Flat Stanley

Jeff Brown Scott Nash

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley

  • Title: Flat Stanley
  • Author: Jeff Brown Scott Nash
  • ISBN: 9780439588638
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback

Poor Stanley He s a perfectly normal boy until one morning he wakes up flat After his parents peel the incriminating bulletin board off of him, Stanley must adjust to life as a pancake He is a boy who takes this kind of thing in stride, though, and soon he s enjoying the advantages of squashedness Sliding under closed doors is fun, and it s gratifying to be of use to hPoor Stanley He s a perfectly normal boy until one morning he wakes up flat After his parents peel the incriminating bulletin board off of him, Stanley must adjust to life as a pancake He is a boy who takes this kind of thing in stride, though, and soon he s enjoying the advantages of squashedness Sliding under closed doors is fun, and it s gratifying to be of use to his mother when she drops her ring through a narrow metal grating Expensive plane fare to California No problem Svelte Stanley folds comfortably into a brown paper envelope There s even room left over in there for an egg salad sandwich But Stanley s true moment of glory comes when a gang of thieves begins stealing paintings from the Famous Museum of Art The case seems hopeless until our two dimensional hero saves the day Here is one boy who doesn t let his profile challenged body stop him from living life fully that is, until his brother finds a way to help him become well rounded again Jeff Brown s matter of fact tone and Tomi Ungerer s witty and engaging drawings tickle the funny bone, making this 1964 classic a perennial favorite Ages 4 to 8 Emilie Coulter

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I think it is cool that Stanley is only 1 inch thick. It must be fun to slide under a door or be flown as a kite. He had to bring a sandwich with him when he was mailed. The envelope had to be very big. It cost Mr. Lambchop a whole sheet of stamps to mail Stanley. I hope he doesn't get into any. trouble being flat.You should read it to find out. I recommend this book and I look forward to reading more Stanley books. Ahku

Stanley woke up flat as a pancake. He loved slipping under doors and going from room to room. He was caught up in an unexpected adventure by sneak thieves. It is a great story with really great illustrations. I will be reading more Stanley books with my grandchildren. He is a hit!

Flat Stanley has seen a resurgence of popularity as schools are using one of the initial stories of Stanley Lambchop being mailed to another location for a visit to family friends as a fun, creative associated activity to connect students to the story. Nash’s updated illustrations on nearly every page bring out the imaginative qualities and opportunities the original premise of these stories has to offer young readers.This first book of the Flat Stanley series describes how Stanley became flat [...]

I didn't enjoy this book as much as the Mexican Adventure I just read, but I was curious to find out more about how Stanley became flat! The plot was not so great but there were important messages along the book, for instance not jumping to conclusions (based on first looks or what some situation looks like), not judging people for their "shapes, religion, or the color of their skin", the importance of family and working as a team.

For Stanley, being dressed as a girl is more horrifying than being flat, getting stuffed in an envelope and mailed across the country, or standing still on pegs for hours while staking out villains. Both my daughter and my son deserve better than some dumb flat kid who disparages girl-stuff. Maybe this was updated in later versions?

When my husband and I left our dear "grand girl" Marlee at a very young age, as her "step" grandmother I was pleasantly surprised to learn (for she came from a very large and very loving extended family), that she chose me to send "Flat Stanley", 750 miles away. It was early December, and I was in the midst of Christmas preparations; gifts to be chosen and sent far and wide. It was a delightful respite to delve into the children's section of our local library to find out who this "Flat Stanley" [...]

My 5 yr old loved this book. A great story about a boy who gets flat after something falls on him and the advantages to being flat has. (Such as sneaking under doors) A colorful story with bright illustrations, it's probably somewhere around a level 2 reading book. A little too long and involved for my twin 3 yr olds, it's better suited for older children, but still interesting enough for a family read, especially if you keep your kids engaged by asking them questions about the book. Overall a n [...]

Dad: So Eleanor, what did you think about the book?Eleanor: I thought the book was awesome. Dad: what do you think about the voice reviews?E: I would give the book 5 stars. Dad: but what do you think about the voice reviews?E: I think the voice reviews are amazing. D: This book was on the shelf at piano. So we just read it while we were waiting for Gwen. We've been reading it for the past three or four weeks. Since we don't have a computer here, we are recording a review into the phone. So, what [...]

Flat Stanley, Jeff Brown عنوان: استنلی، پسرک کاغذی؛ نویسنده: جف براون؛ مترجم: حسین فتاحی؛ تصویرگر: تومی اونگرر؛ تهران، سروش، 1371، در 50 ص، مصور، موضوع: داستانهای تخیلی

It should be noted that my review is for the original Flat Stanley with illustrations by Tomi Ungerer, not the revised (and much inferior) editions by Scott Nash. The original will always be superior. This is a much loved book from my youth, one of the very first I learned to read. The story is whimsical and the pictures delightful. What I remember best was the imaginative idea of sending Stanley through the mail, and having him return from many far away places. This book not only was a stepping [...]

This children's book - first published in 1964 - is definitely not timeless. The writing style and dialogue seem pretty outdated throughout the whole story, which gives it an unbelievable (not fantastical) and boring quality. However, the scene in which Flat Stanley's parents mail him for a California visit has sparked the Flat Stanley Project in which people of all ages can make their own Stanleys and mail them around the world - great for classrooms and library programming. I'm interested in c [...]

I have a few concerns over the physics of this book, a boy gets flattened by what looks like a cork board, he lives that part makes sense to me, my concern is how he is used as a kite, where has all his weight gone? Also any clothes he puts on suddenly become flat? hmmmmm might explain why my clothes are always too tight.My daughter said she liked this, but there wasn't any laughter and usually we end up discussing every page, not this time though, I think it didn't capture her imagination enoug [...]

This book can be funny if you point out the ridiculousness of the situations to the child you are reading this too. For instance, Stanley gets flattened by a bulletin board. His parents are a little bit upset, but, breakfast is already ready and they decide to go ahead and eat breakfast before bringing him to the doctor. I mean, that's a bit ridiculous. Later in the book, his mother drops her ring down a storm drain and then lowers him through the grating to fetch her ring. I mean, sure, storm d [...]

1. Book summary, in your own words (3 pts)Flat Stanley is about a boy who becomes flat when a bookshelf falls on top of him. He goes to the doctor; they do nothing. He likes being flat at first because he could do things like go to the beach through the mail and be a human kite. Towards the end of the book, though, he is made fun of and no longer wishes to be different.2. Grade level, interest level, lexile (1 pt)This book good probably be read by students from 2nd-5th grade. It is very interest [...]

Flat Stanley is a classic, yet quirky children's book and one of my personal childhood favourites.Stanley is a normal boy until one morning he wakes to find his notice board has fallen on him and he is now as flat as a pancake. As it turns out, things are not as bad as he first thought. So follows an entertaining and humorous adventure where he finds he is able to slide under doors, be sent on holiday through the post and even fly like a kite. However, his greatest moment comes when he manages t [...]

Unfortunately I was disappointed by this rendition of my childhood years, it's crude and the story lacked a sense of my determination to get through the difficult time. I shall overlook the lack of the ensuing lawsuit against the makers of the bulletin board, whose poorly fitted screws and bolts led to my horrific accident, as I understand that it would have taken up most of the book. I feel that the book misses the importance of my heroic and courageous actions when faced with the jewellery hei [...]

I just happened to see this because of ; I’d never heard of it before. I’m glad that the library gave me the edition they did.This is a hoot. This is quirky, offbeat, clever, creative, and seemingly unique. I just loved it. And it’s another great museum story and sibling story too.The illustrations fit the story wonderfully.This has a much longer (text) story than the average picture book.

It is an easy and fun read for early readers. It’s a sweet story of Stanley who becomes flat (when a bulletin board falls on him). He then has all kinds of adventures being flat until his younger brother fixes him back to being normal. Young children will enjoy this book; the bonus it has few pictorial representation!

Stanley este un băiețel plat. Oricât de neobișnuită ar părea ideea, sunt sigură că mulți copii o să considere povestea amuzantă. De fapt poveștile, fiindcă sunt două. Cea de-a doua ne învață, pe un ton politicos și echilibrat, care pot fi consecințele atunci când un duh ne îndeplinește dorințele. Lectura e veselă și prietenoasă, iar ilustrațiile minunate!

I think this book would be a good one for readers who have just started to read fluently as the language isn't too difficult and the chapters almost split themselves into small short stories although it is one continuous story. Brown adds two elements to this story, the fun in Stanley being flat and being able to do all these magical things but also the element of jealousy from his brother Arthur and i feel like this element could really be explored in discussions in PSHE. This story really open [...]

I read the newer edition this time. It skips the scene mentioned in another review, of going down the drain. All I remember from the old days about the book is that it's popular in classrooms, as children can mail their own Stanleys to pen pals, etc. This read did not impress me.


So, I thought this was a S-T-R-A-N-G-E book, but my son absolutely loved it and wants to read the rest of the series. I liked Stanley's relationship with his brother - too cute! Full review to come.

From starting with book 11 in one class, it was nice to go back and see how it started in another class.

Revisiting some childhood favorites for my Children's Lit class. I loved this one!

This book is about a kid name stanley hes the main charecter. In the night stanley was in bed there was a bulletin board in top of him because it fell on hime next day her mom,s ring fell to the grating and stanley got itey went to the park and was a kite.In the news that the robers robed a painting from the museuM so stanley in the night was one of the painting then the robres came then stanley scaered the robers and ran away then guy gave him a metal thing.Hes brother got bicicle pump and put [...]

What a weird concept. But my six year old son seemed to like it.Stanley becomes flat when a bulletin board falls on him (defying the laws of science.) He has several adventures--searching for a missing ring in a grate, flying as a kite, capturing art thieves as a painting. But at then end he is tired of being made fun of for being flat. His mom tells him it is not right to dislike someone for their shape or religion or skin color. I thought that part of the book was ahead of its time, since it w [...]

Flat Stanley is a entertaining little novel. I did indeed have a hard time reading it though. It was written very simply and very easily-I know that children, especially little boys would very much so enjoy this little book. But as for me, I did not enjoy it. It seemed to teach the wrong morals and it was boring. If I was going to be a teacher I do not think that I would choose to teach this in my classroom. Also I really felt the age of this novel. During the age it was written, catching an art [...]

I read this classic picture book after seeing the play so I could figure out how accurate the play was. It's a wonderfully imaginative fantasy about a boy whose bulletin board falls on him during the night and flattens him enough that he can fit into a large envelope and travel through the mail. So first he goes to visit a friend who moved away and then goes to NY (although in the play it was France)to help solve a robbery at the art museum. Then he decides he just wants to go home and be normal [...]

It's kind of amazing how some books/stories turn into sensations; it seems the "mail flat stanley to a friend during third grade" is a school tradition for nearly every elementary aged kid I know. Story was cute.But where's the uproar! The kid gets squished! Art thieves threaten to "kill" him! He's allowed to be by himself at night! In the dark! Why do some parents object to so much teen content, but they're not aghast at this????? (tongue in cheek, lest someone think I object myself)

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