As Regras da Sedução

Madeline Hunter Isabel Alves

As Regras da Sedução

As Regras da Sedução

  • Title: As Regras da Sedução
  • Author: Madeline Hunter Isabel Alves
  • ISBN: 9789892302089
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback

Hayden chega sem aviso e sem ser convidado um estranho com motiva es secretas e um forte carisma Em poucas horas, Alexia Welbourne v a sua vida mudar irremediavelmente A rela o entre ambos tensa, agitada e inc moda Para Alexia, Hayden o culpado da sua desventura sem dote, ela perdeu qualquer esperan a de algum dia se casar Mas tudo muda quando Hayden lhe roubHayden chega sem aviso e sem ser convidado um estranho com motiva es secretas e um forte carisma Em poucas horas, Alexia Welbourne v a sua vida mudar irremediavelmente A rela o entre ambos tensa, agitada e inc moda Para Alexia, Hayden o culpado da sua desventura sem dote, ela perdeu qualquer esperan a de algum dia se casar Mas tudo muda quando Hayden lhe rouba a inoc ncia num acto impulsivo de paix o As regras da sociedade obrigam na a casar com o homem que arruinou a sua fam lia O que ela desconhece que o seu autorit rio e sensual marido movido por uma inten o oculta e carrega consigo uma pesada d vida de honra Para a poder pagar, ele arriscar tudo excepto a mulher, que come a a jogar segundo as suas pr prias regras

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The Rules of Seduction is like a heavily tarnished gem; you'd have to look past all its flaws to see its beauty and value. It was just too long and its pacing was too slow that I wouldn't blame those who abandoned it halfway through the story. God knows I nearly did.But I'm glad I didn't.Things only picked up at around the 70% marker, but what happened after then was worth the long, agonising wait.I liked Hayden from the very start, but it was near the end that I really fell for him. He turned o [...]

Mais uma vez esta autora não desilude. Os meus agradecimentos à editora ASA pela excelente aposta nesta autora e pelo cuidado na tradução (realizado por Isabel Alves).No entanto é de lamentar que a editora tenha optado por não publicar esta tetralogia pela ordem correcta.***********************************************Desta vez acompanhamos uma jovem mulher, Alexia Welbourne, cujo destino lhe ditou que perdesse a fortuna e o estatuto devido a maus negócios por parte de seu pai. Desta feita [...]

I haven’t read many books by this author, and judging from various reviews I’ve seen, she can be a bit hit-and-miss for many, but I enjoyed this, and was particularly impressed with the way she utilises a specific historical event (the stock market crash of 1825) to provide both background detail and impetus for her story.Lord Hayden Rothwell, brother of the eccentric Marquess of Easterbrook is a highly successful and skilled financier, as well as being a mathematical genius on the quiet. He [...]

PT4,5The historical rigour is great, the sceneries are lovely, the writter is amazing*. And Alexia and Hayden themselves, they're delicious! He's an honorable nobleman, after his brother, the Marquis of Easterbrook. Alexia was receiving their families support after facing destituion. Hayden, who discovers a major fraude made by Alexia's cousin, decides to take measures himself, and those include confiscating all their possessions. While her family is forced to leave London, Alexia is offered a p [...]

Hmmm Not sure of this one. It started out promising, than diverted to your typical tall, dark and brooding rogue, seducing an innocent, down on her luck, lady of good breeding. Oh and let's not forget she isn't your typical english rose, but rather plain, and firmly on the shelf. Original? Not so much.I will admit, 3/4 of the way through, it captivated me. There was a rather intelligent twist, that I didn't see coming. (Which is annoying, as I pride myself on my ability to guess the secrets, tho [...]

The best thing about this book was the ending. The two main characters, Hayden and Alexia, are happy and in love as the story ends but the journey to get to that ending is plodding and tedious. Throughout the novel, Alexia blames Hayden for the ruination of her family and he is honor bound not to tell her the truth; that her two cousins, one of which she was in love with, are criminals. Throughout the plot the couple wonders if the other hates them and it is not until the very last pages that th [...]

Author: Madeline HunterFirst published: November 2006Length: 404 pages, 5324 kindle locationsSetting: Late Georgian (George IV) / Pre Victoria. Around 1825 (see below).Sex: Reasonably explicit. Caring. Intimate.Hero: Has a gift for numbers, and an obsession for them. Gets lost in his calculations.Heroine: Fallen from grace - was once a lord's daughter, became a penniless cousin, and finally a companion/governess.Includes: Excerpt from "The Lessons of Desire" by Madeline Hunter.So we know going i [...]

Quickie Review of The Rules of Seduction by Madeline HunterI attended a fantastic workshop at the New Jersey RWA conference this October, which addressed the importance of conflict in romance. Madeline Hunter gave the kicky-ass lecture, and made me curious about her own novels. So, I had a nice little chat with her at the book sale, and purchased The Rules of Seduction, a historical romance. It has a no-nonsense heroine with violet eyes (like it!), a tortured, mathematically brilliant hero (love [...]

Um livro cheio de romance e erotismo, em que Madeline Hunter nos apresenta, como muito bem sabe, as regras da boa etiqueta dentro e fora da cama.O que mais gosto nesta escritora é que ela nos transporta para a vida das personagens e nos faz querer acompanhar cada minuto desta.À semelhança de Nora Roberts, esta autora pode pecar por dar tanto protagonismo ao casal principal, mas este facto é muitas vezes o que mais nos cativa, principalmente para quem gosta deste género de escrita e de hist [...]

Este livro agarrou-me logo nas primeiras paginas e não conseguimos parar,as personagens a história e a sua maneira cativante de escrever deixam-nos agarrados neste livro duma maneira deliciosa.Neste livro conta-nos sobre Alexia Wellbourne, uma mulher sem fortuna, forçada a viver com os seus primos.Apaixona-se pelo seu primo Benjamin Longworth, que comete suicídio de uma maneira intrigante. Apesar deste sentimento especial por Benjamin, Alexia vê despertar em si uma paixão e um desejo pelo [...]

This is really 3 1/2 stars. I loved Hayden in this book and felt that he got painted the villain and was never vindicated. I am glad though Alexia figured it out for herself. Hayden and Alexia were a good match, but the metaphorical writing got tedious as times.

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Solid regency. The hero (Hayden) is a bit more Alpha than I tend to prefer, but this story features a heroine (Alexia) who is not afraid of him, and he appreciates intelligent women, so it's fine. Tropes in play: Alexia's family ruined due to bank-based pyramid scheme (she's the poor cousin); Hayden helps save actual ruiner, but is bound by Word of Honor not to tell anyone so everyone thinks HE ruined family. Thus, marrying Hayden is Marrying the Enemy. Attempts to reunite families and live with [...]

Alexia vivia para recordar um antigo amor que lhe escapou tragicamente.Hayden não era um homem que perseguisse mulheres, muito menos uma que não gostava minimamente dele e que o culpava de actos terríveis…mas o desejo tem vida própria e a falta de medo e embaraço desta mulher cativou-o desde o primeiro instante…Ela acaba por descobrir que a austeridade deste homem sensato e eficiente não encerra fúria…mas sim ira - um fogo que a fazia constantemente esquecer que devia, acima de tudo [...]

There's nothing really wrong with this book, but for a romance story, it wasn't very romantic.The heroine, Alexia, is convinced that she's in love with someone else until nearly the end, while resenting the hero, Hayden for (view spoiler)[ruining her cousins' family. In fact, he saved her cousin from hanging by shouldering himself most of the debt her cousin amassed when he stole money from his bank's clients and was discovered (hide spoiler)].Hayden, having given his word of honor that he will [...]

Sadly, I read this book while recovering from an illness. I think it could have been a page turner but I could not hold my concentration that long. Having said that though, there were periods when I was able to completely lose myself within its pages which really is the highest compliment one can give any book and an author.Alexia Welbourne is a classic romantic female. She is a poor relation dependent on the kindness of her cousins for her wellbeing. She does not let her situation get her down [...]

My first book by Madeline Hunter, I heard many good things about her.I definitely liked the characters, especially Alexia who is not a typical historical romance heroine. She is completely capable of dealing with her problems and usually says what she thinks. Though, some of her actions seemed strange to me. The same with Hayden. I generally liked him but as a reader I was lacking on the insight into his feelings. Still, I appreciate that it is him who first says about his feelings. That is unus [...]

Esta é a história de Alexia, cuja família, em decadência, faz com que tenha de viver em casa de uns primos. Apaixona-se por um deles e quando este morre tem uma forte desilusão. Passado algum tempo também os primos entram em falência e tudo aponta para um responsável: Hayden. Este entra na vida de Alexia de forma abrupta e , de feitios totalmente diferentes, nada faz prever que acabem por se apaixonar!!Mas é mesmo isso que acontece.Cada um movido pelo seu próprio interesse, Alexia e Ha [...]

Kitabı zor da olsa bitirebildimMadeline Hunter kitapları okuduğum esnada hoşuma gidiyor aslında ama sonrasında bir Quinn, Kleypas ya da Garwood gibi etki bırakmıyorYine de kısa bir zaman için keyifli bir yolculuk yaşatıyorYalnız gelgelelim ki normalde ilk olarak çıkması gereken ancak son çıkan serinin ilk kitabı Kalbin Kuralları bu keyfi bile çok gördü banaEpsilon duy sesimi Şu Wattpad fenomeni diye dadandığınız gereksiz şeyleri çıkarmak yerine çevirilerinizi eski [...]

I was looking foward for this book. Something about the cover and the synopsis drove me to read it. However, the story is plain awful! It is well written, I can't deny it. But the plot is a big fat cliché, giving me that feeling of permanent déjà vu. It's that kind of story where de main characters disagree and dislike each others at the begining, but end up in each other's arms after a big proof of love and passionate love making.I may not have liked Rules of seduction, but I see there are a [...]

I didnt like this book and had crossed ms hunter off my author list. Happily I read one of her medievals and suggest you try something else by this author, as it was quite good.Big misunderstanding. He evicted her crooked cousins w/o explaining their less than straight shooting. Even her dead beloved, his old friend, ends up revealed a scoundrel, but naturally not revealed to her. Will anyone in her life that she trusts actually be worthy of it? Will she live in the dark forever? Since He's the [...]

The romance between the main characters of this book didn't work well for me. By the end, I was bought into it, but the early phase of courtship/desire just didn't work. There is a common pitfall with setting up the hero as someone the heroine has reason to fear or despise, and this book falls smack into it: I am just not convinced that the heroine could actually overcome her perfectly reasonable (from her POV) initial dislike of the hero quite so early on.As a subject for character growth, I th [...]

Madeline Hunter's The rules of seduction is a story that you enjoy more once you've spent some time thinking over it. It is not flashy and things are not spelled out for you. You only get glimpses of your characters' pasts and even though their actions are stated clearly at the end, much time is spent resolving all the financial mess the Longworth family had left. At the end though, you can see how the plot of the story has siginificant substance. You also get to appreciate the honor in Haydon a [...]

This has to be my favorite in the Rothwell series, by far. Alexia was far less annoying than her cousin, Roselyn, and Hayden is my favorite Rothwell. There is something about his severity and compassion (that still seems a severe mercy) that really makes me love him as a character. Alexia is practical and blunt and a good match to him. Lovely! I'm a bit sad that I'm whizzing through Hunter's bibliography so quickly. I just may have to read her Medievals once I finish with her Regencies.

This is one of madeline hunters more sex saturated books. Still wonderful, and she keeps the sex scenes from getting boring (ususally) and the seduction part is just HOT. I also liked her exploration of how we can love and hate at the same time, and her embracing of her heroines practicality. The characters were well developed, the plot and conflict well maintained. Another great book by Hunter.

This is a keeper. I loved everything about it. Great characterization, great H/h, great love story, great writing. HERO is a Performer, indifferent about anything outside his family and his mathematical endeavors,until he falls passionately in love. SCENES/CONTENT: few/hotGENRE/TONE: historical/dramaLENGHT: 412 pages

I loved reading this engrossing story again. It's such a moving novel, with sex scenes that are so erotically described - so smoothly written. Hayden & Alexia become a loving married couple. Hayden is quite wonderful. The plot is marvellous, an original. I love this book!

Foi um livro que me custou um pouco a ler, a história não me prendeu. Pode ser que goste de outros livros da autora.

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Maybe it was a mistake reading this right after finishing Lisa Kleypas' "The Hathaways" series. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood when I started reading "The Rules Of Seduction". Whatever it was, for the most part, I had a difficult time with this book. No question, it is well-written, the characters are likeable and feel real, and it deals with financial crisis (The Panic of 1825, just ask Wiki) which I have never encountered in a historical romance before (maybe that's due to the fact that I ha [...]

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