Planescape Campaign Setting

David Zeb Cook

Planescape Campaign Setting

Planescape Campaign Setting

  • Title: Planescape Campaign Setting
  • Author: David Zeb Cook
  • ISBN: 9781560768340
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Boxed set

Fantasy Taken to the Edge TM This setting has hot attitude and a hard edged style It deals with the multiverse all the planes of existence in the ADD game So, explore Sigil, the center of everything, and then take your adventures to the next level of reality and beyond

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All fantasy is symbolic. Magic itself is almost purely a symbolic literary device, lending philosophical meaning to events and objects. Our hero wins because he is moral and good--yet we as readers know that morality or personality, or even force is not the deciding factor in mortal combat. So the hero wields a sword, and that sword's magic becomes a symbol of his moral might.He can defeat ten men at once because his is a sword of Truth, or Justice, or Faith. His glowing armor represents a right [...]

Before China Miéville brought the New Weird to a widespread fantasy readership, Planescape was rocking the boat in the RPG world. Controversial when it was published, Planescape has nevertheless demonstrated a lasting impact on fantasy role playing.The premise of Planescape was to take the somewhat clunky cosmological "multiverse" of Dungeons and Dragons (most notably the "Outer Planes" where the heavens, hells, and other afterlives existed) and attempt to describe life in that surreal venue. T [...]

Probably my favorite D&D setting at least fluff-wise.

Tony DiTerlizzi's fantastic artwork is what sold this as my favorite AD&D setting. I hadn't even realized I was a fan until looking back over the artwork from Planscape and comparing it to recent work of his that I liked. Once I realized it was all by the same artist, I threw myself whole-heartedly into collecting the rest of the Planescape material and infecting the rest of my table-top group with Planes-love.

Planescape is not just a cool Dungeons and Dragons setting, it is probably the closest to ‘art’ a game supplement can get. It jettisons -- or at least sets aside -- the usual Tolkien-inspired elements of DnD and instead crafts a genuinely unique fantasy universe, brought to life by Tony DiTerlizzi’s evocative surrealistic cartooning. Even if you don’t play DnD or prefer a simpler setting when running those games, Planescape is still worth flipping through at least once just for the oddba [...]

Another of Dungeons and Dragons' 2nd edition campaign setting that came after the Forgotten Realms made settings a "thing" at TSR.This one is all set in the planes (other dimensions) and encompasses all the others settings of D&D. Plus you the gods, the elements, demons, angels, a city that is at the center of it all (Sigil). This was a fun setting different from the traditional sword and sorcery mix. Another D&D must.

The best AD&D setting. High fantasy with philosophy in settings made of the pure aspects of all mythologies. Endless possibilities for adventuring with the most exotic themes and moods. What else could anyone ask for?

A good introduction to the Planescape Setting, with thousands of ideas and environment information. Still, just a scratch in the surface of such a complex and appassionate muliverse.

Planescape was without a doubt my favorite AD&D setting. This boxed set barely scrapes the surface of what planescape was all about, but it was a good place to start.

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