Puzzles of the Black Widowers

Isaac Asimov

Puzzles of the Black Widowers

Puzzles of the Black Widowers

  • Title: Puzzles of the Black Widowers
  • Author: Isaac Asimov
  • ISBN: 9780553402018
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback

The fifth of the six books featuring the Black Widowers It collects twelve stories by Asimov, most reprinted from mystery magazines and a few previously unpublished, together with a general introduction and an afterword following each story by the author Each story involves the club members knowledge of trivia.

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Me :Good day ladies and gentlemen, before 2014 became another memory there was space for one more set of stories. A set of stories which to all common ways of thought appear to be mere puzzles but which on a slightly deeper introspection take the shape of intellectual dilemmas which completely bowl men over who have been through them. That said, I had at an earlier point in time introduced all of you to the vociferous yet intensely cerebral group of men known as the Black Widowers. Our guest tod [...]

This collection of 12 mysteries was a page turner. The Black Widowers is a group that gathers for dinner every Sunday to discuss the 'meaning of existence' of a guest brought by one of the members. Usually the esteemed guest has some sort of mystery with them - either to be solved by the Black Widowers or one whose solution is known to the guest. Invariably the members are stumped and the solution comes from their waiter, Henry.I loved the banter between the characters of Emmanuel 'Manny' Rubin [...]

Pretty meh. Most of the puzzles turn on some ridiculous gimmick that no one but the author would ever think of, and the ones which don't are dumb. (The most offensive one being the final stolen-recipe one, which is the worst 'locked room' mystery I've ever read - a recipe is stolen from a woman while she babysits a house of children. 'I bet it was one of the kids', I thought a third of the way through. It was. Even Isaac Asimov's reputation couldn't get some of these stinkers published before!)T [...]

Liked it. Pretty much what one expects from the Black Widowers stories. The stories in this volume, probably even more than the other volumes, are pretty much "puzzles" rather than "mysteries", based on curious facts or observations Asimov has picked up here and there. There are stories/puzzles that revolve around such trivial stuff as homonyms, parity (odd-and-even), and places from where one can see sunsets. Many of the solutions are groan-inducing, and a few of them you can quite easily guess [...]

Altri 12 racconti dei Vedovi Neri, ma Asimov inizia a perdere un po' di smalto

Cena con misteroOooohuulto pittorescou!!! E' così che Enrico Montesano, o meglio, il suo personaggio della vecchia signora inglese è solito etichettare situazioni stravaganti. Ed anche a me sembra tale il distacco che pongono i soci del club nell'esporre i misteri nelle loro riunioni. Dopo la cena, servita dal cameriere (socio anch'egli e partecipante attivo alla risoluzione degli enigmi), uno dei soci od un'ospite della serata pone una questione, a volte tacendo la soluzione, a volte invocand [...]

Volume appena pubblicato da Minimum Fax che si è presa carico di portare a termine l’edizione di questa piacevolissima serie di raccolte di racconti “atipici” di zio Isaac.Il meccanismo è sempre quello: una riunione periodica tra un gruppo di amici (il “club dei Vedovi Neri”), una cena con un ospite esterno al quale viene chiesto di “giustificare la propria esistenza” (modo piuttosto anomalo di chiedere che cosa si per vivere) e, dulcis in fundo, un mistero; non si tratta mai o q [...]

This is the penultimate entry in the Black Widowers series, covering stories from the late 80's. I had first discovered these stories about the time this book came out and read them all then, and reread them about 12 years ago when my wife discovered them, in both cases thanks to the public library. I just got a copy of this book for Christmas and came away a little underwhelmed. The stories are much as I remember them, but so much of them is grounded in the time they were written that they lose [...]

If there is one thing that Isaac Asimov knows how to write it is the short story. It doesn't matter what genre its in, if Asimov wrote it you should read it. This particular book although its the 5th of a series is my first introduction to the Black Widowers. The premise being a group getting together once a month for dinner and discussion. Each month a guest is brought and asked to "justify his existence." Invariably each guest will have a puzzle they present to the group for them to solve. Aft [...]

I really wish these were easier to find. My introduction, again, to Isaac Asimov that makes me curious about delving deeper into his work. Short mysteries/puzzles presented at a monthly dinner party of a group of men. The special guest gives a little information about themselves and always raises a mystery or conundrum they have faced. The group then bats around solutions until a logical conclusion is always reached. No murder, no gore, no vulgarity, no violence - just little mind games that are [...]

I think I'm getting better at this! Usually I'm pretty stupid at mysteries, but this time I got three of the answers before Henry did. ("The Fourth Homonym", "Sunset on the Water", and "The Alibi".)This collection is, like the other Widower collections I've read, a fun and easy (if not spectacular) read. More and more, though, I find myself focusing on the menu rather than the puzzle - possibly because I'm stumped on the biggest puzzle of all: why Henry works as a waiter when he's clearly got ev [...]

Luego de leer dos libros de los Viudos Negros de Asimov, en el tercero la estructura que se repite en todos y cada uno de los libros es insoportable:a) Los Viudos Negros hablan de una trivialidadb) Cenanc) El invitado plantea un enigmad) Todos tiran ideas que son descartadas una a unae) Se rindenf) Le preguntan a Henry y este tiene la soluciónAsí mismo como fan de Asimov no puedo resistir leerlos y tenerlos en el celular es muy práctico. Creo que hay unos cinco o seis libros de los Viudos Neg [...]

I have read some of these stories in other publications of the Black Widowers. This collection contains:1. The Fourth Homonym2. Unique is Where Your Find It3. The Lucky Piece4. Triple Devil - One of my favorites from another collection5. Sunset on the Water6. Where is He?7. The Old Purse8. The Quiet Place9. The Four-Leaf Clover10. The Envelope11. The Alibi12. The Recipe - This is not one of my favorites.I often "binge" read these stories, but find it is more fun to read no more than two or three [...]

elenco dei racconti Il quarto omonimo L'unicità è nella testa di chi cerca Il portafortuna Triplo diavolo Tramonto sull'acqua Lui dov'è? La vecchia borsa Oasi di pace Il quadrifoglio La busta L'alibi La ricetta

Not as good as the first Black Widowers collection Some of the puzzle solutions were a bit doubtful, and just less intriguing. However it's a comforting read if you like cozy, repetitive format. I think the real reason to read it is Asimov's hilarious style and how he writes like it is just for you (e.g. the author's notes at the end of each story).

Le storie seguono tutte le stessa struttura: un gruppo di gentlemen si riunisce per cenare, si presenta un mistero e tutti i suddetti tentano senza successo di risolverlo; ed alla fine, quando non sanno più che pesci prendere, giunge il maggiordomo che con estrema naturalezza risolve il mistero in 2,8 secondi lasciando tutti di stucco.In sostanza un ottimo libro.

Recueil de nouvelles policièresazon/Puzzles-au-Club-veufs-noirs/dp/2264016159/

While still enjoyable reads, Asimov was clearly starting to run out of ideas at this point. Some of the solutions were extremely easy to guess, while others were unfairly hard due to specific or missing information.

I'm sold. Funnier than I expected.

Good at the time

Prima lettura - Ita

excellent and amusing little 'mystery' stories, interesting comments by asimov

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