Storm Glass

Maria V. Snyder

Storm Glass

Storm Glass

  • Title: Storm Glass
  • Author: Maria V. Snyder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Award winning author Maria V Snyder brings readers into a world of molten magic, where storms can be captured within a glass orb and a magician s powers can remain hidden until challenged by enemy forces As a glassmaker and a magician in training, Opal Cowan understands trial by fire Someone has sabotaged the Stormdancer clan s glass orbs, killing their most powerful maAward winning author Maria V Snyder brings readers into a world of molten magic, where storms can be captured within a glass orb and a magician s powers can remain hidden until challenged by enemy forces As a glassmaker and a magician in training, Opal Cowan understands trial by fire Someone has sabotaged the Stormdancer clan s glass orbs, killing their most powerful magicians The Stormdancers particularly the mysterious and mercurial Kade require Opal s unique talents to prevent it from happening again But when the mission goes awry, Opal must tap into a new kind of magic Yet the further she delves into the intrigue behind the glass and magic, the distorted things appear With lives hanging in the balance including her own Opal must control her powers powers that could lead to disaster beyond anything she s ever known.

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So I picked up this book because reading the author's name made me think of something I couldn't quite put my finger onThat's it!Unfortunately, it was nowhere near as awesome as Wesley Sneijder.Opal Cowen is a glassmaker and magician-in-training. Unlike most other magicians, she only has one talent, and that is to trap magic within glass. Storm Glass is her story. Though it might as well be Yelena's by the way she's mentioned incessantly all throughout the book.Having never read any of Snyder's [...]

My fantasy cravings are off the charts right now! So a Maria V. Snyder book seems only fitting.I've read just now that I have to finish the Study series first before reading this series. But I'm still gonna read this. Ha. Why not? I'M A REBEL!POST-READING4 STARSThis was a very fast-paced and action-packed read. I liked the first half better because our MC, Opal, wasn't torn from her feelings on any guy which was a surprise for me because, normally, I would already ship the main female character [...]

An overnight read. I was so thrilled when I got my hands on this book. I read right through dinner, second dinner, and midnight snack. And was extremely annoyed when I needed to use the potty.I love this world! Maria V. Snyder commands your attention. Poison Study fans are really going to like this one. Just like with the poisons, we learn about storms and glass with the same meticulous (and entertaining) attention to detail. Can't wait for the next!

“The piece’s core glowed as if lit by an inner fire.My one magical trick – the ability to insert a thread of magic inside the glass statue.”This was an entertaining YA fantasy, and I really liked Opal.Opal was a lovely character, she cared for other people, she didn’t boast about her magic, and she did what she could, even when she felt vastly underpowered compared to the other magic users around her. It couldn’t have been easy for her to have been known as a one-trick-pony so it was [...]

Will Maria Snyder ever stop letting her MCs get kidnapped and/or tortured on an almost weekly basis? (Probably not). The Glass series plays in the same world as the Study series and even involves some of the same characters. But there are key differences between the two series that I'm still discovering. 1. As an MC, Opal has a very different personality than Yelena's. At the beginning of Storm Glass, she is insecure, whiny, and easily cowed; nothing like strong Yelena who hits the ground runnin [...]

"Poison Study" was such a great book that I almost feel guilty for feeling like the quality of the books has gone down with each sequel. It doesn't help that the protagonist of this new series isn't that interesting. Yelena had such a spark to her that I expected Opal to have a real personality. Unfortunately, she was just kind of a null. She dithers. She questions herself. She makes poor decisions. Worst of all, she never really grows as a person; her magical abilities increase, but her true se [...]

I enjoyed this book a lot. It was nice to see a fantasy heroine not using her magical brawn all over the place, instead being a craftsman. The book had a slightly Young Adult feel to it, dunno if that was intended, a little "soft" so to speak? Not a bad thing, just tone-wise. EDIT:Was corrected, this IS a Young Adult book, so there ya go! I'mart. If you liked "Graceling" you'll really like this book, both enjoyable!I LOVED Poison Study, it's one of my fave Vaginal-Fantasy books out there, so thi [...]

*2.7/5 Stars*“Everyone grieves in different ways. For some, it could take longer or shorter. I do know it never disappears. An ember still smolders inside me. Most days, I don’t notice it, but, out of the blue, it’ll flare to life.”This trilogy is about Opal, who appeared in Fire Study and helped Yelena imprison Fire Warpers in glass prisons and thus saved Sitia. She's glass maker and magician, but she can work her magic just through glass - She's a Glass Magician.“The piece’s core g [...]

***3.5 stars***I would recommend reading the Study series first since Storm Glass takes place a few years after book three.It's going to be a short review y'all.Well if you've read the Study series by Maria V. Snyder you'll probably know who this series is about. If not, this series is about a character called Opal Cowan. She's a magician as well as a glass maker. After using her magic to help the famous Yelena save Sitia she's titled the Glass Magician. Someone has sabotaged the Stormdancer cla [...]

After loving the Study series, my expectations were extremely low going into this--I didn't want to be disappointed. Instead, I was surprised to find such a solid start to another trilogy set in the world of Ixia. Familiar characters do pop up throughout the story, but I also enjoyed getting to know new characters and learning more about Opal's unique magical powers. I took off a star because the pacing seemed inconsistent at times--I found myself either flying through chapters or trudging throu [...]

Glass series has always been my favorite, Opals story is so much more engaging than I ever expected. The flow of the story is very natural, even though I lovedMagic Studythere was a bit too much going on at the same time. InStorm Glassis a bit more natural and feels lighter somehow.

Opal has a gift for glass, magic, and disasters. After years of training with the best magicians in Sitia, her reputation seems hinged in failure. So when she and the magician, Zitora, are sent to the sea in order to help the Stormdancers who capture storms in glass, Opal is unprepared. To face the blue-eyed magician who threatens them all, the torturous memories of her past, the storms that come crashing over the waves and threaten all of Sitia, and Kade—the young storm dancer who is the most [...]

Sadly, Opal was a snooze fest. Yelena rules Ixia, Sitia and everything else <3

2015 3 stars2017 4 stars Reto literario 2018Grupo whatsappUna relecturaAntes de la lectura (2018) en el 2015 yo empecé con la trilogia STUDY de Maria V. Snyder , en aquel entonces la autora dijo que hasta ahi iba a escribir desde el punto de vista de Yelena y Valek ( los protagonistas de Study) pero ella tenia varias sagas con otra protagonista . una de ellas es esta DONDE LA protagonista era Opal un personaje secundario femenino que tenia su propio bagaje emocional . le di una oportunidad espe [...]

This landed more at a 3.5 for me. While I love Opal as a character and LOVE being back in this world, there were some times I felt like we were being told things instead of shown them. A few to many times it made me feel disconnected from certain events. Still I got to see so many of the characters I loved and over all the story did feel very much apart of the Poison Study world. Completely continuing on in the series.

This was like 3.5 stars for me. There were a few plot holes that took me out of the story. And the h annoyed me. She did a lot of stupid things. But although I get no one is perfect, some of her duh moments seemed way to obvious for me and I couldn't relate to her stupidity. However, I like the story and I'm going to continue because I enjoy the overall world. And not everyone can be Yerlana.

A fantastic first book in the Glass series. I love getting to know new characters and explore more of the world Maria V. Snyder has masterfully created. Overall: 4.5 starsRecommendation: Yes. If you love the Study series then you really need to give this a read.

This ended up with a 3.5 star rating - I think what ruined it for me was that I didn't read the other series from this author and there were too many references of characters and travels from prior books.I also didn't feel connected with the main characters ---- maybe it's because I just came off of reading such intricate epic fantasies that I was expecting the same here.Overall though, it was a good story - but I think my time with these glass orbs are done.

Can I not get Kidnapped/Dragged into Danger for Once?Storm Glass (Glass #1)Rating: 4/5Summary: Opal Cowan had been training at the Keep for the last four years since the fiasco with Ferde & the Fire Warper. Opal is still trying to deal with her sister’s death and everything else that happened with Yelena, including what she endured at the hands of Alea Daviian. She’s also been struggling with her magic seeing as it can only do one thing. When Stormdancer orbs begin breaking and killing p [...]

Street Corner TBR pile reduction challenge #10 (Olivia)For me, this doesn't hold the charm of Snyder's Poison Study and I am not very fond of Opal, the main character. I have read over a third of the book, and I'm still not sure what the main plot is supposed to be. As I don't really care for any of the chracters and I sense a dreaded love triangle coming up, I'll stop here.

3.5 starsI enjoyed this one but not as much as Poison Study. I really wanted to read more about Opal since her appearance in Yelena's stories. The info about glass blowing was fascinating. I have put the next two books on hold at the library, and I can't wait to see where Opal's story goes.

Storm Glass is the first book in the Glass Series. This story is about Opal - a glass maker with magical abilities on her journey of discovery and it takes place 4-5 years after novel Poison Study from the Study Series.Snyder has done it again! She captures you in her magical world and keeps you captivated. Opal finds herself on an impossible journey to investigate matters that have lead to the deaths of multiple stormdancers. While on her mission, Opal continues to struggle coming to terms with [...]

a typical Snyder. I loved it. ❤

While this series has been on my TBR for literally years, the only reason I finally picked it up was due to Shadow Study and my burning desire to understand every little detail in the book. But I’m glad I finally did.Following the story of Opal - who we meet in the Study series - we get to see the world of Sitia through another’s eyes. It was weird at first to be reading about the same people and the same world through different eyes, but it was also refreshing. I could really identify with [...]

4.5 stars*Sigh* I love Maria V. Snyder. Still kicking myself in the arse for not reading her books sooner

This review was originally posted at freadomlibrary.wordpress/Critically Plot – 4 out of 5 starsAs always with this author, this book is action packed and super fast paced. There’s a lot of tension, danger, magic, intrigue and suspense. It has all the great qualities that I enjoyed in the Study trilogy that comes before this book. Also, we travel a lot with the main characters in this book and we get to see more of the other clans as well as new forms of magic which was awesome. Writing Styl [...]

Opal Cowan has spent the last four years as a student at the Keep, training to be a magician, but so far the only thing she can do is channel magic into the glass animals she makes, enabling magicians to communicate with each other over long distances by using the animals. It's been a valuable service but her peer's snide remarks about her being a "one trick wonder" bite deep.To her surprise, Opal is included on a mission with the Master Magician Zitoria to go to the Stormdancer clan. The Stormd [...]

The book has a few interesting parts, and it's usually when there's action. Other than that, it's mostly boring. Opal is supposed to be 19 or so, however she acts and thinks like she's 14. I had to constantly remind myself that she wasn't a young teen.Ulrich comes off as a weird, obsessed, possessive stalker. Maybe I missed it but didn't she just meet him? And then all of a sudden he was just this crazy obsessed boyfriend who wanted to be with her and "protect" her. His behavior seriously border [...]

Yay! I got my ARC today! (1/11/09)I wasn't sure I was going to like Opal as a stand-alone character (and yes, Yelena fans, there are some pretty cool cameos from folks you know and love) but I think the combo of her and Zitora, as well as the other new characters introduced in this first-of-a-trilogy novel make for an exciting read. They've got spunk! Sitia fans, you get to roam around a little more in this one. We've been to Booruby and the Citadel, but this time you get to make it all the way [...]

**mini spoiler alert**This was an excellently written book! Although if I could have, I would have given it 3 1/2 stars instead of 4 for the following reasons:1) The characters lacked a bit of life. Opal is the character we follow throughout the book, but I really don't feel like I got to know her. Throughout the whole story she was either having flashbacks of her kidnapping/imprisonment where she was raped by Devlen(?) or she was surprising herself with the magical things she could do. She was [...]

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