Patterns in the Sand

Sally Goldenbaum

Patterns in the Sand

Patterns in the Sand

  • Title: Patterns in the Sand
  • Author: Sally Goldenbaum
  • ISBN: 9780451227034
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover

The follow up to Death by Cashmere next in the new mystery series set in a tight knit seaside community When young fiber artist Willow Adams visits Izzy Chambers s knitting studio, she s immediately embraced by the Seaside knitters, and they see the monthly arts event at Canary Cove as a perfect place to showcase Willow s work But the idyllic summer in Sea Harbor turn The follow up to Death by Cashmere next in the new mystery series set in a tight knit seaside community When young fiber artist Willow Adams visits Izzy Chambers s knitting studio, she s immediately embraced by the Seaside knitters, and they see the monthly arts event at Canary Cove as a perfect place to showcase Willow s work But the idyllic summer in Sea Harbor turns somber when the body of Nick Peabody owner of a popular gallery is found in a community garden Soon all Nick s secrets begin to surface, and the residents of Sea Harbor realize they didn t know him at all And when Nick s will reveals that his entire estate has been left to Willow, the knitters find that Willow has some dark secrets of her own

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I really enjoy cozies and love a good book that is over way too soon. This wasn’t one of them – it’s an ok read, but it seemed I’d never finish it. Some pros: a couple of the characters really stand out (Birdie and Cass), there were a couple of knitting terms I wasn’t familiar with so looked them up. Cons: someone should have proofread the book for editing errors (can’t list them because I didn’t keep track, but they were quite obvious at the time), twice the author referred to fib [...]

I agree with another viewer who stated that there was more interaction with the characters getting together to eat dinner with each other and the descriptions of cooking than on the mystery itself. This is a book series that you really have to read from the beginning in order to know who everyone is. The character Nell can get a bit much as times, for me. She just seems to find her life in everyone else and a small interest in knitting. I like Izzy way better. I read the first one, but quite a b [...]

HmmI'm not entirely sure why I keep reading these books. The writing is okay, and the editing (both for knitting content correctness and basic English grammar) is terrible (FYI, "led" and "lead" are not the same word), but the stories are cute. The same comments I made about the first book regarding food, extra characters, etc hold true for this book as well. I'll probably read the third because I already have it, but I don't think I'll buy any more.

Knitting fiction and mystery has sprung up all over the place lately. All I have to do is see that knitting is involved and I'll pick up the book to read it. This one had a fairly captive plot but overall it didn't hold my interest well. The characters didn't seem to come life as in other books. The mystery itself had a nice little twist.

This time the ladies in the group of friends and knitters have found a new friend, Willow Adams who has recently arrived in town. She is young and full of secrets but when she is a suspect in the murder of an artist the group rallies around. One of Willow's secrets is that she is the daughter of the artist who was murdered. The police discover that she will inherit everything from the artist which moves to the top of the suspect list according to the police. Nell who wants to help Willow enlists [...]

I hated this book. I read “Death by Cashmere” because I love knitting, I love Cape Ann, and I love mysteries. I didn’t love that book, but I got “Patterns in the Sand” because of the above reasons and because once I start a series, I want to finish it.I think maybe “cozies,” a term I learned from reading the reviews here, just aren’t for me. The characters spend an inordinate amount of time discussing how “scrumptious” yarn is and experiencing paroxysms of joy when a new ship [...]

I have visited Sea Harbor, Maine again in this second book of the Seaside Knitters Mystery. Only this time there were 2 murders and it turned out to be one of the people living in Canary Cove! Unheard of!I found that this book was much better than the first and now I'm looking forward to the next one in this series. It is a good summer beach read, fast moving and just plain good stuff.Sally Goldenbaum has other series that she has written. I started last night "Murders on Elderberry Road" A stor [...]

This one was loaned by a friend, and I read it on vacation after my Kindle broke. I won't be reading any others in the series. It was a tedious read, but I finished it. Typos throughout were annoying, as were misuse of "lead" for "led" and other grammatical errors. The first victim's name is Aidan, not Nick, as stated in the blurb here.I love knitting, and I love mystery novels, but this one was just too contrived. The characters were sympathetic but not developed enough for me to care what happ [...]

I wish I could give this book 2.5 stars, because it was better than 2 stars, but not worthy of 3. I just never found myself getting attached to the characters. Perhaps the issue is that it was a second in a series, but usually with this kind of cozy mystery you don't necessarily need to read them in order. I won't be perusing any others in this series. It was fine, but not really anything to write home about.

I lost interest and stopped reading about a third of the way through. I'm not entirely sure why, but I had some trouble keeping all the artist/shop owner characters straight in my head. And it seemed like much of the "action" took the form of conversations at social gatherings. The plot and characters just didn't pull me in enough to keep going.

A quick read, one of many (often mystery) novels about groups of knitters. I often feel, as I did here, that knitting is not central to the story. The story is not about the bond among knitters if all they do is pull out their knitting at any free moment or, worse, fondle the yarn as they walk through the store.

After a promising debut (i.e. better than Maggie Sefton) this second in the series shows it's flaws. The mystery isn't bad, and there is plenty of fiber talk, but with so many characters, it's hard not to notice when every single person speaks the same way. No characterization whatsoever, and while some would argue that is okay for a cozy, I'm not one of them.

Stumbled on this series and find, with this second book, I simply enjoy the characters, the location and the mystery - very likeable and easy, pleasant read, that features knitting and makes my heart smile and look forward to picking up my needles.

To be fair I actually only got through half of this book before I gave up and realized life is too short to waste time on books you don't really like.

Jeg er så glad i Agaha Christie og Maria Langs krimbøker, og Sally Goldenbaum føyer seg inn i den rekken. (På fremsiden av en av bøkene står det; Agatha Cristie i strikket versjon). Stille og rolige krimbøker hvor det overhodet ikke er beskrevet noe som kan kalles grusomt. Men som har fokus på samtalen, vennene og deres tankearbeid frem til løsningen. Denne serien anbefales, enten du vil lese den på norsk eller engelsk. Hele min omtale finner du på bloggen min Betraktninger

I enjoyed reading this book, just as I enjoyed the first one, Death By Cashmere. I like all of the main characters because they are relatable. What piqued my interest to read it is because I love the idea of a knitting group of friends who are the town super sleuths. I love a good mystery but do not care for the dark side that some of the murder mystery books have these days. This is a charming read if you like a whodunnit mixed in with good food,family/friend fellowship, a coastal community and [...]

Just okayems a little choppy and disjointed. I didn't think there was enough to indicate the character of the person who was eventually revealed to be the murderer. It was not a character I cared about.positively or negatively.

This was a good story that kept me interested the whole time. Twists and turns that didn't reveal the mystery answer until the very end!

Love to read mysteries, so keep trying to find other authors to read in this genre. This is an okay series.


Tried this second book and no better than the first. Nell is a boring main character and Izzy remains a background player.

The Seaside Knitters aim to clear the name of Willow, a young artist, who is prime suspect in the murder of a local art gallery owner, in Patterns in the Sand by Sally Goldenbaum.When Willow Adams visits Izzy Chambers and the Seaside Knitters from Boston, to demonstrate fibre art, she is welcomed wholeheartedly by Izzy, Nell, Birdie and Cass. Close to Izzy and Nell’s yarn shop in Sea Harbour, Maine is Canary Cove, a busy artist’s colony where a summer art festival is soon to get underway. Th [...]

Mystery and art!My second Goldenbaum read and I liked that this mystery more than the first one. Can absolutely feel the yarn's texture and smell the sweet salt summer air as you turn the pages!

Title: Patterns in the SandAuthor: Sally GodenbaumSeries: Seaside Knitters #2Next book in series: Moon SpinnersSynopsis (from bn): When young fiber artist Willow Adams visits Izzy Chambers’s knitting studio, she’s immediately embraced by the Seaside knitters, and they see the monthly arts event at Canary Cove as a perfect place to showcase Willow’s work. But the idyllic summer in Sea Harbor turns somber when the body of Nick Peabody-owner of a popular gallery-is found in a community garden [...]

I remember in the first book I was a bit confused as to the voice of the narration- Izzy or Nell. I didn't feel that this time. Also the repeated declarations of losing their summer or needing to get their summer back in the first book are gone- only stated once, I think. There were still a number of editing mistakes but that can be overlooked.I enjoy the lovely location, the knitting, descriptions of the food they're enjoying. Good story, I had some suspicions, some of which were right :) The r [...]

I decided to read this book because a) I enjoyed the first in this series, and b) it takes place in a town in Cape Ann, Massachusetts, and we would be spending part of our vacation in a couple of Cape Ann locations.One regular, quiet evening in the town of Sea Harbor, Izzy Chambers, the owner of the local yarn shop, gets a call from the local police saying that someone has died in her store window! She arrives to see what is happening, and it turns out that the young woman is alive, but that she [...]

“Patterns in the Sand” is the second book in the Seaside Knitters Mystery series by Sally Goldenbaum. Set in Sea Harbor, a small Massachusetts coastal town, the series revolves around main characters, knit studio owner Izzy, her aunt, Nell, lobsterwoman and boat captain Cass, and Birdie – a spitfire of an elder stateswoman. They are a handful on their own but when you put them all together with a good murder mystery at the center – their unstoppable. The second book opens with Willow Ada [...]

Sea Harbor, Maine, is the home for numerous artists and their stores in the Canary Cove Art Colony, where an art festival is held the first Sunday of every month. Izzy's Seaside Knitting Studio is the gathering place for the ladies in this story. Then Willow Adams makes an appearance by breaking into the shop and falling asleep in the front window with the shop's cat, Purl. She's come to town to show her fiber art, or so she says.When one of the town's local shop owners dies in a mysterious way, [...]

When I started this book, I was surprised it started with a cat in the window of a knit shop telling what it saw outside. Then a stranger in town climbs in a window and curls up with the cat. From there you find a mystery all through the book using terms of knitting to explain how a puzzle is pieced together to learn all the details to find the pattern. You find yourself with one murder and then another in a town who has not endured this before. Now I know very little about knitting but enough t [...]

PATTERNS IN THE SAND is the second novel in the Seaside Knitters cozy mystery series by Sally Goldenbaum. I love the small town, fishing village setting of Sea Harbor, Massachusetts. Izzy Chambers owns the local knit shop and one evening she receives a telephone call to hurry to the shop as there is a dead girl in her front window. Hurry and get there before the local cops mess up the pretty yarn! She arrives to find the young fiber artist Willow Adams has fallen asleep in the window. Where did [...]

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