The Wrong Boy

Willy Russell

The Wrong Boy

The Wrong Boy

  • Title: The Wrong Boy
  • Author: Willy Russell
  • ISBN: 9780385406963
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Hardcover

The Wrong Boy is the debut novel of Liverpudlian playwright Willy Russell, famed for his plays turned films Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine , and the West End musical stalwart Blood Brothers Both Rita and Valentine were star making roles and if and when The Wrong Boy makes it to the screen, the main character Raymond is likely to have the same effect o The Wrong Boy is the debut novel of Liverpudlian playwright Willy Russell, famed for his plays turned films Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine , and the West End musical stalwart Blood Brothers Both Rita and Valentine were star making roles and if and when The Wrong Boy makes it to the screen, the main character Raymond is likely to have the same effect on one lucky young actor Teenager Raymond Marks has not had a charmed life His profligate, instrument loving father made an early exit, leaving him with a struggling mother and doting Sartre fan grandmother Fifteen minutes of potential glory when he saved a boy from drowning are cruelly compromised when it s discovered that the boys were near the canal indulging in what they called flytrapping , and Raymond becomes the precocious pervert, the evil influence, the filthy little beast Eventually packed off to Gulag Grimsby at the suggestion of his despised Uncle Jason, Raymond pours out his life s woes in a series of missives to his idol, one time Smiths star Morrissey Writing his letters with improbable speed, Raymond is ingratiating, unstoppable and superbly miserable, as befits a Morrissey devotee and lucky enough to be surrounded by a bevy of gift wrapped Northern character parts Russell s genius is to take situations and characters that are firmly placed in the banally familiar and then push them to their comic limits In The Wrong Boy those limits are tested to the full Alan Stewart

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Have you ever read a book that made you howl in laughter? Have your eyes nearly popped wide open because of a clever plot twist? Have you ever decided to pause halfway through the chapters because you’re in denial that the book is nearing its end? Have you ever finished a story and immediately wished you could hug the fictional protagonist after the last page?I say yes to all of the above, thanks to Willy Russell’s stunning first novel—The Wrong Boy—which is in every way, unforgettable. [...]

The boy with a thorn in his sideMi dispiace tantissimo che si tratti di un libro praticamente sconosciuto in Italia. Willy Russell non ha niente da invidiare a Doyle e Hornby, autori cui viene paragonato nella quarta di copertina. Anzi, personalmente, ho preferito questo libro a "Paddy Clark ah, ah" e a "Un ragazzo". Tristissimo, ma esilarante in molti tratti, questo romanzo racconta le disavventure di un ragazzo, bollato dalla società come “sbagliato”, costretto a vivere e a comportarsi co [...]

The Wrong Boy started out fine. However, it became frustratingly repetitive after the first 100 pages. And that section about the Cowboy was so long-winded. Perhaps it was simply too Lincolnshire for me to enjoy, me being a Californian girl.

Dear Morrissey,I know you don't check sites for reviews of books somehow connected to you, still, I mean to tell you I really enjoyed this book. It painfully proves how people create us and one coincidence can change one's life. I also loved the praise of deliberate misery and melancholy.Yours sincerely,J

How did I like this book? I just finished it old, rather ratty, paperback copy I stumbled upon in my favourite used book store, a place called Nuggets, in Chilliwack BC Canada. A bookstore which is very aptly named as The Wrong Boy is definitely a golden nugget of a book if ever there was such a thing. The moment I finished The Wrong Boy, I went to Abebooks and ordered a brand new, signed by the author, hardcover copy. Something I've never felt the need to do before with any other book I've read [...]

shoplifters of the world unite!

While listing specifics of what I liked and what I didn't like about this book (sure to have been a snoozer review), I realized it was all the same thing, all had the same overarching problem: an imbalance of scenes. There's your action, your dialogue, your think-y introspection, all the varying types of scenes that crafty authors order with care and thought to pacing. Add in understandable (doesn't need to be perfect) language structure; fresh, likeable, real people who grow and change, who exp [...]

Read this for book club last month. The writing style was interesting, each chapter is a letter to Morrisey written by the protagonist in his lyric book as he makes a rather circuitous journey from Manchester to Grimsby. Through these letters, Raymond tells the story of his life up until now (he's late teenage, give or take) and how its events have lead him on this journey to Grimsby.The story-telling is stream-of-conciousness, interrupted by Raymond needing to change train, coach or hitch-hikin [...]

This one came recommended to me by two colleagues. I have to admit, after the first two hundred pages or so I was so upset I found it hard to see why they liked it so much. It's told from the perspective of a 19-year-old boy named Raymond who's on his way to Grimsby, where he's supposed to start a proper job. On his way, he's writing a diary/ letters to Morrissey describing his journey so far, i.e. the story of his life. And for much of that life, nothing good ever seems to happen.I found it hor [...]

This is a great novel. It is written from the perspective of a misunderstood boy. Explores adolescent thoughts / the way that adults misunderstand kids. Its a wonderful book - extremely funny.Not for the prudish!

Utterly superb, one of the best books I've read in some time. Utterly heart wrenching, hilarious and thought provoking on who really is to blame for Raymonds screwed up life.Loved the twist in the final paragraph! Cannot recommend this highly enough!

Written in the voice of an adolescent boy's diary (which he addresses to his hero Morrissey), this book is a heartwarming (and sad) tale of misfit youth, with moments of pure hilarity.

Willy Russell is a recognized name in theatre; he wrote Blood Brothers, Shirley Valentine, and One for the Road. This is his first novel, an amiable and funny if not totally brilliant foray into fiction. It’s a solid promise from an already credible writer.The Wrong Boy is basically the memoirs of Robert Marks, a young British man who’s had a rough go. Almost all of his entries into his diary are also letters to Morrissey, the lead singer of The Smiths. This is funny; Morrissey is known for [...]

I first read The Wrong Boy when I was in my early teens, and I remember loving it. I remember thinking I'd never read a book so grown-up, yet so funny, in all my time. Picking this up again has brought rushes of nostalgia, and a realisation that maybe, just maybe, your ability to appreciate a really good book is something that can't be learned. The novel is comprised of letters written by Raymond to his hero, Morrissey. The letters detail his life so far, in a completely disjointed yet perfectly [...]

Raymond Marks wäre gern ein “normaler“ Teenager – oder doch nicht….Auf dem Weg zu seinem ersten Arbeitsplatz schreibt er an Morrissey, zitiert Oscar Wilde und berichtet von seiner bisherigen Jugend.Das ist oft ausgesprochen witzig, meist tieftragisch und nie übertrieben resp. langweilig.Ein kluges Buch, das die Gefühle und Gedanken des unglücklichen Protagonisten ganz grossartig zum Ausdruck bringt.“Meistens bin ich ganz glücklich damit, unglücklich in meinem Zimmer zu hocken.“ [...]

I believe I'm right in saying that this was the author's first novel. He was an acclaimed dramatist by this stage of his career, so it must have been quite a risky thing to have done.The novel is narrated in the form of letters to the 19-year-old protagonist's hero: the singer Morrissey. Far from being an unreliable narrator, he proves to be embarrassingly honest. We discover more and more dreadful, cringe-worthy facts about his background, and explain why he's run away.It's over-long, which is [...]

Its sad how you get all hyped up and excited about reading a certain book - and judging from the commentaries at the back & front covers it is "one of the funniest & most moving novels you will ever read". But yet, I didn't enjoy the book as much as I expected. I dont know what happened, but I figured the setting was in the 1980s because the main character mentioned names like Morrissey and the Smiths (and yes I watch the Carrie Diaries so I know what I'm talking about). It just wasn't a [...]

I warn you , dont read thid book in a crowded place. You may seem a little insane breaking out into uncontrolled laughter.In fact I giggled so much my husband , who only reads non-fiction, made an exception to see what all the fuss was about. Now one of his favourite books too. The story of a socially inept teenager obsessed with Morrissey who has more than his fair share of bad luck. Unfortunate coincidence and some dodgy relatives result in Raymond's life and mental state changing for the wors [...]

This is about a boy who always seems he's in the wrong, but the great thing about his character is that you're constantly questioning if he truely is the wrong boy? or is it just circumstantial. Me and my mom liked this book and argued endlessly about him, Willy russel is a great writer and creates characters the reader can empathise with.

There were a few annoying errors for the true Smiths/Star Wars fan (there is no song called 'Hatful of Hollow', there's only one Wookie in the original SW trilogy) but, otherwise, a well-observed, touching and funny book that was disturbingly close to autobiography in a few places.

They say misery loves company and I'll accompany this character anywhere. Russell wrote Shirley Valentine and he has written the Wrong Boy with the same pathos, wit and homour.

Kann man um einen depressiven jungen Smiths-Fan einen gaqnzen Roman schreiben? Ja man kann und einen sehr guten noch dazu!

Neues Lieblingsbuch gefunden!Sehr berührendes Buch mit dem sympatischsten Hauptprotagonisten, der mir je untergekommen ist. Ich werde es definitiv nochmal lesen in Zukunft.

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Quite simply the best novel I have ever read.

Raymond Marks lebt allein mit seiner Mutter in dem englischen Vorort ‚Failsworth‘ bei Manchester, nachdem diese seinen entrückten Vater vor die Tür gesetzt hat. Als junger Teenager hat Raymond natürlich lauter Flausen im Kopf und „erfindet“ an einer abgelegenen Stelle des örtlichen Kanals ein pubertäres Spiel, das er und über ein Dutzend seiner männlichen Klassenkameraden als „Fliegenfangen“ bezeichnet. Der eigentlich harmlose Spaß fliegt auf, als es während eines dieser Spi [...]

This is not a quick read - it's just over 500 pages and the text is dense. The protagonist, Raymond Marks, has a lot to say for himself and we are quickly enveloped in his life, his routine, his family and his observations and thoughts. Raymond is writing letters to Morrissey, on his journey to Grimsby via the service stations and motorway cafes as he hitches his way towards a labouring job. He's "dead depressed and down" and hopes that Morrissey will be an appropriate listener or confidante for [...]

I enjoyed this book, a series of misadventures and catastrophes inflicted upon a quite sympathetic character. You want to be his friend and help him through, but only Morrissey can apparently help!It is sentimental and a little maudlin at times, but I enjoyed the epistolary nature of the novel.Not sure page after page protagonist Raymond's songs for a useful narrative. I found myself tiring of that device after a while. Other than that, an enjoyable read.

Nearly 15 years on from reading and I’m still smiling with the flycatcher craze. Typical Willy Russell laugh out loud.Recommend

A five-star book from me - a rare occurrence but in this case so thoroughly deserved. This book made me laugh out loud, and brought a tear to my eye. It's hysterically funny, so, so, sad and just brilliantly written.It's written as a series of letters to Morrissey (from The Smiths), from the main characters hero, telling him of his life and it's happenings. That sounds a bit dry, but trust me, it works so well. Seriously - GO READ! I am sure it can be found on for a pound!![I will come back wit [...]

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