Title: The Black Candle
  • Author: Catherine Cookson
  • ISBN: 9780552135764
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback

Bridget Dean Mordaunt was a woman of consequence in her own part of the world Inheriting her father s businesses at the age of nineteen, by the time she was twenty three in 1880, she was running them as confidently as any man Yet the path destiny required her to follow was not an easy one Her feckless cousin Victoria became infatuated with Lionel Fil, the fortune huBridget Dean Mordaunt was a woman of consequence in her own part of the world Inheriting her father s businesses at the age of nineteen, by the time she was twenty three in 1880, she was running them as confidently as any man Yet the path destiny required her to follow was not an easy one Her feckless cousin Victoria became infatuated with Lionel Fil, the fortune hunting elder son of an old but impoverished family living in the decayed grandeur of Grove House Bridget had no illusions about Lionel, but Victoria s happiness was paramount to her.So a pattern began to form that would shape the lives of generations to come, a pattern of some good and some great evil, but all of it inexorably linking Bridget ever closely with the Fils and their house.The Black Candle displays all of Catherine Cookson s narrative skills and shrewd perception of human strengths and frailties which have established her as our most widely read and best loved novelist.

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A TV movie was made based on this book and is available at You Tube From :Yorkshire in the 1880's: Joe Skinner marries Lily Whitmore, the woman he has long admired, to give a name to her illegitimate child by Lionel Fillmore, the opportunistic son of an impoverished aristocrat. Lionel, however, has his sights set on Victoria, the naive cousin of hard-working Bridget Mordaunt, and the wealth he wrongly assumes is hers. When Joe's shiftless brother Fred threatens his marriage plans, Lionel murders [...]

I had read Catherine Cookson so many years ago, and didn't remember her writing making much of an impact on me at the time. Reading tastes often change over several years and I decided to give her a whirl.I enjoyed the story for much of the book, but either this one was too long for me or too depressing! The characters, especially Bridget, were realistically drawn and I was caught up in their life stories from the start. As I continued reading I hoped for some redemption for them, some kind of h [...]

It just seemed like the whole point of the book was to say that good people never stay good, relationships never last, and life taints you no matter who you are. I don't think that everything has to be peaches and cream all the time, but there does have to be some happiness life. Anyway I just felt like it was a bunch of people being miserable for no reason and never learning from it.

Really enjoyed this and found the ending very moving.

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Another great read written by Catherine Cookson. Really enjoyed this book.

Enjoyed reading this book. It gives me an insight of the life in the last century in the North East and it is this that I find interesting about the various industries there at the time, mining etc. glassmaking etc. I find it incredible that Catherine Cookson managed to write so many books with the North East as a background and to be able to pen so many.I have read several now including "The Black Velvet Gown" recently and several others.

This book was set in England in the 1880's about a girl left to run her father's business. There wasn't enough character development and it was sad to boot! I am not sure if I will read another one of her books again, but I might give her one more chance. She has several of her books on Netflix, so that is why I tried reading one.

I read all of Catherine Cookson's books some years ago and enjoyed them immensley. I recently re-read all of them and find that on a second look I found them all so very predictable, and was rather disappointed. However I'm sure that it is my tastes that have changed not the calibre of her story telling.

It's many, many years since I last read a Catherine Cookson and I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed them. This was a great book, taking a family over many years and several generations. The sins of one generation are visited on others however, there is always the chance of redemption. A very satisfying book.

Another great read. Catherine Cookson always takes me away to another place :) A bit shocked that there was a hanging and a shooting in this book though! Still, I suppose it was necessary for the story

Human psychology takes you on a roller coaster ride as the fates of two sisters involved with another family and the children thereafter unfold before you like a forest tangled and growing towards light.

Honestly, this is really a romance novel wrapped up in some historical dressing. But if you're going to write historical fiction, please don't have your characters speak and think as if they're current. For example, would a young woman living in the 1880s use the phrase, " self analysis?"

I read most of Catherine Cookson's books as she wrote them but don't remember this one. It was great, as are all her stories - kept me focussed from beginning to end - wonderful character descriptions; excellent story line and development.

This was not as happy a book as The Wingless Bird. I felt that the heroine became the villain, without enough warning by the author, so I felt somewhat betrayed, and sad about most of the characters.

Very good. Full of historical color regarding the life and times in the early to mid twentieth century. Rich in detail. It's easy to become involved in the lives of the characters of this book. I think it would make a great mini-series!

The Black Candle by Catherine Cookson is an interesting look at human nature and class divisions as set out in England from 1883 to the 1920's and 30's. Cookson has avoided mere romance, drawing her characters in a realistic way against the historical contexts of the time. A very enjoyable book.

Interesting book about a young heiress, Bridget and the twists and turns of her family life, her business life and the life of her relatives. Characters were well developed. A long but enjoyable book!


Love catherine Cookson, never disappoints!

Not as good as others, but a riveting drama nonetheless.

Couldn't get into it.

Great historical read

If you are looking for a book to read that is set in historical times and a romance this is a good book to read.

Read Catherine Cookson periodically. Never love the books. Some I like more than others. Can't remember specifics.

Read 3/96

A great Catherine Cookson!

This is another Cookson story staged in England about a woman who owned several businesses and ended up as the matriarch of a dysfunctional family with secrets too painful and shameful to reveal.

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