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  • Title: Doubleback
  • Author: Libby Fischer Hellmann
  • ISBN: 9781606480526
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover

Little Molly Messenger is kidnapped on a sunny June morning Three days later she s returned, apparently unharmed Molly s mother, Chris, is so grateful to have her daughter back that she s willing to overlook the odd circumstances A few days later, the brakes go out on Chris s car.An accident Maybe Except that it turns out that Chris, the IT manager at a large ChicagoLittle Molly Messenger is kidnapped on a sunny June morning Three days later she s returned, apparently unharmed Molly s mother, Chris, is so grateful to have her daughter back that she s willing to overlook the odd circumstances A few days later, the brakes go out on Chris s car.An accident Maybe Except that it turns out that Chris, the IT manager at a large Chicago bank, may have misappropriated three million dollars Not convinced that his daughter is safe, Molly s father hires PI Georgia Davis to follow the money and investigate Chris s death.Doubleback, the sequel to the acclaimed Easy Innocence, reunites PI Georgia Davis with video producer Ellie Foreman An Eye For Murder, A Picture Of Guilt, An Image Of Death, A Shot To Die For The two women track leads from Northern Wisconsin to an Arizona border town, where illegal immigrants, smuggled drugs, and an independent contractor called Delton Security come into play Georgia and Ellie go to great lengths to find the truth, and Georgia discovers that you can cross a line, but sometimes you have to double back.

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Doubleback starts with a nail-biting scene where a group of people are trapped in an elevator, and the pace doesn’t flag. PI Georgia Davis is called in by her friend Ellie Foreman when a banker called Christine Messenger’s eight-year-old daughter is kidnapped. A few days later, the daughter, Mollie, is returned unharmed, but this is the beginning of a series of unexplained deaths, not to mention the matter of some extremely fishy transactions at the bank where Messenger works. Georgia Davis [...]

This was my first book by Libby Fischer Hellman and I really got into this. Once I got into it, and after getting by all the cursing in the first couple of chapters, I would recommend this book to anyone that wants the twists and turns and surprises that Doubleback provides.It involves 2 very strong leads and the determination to get to the bottom of this case, even after the police have long disappeared. One is a freelance documentor filming about ethanol and the effects on the additive and the [...]

I have to say this is the second book of Libby Hellmann's I've read, I gave Set The Night On Fire five stars too.It makes a refreshing change for the thriller genre not to be dominated by men. This book has everything, a terrific plot and wonderful characters. Libby is able to create realistic situations and tighten the screws, upping the suspense to an unbearable level.By the way, the first chapter is one of the best chapters I've read on my kindle. As a Brit (who bought the book in the UK) it [...]

“This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.”Book 2 in the Georgia Davis series. We get to read about a new friendship, kidnapping , murder and a lot more going on in the background that spins this book in so many directions the listener almost gets dizzy. Next book, Please!The narration was well done.The characters were well portrayed.

So many books, so little time to read. I listened to this audio book over a 3 day span, it would have been quicker but the battery on my Kindle Fire wears down quickly when listening to audio books! It is that good! I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. I'm a character reader, I get into the characters, their story, who/what they are. The author does a great job of continuing to develop Georgia quickly & thoroughly in this book. The significant characters in h [...]

Doubleback by Libby Fischer Hellman is the sequel to Easy Innocence, and reunites PI Georgia Davis with video producer Ellie Foreman, the heroine of Hellman’s other series. Georgia and Ellie aren’t much alike – one is a single, tough, former cop turned private investigator and the other is a divorced mom who is a commercial television producer. They aren’t even really close friends when the story starts, but they are strong, intelligent and curious and want to get to the bottom of things [...]

PROTAGONIST: PI Georgia Davis and video producer Ellie ForemanSETTING: Chicago; ArizonaRATING: 3.25Libby Fischer Hellmann brings together protagonists from her two series in DOUBLEBACK. Ellie Foreman is a video producer; Georgia Davis is a private investigator. They partner to find a little girl, Molly Messenger, who's been kidnapped but, atypically, there are no ransom demands. She is returned unharmed three days later. There are a series of strange events that follow the kidnapping. A few days [...]

The second book in the Georgia Davis PI series from author Libby Hellmann, "Doubleback" was pretty interesting read. In addition to the main protagonist Georgia Davis, we meet another protagonist in Ellie Foreman. Foreman is an independent video producer. In this saga, Foreman is producing a documentary on farming corn to create ethanol. Foreman and Davis are friends. Foreman goes to see Davis for help on a kidnapping. Ellie's friend Christine Messenger has had her 8 year old daughter kidnapped. [...]

Two investigators for the price of one, September 30, 2012 Libby Hellmann is one of my favorite author bloggersI like her recommendations for movies and books and her crusading personality, but I've never read either of her two mystery series. After much consideration, I decided on this second book of her second series. Georgia "Peaches" Davis is a private detective in Chicago who drinks her coffee black, doesn't particularly like cats, and is a former policewoman. Her BFF is one Ellie Foreman, [...]

I didn't realize until I read the synopsis that Ellie Foreman is a main character in another series. I felt like there needed to be more backstory for her and Georgia Davis -- now I know why. I dislike jumping into the middle of a series and I feel that's just what I've done even though this is considered a different series. This is a good story with well-paced suspense and a mystery that kept me guessing until the end. Some actions and events are a little too contrived, but acceptable. Eva Kami [...]

THIS SUMMARY/REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST. ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLY.Internal Note- 2 stars since I actually finished it. I will give the series another try but.Libby Fischer Hellmann brings together protagonists from her two series in DOUBLEBACK. Ellie Foreman is a video producer; Georgia Davis is a private investigator. They partner to find a little girl, Molly Messenger, who's [...]

The Red Herring Press, May 2016 (original publication 2009)Videographer Elly Forman is asked by her friend Susan to help a neighbor, Chris Messenger, whose daughter has been kidnapped. Elly, knowing she doesn't have the knowledge and experience to help, calls in P.I. Georgia Davis.And Georgia says what Elly first said: Even though they told you not to call the police, call the police. Having persuaded Chris Messenger to turn to the police, she walks away from the case.A few days later, Molly Mes [...]

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an unbiased review.I absolutely loved this audiobook! I listened during my commute to and from work and couldn't wait each day for that drive because the story was so engrossing. It's actually a book I think I'll want to either read or listen to a second time! The story line kept me on the edge of my seat and I didn't know what was going to happen next. One thing I really liked was when the story moved to Arizona, because I used to li [...]

Another very entertaining, interesting and enjoyable story. Definitely worth your time. I liked this book even more than the first in the series. From the first scene in the elevator your hooked, wondering what is really going on and how each person in the elevator fits into the story. Again this story has a great cast of characters. The story is told in dual POV's and you get the chance to see not one but two strong independent capable woman in the leading role. There were more twists, turns an [...]

In "Doubleback," Libby Fischer Hellmann unites her two series heroines, P.I. Georgia Davis and video producer, Ellie Foreman. A young child is kidnapped in Chicago, and Foreman, a friend of the child's mother, enlists Davis to help secure the girl's return. But what appears at first glance to be a relatively straightforward kidnapping case quickly morphs into a high-stakes drama involving bank fraud, drug runners, immigrant smuggling, a scary "security" contractor with important government ties, [...]

Doubleback – 4 StarsLibby Fischer HellmanBleak House Books, 2009, 300 PagesISBN No. 978-1606480533Eight year-old Molly Messenger is kidnapped and her terrified mother confides in a neighbor, Susan Siler. Susan calls Elle Foreman, a video producer, and asks that she talk to Christine Messenger, Molly’s mother. Susan contacted Elle because she thought that Elle could offer Christine some good advice. Elle has had some experience with the dark side of people. Elle promised Christine she would c [...]

I had to pack this in at 21%. It's a long old time since I read the first Georgia Davis books and all the time she's referring to people or events from those and I can't recall them so I was just totally baffled.Plus it's confusing as Ellie Foreman seems to feature more in this one even though it's a Georgia Davis book. I had An Eye For Murder downloaded as that is supposed to be Ellie Foreman's first outing, not here. they're mixed up and I am not sure which order to read them in, either. Does [...]

DoublebackI really loved listening to this story, it was totally my kind of book! I would liken it to the kind of book Janet Evanovich writesa cozy mystery with strong female leads, lots of action and a bit of humour. This is my first Libby Fischer Hellman book but if undoubtedly won't be my last!Georgia Davis is a Private Investigator, called upon by her friend Ellie Foreman when eight year old Mollie is kidnapped. Puzzlingly, Mollie is returned a few days later, unharmed and without ransom. Bu [...]

Doubleback was the first book I read by Libby Fischer Hellmann which continues her series with PI Georgia Davis and Ellie Foreman, a video producer. The story starts with a kidnapping of a little girl who is returned after several days unharmed. The police are called in but think it is a cosed case. After the brakes of the car of the girl's mother give out and another tragedy occurs Foreman and Davis get involved. They each tell the story, one from a first person perspective and the other from t [...]

"Money can't buy happiness but it sure is a start"I am a relative newcomer to the work of Libby Fischer Hellman so was delighted to be offered an audio copy of her book, Doubleback, to review. And it was a delight. A private investigator is disturbed by the abduction of a little girl who is then returned without any apparent ransome demand. Then the child's mother is murdered. What first appears to be a local financial crime spirals in size to encompass far more ; and as the body count rises, Ge [...]

(Note: I received a free Kindle copy of this book in exchange for my review.)In Doubleback, private investigator Georgia Davis and video producer Ellie Foreman work together to unravel the mystery of a kidnapped child, several seemingly accidental deaths and the theft of $3 million dollars from a local bank.The story was compelling and kept me turning pages (or clicking buttons in this case) to find out whodunit. I also enjoyed the sprinkling of some political food for thought in the form of a f [...]

Molly Messenger is kidnapped when her mother drops her off at camp one morning. A few days later she is returned, unharmed and apparently without any demands ever being made. A few days later her mother is killed in what at first appears to be a car accident. Then her boss is killed in exactly the same kind of accident. Too many strange things happening for it to just be a coincident. Georgia starts digging and discovers a wildly convoluted case that involves a private security company functioni [...]

This book is a continuation of a mystery/suspense series by Hellmann featuring Ellie Foreman, a videographer who gets into lots of adventures, and her second book featuring Georgia Davis, a Chicago PI. Maybe if I had read some of the other books the characters would seem more three-dimensional and their actions would make more sense. As it was this hopelessly confusing mystery involving a kidnapped girl, bank fraud, cut brake lines, and drug smuggling was messy and honestly rather stupid. Side s [...]

Doubleback unites two of Hellmann's ongoing characters. Ellie Foreman is a video producer and Georgia Davis is a P.I. These are intriguing characters and Hellmann's writing style is easy to get into and enjoyable. That being said, for me, this book sacrificed character development for a complicated, entangled plot. The characters didn't have quite the same spark in this story and I'm not sure I would have liked them as much had I not read Hellmann's previous books. While I found the various aspe [...]

Eight-year old Molly has been kidnapped and private investigator Georgia Davis has been asked to work the case. The child turns up with no ransom notice making Georgia wonder. Twists and turns take place keeping the reader guessing.Although I liked the first half or so of Doubleback, I didn't care for the part when Georgia was in Arizona. It was difficult to follow and too unbelievable. Difficult in knowing who was who on the wrong side of the law and what part each played and when. Unbelievable [...]

Fast-paced and interesting. I liked the interplay between Fischer Hellmann's protagonists from her two main series. Boy, was this plot complicated! I'm still putting all of the pieces together a day after finishing the book. Be sure to pay attention when you're reading! My only complaint was the ending. I wasn't crazy with Georgia's final mission, or the idea that she comes through unscathed. The mission felt a little out of place and over the top for where we started in the book. Also, she cros [...]

I received a copy of this audio book in exchange for my honest review.I enjoyed listening to this book; the narration of Eva Kaminsky works really well with the story. Although this book is more chick lit crime than the dark mystery crime novels I've been reading, it's still an engaging, interesting story that is easy to get into. The 2 main characters form a good double team which is necessary to make the most of their talents in solving crime. All in all, it's a good book and I will check out [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and thought it was one of the better ones Libby has done. She started out with her usual North Shore location and then moved to the Southwest. I confess I find the violence and ugliness of that border town and the drugs truly depressing, but the story flowed well. A bit unrealistic, perhaps, and perhaps not. The characters were solid, the scenery good, the story inventive. I read right through (which is not common for me) and truly enjoyed myself in the process (a [...]

This is the first Libby Fischer Hellmann audio book I've listened to not having heard of the author before. Although the book seemed to start quite slowly with an incident in a lift and the kidnapping of Molly Messenger, it suddenly picked up pace becoming a more complex thriller that went off in a number of different directions. As the plot developed the twists and turns kept coming and made me want to keep listening. Georgia Davis is a determined character and this came through well in the sto [...]

I really like Hellmann's Georgia Davis as a character. She's feisty, proud, confident and able. She's a good PI who isn't a "superhero" typeaning she get afraid and is not ashamed to show it. Hellmann's writing style is good, though I think sometimes she can be a bit choppy. But, the great character construction and well-laid-out plot make up for this. I would read more tales about Georgia Davis and her sometimes partner-in-crime Ellie Foreman (Hellmann does a series with Foreman as more of a pr [...]

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