The Phantom of the Opera: Piano/Vocal

Andrew Lloyd Webber CharlesHart Richard Stilgoe Mike Batt Bill Boyd

The Phantom of the Opera: Piano/Vocal

The Phantom of the Opera: Piano/Vocal

  • Title: The Phantom of the Opera: Piano/Vocal
  • Author: Andrew Lloyd Webber CharlesHart Richard Stilgoe Mike Batt Bill Boyd
  • ISBN: 9780793526994
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback

This souvenir folio features full color photos from the stunning production as well as piano vocal arrangements of 9 songs, including All I Ask of You Angel of Music Masquerade The Music of the Night The Phantom of the Opera The Point of No Return Prima Donna Think of Me Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.

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I'll begin with the characters.Christine was so NAIVE! She lets the Phantom lead her-alone- to his underground lair. This wasn't so bad, but then she sleeps in HIS bed!? Not to mention, she already has a boyfriend, Raoul. She sings with the Phantom, words which I will not write(The Point of No Return) though I love the music, breaking Raoul's heart. She misleads both of them, weaving in and out of their hearts. She sings with Raoul and tells him she loves him, breaking the PHANTOM'S heart. Raoul [...]

(4.5) I wish they put more songs (though I guess the primary focus of this songbook is for the vocalists, so okay). The piano selections are not that difficult, which is perfect for accompaniment, but not recital performances and such. The songs are wonderful! Andrew Lloyd Webber is awesome. Phantom <333

I love this music book! The song selections are great and they're not even too difficult to play (as long as you transpose All I Ask of You into three sharps instead of 4 flats or whatever crazy key it is in! :D). Anyway, it's great music, even if you don't care for the movie itself! :)Includes:Think of Me Angel of Music The Phantom of the Opera The Music of the Night Prima Donna All I Ask of You Masquerade The Fairground Journey to the Cemetery Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again The Point of N [...]

It's probably because I'm a nonconformist, but I've fallen out of love with because EVERY SINGER sings it joke fact, *cough* many non-singers sing itd it's not that fun to playI mean, I like playing it for singers, but it's kindaoverused. Have I mentioned how much I dislike playing Masquerade? SO. MUCH. THUMPING.

Wonderful piano and vocal arrangements. I personally love this musical, despite the fact that most of the songs included here are hugely over-used. I adore them, none the less, both to play and to sing.

Honestly I am a webbet (Andrew Lloyd webber fan) a huge fan. It would be an honor to meet him. I love the phantom if the opera but somebody says that garage butler was terrible (which I harshly disagree with) but I love Andrew Lloyd webber and all of his work

Amazing arrangements! I'm doing the title song for a recital and I don't regret purchasing this at all.

Saw it on Broadway. I wasn't impressed and nor were the kids. The show, and most of the actors, looked tired.

I first saw this musical nearly twenty years ago in New York City. Back then I was a highly impressionable young whippersnapper, and The Phantom of the Opera certainly left an impression (among other effects, I greatly disappointed my piano teacher by insisting that I play a few Phantom songs for a recital).Now I am old and have the unparalleled wisdom of a man in his mid-30s. I took my seven-year old daughter to see a new production of the show in Boston, and here are my impressions:* Some of t [...]

This was the first music that I learned to play. I would use my sister's songbook while my parents were out so that I could learn to play songs with which I was familiar without my mother making me take lessons. It wasn't long before my sister ratted on me & I ended up taking lessons anyway, so essentially this book launched my musical education. Clearly these arrangements are suitable for beginners, but now when I play from this book I use this music as a template, fleshing out the music as [...]

This took FOREVER to read! I started reading it a couple months ago and it was kind of slow going and i got a little bored and unfortunatly kind of forgot about. But just yesterday i started reading it again and it was toward the end and it picked up amazingly!! The ending was GREAT!I totally wasn't expecting anything like it! It's absolutly NOTHING like the movie (which i adore!) but it was totally worth reading!

I love Phantom of the Opera and I love the songs, most of which are in this songbook. But I'm not too crazy about the arrangement. Unless I can find another, however, I guess I will keep returning to it for my favorite songs--"Think of Me", "All I Ask of You", "Angel of Music", "The Music of the Night", "The Phantom of the Opera", "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again".

I absolutely love these arrangements - for once they stay as true as possible to the music and have such a clear cut edge to them as well that makes them effective and equally much a challenge for both voice and piano. I particularly enjoyed using this at GCSE for practical lessons.

-I'll talking about the movie,honestly is one of the great movies in the film industry history.Amazing acting, story & songs esp. (phantom of the opera & Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again).I saw it several times & i'll never feel bored from returning!WONDERFUL ! :)

I played Christine in a SCENE Variety Show and performed her Phantom of the Opera Theme Song. (with the Phantom/got my first standing ovation too)-Goucher College Md. I so looked like her with my super long hair down to my butt aside from being able to sing the high parts at the end of this piece.

Incredible music that is surprisingly simple to learn with practice. Well written and quality music is hard to find these days, I was very impressed with this set. Do they have a book for the musical Cats?

This book is AWESOME!! I didn't know had sheet music. I love just messing around with the songs. My favorite to play is "The Music of the Night". I love all of the music, and the lyrics are so well thought out. It's kinda tricky, but it's fun.

This sheet music is great. This is easy enough to play, even after you've had a drink or two, and it sounds great. Also, people find it easy to sing along to this arrangement Great sheet music for a party or get together with friends.

I loved the movie so much!!!!!!! The book just didnt have the same as the movie. This is the one time I can truly say the movie was better than the book. Not what I thought it would be. Makes me think a little diferent about it though. Still prefer the movie not many books I can say that about.

I have this and love playing and singing the sings. The only piano book I still have.

Love it!The music is true to the soundtrack.

hea ilove this book.

I'm obsessed

Loved it.

"Don't judge a book by its cover" in other wise dont judge a person by their looks

this is a book of secrets. with love ,hatred ,danger this book's the BOMB!

Nice book. Wish it went into the history of Phantom of the Opera a little more. Awesome Pictures.

This movie is AMAZING!!!!

Hugely debated as my favorite musical of all time. I love the "behind the scenes" feel of this edition and the music brilliant!

If you loved the broadway show or the movie, you'll love the book. detail, and gets pretty creepy. Lots of stuff they couldn't do in a play. A great classic.

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