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  • Title: Intervention
  • Author: Terri Blackstock
  • ISBN: 9780310289050
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Audio CD

Her last hope is the beginning of a new nightmare Barbara Covington has one chance to save her daughter from a devastating addiction, by staging an intervention But when eighteen year old Emily disappears on the way to drug treatment and her interventionist is found dead at the airport Barbara enters her darkest nightmare of all Barbara and her son set out to findHer last hope is the beginning of a new nightmare Barbara Covington has one chance to save her daughter from a devastating addiction, by staging an intervention But when eighteen year old Emily disappears on the way to drug treatment and her interventionist is found dead at the airport Barbara enters her darkest nightmare of all Barbara and her son set out to find Emily before Detective Kent Harlan arrests her for a crime he is sure she committed Fearing for Emily s life, Barbara maintains her daughter s innocence But does she really know her any Meanwhile, Kent has questions of his own His gut tells him that this is a case of an addict killing for drugs, but as he gets to know Barbara, he begins to hope he is all wrong about Emily The panic level rises as the mysteries intensify Did Emily s obsession with drugs lead her to commit murder or is she another victim of a cold blooded killer

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Terri Blackstock is one of my favorite authors, and she never disappoints me no matter what the subject matter of her book happens to be. This is a stand alone novel about a drug intervention and a murder. Ms. Blackstock is one of the few mystery writers who can prevent me from figuring out who committed a crime until she, as the author, chooses to tell me. I found the characters very believable; they were flawed and made mistakes in the midst of a crisis situation just as most of us probably wo [...]

Very enlighteningThis book was very enlightening to the hurt and pain of being addictive to drugs in the family. I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to all Terri Blackstock fans.

One of my biggest criticisms of contemporary Christian fiction is that while the stories and situations may be compelling and interesting, the characters and their reactions to the situations or chain of events often are not. Too often, you can predict the story arc for each character based on his or her introduction in the novel. You can guess who will be "saved" and who won't be early in the story, thus ruining some of the enjoyment of the story and diminishing the authenticity of the novel. ( [...]

Barbara Covington is desperate to save her daughter from drug addiction. Emily has been in rehab before and has gone right back to the drugs that she craves. Barbara finally stages an intervention. Trish from Road Back Recovery Center arrives to escort Emily to rehab.When Trish and Emily land in Atlanta Barbara's nightmare begins. Trish is found dead in the parking garage and Emily is missing. Barbara and her son Lance arrive in Atlanta where the police believe that Emily is the one who murdered [...]

She was an addict, going to get help. But her Chauffeur gets killed and everyone thinks she is the killer. With Emily missing her mother and brother come to try and find her to help her. They know she cant be a killer. But everyone only wants a story and an addict gone killer sounded nice to them. So they were on their own to find Emily, to save her. If she hadnt killed then she was with the killer if not she cpuld be dead somewhere too.

K - they need to start putting disclaimers on religious books. I will still read you if you aren't totally religious - but at least I have full warning that you are coming at me with scripture. For instance - um - Jodi Piccoult? I think she has religious tones in her books - but I enjoy them - and I'm ok with that. One of my favorite books was about religion and orphans and blah blah blah blah. It's been a while since I read it. But - again - DISCLAIMER!For the book itself - interesting enough. [...]

Like all Terri Blackstock books, I made the mistake of trying to read a few pages before bed once I was within 50 pages of the end and wound up staying up until I finished at about 3 am. This was one of the best I've read from her. I really empathized with the characters and cared about their relationships and dilemmas. As usual, Blackstock's faith comes through in the story, but not in a preachy or corny way. She is very good at developing believable Christian and non-Christian characters and d [...]

I hated this book. Well, I hatd the character of the mother. While she was portrayed as a mother bear type, willing to do whatever it took to protect her child, I saw her as shrill, pushy, and manipulative and just getting in the way. I tried to keep reading, kept hoping her character would dial it down a little but it didn't happen and I finally couldn't stand it anymore and quit reading.I did, however, end up reading the 2nd book in this series, "Vicious Cycle" which I liked a lot, which was s [...]

Terri Blackstock is always a great choice if you're looking for a suspense story from a Christian worldview. She often deals with modern, real-life issues, and in Intervention that issue is drug abuse. I read this book a few years ago, but I remember it being realistic and engaging.

Author: Terri BlackstockRating: 8/10Intervention, the newest stand-alone novel by Christian author Terri Blackstock. Her last hope is the beginning of a new nightmare, Intervention is about a Christian mum who has had her fair share of tragedy the last few years and all that seems to be holding her together is the love of her son Lance and the belief that no matter what obstacles she comes across God is always looking out for her. Her daughter, shortly after the death of the father decided to ta [...]

I can’t remember where I heard about this book and what made me decide to try it, but somehow I missed that this was Christian Fiction. I am a Christian; a practicing Catholic. My family goes to church every Sunday, our children go to Catholic schools, and we enjoy being a part of our church community. But when I choose a book to read, particularly fiction, I am not looking religious message. To be honest, Terri Blackstock wasn’t too overbearing in this regard, I just wasn’t expecting it. [...]

Absolutely riveting. This author sure knows how to spin a suspenseful tale! I was completely captivated on page one. The subject matter is gritty and there are so many emotional punches -- at times I couldn't catch my breath. Page turning does not begin to describe how compelling a read Intervention is.Barbara is a relatable heroine. She's been through so much -- especially where her daughter is concerned. And yet she clings to the Lord -- looks to Him for comfort and direction. When her daughte [...]

Emily, who lost her father, pulls herself away from her mom and brother to live the life of an addict. Her mom tries every way to get her cleaned up, but fails and as a last resort commits her to a rehab center out of state. But on the way there, her counselor is murdered and she is kidnapped. The police think she killed the counselor but her mom is set on finding the truth and does not believe her daughter is guilty. She puts her life on hold and with her son decides to take matters into her ow [...]

Wow, this book went fast!!Honestly, I wasn't too sure about it to start with but I was looking through my library's audiobook collection because I was really wanting one to listen to and this is one of the few that were currently available that I thought I might enjoy.It started off kinda slow and uninteresting. My attention lagged, and if I had been reading the book instead of listening to it, I might have given up, but I kept listening and was rather quickly drawn deep into the story!This book [...]

This book was amazing! Ok? It is one of the best suspense novels I've read in a long time! Terri Blackstock is probably my favorite Christian author. Her books always hold me in suspense, especially near the end. Last night, I just couldn't stop flipping the pages, and I actually had to make myself put it away so I could eat dinner!The story of 'Intervention' was so good! I had really no clue what it was about, besides that it involved a drug addict, and when I kept reading, things just kept sur [...]

I enjoyed this book but I had subtle problems with it. I liked the character of Lance, he provided comic relief. I did not like the fact that every time the mother described her daughter to someone she would always call her pretty. I got tired of that descriptionI felt as if it was very shallow. Every mother would describe their daughter as pretty. I enjoyed the perspective of Emily, and hearing her tell what'd happened.but I didn't really like the killer/kidnapper's POV. I feel like that was a [...]

I loved this book so much, I was sad when I thought it was a stand alone. But I looked into it and found out two other books follow it!!! You will never know how excited I was about that!!! :)I don't know if there was any part in the book that I didn't like or I thought was boring! I think I loved everything about it! And the characters were fabulous!!It had a pretty good representation of the gospel compared to most books I've read.There are a few bloody scenes in the book, but it's nothing too [...]

Terri blackstock is responsible for stealing too many hours of sleep from meTerri blackstock is responsible for stealing too many hours of sleep from meTerri blackstock is responsible for stealing too many hours of sleep from me. this is another one of her books that forced me to stay up late and finish it instead of going to bed like I should. it's been a while since I read anything of hers and I find it interesting that God would put her story about motherhood in my path knowing it would draw [...]

Very well written by someone who obviously understands the world in which the story takes place.The affect drugs have on a family and how they might combat the addiction is shown in heartbreaking detail. I have known families who have sent their children to an intervention rehabilitation center and feel for the pain and struggle they face in doing so.The murder mystery adds a good dose of thrilling suspense.

This book was so interesting because it showed the struggle of an addict and her family. When I was reading this book it always kept me wondering. I also like this book because Barbara has so much faith in her daughter when everyone thinks she is a killer. I loved the twist on the ending because its so not what I expected. I also think that Barbra was so brave and I think that if she didnt search hard for Emily that she probably would have died.

I haven't read many Christian books lately.Not for a good while really. But I know that almost every time I have picked up a book by Terri Blackstock it will be decent. This is a book about intervention afforded to addicts. If someone you know needs to go to rehab it brings up some good points about searching for the right facility. Worth the read.

Even if a parent could be "perfect", there is no guarantee the children will be perfect. Good parents can raise children who make bad choices, and children of bad parents can make good choices. This book illustrates beautifully the individual's responsibility, whether to set themselves on a path of destruction or success--and how those decisions impact the lives of those around them.

An enjoyable suspense novel. I thought it was very realistic. The relationship focus is mainly mother-daughter; a nice break from all the romance. Also, the main thing I got from this book is that there is freedom in Christ. He can break the chains of bondage and set us free! (John 8:36) This is the first Terri Blackstock book I've ever read, and I definitely hope to read more.

I whipped through it because it was hard to put down. It was very eye-opening in terms of what the families of addicts face. I know the author was trying to get across how distressed the mom was, but this characater really started to get on my nerves.

This was a library book I grabbed in a hurry, thinking it was a mystery/thriller. It somewhat was, but it was also a religious fiction book, which I wasn't expecting. I'm not really a fan of that genre, but even disregarding that, the book didn't stand alone as a great story.

I've read most of Terri Blackstock's books, and Intervention is one of her best new releases. A fast-paced blend of mystery and suspense, Intervention reads like a great TV crime drama. From start to finish, the story is believable and entertaining.

Predictable and suspenseless. Wooden characters and an uninteresting story line.

Loved it. Not what I expected. I love how Terri Blackstock always show the love and forgiveness of Christ and how we need to rely on him.

Excellent suspense novel - not as much Jesus as I thought would be in it - but still an outstanding book without all the filthy language and smut that comes in alot of today's novels

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