A Lady Of Expectations

Stephanie Laurens

A Lady Of Expectations

A Lady Of Expectations

  • Title: A Lady Of Expectations
  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
  • ISBN: 9780778302285
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback

What Jack wanted in a wife was someone rather like his sister attractive, capable, someone he could converse with It was essential that he make his choice before the society matrons discovered his family were no longer as poor as church mice.

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Is it too harsh to say that A Lady of Expectations is a waste of paper? It isn't even a flaming pile of poo - that would give it too much personality. It's nothing. It's a blank maw of cliches. It's the color beige without the convenient color template options. A Lady of Expectations is likely the most boring book I've ever been obligated to finish. Fuck this book. My time is worth SO MUCH MORE than what this Jane Austen Fanwank Tribute Piece gave me. Moving onE STORY:Jack Lester (of the unfortu [...]

godawfulorter book:"My fairest damsel, although we have met only five minutes ago, you possess blonde hair and blue eyes and know how to maintain a house: therefore we are in love! Let us marry!""Oh my rougish darling, we cannot! For you are fake-poor and I am fake-poor and at least ONE of us needs to be super-rich for this relationship to work out! And you -- you are landed gentry! You need to repair the roof on your castle and feed your bloodhounds and whatnot!""Fear not, gentle maiden; I have [...]

This book is the vanilla ice cream of regencies; it's perfectly plain. But compared to the outlandish freakshows that pass as regency fiction these days, it was actually pretty nice to read.

This book did not seem to be up to my usual standards for Laurens. I loved the Cynster series. This was Ok but just not great. Man, recently wealthy, must find a wife without letting on he is rich. He meets the lady he wants and then she keeps saying (at least to herself)that there is no hope for them because he must marry money.Cousin who is having her come out at the same time and her country beau comes up to convince her to come back and marry him. Lester takes him under his wing to get the l [...]

This was a nice enough book but the whole 'I cant marry him because he needs a wife with money' just went on FOREVER driving me mad. I understand if someone had told Sophie earlier the main drama in the story would have been lost, but it was very frustrating.And really, would my grandmother (who gave me the book) approve of the shenanigans going on after she finally accepts the proposal? :D

Even in her early days of writing Stephanie Laurens dragged me into her wonderful world of romance and rouges, Of Debutantes and Dowagers. I cry and I laugh. I want to slap the chits with more hair than wit. Then tumble in bed with the hot and steamy men that catch my heart and warm my dreams. I highly recommend any and all books by Stephanie Laurens.

Great story line, absolutely loved it. As Linda Howard puts it on the cover of the book "All I need is her name on the cover for me to buy the book". so true in this case also.

It was ok. The plot seemed forced. Towards the end I got really tired of reading the words golden head!

This is a sweet, funny read! I love Stephanie Lauren's writing style. It is lofty and closer to a regency style composition than most other romances out there.

So-so romance, nothing exceptional but amusing enough to pass a couple of hours. It reminded me of Amanda Quick but not quite as engrossing in my humble opinion. Having said that, I would read further books by this author as next time I'd know not to expect anything too deep & the style's perfect for those times when you just want a bit of light romantic escapism.

Setting: country estate; country hunting estate; various balls and soiree’s of the ton at the beginning of the season.Theme:Falling in love; expections; Characters:Mr. Jack Lester, of Rawling’s Cottage: eldest of four; gentry; enough, but not surplus of money until a recent investment at the recommendation of Horatio Webb paid off big; in his thirties, head of household, sister recently married and estates lacking her touch – he is actively looking for a wife, but after one season is disap [...]

Tamer, Gentler LaurensTHE STORY: Jack Lester is in search of a bride. Recently having earned his fortune, Jack wants a bride who doesn't want him for his wealth so he hides his newfound fortune. His plan backfires when he finds the woman he wants but she thinks his lack of fortune means that that cannot hope for a future together. Sophie Winterton realizes that Jack is the perfect man for her. When she discovers, however, that he doesn't have a fortune, she realizes that despite their compatibil [...]

Unbelievably I found a book by Stephanie Laurens that is part of a series that I haven't read! This happens to be the second in the Lester Family Saga series. Jack Lester is a very wealthy man, unbeknownst to the rest of society and something he prefers to stay that way due to the money hungry mother's who are looking to make successful catches for their daughters. Jack however knows that if he going to ever gain the requisite heir and the spare he is going to have to find himself a wife. This i [...]

I loved this book! The story is so compelling. Its set wonderfully and that whimsical romantic in me it ticked all the boxes. I recently found this author through my local library and am now wanting to read more of her titles. Looking for romanticism this book will not disappoint. A great read.

This was one of the more interesting Laurens novels, probably due to the plot. The developing relationship between Sophie Winterton and Jack Lester is at the core of the book. Lester knows what he wants - Sophie and Sophie is under the misapprehension that Jack needs to marry well to secure his position in society and so they begin their courtship dance. A dance that continues right through until the end of the novel. There is some intrigue but not as much as she usually puts into her books. Thi [...]

Review - I preferred Jack Lester as a hero to Jason Montgomery. He was more willing to accept love and to fight for it, which is a more human reaction. The characters were more deep and interesting to read about than in the previous book. If it's possible I think I preferred A Lady of Expectations to the last one in the Lester series, The Reasons for Marriage. I felt that the description was also more complete. I think the constraints of the time were conducive to a more traditional courtship, b [...]

Jack was a great character in the previous book in the series. He and his brother Harry were a bit wild, raucous and fun. In this book he decides to marry and becomes dull. Previously the Lester family was known to lack funds. Due to speculation, they now had a lot of money but the matrons of society don't know that yet. To avoid match making mama's Jack decides to marry for love before their wealth becomes common knowledge. He sees the perfect girl, Sophie and proceeds to woo her. The plot is w [...]

3 e 1/2 «E io vi posso assicurare che non desidero, né ho mai desiderato una moglie ricca. Voglio solo voi, mia bellissima, adorabile Sophie. Per tutta la vita.» Poi con un bacio le tolse il fiato.Anche questo secondo capitolo della serie si mantiene sulla riga molto classica (e un po' superficiale) del primo ^^ Certo qui l'autrice si è impegnata un po' di più, la sensualità è leggermente meno soft (ma niente a che vedere con i romance "moderni" XD), c'è l'abbozzo di una seconda storia d [...]

I have read most of Stephanie Laurens Cynster. I really liked it. So when I came across this book I was excited. But once I started reading it, I found it a major disappointment and it was a task to finish it.The main characters were not developed enough. Jack Lester was an over confident hero with no layers in his character and Sophie Winterton came as simply dumb and not a strong leading lady as I have seen in previous books. The sub characters were annoying.Overall I will never recommend this [...]

Well this was a rather unexciting book. Let's follow this guy as he courts this girl who thinks he's not really courting her because he needs to marry someone rich and she's not. Only he really is courting her and he's going nuts with jealousy because she's being courted by everyone else. And so they go through their boring day-to-day business with very little passion (IMHO) and any and all excitement happens in the last 2 chapters of the book. Oh and the steaminess factor of this one is easily [...]

I agree with most of the other reviewers that the story lacks depth (e.g. it's one "I love him but" point is repeated a lot). However, I enjoyed this because it was decidedly lacking in a lot of the contrivances I've come across with historical romance with the stereotypical stubborn woman who does something reckless. Instead, this is more a leisurely romp in the garden with a well behaved lady. A nice change! For that, I appreciate the subtly of the storyline.

I didn't realize until I pulled this up on that is was part of a series- but I wouldn't have guessed. I really enjoyed it. A light Regency romance. I expected this to be more Jane Austen-y, but it a nice read anyhow. I'll have to check out the rest of the "saga". If my library copy would have had this cover I don't think I would have given it a second glance.

I did not really finish this book; I only kept listening to the audiobook as there was nothing else around at the time. I thought it might be something like Pride and Prejudice, however, it was a very poor imitation, moved slowly, and its characters were not notable in the least. Sorry to say, it was a notch below the typical $3.00 romance novel.

Jack Lester . . . if London society discovers his hidden wealth, he'll never find the right wife.Jack's heart races when he first lays eyes on Sophie. She is everything he desires and more, but he is caught in his own trap. Believing that Jack needs to marry into wealth, Sophie rejects all his advances, certain he would never marry a poor girl like her.

The ending was so weak that it detracted from the strength of the story. Otherwise, I would have given it four stars. I enjoyed the characters, and the weaving of the subplots. It was nice to have a bigger vocabulary than most romances. That was a plus for me! It's worth reading if you don't want a big bang at the point of resolution on the story.

This book is the epitome of a simple, Regency romance as depicted by a proper, by the book, courtship. The characters and scenes were all rather bland and neither one ever veered from their prim countenance. Once or twice I got excited, thinking that Jack would snap and pull Sophie into his arms and kiss her senseless, but alas, he always kept himself in check. Quite disappointing.

Sometimes, sometimes a lady's expectation can be wrong. But there is still time when they are right. Ms. Sophie Winterton believes that Jake needs to have a wealthy wife to wed. She tries all there is to avert his attentions. Jack knows what he wants and when he walks into the ball he see her and is on a campaign to win the love of all love.

I was pretty confused for the first half of this book. She likes him, he likes her the challenge to their relationship comes too late to justify why there's a problem. However, Stephanie Laurens is one of the best writers of feelings, so I still enjoyed this book for the emotions the characters go through.

Ms. L is a wonder.Every time I read a book by her I laugh and sigh. Her character development and chemistry are perfect to my mind. I had fun reading this book.This is a series to READ if you love all things Regency!

Not as thrilling as the plots of some of her books, but perfect lazy sunny day reading if you need a bit of froth. Perfect for me as some of my latest reading had been rather heavy and I needed something a bit lighter.

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