Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

Julia Strachey Frances Partridge

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

  • Title: Cheerful Weather for the Wedding
  • Author: Julia Strachey Frances Partridge
  • ISBN: 9781906462079
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback

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It is a brisk English March day, and Dolly is getting ready to marry the wrong man Waylaid by the sulking admirer who lost his chance, an astonishingly oblivious mother bustling around and making a fuss, and her own sinking dread, the bride to be struggles to reach the altar Dolly knew, as she looked round at the long wedding veil stretching away forever, and at the womIt is a brisk English March day, and Dolly is getting ready to marry the wrong man Waylaid by the sulking admirer who lost his chance, an astonishingly oblivious mother bustling around and making a fuss, and her own sinking dread, the bride to be struggles to reach the altar Dolly knew, as she looked round at the long wedding veil stretching away forever, and at the women, too, so busy all around her, that something remarkable and upsetting in her life was steadily going forward Julia Strachey 1901 1979 was born in India, where her father, a brother of Lytton Strachey, was in the Civil Service After her parents divorce she lived with relations in England and went to Bedales and the Slade and then worked as a model, as a photographer and in publishing She first married the sculptor Stephen Tomlin and then the art critic Lawrence Gowing her two novels appeared in 1932 and 1951.

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This was absolute rubbish. Wicked too. The story was that although her wedding was but a few hours off, the bride couldn't make up her mind whether she should get married or run off with a previous lover, a dithering sort of person whose job took him on great adventures abroad. He had just turned up again that day and hoped it wasn't too late. Whether to run off abroad with this man or get married to her steady fiance that was the question. The answer was to get drunk on rum straight from the bo [...]

The Persephone books are so awesome. I often think that if I won the lottery, the first thing I'd do would be to call the Persephone shop in London. "Send one of everything!" I'd say. (Isn't this what everyone fantasizes about when they imagine winning the lottery?) But due to being cheap, I currently have only three Persephone books, and this is the first one I've actually read. Thankfully, it did not disappoint. As Seating Arrangements taught me last year, I love novels based around a wedding [...]

I read this very short novella by a member of the Bloomsbury Group, first published in 1932, at a sitting - the perfect antidote to some of the longer and heavier tomes I've been struggling through lately. The main thing that struck me about it was how visually vivid it is - full of colours, textures and wickedly accurate descriptions, which make me want to track down the film that was made a few years back, and see how well it translates to screen. The book focuses in on a single day in a wildl [...]

This funny and beautifully written novella was first published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth press in 1932.The novella is set over one brisk English March day in a country house in Malton.Mrs Thatcham ( who the author based on her own Mother in-law from her first marriage) is running around from chair to chair thumping down cushions and fluffing them up again and generally getting into a frenzy because today her Daughter Dolly is to be married to the Hon Owen Bigham.Cousins Robert [...]

This must be one of my favorite movies, I've watched it many times; I would love to get my hands on a copy of this book! I love British movies in general, but this one isn't conventional. It doesn't have the kind of happy ending people would expect, it's definitely a story about first love, family, heartbreaks, jealousy, mistakes, new beginnings, summer, weddings, and the weather.

It has been six years since I read this sharply observed little novella from Julia Strachey, and my excuse to re-read it was provided by my second book group.Julia Strachey, niece of Lytton Strachey wrote this beautiful little piece in 1932, it was subsequently published by the Hogarth Press, and was regarded highly by Virginia Wolf. With this novella written around the time Julia Strachey’s own marriage was failing, we can perhaps see her own feelings to marriage and the possibility for happi [...]

This is the first actual grey-covered Persephone book I've got hold of. I've read others from the Persephone catalog in different editions (The Shuttle and Miss Buncle's Book were both very good), but I've never actually held one until yesterday, when I signed for my lovely blue inter-library loan envelope. And it was paperback! Somehow I expected it to be hardcover. This book was the first paperback with a dust jacket I've ever seen. Well, that has nothing to do with the actual book.In any case [...]

This novella recounts the events of one day: Dolly Thatchum's wedding day. She is nervous, her mother is flitting about oblivious, and another man is just dying to have a word with her.Strachey has an amazing ability to describe her characters so that they are perfectly visible to the reader. The small details and the clever descriptions of actions and looks are simply perfection.The plot itself is secondary to the character studies, but it is acerbically witty and profoundly real. Her metaphors [...]

I do love the Persephone Books series and who could resist this pretty Persephone Classic with the lady reading on the front? Contained with its pages is a charmingly witty little novella that you can read on a lazy afternoon. The novella takes place over the course of just one afternoon that happens to be the day of Dolly’s wedding. She is having some last minute doubts in her bedroom as chaos reigns below. As she sits looking outside having a quiet drink, the family and friends are having qu [...]

The book was exactly as I'd imagined it, which can be a dangerous thing, I suppose. It was delightful, sunny, and often chuckle-out-loud reading. Strachey seems to have a penchant for, and succeeds brilliantly at, describing in precision, soft pastel light floating through a room in the afternoons, the texture of a day, and the heightened emotion of an event. What I was most impressed by, was how she didn't make an effort to include everything from the readers' perspective. The amusing pair of b [...]

Another title from Persephone Books, a British publisher that specializes in bringing women's work from the 1920s and 1930s back into print. This one is proto-Woolfian (that's not quite fair to say, perhaps, because Woolf had already done some of her best work by the time this book was published.) It's a snapshot of a wedding morning--or snapshots from multiple perspectives. Plenty of class tension, quite a few funny moments, and also (of course) the marry-for-security or marry-for-love debate.

A small and elegant novel about a society wedding, sharply observed, often quite funny, and full of interesting characters but rather slight, I felt -- worth reading, but not one of my favorite Persephones.

I received this book from Jeniwren knowing nothing about it. It's a beautiful Persephone edition and the name Strachey seemed familiar (author's uncle was a contempary of Bloomsbury group). An interesting little read. I actually rather enjoyed the forward by Frances Partridge about the author. I would describe this as a between the wars little romance gone wrong. In the forward the bride's mother was meant to be based on the author's mother-in-law. Wow. Reminiscent of Mrs Bennett and Pride & [...]

Reading this has left me vaguely unsettled. I've never read a novella before and find myself dissatisfied with the entire affair. So many questions left unanswered! Was Joseph telling the truth at the end? Was Dolly? What became of them? I'm amazed such a small book could envoke so many feelings! I will definelty be looking for more by this author.

Discovered this thanks to another blogger (thanks Nymeth). Persephone publishes rediscovered classics with a leaning toward female authors and experiences. Besides this book, I've bought a few others from them for my TBR pile. This is a short one, originally published in 1932 and rereleased by Persephone in 2007, and has a lovely preface by Frances Partridge, Julia's lifelong friend.The action all takes place on the wedding day of 22-year-old Dolly Thatcham, and all occurs in her home before mar [...]

This was a rather darling little book, despite the issues I had with it, the main one being the ending. While some of the characterisation was rather marvelous, it just didn't feel like there had been sufficient build up or interaction (which I think was due primarily to its lack of length) to justify the denouement. Also, the final revelation was just a little, well, off, and the way it was written left me with the feeling that it just didn't quite fit with the rest of the book. But oh, the del [...]

Review first posted on BookLikes: brokentuneoklikes/post/Hmm, I picked this up by chance, without knowing much about it. It is the story of a wedding party who receive a guest - a young man who still harbors feelings for the bride.So. amidst the stress of getting the family ready for the wedding - including a couple of boisterous schoolboys - the story tries to focus on the will-they-won't-they tension between the guest and the brided it this question that just manages to keep the story going.It [...]

Más que libro sería un relato corto de las últimas horas de una novia de los años 30/40 donde la única gracia por mi parte era saber si el amigo de Dolly, la novia, acabaría parando la boda y declarando su amor o dejaría pasar la oportunidad.Lo único que salva al libro tras descripciones de lo más empalagoso es descubrir detalles sobre la sociedad de esos años, por lo demás no le he visto la gracia.

Reprinted by Persephone Books, a small publisher which reprints "forgotten twentieth century novels" by women, and thank God for that because this novella originally published in 1932 by Virginia Woolf is very good. Taking place over just a few hours in the disorganized household of the widowed Mrs. Thatcham, who is marrying off her daughter Dolly to some anonymous successful diplomat, it is catty, humorous, witty, and perfectly dreadful.

Charming. Witty. A little sad and dead accurate on the way people think and act. If you like domestic fiction like Dorothy Whipple or Barbara Pym or anything that Persephone publishes-pick up this novella and relax. You are in good hands.

A short but sweet novel about the build up to a 2pm wedding. For me this just didn't get going and I found myself caring very little for the characters or what was happening! There were the odd moments where my interest started to be sparked but then that quickly faded and it all just became too much like a not very funny farce!A quick and easy book to read though if you're looking to pass a couple of hours but not my favourite Persephone

A short and delightful read, for certain. Although very different from the type of works I am used to.You don't really get to know the characters extremely well (although, in a text under 150 pages, one wouldn't expect to) but this appears a stylistic choice, not the result of poor writing. Far from it. Instead, Cheerful Weather for the Wedding gives the reader a feeling as though they have stumbled into this country house on the morning of a wedding and becoming witness to the hustle and bustle [...]

Delightfully observed and beautifully written, Cheerful Weather for the Wedding is a story about a middle-class bourgeois family on the day of a wedding. Dolly, the 23 year-old bride-to-be, is preparing to marry Owen and everyone in the house is in a mild sort of chaos. Cheerful Weather for the Wedding is really just a perfect little book as the humor and the sadness are exquisitely aligned. You see, the novella only takes place over a morning and a bit of an afternoon; yet how quickly everythin [...]

One grim, blustery morning, 23 year old Dolly is preparing for her wedding. She is not so much relucant as she is apathetic; silent and detached, while she nurses a deep secret. Meanwhile, the entire household quavers like a disembowelled spirit, sensing disquiet yet unable to name it. In the opening chapter, Dolly finds a forgotten handbag from yesteryear, a poignant metaphor for her life to be left behind. She imagines “all sorts of precious things”, such as lost cheques, perhaps represent [...]

This is the story of a day in the life of the Thatcham family, in their English country house. It is however, no ordinary day in their lives. The eldest daughter of the family, Dolly, is to be married that morning. The house is inundated with quirky guests who say and do the most unusual things. A ex-beau, Joseph, is plucking up the courage to speak to Dolly. The bride is upstairs, liberally drinking from a tall bottle of Jamaica Rum while adjusting her toilette. As the time for leaving the hous [...]

Novella, a snapshot of a wedding day - all the action takes place before and after the wedding, at the bride's home. Dolly seems to be marrying the wrong man, at least in the opinion of the one who has missed his chance with her, and she certainly seems to go about her preparations in a rather odd way. Bittersweet, quite funny, sharply observed (it's particularly good on the relationship of the mother and the servants). The wedding day is somehow not quite a catastrophe in spite of everything. J [...]

This novella takes place over about the same stretch of time it took to read it - a couple of hours. It's set in a house just before the wedding of the daughter, who seems uncertain about the step she's taking. In the house, among the guests, is the man it's hinted that she really ought to be marrying instead. It's a bright spring day with a howling wind, very atmospheric and oblique but ultimately rather frustrating - I did enjoy it but was left feeling rather so what?ish.

This novella works great as an enjoyable glimpse into a picturesque situation. I liked the rhythm of the narration and I think it successfully conveys an absurd and frustrating atmosphere. My low rating comes from the fact that, personally, I found nothing remarkable in the story that will stay with me. Nevertheless, I feel I will come back to it at some point in the future and appreciate it more.

No está mal, aunque no es lo que esperaba es un buen libro y está bien escrito. Una advertencia, si decidís leerlo no hagáis mucho caso de los comentarios de la contraportada, no esperéis una divertida comedia romántica a lo Cuatro Bodas y un Funeral.

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