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  • Title: Holidaze
  • Author: L. Divine
  • ISBN: 9780758231093
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback

It s almost Valentine s Day at South Bay High, but romance is the last thing on Jayd Jackson s mind To protect herself and bring her crew back together, Jayd will need than her inner strength She ll need the help of her gifted ancestors.

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day at South Bay High, but romance is the last thing on Jayd Jackson’s mind… If Cupid had his way, love would be in the air at South Bay High. But even though Valentine’s Day is around the corner, no one’s having an easy time of it—especially not Jayd Jackson, who lost her mojo after her friend Tre’s shooting. Worn out by Tre’s death—and sick of the same old drama with Rah—Jayd’s suddenly ruining her clients’ hair and feeling alienated from her f [...]

It’s almost Valentine’s Day at South Bay(Jayd's school)but she's constantly watching her back because of her friend Tre’s shooting. Worn out by Tre’s death—and sick of the same old drama with Rah—Jayd’s suddenly ruining her clients’ hair and feeling alienated from her friends. And to make things worse, she’s got to watch her back because her nemesis, Misty is plotting her ruin. Not only does she have internal troubles, but Jayd also has external troubles too. With her ex-boyfri [...]

I thought this book was amazing. The plot of the story was so deep and interesting. It talked about how the girl had a different life than everyone else. How she her grandmother and mother was witches. How she had to go about different problems that she faced, and focus on her spells and school work. In the beginning of the story she had a relationship with a guy who had a child with baby mama drama. Towards the middle of the story she realized that she doesn't need a boy in her life right now b [...]

This was the first book I read of this serie, but I understood a lot and I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of this serie! This brings culture in so many ways and especially since it includes some Yoruba which I understand. You can tell that Jayd honours her ancestors, respects her culture and family members, battles against her enemies and in the whole process, she never forgets who she is and never forgets to have fun even if it's just romance or figuring out her friend.

OMG What happened to Tre was crazy. Mickey's boyfriend or ex what ever he is to her is even crazier she needs to get slapped. But back to Jayd this was so sad and it hurt her the most. With Valentine's Day around the corner I who she's gonna spend it with friends, family, or a special somebody? It was a great read and i loved it.

I think she pick the right person and thats Jeremy He was by herside the whole time even when she threw up in the hall, and he said "I'm going take you home sweetie and im always gonna be by your side." He spent the night over her house, and he feed her Jeremy is the one for her, but Rah he's okay but he going back and forth with his baby mommaand that's to much for Jayd.

A lot of Romance

This was an interesting book. As a christian it was to get into the magic in the book. I always love the books from the drama high series. I can't wait to see what happens to Jayd and her crew

it it ok

this book is really good i love everything about it

link to book in BCPL's catalog

The book was better the the book before the other , then this one but she got everthing she want back but is moving to fast

This book had so much drama, from one thing to the next, it was good and crazy and I loved it.

misty needs to go somewhere and get a life instead of trying to take jayd's life ugh! and Rah & Jeremy need to get their shit together boys are so annoying

I was so happy Jayd got what was hers BACK! Misty is very jealous and evil. Rah and Jeremy are suckers.

wow this one was crazy just waitin for the next one

This book was very good

Awwww rah trying to be oh so sweet to jayd now. And little rahima awww poor baby

I think this book is really interesting due to the drama involved within this story and going through real life tragedies like losing a close friend to gun violence that many people in this world can relate to. I would recommend this book to teens around 14-19 age range because I feel this specific age group can relate to this story even more in which we have to deal with someone that we don’t like at school but we have to face them whenever we see them in the hallway, lunch, or even worse in [...]

I couldn't really get into this book. It's been a while, but I've read all of the other books before this one in this series & I enjoyed them. Looking back on it, I was really young And now that I've gotten older, I've read much more mature books and those seem to grasp my attention more. I would probably let my 12 year old sister read a series like this, & the whole heritage thing just seems like it takes over the whole book. Basically I just think I've outgrown it It's still a pretty g [...]

All of L. Divines books are so good they have me trying to hurry her up (IN MY MID OF COURSE)to already get the next book written so I could read it. All of her books are dealing with different teenage lives and how they handle it. Even though they all have different lives they all come together in the end no matter what. I love her books

What i have learned from this bok is that don't hope for the best on Valentines day and christmas becasue when you have an ex-boyfriend and and your previous one fighting over you and you have to pick which one you want to be with it's not an easy decision and becasue when one of the lie to you and you find out the other is still there to be with you i guess.

I read this book and it was a really good book it was about how this girl named jayd was into this guy. Its about how she was in high school, she has two bestfriends, and she was ready to get out and start to do hair.

Holidaze was a good book that had lots of drama and mistery. I would suggest everyonne read this book. Jayd has become strong with in her powers and became a woman. Shes been threw a lot and had help from her freinds and family along the way.

This one gets an extra star for really freaking me out. There's nothing like a Single White Female storyline to freak me out.

This is a really good book full of interesting thoughts

It was wonderful it really tell you stuff that happen in real life.

I loved the book. well the first part cause that is all I got to read but it was awesome and the bomb. the best book of the series so far. And I am going to get the book from the library.

I just started reading this book and I like it a lot because I like these kind of book like drama book.

I liked it, some of the things that happened kept me on my toes, and that was fun all by itself.

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