Blood Noir

Laurell K. Hamilton

Blood Noir

Blood Noir

  • Title: Blood Noir
  • Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9781841496924
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback

When Anita Blake takes a trip with Jason, a young werewolf who is her friend and sometimes lover, there are consequences both in Jason s small hometown and in Anita s life with Jean Claude As master vampire of the city, Jean Claude has appearances to maintain, and if his lover has gone off with someone else, the other vampires are led to certain conclusions maybe Jean ClWhen Anita Blake takes a trip with Jason, a young werewolf who is her friend and sometimes lover, there are consequences both in Jason s small hometown and in Anita s life with Jean Claude As master vampire of the city, Jean Claude has appearances to maintain, and if his lover has gone off with someone else, the other vampires are led to certain conclusions maybe Jean Claude is getting soft And if Jean Claude is vulnerable, maybe Anita who seems to amplify the powers of any man she stays with might be stolen away from him, by force if necessary.

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Welcome to the Death of a SeriesOnce upon a time there was a girl. She liked to read. A lot. She especially liked to read about books with paranormal alternate realities in them because the real world had lost its magic to things like “Reality” TV, male-dominated debates about women’s reproductive rights and vacuous celebrity worship. One day she stumbled upon a book titled Guilty Pleasures and though both the title and the cover seemed rather cheesy she figured she’d give it a try. Ente [...]

SUPERSLUT POWERS, ACTIVATE! Superslut Anita Blake is back! While the overall story was good, Hamilton's attempt at erotica, as usual, was lacking. When reading erotica, I expect, well, MORE. The erotic sections are bland and unimaginative. The horrible display of BDSM is appalling in that Hamilton has a main character in the series IGNORE the safe word. No matter how well the characters know each other, there is no justification for ignoring the safe word. If Hamilton wants to improve the erotic [...]

I have decided to write off this series and not pick it up every again. Hamilton has no sense of timing or style any longer. She repeats phrases within paragraphs of each other. Her one liners don't hold the same endearing quality and charm they once used to. My fiance' skipped entire chapters of "sex scenes" to get to the story and had it read in a matter of hours.The message boards are alight today! Part of the problem might be her "die hard" fans that won't hear any bad critique, and keep tel [...]

I wouldn't say this continued the downhill drive of the Anita Blake books, but perhaps it hit a plateau. It has the same flaws as most of the recent books in the series- poorly written erotica, far too much navel gazing, not enough meaty plot- but the flaws seem to have been acknowledged and have been worked on. There were only two of the over-the-top erotica scenes, both with Jason (although one included Nathaniel), although I could have done without the preceding chapter of discussion of who, [...]

Hey, does anyone else remember when the Anita Blake books were actually kind of mysteries, with plots and everything? Instead of page after page of the most boring-ass relationship dissection discussions ever, all of which you have read several times before? Seriously, this book advances the overall plot in the Blake oeuvre not at all. Ninety percent of the book is Anita and Jason either talking about sex or having sex, with special guest appearances by other characters having sex or talking sex [...]

Jason Schuyler's dad is about ready to die, and Jason needs to bring back a girlfriend so his dad can die knowing that Jason wasn't gay. Yes, this is a plotline too cheesy for the most sappy of Lifetime movies, but whatever. We need to know more about Jason now, so this is the plot we have to work with.So Jason takes Anita Blake back to his home to visit his family. Why not his girlfriend from the last few books, Perdita? Oh, she's a harpy that won't let Jason sleep around and wants monogamy. An [...]

Blood Noir by Laurell K. Hamilton is the 16th (good golly) installment in the sexcapades of Anita Blake, (theoretical) Vampire Hunter. I hate to begin a critique of a book I am trying very hard to be impartial about with snark, but sometimes I just can't help myself.Ok, game face.Hamilton has taken a lot of flak for what her series has become and I am not in any way an apologist. When I sit down to think about how the series has evolved over the years, it makes me--like many fans--nostalgic for [...]

Blood Noir is one of my favorite books in the Anita Blake series. The insight to Jason and Anita in this book is exhilarating! The analytical and entirely too serious discussions are intriguing, especially the way everyone responds to them.Anita Blake; Vampire hunter and animator Necromancer Succubus need I go on? Covered in scars, drowning in anger, dripping with lust and doubt you just can’t get much better than Blake. Her character totally rocks and I applaud Hamilton for this entire se [...]

LKH has a talent for stretching out a single, seemingly pointless scene into chapters of painful-to-read dialogue between characters that does nothing to further the plot. In the course of the last 5 books, Anitas harem of men have become amaeteur therapists for Anita, making unbelievable and often ridiculous observations (re: her beauty, innocence, naivitee, selflessness, etc) that she herself (we are supposed to believe) has never considered. These eye-rolling therapy sessions provide unconvin [...]

If you liked the first 5 books of the Anita Blake series, thought the next 5 were going downhill somewhat & thought the next 5 descended into romance & page counts, then you feel about the series as I do. If you thought the writing got poorer in the past few, we also agree. If you felt ripped off by "Micah", we still agree. In that case, don't bother to read this book. Seriously, keep the few good memories you have.I'm afraid that Hamilton has had it as a writer. This was the worst book [...]

I am a newcomer to the Anita-verse. A friend had been urging me to give the series a try for years and I kept blowing her off because it didn't sound like my thing. And then the controversy started. And it blew up to such magnificent proportions complete with full-fledged internet flame wars that I knew I couldn't hold myself back any longer and I picked up the first book in this series: Guilty Pleasures. That was in the spring of 2007. I hadn't been terribly impressed with Guilty Pleasures, but [...]

I need more than five stars for this one!!!!!!!!!!Absolutely incredible. This one is my favorite book so far.I have loved Jason since the beginning, there has always been something about his smiles, his comments, the way he does things that has driven me crazy. When I found out that this was his book I was SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to read it. The first few chapters had me so incredibly jealous of Anita that I could not stand it!!! :) I loved how Nathanial and Anita took such GREAT care of him when h [...]

Keep in mind that LKH is one of my favorite authors. But WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?? Did she forget where she left off in "The Harlequin?" WTF?This book is a repetitive, disappointing, 340 page, meaningless stroll with Jason. Why? seriously, Why?I think I'm finally giving up, and that saddens me, because I thoroughly enjoyed this series up until Cerulean Sins. That's 11 amazing, edge of your seat, MUST HAVE, at Barnes and Noble at 3:00am GOOD. It made me a slight addict, but 10 years on anything wi [...]

Jason’s dad is dying – he has to go home to try and make amends. And make sure his dad knows how very straight he is.Unfortunately, a case of mistaken identity gets him and Anita drawn into far more drama than expected. And with the Mother of All Darkness popping up at random to play with Anita, some drama is always going to follow Anita around.Oh lordy, this one’s a doosey, even by the standards set by this series. Cover me, I’m going in.The book opens with a heavy wollop of ridiculousn [...]

Nemůžu. Uvěřit. Že. Jsem. To. UDĚLALA.hahaha konečněAnito Blakeová, polib mi moji krásnou dupu! Už tě prostě číst nebudu. Slyšíš? NEBUDU. Už na to nemám. Už nechci. Říkám ti NE!*vyplazuje jazyk a skáče hrdostí do stropu* Je to tak osvobozující. *Ale těch prvních pár dílů stejně miluju.

I think Laurell said it best on her MySpace when someone asked her what the book was about: "BLOOD NOIR is about friendship and love, and telling the difference even when the boundaries are pretty blurred by conventional standards""BLOOD NOIR taught me, and Anita, that we didn't know all that much. That, though Jason seemed like an open book, in fact, he'd kept most of his past hidden, at least from Anita and me. Did Nathaniel know more? They are like best guy friends, so maybe Nathaniel knew mo [...]

WTF?To je asi přesný popis Moje první myšlenka byla, že museli změnit překladatele, protože to bylo naprosto diametrální rozdíl. Ani nevím, co nějak říct. Tohle bylo špatné na tolika úrovních, že to ani nejde popsat. Ničí jednání v podstatě ani nedávalo smysl. Nic z toho, co dělali nedávalo smyslOsobní poznámečka: Jestli Anitě došlo až teď, jaký dopad v úpíří komunitě má její chování na J-C postavení, tak je ještě blbější, než jsem si myslela.T [...]

Plot? Plot? Anyone? Someone? Please. a plot?I've given up on Anita after almost every book since Narcissus and this is no exception. I'm not sure if this is the one that will truly keep me away -- it's better than some of the others, really -- but dear god, I'd kill for a flipping plot.Seriously -- this is the author who could make me stay up late needing to know what happened next. And in this slim little installment, we take a trip into sit-com land: she's got Anita impersonating Jason's girlf [...]

More of the same, and the writing quality has gone downhill. I have enjoyed even the later (patently ridiculous) Anita Blake books, but this one was disappointing. It would have been better left as the novella she originally intended. There's not much story here.I cannot believe she brought Richard in yet again to enact the exact same little drama as in the last 6 or 7 books. It's gotten to where I roll my eyes every time Richard shows up. It's the same scene, over and over again.And she rehashe [...]

30% in and this is a horrible book. Anita is a self righteous obnoxious hypocrite. I dislike what LkH did to a character that had such promise. The last few books have been bad, so I'm not sure why this one is making me so annoyed but it is. It makes me glad I've never bought one of the author's books except secondhand.

A bit dissapointedo much sex not enough zombieswe need some of Hamilton's old style back in play.

There is no question that the last few books in this series have lowered my expectations substantially. The last Anita book I really enjoyed was Obsidian Butterfly, partially because it featured my bestest best character Edward, and partially because it was all about the less erotic aspects of Anita's life--her preternatural hunting abilities and her necromancy.There is nothing wrong with steamy sex scenes in books, but the problem with Laurell K. Hamilton is that when she writes them, she gets [...]

First read Feb 7, 2010: Anita discovers some new powers while helping Jason out on a family matter. Naturally, this creates problems at home I like how Hamilton blends the para- and the normal. THen read in September 16, 2011.Sixteenth in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter erotic urban fantasy series, Blood Noir takes place in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina. The StoryJason's dad is dying from cancer and Jason is hoping for a Hallmark moment with his dad. Anita has come along [...]

There is a lot of grumbling about this book and about Laurell K. Hamilton in general it seems. I like her books. Do they have a lot of sex? Yeah. So what? It's the 16th book in the series - and the sex has been graphic in most of the books. Definetly the last half have been pretty steamy. I think a lot of people picked up this book and wanted to be outraged or wanted to be pissed off before they even read it. Add to that the story line being centered around Jason rather than Jean Claude or Richa [...]

It's a truth acknowledged (over and over) that I should resist from writing reviews when I am listening to M.I.A( the gun round kind of eggs my badness on). [image error]Coffee does not really help either.[image error]

Blood Noir is #16 in the Vampire Hunter series is another sexcapade release with her friends. One of Anita’s endearing qualities is her ability to care for her friends even outside of the bedroom. Jason, a werewolf and one of her best friends and sometimes lover, asks her to go with him to see his dying father to support him and act as his girlfriend. His dad had been abusive to him thinking he was gay, which is anything but the truth.(view spoiler)[Upon arriving at his home town complications [...]

As expected this was not a good book but strangely it also didn't feel like the worst, that title went to the last two Anita adventures.First of all, I could not believe the opening scene was a sex scene and it was so long I got bored and started to read only the speech and none of the descriptions. Secondly, there was also a lot of repetitiveness of certain words and phrases mainly with sex scenes -the way the men are described and the way other marshals/cops/bodyguards react to Anita, both wit [...]

I've read every Anita Blake book but have never purchased one. This wasn't an exception. I've honestly been getting a little tired of the porn aspect of this series, and while Blood Noir is steeped in sex, I enjoyed this book better than most.Blood Noir essentially centers around Anita and Jason, the werewolf. Jason's estranged dad is dying of cancer and he wants to return home before he passes on. Apparently, Jason's dad thinks Jason is gay and Anita comes along to prove otherwise.Chaos ensues [...]

I'm sort of in for the long haul with this series, and there is always enough of a hook in each book to keep me interested for the next. This one looked sort of promising to start with - Anita was out of town with just Jason, and there were political rumblings and a bit of a mystery - but then it all went along the usual paths of metaphysical shit and accidental sex with people. Honestly, it's as though Anita trips and falls onto cocks. The tigers are intriguing as a bunch, and I'd like to see m [...]

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