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  • Title: Kennedy
  • Author: Theodore C. Sorensen
  • ISBN: 9781568520353
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Hardcover

In 1 53, freshman Sen John F Kennedy of Massachusetts hired a 24 year old Nebraska Unitarian as his 2 legislative assistant on a trial basis Despite differences in background, Sorenson in the 11 years following became known as Kennedy s intellectual blood bank, top policy aide alter ego Sorenson knew Kennedy the man, the Senator, the candidate the PrIn 1 53, freshman Sen John F Kennedy of Massachusetts hired a 24 year old Nebraska Unitarian as his 2 legislative assistant on a trial basis Despite differences in background, Sorenson in the 11 years following became known as Kennedy s intellectual blood bank, top policy aide alter ego Sorenson knew Kennedy the man, the Senator, the candidate the President as no other associate did thru these years He was with him during the key crises turning points including the spectacular race for the Vice Presidency at the 1956 convention, the launching of Kennedy s Presidential candidacy, the speech to the Protestant clergy of Houston, the TV debates with Nixon election night at Hyannis Port The 1st appointment made by the new President was to name Ted Sorensen his Special Counsel Sorenson relates the role of the White House staff evaluates Kennedy s relations with his Cabinet other appointees He reveals Kennedy s errors on the Bay of Pigs, his attitudes toward the press Congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, his handling of Berlin the Cuban missile crisis Three months to the day after Dallas, Sorensen left the White House to write the account of those years that only he could write.

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I do not intend to write a review necessarily on this book. Instead I wish to meditate on President Kennedy, with this book as its best symbol. My reasoning is that now that we are at the 50th year mark after President Kennedy's death, his picture is everywhere again. Books are being released and re-released that emphasize nothing save the "juiciest" bits of Camelot that are either so overblown, or downright lies that I've gotten tired of reading the covers, much less hearing their contents. To [...]

bestpresidentialbios/2017Theodore Sorensen’s “Kennedy” was published in 1965, little more than a year after JFK’s assassination. Sorensen served as chief legislative aide to Senator Kennedy and as Special Counsel, adviser and speechwriter to President Kennedy. He also reportedly wrote or edited much of JFK’s Pulitzer Prize-winning “Profiles in Courage.” Sorensen died in 2010 at the age of 82.Sorensen’s 758-page biography of Kennedy is nontraditional in many ways: by virtue of its [...]

In some ways, if you’re hoping to pick up a thing or two by reading about other speechwriters, it’s probably a mistake to start with Ted Sorensen’s biography of Kennedy — Sorensen, after all, had the type of working relationship with JFK that any speechwriter would only be so lucky to have.So, if you start with Sorensen and hold up his writing partnership with Kennedy as the ideal relationship to have, then you’re going to have one hell of an uphill battle to climb if you want to emula [...]

A justifiably famous biography of Kennedy's Washington years by his close associate Theodore C. Sorensen. Sorensen served as a speechwriter and is the putative author of Kennedy's "Profiles in Courage." Written in 1965 when the pain of Kennedy's assassination was still felt - especially by close associates like Sorensen - and strongly supported by the President widow, the book rarely alludes to any deficiencies in Kennedy's character, much less articulates them. For this reason, the early chapte [...]

This book took me months to get through, but was well worth the time and effort. Sorensen gives an inside look at Kennedy as a man, Senator, and President, writing from the point of view of how Kennedy himself might like to frame his own legacy. The book describes the policies and politics of Kennedy just as much as the man, giving the book more substance than many books about JFK and his family.However, the book, written in 1965, feels rather dated. The grief of Kennedy's death still seems too [...]

Brilliant detailed insight into the man himself.

I started this book in January 2012 and finished it in January 2016. Admittedly, in the beginning it was a bit dry and between that and the length, I'm guessing those two reasons are why I stopped reading steadily. However, I would read a bit here and there over the years and slowly made my way through it. At the start of 2016 though, I was determined to finish it and so I have.Theodore Sorensen was President Kennedy's speech writer and special counsel. His love and admiration for a man he had k [...]

A brilliant early biography of Kennedy, published in 1965. Strictly dealing with the political journey, briefly as Congressman and Senator, culminating in his presidency, from Inauguration through to November of 1963. There are so many literary choices for study of JFK's term in office from Schlesinger, Dallek, Talbot, Reeves, Mathews, Hersh etc. It has to be said that unlike other biographers of JFK, Ted Sorensen was himself a great and gifted man.What I feel stands out about this book, is the [...]

We are all familiar with tales of the famous JFK. I started reading and hoping that I would get to know JFK a little differently. I didn't want to validate the stories of him being a womens' man and all that. The theory conspiracies, well there would always be that.I don't care too much about American politics but hey, there was no way I was gonna get away from that. As I kept on reading, the first half was just about American politics and I got a lil' disappointed.Little did I know that what I [...]

Theodore Sorensen does a remarkable job of writing the memoir that JFK would have written. Rather it is his memoir and account of JFK. It is the very first biography and therefore the first draft of history and is incredibly detailed. It does not recount a family history, but retells what the public knew about JFK at that time shortly after his death. The book takes you through his time in the senate, the 1956 convention, the 1960 convention and campaign and presidency. All very detailed and the [...]

The book is certainly well written and offers a great deal of insight into Kennedy's achievements. The only drawback is that it does not address the negatives. According to Sorensen's account, JFK could do no wrong. For a truly objective account of JFK's life, one has to read other accounts, by more objective observers.Tony Manera

I enjoyed this bookobviously, a biography of JFK written by his primary speechwriter is going to be a bit biased - but it did provide a good overview of his years in the Senate and the Presidency. I especially enjoyed the stories about the Presidential campaign of 1960 - very interesting inside information.

A great portrayal of the perhaps the greatest American President (with Lincoln) by a man who served JFK faithfully as an advisor. Full of insights into the man, his motivations, his energy and commitment to serving not only his country but also all humanity.

High on praise and light on criticism. The episodic nature of the writing is hard to follow too. I didn't feel like I got a good picture of JFK.

This was the BEST book ever!!

The youngest man and the first Catholic ever elected, 43-year-old John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts, was inaugurated as the 35th President of the United States.

Interesting. I don't normally read non fiction but this held my attention and offered some facts that I did nor know about President Kennedy.

Easy read. Not subjective in the least. Mr. Sorensen's admiration Kennedy is glaring thrpugh out the book. Some goos personal insights.

The best JFK biography around since 1965.

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