Indigo Dying

Susan Wittig Albert

Indigo Dying

Indigo Dying

  • Title: Indigo Dying
  • Author: Susan Wittig Albert
  • ISBN: 9780425193778
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback

China Bayles heads to the tiny town of Indigo, Texas, to teach a Colors to Dye For workshop But she quickly discovers that Indigo is a town with than its share of dark secrets secrets that someone thinks are worth killing to keep.

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Onvan : Indigo Dying (China Bayles, #11) - Nevisande : Susan Wittig Albert - ISBN : 425193772 - ISBN13 : 9780425193778 - Dar 288 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2003

A much better than average cozy mystery. I have not read any of the China Bayles series before, and while there were several references to what I assume were earlier stories, I didn't feel like I was really missing anything by coming in at Book 11. The story is a well plotted "town bully" story with several other subplots thrown in. Casey Ford owns most of the tiny town of Indigo, Texas, and he's as means as a prairie blizzard. When he's killed shortly after announcing his plans to sell the mini [...]

Things I liked * Each chapter being prefaced with an actual (or fictional) excerpt from writings about dying, indigo and folklore surrounding these traditions. These excerpts gave a good setting and mindset to each chapter. * I was fooled by the author and suspected someone different than the actual murderer. The hints placed by the author towards the wrong suspect had me surprised by the final outcome. * The relationships portrayed in the novel were realistic and believable. It was refreshing t [...]

I've realized this, that I've read this in August 05. I forgot to add this to my read book shelf. The title I didn't recognize, but the storyline and characters I did. Nonetheless, this is a great herbal mystery with suspense, drama, intrigue and great facts on dye. A good read.

This was one of the most enjoyable of the seeries thus far, even though i read it out of sequence. China hasn't changed her last name, buther relationship has apparently been through much turmoil-I knew Mike Mcquaid had taken a buleet somewhere in the intervening novels but apparently he was compromised in other ways. I look forward to catching up on all of that when I fill in the interveneing novels. The public library is my source of these cozy mysteries because I retain shelf space for books [...]

This was my first to read by Susan Wittig Albert. I always consider a mystery a good read, when I cannot figure out who the killer is. I never had a clue on this book.

Good, but one of her darker books.

good mystery but rather slow through the middle

There's nothing like a little murder to solve all of a dying town's problemsIndigo, Texas is undergoing a revival. Determined to prevent it from fading into memory like so many other tiny Texas towns, the small community of artists that has taken up residence within its old buildings are putting everything into restoring it to its former glory. China and Ruby are both supportive of the town's revival and looking forward to taking part in its upcoming arts festival and dying workshop. Sadly, all [...]

This is the 11th book in the China Bayles series. China and Ruby travel to the small town of Indigo to work with Allison on a natural dye workshop and participate in an arts and crafts festival. They find out that Allison's uncle is going to sell the mining rights to the town and surrounding lands which is devastating to the community that has just started reviving the town as an arts and cultural center. When the uncle announces his plans at a community meeting, he becomes public enemy number o [...]

After finishing Chile Death a few months ago, I wasn't sure I wanted to read more in this series, not because I wasn't enjoying it, but because "they're all at a good place and I don't want it getting messed up!" I wrote at the time. But then my mother-in-law gave me this paperback, and I needed something to take along on vacation, so I started reading it. I was not keen on the flash forward and heavy foreshadowing. Has this series always been first person narrative? For some reason it really st [...]

Catching up with China Bayles.This is a particularly good story revolving around dying with native plants.Also property rights and strip mining.Interesting characters in the town of Indigo.

I love reading this series. I always learn something that makes me want to get out and plant herbs and more and different plants. And wish for more room in my garden.This time I want to grow the plants and make my own dye, raise my own angora goats to shear, card and spin the wool. I don't think my 'burb or HOA would dig that. So, for now, I will read about the adventures of China Bayles. China and her friend, Ruby, are on a weekend workshop and artists' fair in the nearby small town of Indigo. [...]

Great summer reading. As a spinner, dyer and knitter, I really enjoyed the focus of this novel. Plus I really like the China Bayles series. Series (read chronologically) offer a delightful range for character development. China Bayles books are much better with Ruby! Look forward to the next one.Do you ever look at a book and think you haven't read it? My copy of "Indigo Dying" looked like a page hadn't been turned. Oh, my. I'd missed a book in the China Bayles series? Impossible but to look at [...]

"Indigo Dying," by Susan Wittig Albert, is one of those reads wheret you'll want to make a list of the characters as you read along and try to make all the connections before the murderer is revealed. This story has many distinctive characters who can be placed in a "six degrees of separation" format - but if you're not careful you might miss the connections early on. Albert does a remarkable job of allowing the reader to look over the shoulder of China Bayles, the retired attorney-turned-herb-s [...]

What makes this book so interesting is not the mystery, although that was good, but rather the herbal dye lore and the herbal dye information. Even if you have no interest in DIY dyeing or spinning fiber, understanding the process goes a long way toward appreciating the effort that these artisans put into their work. China and Ruby are in Indigo, TX to show at a craft fair and for China to teach a dyeing class with an old friend. But things are about to explode in Indigo. The owner of most of th [...]

Really enjoyed the herbal elements of this amateur sleuth/cozy mystery and while I had not read any of this series before there was no problem quickly getting up to speed on the characters and the community as well as becoming intrigued enough to want to know more about them all. The only challenge I had with the story was the mystery seemed to keep fading into the background with the protagonist having no real reason to become involved and the suspects quickly narrowed down to only a few possib [...]

March 2017: I needed a comfy listen this week while waiting for some library audio holds to become available so I turned to the last China mystery I read. Now it's time to read the next :)May 2016: This one centers on herbal lore about indigo and dye, hence the title. So many fascinating little facts to learn from these books and I loved the myths and history associated with indigo. China and Ruby are doing a dye workshop and craft fair in the town of Indigo, which is a small Texas town that has [...]

Another enjoyable read from gardener and author Susan Wittig Albert. Main character China Bayles is off to the tiny berg of Indigo to do a plant dyeing workshop with an old classmate from college. Allison, who is now a weaver and keeper of angora goats,is working to revive the town where her family once thrived. Of course, there have to be complications and this time it comes with the death of Allie's uncle Casey, who had been determined to sell the mining rights that would turn Indigo into a st [...]

China Bayles and her friend Ruby go to a weekend festival in the town of Inidigo, a dying town whose residents are trying to revitalize. During the course of their weekend, the Uncle of a close friend tells the residents that he is selling all the mining rights, and the town will be teared down.During the play at the festival, a gunshot is heard, and Casey is found dead in the middle of the street.Mcquaid is there with Ruby and insists on helping the local sheriff with this murder investigation, [...]

The first thing that came to mind while reading this book was, Nancy Drew. Before I knew the age of the main character, I would have guessed that she was a teenager. Instead, the protagonist was a forty year old woman. The entire book felt very random and confusing, but it was part of a series which I haven't read, so maybe there is more character development in those. It seemed like the author had a passion for herbal dyes, and tried to mix that in with a murder plot. There was one tiny three p [...]

The man died fast and hard and in true Texas style, stepping into a shotgun blast that lifted his feet off the ground and slammed him backward through the door he'd just opened, into the powdery dust of the street.I re-read this for a challenge.China and Ruby travel to Indigo Texas for a natural dye workshop and artists show. The town is a former ghost town that is trying to make a come back. Casey Ford, a local townsman, announces his intent to sell his land for the mineral rights which would b [...]

This is the first China Bayles book I've read, & considering that it is #11 in the series, I think the author did a great job in making the story stand on its own without excessive references to prior books.I think the basic plot of this book could be summed up like most cozy mysteries- unlikeable characters are murdered & likeable characters solve the crimes. This book was effective in taking that premise & making it an enjoyable read with good writing, a solid plotline & a sati [...]

Ms. Albert does it again, a solid story made more interesting with the herbology added in. I knew who did it very quickly which is why I gave the story a three but WHY the killer did it was a surprise as was the story of one of the murder victims. China Bayles and Ruby, her friend and business partner, are in Indigo, Texas to participate in one the town's festivals. While there China co-teaches a dying workshop with a friend from college. While there China and Ruby, along with China's husband an [...]

All of the China Bayles series books are written with a conversational style, and endearing sincerity. The characters are both loveable and believable as are the places. Albert describes things well enough to give you a picture for your mind's eye without allowing the descriptions to overtake the storyline. If you've never lived in Central Texas trust me when I tell you that this is as close as you can get without moving here! These books are a comfortable, easy read - equally good for rainy day [...]

Love this author and her China Bayles series. This is book #11 in the series and the stories continue to be attention grabbers that are hard to put down. This book focuses on the small town of Indigo, Texas. One of the townspeople owns a majority of the land and buildings in the town and he has just announced that he is selling the mineral rights of his properties to a mining company which will effectively destroy all land and businesses in the small town. Everyone is angry and then the guy ends [...]

I just finished (8-30-09) reading the beginning and then skimming the rest of Susan's first book in this series and was surprised with the language and alternative life style discussions. It changes my recommendation to my friends. By book #11 she lighted up on the language and sex so it was enjoyable. I really did like Book #11 it was a fun book. I like mysteries, herbs, weaving and dying. But I will not be reading any more of her books because I don't want to figure out where she lightens up o [...]

A very good mystery, but I was boggled by China Bayles, no-nonsense pragmatist, internally rebuking her friend for wanting to break it off with a man she does not trust and who has cheated on her, because "he might've felt he had no choice." What? Cheating is always a choice, and Allie isn't obligated to consider his ;point of view in the matter. Just because China lost her spine and justified her own husband's infidelity doesn't mean everyone else should do the same.

This was a very good mystery in this series. I enjoyed the suspense and the setting in another small town in Texas where China and Ruby had gone to teach a workshop and reconnect with an old friend of China's. Two deaths occurred; and McQuaid got involved with the investigation while camping nearby with his son. Of course, China and Ruby contributed much to the fact finding and helped to solve the mystery.

Wow! What are great book! I'll admit, when I read the synopsis I was wary. I expected this to be a weaker point in the series and boy was I wrong. The book is set in a small town and during a festival. So that was a great change of pace. Everyone is here so that rocks. There was some family drama that tied in with the plot and everything is interlaced together. Herbs, dying, festivals and mayhem, oh my! Loved it!

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