Margret Rey H.A. Rey



  • Title: Pretzel
  • Author: Margret Rey H.A. Rey
  • ISBN: 9780395837337
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback

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One morning in May five little dachshunds are born They grow up the way puppies do, and at first they all look exactly alike But after nine weeks Pretzel starts growing and growing and growing Fully grown, Pretzel is the longest dachshund in all the world He easily wins a blue ribbon at the dog show and is admired by everyone everyone but Greta, the little dachshOne morning in May five little dachshunds are born They grow up the way puppies do, and at first they all look exactly alike But after nine weeks Pretzel starts growing and growing and growing Fully grown, Pretzel is the longest dachshund in all the world He easily wins a blue ribbon at the dog show and is admired by everyone everyone but Greta, the little dachshund across the street, who doesn t care for long dogs Pretzel is unable to win Greta s heart until the day she needs rescuing, when the only dog who can save her must be very, very long This classic story of puppy love will win the hearts of both old and new Pretzel fans How can you go wrong with a story that begins and ends with puppies

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My kids made me read this book to them tonight, and I legit hated it. Horrible message and bad editing. Sorry, 1940s book, you don't hold up over time.

Kind of weird book. Pretzel is a daschund who wins a prize because he is so very long. He likes a female daschund, but she doesn't like him because she "doesn't care for long dogs." But then she falls in a hole and, due to his length, Pretzel can rescue her. She agrees to marry him because he saved her life. Awwww!!!!!"Will you marry me now?""I will, but not for your length!" Bizarre. That made me laugh out loud. I know I married my hubby for his length. ;-)

I didn't like the message I felt this book was telling. Greta didn't accept Pretzel because he didn't look like other dachshunds. He was super long and no matter what he did or gave her she wouldn't accept him and was quite rude to him too. But when he comes to her rescue she finally accepts him and they get married. What?!

Pretzel is the story of a daschund. And unusual daschund. A very loooooooooong daschund. Actually, he was the longest daschund in the world! For the most part his great length was an asset to him - when he was one, he won a blue ribbon at a dog show and was admired by all the other dogs.However. :)The little dog across the street, Greta, did not like Pretzel. And Pretzel really liked Greta. Her thoughts on the matter: "I don't care for long dogs." The rest of the story details how Pretzel tries [...]

This is a love story between two wieners's just beautiful

This is a doggie live story. I was not prepared for this, so I'll share that up front. Illustrated by Curious George creator, but written by Margaret Rey. What I liked:- The fun and familiar illustrations from the Curious George universe. - The book is great for reading out loud. What I didn't like:- I took exception to the dog being willing to do anything to win the love of the female dog, even when his attention was unwanted. In kind, I also didn't like that the female dog agrees to marry the [...]

If you’re a fan of classic children’s stories, see if you can get your hands on this this one. Pretzel, the world’s longest dachshund, has a case of puppy love. But the object of his affections, Greta just “doesn’t care for long dogs.” Nothing personal, of course. Despite all his best efforts, it seems like all hope is lost, until one day Pretzel finds himself in a position to help the hard-to-get Greta in a way that only he can.It’s a puppy love story, with a slight Lady and the [...]

I realize that this will make me sound crazy, because on its surface this is a classic picture book about an adorable dachshund. But the whole story is about how Pretzel falls in love with a lady dog who dislikes him and then he proceeds to give her presents, beg for her affection, and stalk her. There is literally a page that says something about how he had been following and watching her all the time. CREEPY. So he rescues her and she decides he's not so bad and they get married. UGH. Awful.

One day in May, five little dachshunds were born. One of them, was Pretzel, who would grow into the world's longest dachshunds, whom everyone admiredexcept for Greta, the little black dachshund from across the street. This sweet story, authored by Margret Rey, who is well know for Curious George, is a love story between two dachshundsd the lengths the Pretzel must go to win Greta's heart.

A lovely tale that shows outer beauty is not all it's cracked up to be and how love is more than looks. A very handsome and distinguished dog finds himself in love. However the object of his affection is not stunned by outward appearances and ends up only falling for him after he shows that he has more to offer than his looks. An excellent book for youngsters on an important lesson.

- adorable hero wiener dog story - illustrations are simple and sweet - Pretzel's crush, Greta, is obnoxious and uninterested, but you can't help who you love and maybe, just maybe, he wins her over

There are five dachshund puppies. Pretzel keeps growning larger until he is the longest dog in the world. All love him except the little dachshund Gretta. After he saves her, she does love him and they get married. Then they have their own family of five.

Pretzel, the distinguished, extra-long dachshund, wants to marry the little dog across the way . . . but she thinks he's too long. She changes her mind when she falls into a deep hole and he gets her out. First published in 1944, this book is charming but not dated.

A friend of mine introduced me to this book after I adopted a dachshund. I love this book. It's my first purchase whenever I need a baby gift (from the dog, naturally). I've even read it to my own dachshund! :)

"From the people who gave us Curious George." Never mind that, this is a charming, little story all its own that should be on the book shelf of every child's bedroom.

I can't help myself. Story time with Darcy and Finn ASAP.

heh. "length" in a guy is not everything.

I used to read this book to my brother when he was little. Tonight, I reread it to my little one and he started kicking me where I could feel him. It's one of my favorites and now I forever cherish this momment forever.

Such a sweet little book, although the writing was not that impressive. I feel like it needed just one more proof before they printed it. But nonetheless, it is a cute book with wonderful illustrations. A must read for dachshund lovers.

I have a funny story about this book. A couple of my friends from college, Heidi and Heather, are as in love with dachshunds as I am. We bonded over our love for our perpetual-puppies. I like to give them dachshund related items, and this Christmas I decided I would find a book for them. I found Pretzel online, and even though I hadn’t read it I bought a copy for both of them. The same day I put their books in the mail I got a package from Heidi in the mail—and she had got me a copy of Pretz [...]

Pretzel is an exceptionally long dachshund, and has received lots of notoriety for his looks. Pretzel falls in loves with a normal sized dachshund named Greta, but she wants nothing to do with him and claims she does not like long dogs. He continues to pursue her, but every time she rejects him. One day Greta falls into a deep hole, and Pretzel is able to save her due to his length. After she is saved, she tells him that she really does like him for who he is, and they get married and start a fa [...]

My mother-in-law has a very small selection of books on hand to read, some of which are her children's childhood books. Apparently Pretzel is one of these. I love the illustrations, but the story is weird reading these days: Pretzel is an insanely long Dachshund. He likes Greta and wants to marry her, but Greta doesn't like long Dachshunds. So he gives her gifts, and she isn't interested. He does tricks to impress her, but she's not interested. Finally, he saves her and she marries him. While yo [...]

I am sure that I read this book when I was a child - probably more than once. So I was very excited to read this one with our girls. And probably none too soon, as they are starting to grow out of simple books like this one. The narrative is short and entertaining and the illustrations are colorful and certainly remind me of the pictures from the many Curious George books I read when I was young. Our girls never really got into George, but they liked this story. Overall, this is a sweet tale to [...]

My love of reading started when i was young, and it gives me immense pleasure to provide books to Spread the Word Nevada, an organization that passes them on to children in the community. They are a terrific organization supporting an important cause. If your local I encourage you to check them out. For those living further a field, look in your own community, their may already be a similar program in place. And if not, you can always help start one.spreadthewordnevada/Myself, I go out on the we [...]

Pretzel's a super crazy long weiner dog. He's got the mad hots for another daschund but there's a problem: She doesn't like long dogs. That is until she falls down a well and Pretzel stretches on down to swoop her up into his loving paws forever and ever amen.But really, it cracks me up. Pretzel's all "hey baby let's go out" and she's like 'I got a man" and Pretzel's like "whatcho man got to do with me?" and repeat, repeat, repeat until bitch finds herself down the crapper! In the end it's a ver [...]

This was a lovable tale. Pretzel is a very long dachshund who can't get the attention of the lady dog he loves. How will he win her? Pretzel can do amazing tricks as you can imagine. He even wins prizes, but he can't seem to win that one elusive darling he wants. A cute story of love, bravery, loyalty and devotion with a funny, Pretzel twist!As usual the Reys have done a great job on a book. Loved the illustrations. Cute details to catch the imagination, nice bright color and delightful expressi [...]

I dunno, it's cute and all but I'm not sure I really like the implied message that, if you give a girl stuff and help her out, even if you're not her type, she'll end up marrying you. The kid was all "She's so MEAN" and I tried to point out that the lady-dog was not mean because she wouldn't marry Pretzel but maybe a little mean for continuing to take his stuff.Probably reading too much into it.

This is a book by the author(s) of the Curious George series. The illustrations were definitely the best thing about this book. The story starts out really cute, but I lost interest pretty quickly. It might be good for really small kids who like lots of repetition or who have very short attention spans and want a quick book.

OKe only reason this isn't getting 5 stars is because I feel pretty strongly that Pretzel should have given that prissy poodle the cold shoulder when she was down in that well for snubbing him in the first place. But Pretzel is more of an adult than me and that's why we love him in the first place, right?

När jag var liten förstod jag inte riktigt hur Kringel kunde vara så snäll och samtidigt inte så jättesmart, tyckte jag. Jag kan väl bara säga att jag var ganska rättfram när jag var liten. Kringel går att tolka på väldigt många sätt, kanske en del av bokens tjusning? Plus i kanten för fina illustrationer.

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