Blood Trail

Nancy Springer

Blood Trail

Blood Trail

  • Title: Blood Trail
  • Author: Nancy Springer
  • ISBN: 9780823420636
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback

After his best friend is murdered, seventeen year old Booger realizes he is the only one who has any idea who might have committed the crime but he doesn t tell anyone This novel explores the darker side of sibling rivalry.

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Reading blood trails was very suspenseful and fast pace and that's what made this book really good, the book is pretty much the thought of a kid going through so much at once and can't let loose all of his feelings.I really enjoyed the book because it kicked off fast and I didn't have a problem reading it. The storyline also is very strong and mixed into one great book. There are some slow parts but they are interesting to read overall the book was pretty good especially the ending.

This book is very interesting. It is like a horror book. The blood trail is about a best friend of a boy who was murdered. He thinks he knows who did the crime but he keeps it to himself. I recommend this book to people who likes mystery books.

This book was amazing! It was very suspencful, I didn't want to put it down. It has a very suprizing ending so if you like books that are mysteries and have OMG moments,then this is the book for you. I know that this was the book for me because I love mysterie books and ghost stories like this but this was not a ghost story.

Great book for some who doesn't like to read. Short and suspenseful.

I picked this book up thinking it was a mystery. It isn't (despite what the cover says). It's really a book about how a boy is changed when his best friend, Aaron, is murdered.It's a very moving book in that way. I really felt for the main character, Jeremy, and the whole time I read the book I kept thinking how horrible it is that some people actually have to go through this experience.What made it worse for everyone involved was that it was clear from the get-go that one of Aaron's family memb [...]

Blood Trail is about the best friend of a boy who was murdered in a small town. Before he dies he askes his best friend Jeremy to call when he gets home because he is scared of his twin brother, Nathan. He eventually can't take it anymore and tells the police what he was told. In response there is a storm of vandalism on his house, thretening phone calls, and people calling him a traitor because Nathan was the prime suspect in the murder.This book brings to light how one act can have so many con [...]

This book's cover and synopsis gave out an expectation for the story that was the opposite of what it turned out to be. (If that makes sense.) It was stated that Blood Trail was a mystery about a teenage boy investigating is best friend's death, but more than that it was really about his coping with the tragedy. From the beginning of the book you know exactly who it was that had killed Aaron's friend, and most of the book is dedicated to Aaron getting over the death.Still, with the misleading sy [...]

YA. Murder. Fiction. Grief. Mystery and detective stories. A great read for reluctant male readers, as it deals also with football.

Jeremy and Aaron, 17, have been inseparable since second grade. Now, Aaron has been brutally murdered. In a small town like Pinto River, this seems unimaginable and the rumors fly. Who would do such a thing? Small towns are supposed to be safe from psycho serial killers, aren't they? But Jeremy knows something that no one else does: Aaron told him that he was afraid of his twin brother, Nathan. Now Jeremy doesn't know what to do. Could Nathan have done this to his brother? Should Jeremy tell the [...]

I read this to see if I could get any pointers for technique of a mystery for middle reader/ YA level readers, especially since I loved this author's book Boy on a Black Horse. But the ending left me hanging, the story seemed very short and jumped gaps of time where nothing interesting must have been happening not my favorite. More of a YA novel about dealing with grief than one about a murder, as it *spoiler* is never brought to a resolution.

A boy's best friend is murdered and now he must decide whether or not to reveal what he knows about who it might be. This book has the crime very close to the front of the book and the reader spends a lot of time dwelling on it. I thought the emotions of the main character were real but that the story (conclusion?) wasn't as sharply in focus as it could have been. Truly tragic idea of a story but not executed very well. I give it a C.

I think this book is most appropriate for 5th graders and up. It does contain some gross references since its a book about murder. This book shares a story about mystery and suspense. There were scenes in this book where I was very grossed out, so therefor I do not recommend this book for people who are easily discussed and not ready for horror. I recommend this book to people like me who like mystery, suspense, and some horror.

I give this book a 3 star rating because the cover makes you think that this book is a mystery but it isn't. I wished this book was longer and more descriptive. I honestly didn't like this book. I wouldn't recommend this book because it gets you disappointed. In the middle of the book it kind of gets interesting but then it starts getting really boring at the end.

This book is about a boy whos best friend is murdered. Before he was murdered he told his friend that he was scared to go home. His friend is hiding something though, something that might reveal the killer. It was a good book with a lot of suspense. It was a good book, but not one dying over. It isnt a definite read. More like a quick read that is enjoyable.

Booger enjoys life as an athlete in a small coal town with his best buddy Aaron until Aaron is brutally murdered. All leads point to Aaron's bookish brother Nathan. By sharing what he knows with the police, Booger manages to incur the wrath of most of his neighbors--especially Aaron's parents. I was hoping for more action, and the story was left largely unresolved.

This book was so random and depressing I found myself needing some sunshine when I finished it. This is NOT a mystery. More a book about coping with devastating situations. And the language is pretty foul. Poor Booger: why in the world would he keep that nickname?!

TEEN FIC SPRJeremy and Aaron have been best friens sicne second grade. On one of their many afternoons togetehr, Aaron confesses that he has become afraid of this twin brother nathon later that day, Aaron is found dead. Was nathan the murderer? It is up to Jeremy to find out.

The Blood Trail By Nancy Spencer is a book that will make you think. Its about a friend that trys to find out who killed his best friend. Things Start changing when he starts quetioning his best friends twin brother Didn't you know that jealousy kills.

I liked the mystery part of this book and trying to figure out if Aaron's brother really killed Aaron. I didn't like the ending though because it left you hanging, and you never found out if the brother really killed Aaron. i would give this book 4 stars.

This title was a quick read and hooked me in pretty good. I thought the story was very attention grabbing but I felt the end needed something else. It's not a bad ending but could have been a little longer I think.

I thought this book was retarded. It is really boring because nothing happens. I listened to about half of it, and then skipped to the end to see if maybe there was a cool twist or something, but nothing. Plus the writing isn't very good and all the characters have stupid names.

this was a really good murder mystery. If u like mysteries then you need to read this. It is about a little boy who his best friend get murder in his own house.The friend of the little boy that got killed thinks he knows who killed his friend but doesn't want to get in trouble.

It started out with great potential, but the book is so short and doesn't resolve very well at the end. I think it would have been better if the book was longer.

This book had a strong narrative voice and I had high hopes for it. Unfortunately, the ending was so disappointing I could not recommend it to a student.

I really enjoyed this story. I thought it was a mystery triller, and really gets you thinking.

what the fuck!?

This book was very slow in the end but, the begging is very fast and it is hard to keep up with it, but the middle is very twisty and has a lot of cliff hangers. YOU SHOULD READ THIS.

Aaron is afraid of his twin brother, Nathan. Now Aaron is dead.No neat resolution here - very real life.

It was good, but it tended to drag on a little bit. I ws always expecting that unexpected twist, but it didn't happen

This book was sooo great! I thought it was perfect! I wouldn't change a thing!

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