God's War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible

Walid Shoebat Joel Richardson

God's War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible

God's War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible

  • Title: God's War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible
  • Author: Walid Shoebat Joel Richardson
  • ISBN: 9780977102181
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Hardcover

God s War on Terror is one of the most important books ever to be written on End TImes prophecy As Walid says, I wasted my college days taking courses on Psychology 101, English 101, and Sociology 101 but I never imagined Futurology 101 The Bible, as I found it, is not simply a book on personal devotion as is commonly thought it is a detailed roadmap with mountains of eGod s War on Terror is one of the most important books ever to be written on End TImes prophecy As Walid says, I wasted my college days taking courses on Psychology 101, English 101, and Sociology 101 but I never imagined Futurology 101 The Bible, as I found it, is not simply a book on personal devotion as is commonly thought it is a detailed roadmap with mountains of evidence that God exists His design from time immemorial, regarding man s destiny, is filled with countless details about the future, especially the coming war with an Islamic coalition against Christianity and Israel In fact, all of the references in the Bible to nations, against which God declares His war in End times, you will find, are all Muslim.

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I loved this book. I bought it because Shoebat came to speak at our church on a Saturday several years ago. The book itself took me a long time to read because it is very lengthy and it is rather intense reading. But I learned so much from it; it was well worth every minute.Shoebat really clarifies the true position of the Muslim world on jihad, dhimmitude (tax on non-Muslims, the real meaning of Mohammed's writings, and the true relationship that Muslims hope to have with the west. Let's just s [...]

Astounding! The conclusions are not surprising to me, but I never before read or heard anything that so clearly and systematically expounds end time Biblical prophesies and pieces it with current events. I highly reccomend this for every believer. It will take what has seemed confusing and obscure to the Western mind, and view through the eyes of the East. The author was a Muslim Palestinian terrorist who came to Christ through studying the Bible. He discerns the Biblical prophesies through exte [...]

It took me quite a while to read and digest this excellent book on why Mr. Shoebat feels that the Antichrist will come from the Islamic world. I have long held this belief and so this book found a devoted fan in me, but it took slow reading, which for me was difficult as I am usually a fast reader. But I loved his Biblical use to prove his reasoning and felt he had done his research and it was excellent. I would recommend this to End Times readers or anyone else who may be interested in this his [...]

I generally do not pay much attention to books attempting to interpret Biblical prophecy, especially after I read "The Late Great Planet Earth" by Hal Lindsey when I was a teenager in the 1970's. Lindsey tried to set dates, which can be appealing to a mass audience, but is a strict no-no in Biblical prophecy (Matthew 24:36). However, given all the recent developments in Islam, I decided to take a look at the "Islamic Antichrist" theory, and I decided to read more than one book on the subject. Th [...]

I read this book after hearing Mr. Shoebat speak. Fascinating. I've studied and taught Revelation twice based on the traditional Western perspective ( that Shoebat blows out the water here!) and nothing has ever made as much logical sense as when prophecy is explained with Islam at the heart of it. Islam effortlessly supplies all the answers about scripture's mysterious Anti- Christ, the beast, the false prophet, etc. The shoe fits.With this book in mind, the current (and disturbing) happenings [...]

While this book needs a serious proofread (gramatical errors abound), I found it to be fascinating, and could be how the end times play out. Shoebat is from the Middle East, and because of that, does not have a Western mindset while reading biblical prophecy. I think his arguments that Islam is going to be the Beast of Revelation is compelling. Also, his details about the Islamic Madhi, who is the Messiah to come for Islam, certainly looks like he could be the biblical anti-Christ. Time will tel [...]

If you have grown up in the church and heard for years the many interpretations of the return of Christ and wondered who had it right, this will truly intrigue you! I have never read or known someone to virtually walk you through the Bible with more convincing evidence than Mr. Shoebat! While others strike fear in their writings of the end times, this book truly brought a peace for me in that the authority of God is unwavering! A must read and study as well!

This book, and one of Walid's other books(Why I left Jihad) have changed my views on Bible prophecy forever.

Walid Shoebat was born and raised in Bethlehem, Israel by an Arab father and an American mother. Walid grew up a terrorist, married a Christian woman and was challenged to examine the Bible and compare it with the Quran. Walid confessed, “Only bible truth has transferred my way of thinking from being a follower of Muhammad and idolizing Adolph Hitler to believing in Jesus Christ.” Walid Shoebat is the founder of the Walid Shoebat Foundation, to bring the truth about the bible. He has address [...]

This book really challenged my understanding of biblical prophecy. Many of the ideas taught dogmatically in churches today are inventions of man. Walid does a thorough job in explaining a lot of misconceptions. And he backs it up with lots of references and scripture. Not all of his theories are airtight, but at least he makes you wonder about some of the teaching from the majority of pre-millenial prophecy focused ministries. The one down side is a minor issue, but the book reads like it's just [...]

Shoebat and Richardson deliver a monumental work of sound scholarship. Every Christian interested in biblical prophecy or Islam should have this work in their library. I was appreciative to glean some excellent research leads for writing my final chapter of my own book. These authors have really done their homework and deserve recognition in the field of Christian scholarship. For those wishing to pursue similar research check out: Mecca, Muhammad & the Moon-god: A Candid Investigation into [...]

This might very well be the most accurate and important book ever written about Biblical prophecy and Islam. Or not. In general, my approach to any and all attempts to make sense of Ezekiel and Isaiah and Revelation is to put my fingers in my ears and go, "La la la, But of that day and hour knoweth no man, la la la." Shoebat makes a good case, and I really love the uncle who loaned me this book.

Very in depth, and can be read straight through, or as a reference book. Enlightening and authoritative, but likely to be rejected by some who are naive and who desire the more politically correct approach - which is generally watered down and lacking truth.

Contains some interesting information about Islam and how it relates to Bible prophecy, but his actual bible prophecy interpretation is a bit off. It is very wordy. Not well written.

Awesome book on truth!

Fantastic amount of information. It doesn't make a five star solely due to the numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes not to mention occasions where he repeats himself. I imagine Walid would accuse my next statement as being very western in thought that said if this book could be rewritten as a fact book instead of an editorial it would go to 6 stars. All said I think this book points out that this is not a new idea but just one the current western mindset is used to hearing. The quote from [...]

I really don't feel good after reading Shoebat's book. Let me clarify, for the first time in my history I really feel as if we are living in the last days. The does a great job in connecting the dots of history and Biblical Prophecy to the modern times. The time is now to start to read the signs. It is all there you just have to be willing to read and interpret the signs. Mr. Shoebat (ex-muslim) does the best job. This book will challenge you to rethink some old outdated ways at looking at end t [...]

A challenging, sober read.I get the words of Konrad Adenauer (German Chansellor), after WW II he said “outside of the cross of Christ, there is no hope for mankind”Jesus said there would be trouble in the world, but be of good courage, I have overcome the world. My hope for eternity is in what Jesus accomplished. What a day it will be, when all will be set right once and for all.

The subject matter was fascinating to me and that drove me to finish the book. It's long and the author repeats himself alot. However, each repetition is in other contexts, so the reader gets a rounded knowledge of the subject. I recommend it for people who want to know what's going on in the world that the news never covers.

A good & thought provoking read for anyone interested in Bible Prophecy from a new and interesting perspective. While I have very much enjoyed this book as a study, a better edit of the book & a little less condescension would have been appreciated.

incredible Extremely well-researched -- possibly the best book on the End Times I've ever read (and I've read dozens and dozens). Sobering. Frightening. But also comforting and encouraging.

Walid brings a different perspective in this book. At first I was skeptical at purchasing it, but after reading it I'm glad I did. It was a good enough book I plan on going through it a second time with my study bible, sticky notes, and note pad in hand. Worth every nickle.

I was unable to extricate myself from this book today. Very compelling!

This is an excellent expose on the true agenda of Radical Islam, written by a former PLO Terrorist. Extremely detailed. Textbook and amazing resource!

Makes you go.mmm

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