Trillion The Three-Headed Lion

Adam Blade Ezra Tucker

Trillion The Three-Headed Lion

Trillion The Three-Headed Lion

  • Title: Trillion The Three-Headed Lion
  • Author: Adam Blade Ezra Tucker
  • ISBN: 9780545132664
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback

New Beasts Old Magic The peace of Avantia has been shattered by a fearsome new Beast Trillion the Three Headed Lion If he is to save the kingdom, Tom must defeat Trillion and collect all the pieces of magical golden armor Will he succeed

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Another of the popular Beast Quest series. Kids love collecting these adventures and the illustrations and colourful collector cards go down well. In each tale Tom has to contend with a new monstrous beast sent by an evil sorceror. This book is from the second series, and a nice touch is that one Beast Tom freed from an evil spell in the first series comes to his aid. A three-headed lion is a fearsome opponent, and fittingly in this plains environment we also meet a pack of hyenas, cattle and go [...]

It was such a cool beast - the Three-Headed Lion and the book was really funny!

This is the conclusion of Tom's quest for the Golden Armor, and the book is, with a couple of small breaks in the action, one huge fight scene from start to finish.I felt like the adversary, Trillian the Three-Headed Lion, suffered a bit from a tell-instead-of-show approach. We get told over and over that he appears to be essentially invulnerable to everything that Tom and Elenna throw (or swing or shoot) at him, but the writing doesn't really make the reader feel that. A lot of the scenes off T [...]

Asher (6yo) read. "This story is about a boy trying to complete his quest of getting all the golden armor. A centaur named Tagus, the boy named Tom, and a girl Elenna, and a horse named Storm, and a wolf named Silver have to complete the quest by getting the golden boots. The Trillion, the three-headed lion, is guarding the boots. They save Tagus from getting killed by the beast because they were in a battle. How they saved him was Elenna shooting an arrow into the lion's paw.My favorite thing a [...]

Not one of my favorites. Sorry, Blade.

I thought this book was really good. I would recommended reading the first series before this book because this was book 12 in the 2nd series. Really enjoyed it. The characters were good.

i like Trillion because he is a lion and i like lions.

I don't really like it when Tagus gets hurt.

Very exciting when he confronts the lion!(Ryan is too busy to give review right now) = )

good bookeat series

To prove I can read this book under an hour Honestly my little brother loves this book but it has no feelings at all it's just he came fought and the lion died.

My son just bought this, I wonder why?

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