Cuentos de un soñador

Lord Dunsany

Cuentos de un soñador

Cuentos de un soñador

  • Title: Cuentos de un soñador
  • Author: Lord Dunsany
  • ISBN: 9788420661605
  • Page: 444
  • Format: None

Novelista, dramaturgo y ensayista, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett 1878 1957 , conocido literariamente como LORD DUNSANY por su t tulo nobiliario, fue, en palabras de Jorge Luis Borges, el hacedor de un arrebatado universo, de un reino personal, que fue para l la sustancia ntima de su vida La originalidad de su audaz imaginaci n y el exotismo de sus argumentos haceNovelista, dramaturgo y ensayista, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett 1878 1957 , conocido literariamente como LORD DUNSANY por su t tulo nobiliario, fue, en palabras de Jorge Luis Borges, el hacedor de un arrebatado universo, de un reino personal, que fue para l la sustancia ntima de su vida La originalidad de su audaz imaginaci n y el exotismo de sus argumentos hacen de la lectura de los diecis is relatos reunidos en CUENTOS DE UN SO ADOR algunos de los cuales, como Bethmora , D as de ocio en el pa s del Yann , El hombre del hach s o Carcasona se han convertido en cl sicos del g nero fant stico una experiencia sumamente gratificante para el aficionado a la literatura.

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There was a time, lost in the mists of antiquity, when the dreamer could wander his fantasy land at will and set down his/her experiences on paper at leisure, without worrying about deadlines and contracts: when he/she could pen his words without worrying whether his book will hit the bestseller charts or not: when writing was pure pleasure. Lord Dunsany was a product of those times.A Dreamer's Tales is exactly that: a bunch of stories, fables and legends (and some pieces which defy any kind of [...]

2.5 – 3 starsSo, this took me forever to read. As I’ve said elsewhere I appreciate Dunsany’s importance to the field of fantasy literature, and he certainly has a poetic way with words, but so many of his stories seem like little more than sketches, or rapidly painted pictures done in very broad strokes, that I usually don’t find myself left with too much to really hold onto either in the realm of plot or character. One could easily argue that’s not Dunsany’s point and I would happil [...]

Introduction xiiiBy Padriac ColumPoltarnees, Beholder of Ocean 1Blagdaross 14The Madnesg of Andelsprutz 19Where the Tides Ebb and Flow 24Bethmoora 30Idle Days on the Yann 35 The Sword and the Idol 53 The Idle City 60 The Hashish Man 66Poor Old Bill 72 The Beggars 78Carcassonne Sa In Zaccaroth 95The Field 99The Day of the Poll 103 The Unhappy Body 107The Sword of Welleran 111The Fall of Babbulkund 127 The Kith of the Elf-Folk 142The Highwayman 159 In the Twilight 165The Ghosts 170 The Whirlpool 1 [...]

Ovo su dokone priče, ali prekrasne. Vrijedi pročitati.

Knjiga koju sam otvorila u krivo vrijeme, nije me povukla na čitanje.žda jednom.

3.9"Soñé que había hecho algo horrible, tan horrible, que se me negó sepultura en tierra y en mar, y ni siquiera había infierno para mí"Poltrarnees 5/5Blagdaross 3/5Día de elecciones 3/5La locura de Andelsprutz 4/5En donde suben y bajan las mareas 5/5Bethmoora 4/5Días de ocio en el país del Yann 4/5La espada y el idolo 4(5El hombre del hachís 3/5En Zaccarath 3/5La ciudad ociosa 4/5El campo 5/5El pobre Bill 3/5Carcasona 5/5Los mendigos 3/5El cuerpo infeliz 5/5 En mi afán de probar a Lo [...]

My rating reflects my opinion of the Wildside Press edition, not of Dunsany's wonderful tales!Wildside Press does much good by resurrecting rare old books, but this edition of Dunsany's classic has some of the worst typos I have ever seen. For example:Page 34: Instead of "Never since then have I seen my city alive," Wildside has: "Now since then have I seen my city alive," disastrously reversing the meaning of the sentence, at the very climax of "The Madness of Andelsprutz".Page 111: Instead of [...]

Las historias de Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, o Lord Dunsany, como ha trascendido literariamente, tienen la virtud de ser intemporales. Creó un universo propio, rico en lenguaje, cuyo germen es lo fantástico y onírico. Ciudades prodigiosas, nombres fabulosos, evocadores, y una prosa cercana a la poesía, así como una gran imaginación, hacen de Lord Dunsany un escritor único. Incluso hay un término para referirse a este tipo de literatura, dunsaniana. Lovecraft, Tolkien o Borges son [...]

Valoración final: 3.5 Relatos que forman parte de «Cuentos de un soñador»:1. Poltarness, la que mira al mar 3/5 2. Blagdaross 4/5 3. Día de elecciones 3/5 4. La locura de Andelsprutz 4/5 5. En donde suben y bajan las mareas 5/5 6. Bethmoora 3/5 7. Días de ocio en el país del Yann 3/5 8. La espada y el ídolo 3/5 9. El hombre del hachís 3/5 10. En Zaccarath 3/5 11. La ciudad ociosa 3/5 12. El campo 5/5 13. El pobre Bill 3/5 14. Carcasona 3/5 15. Los mendigos 3/5 16. El cuerpo feliz 5/5  [...]

Read it. Liked it a lot. Can hardly wait to go through the next volume in the omnibus edition.

Más que un libro, es un aleph: sus ciento cuarenta páginas contienen toda la fantasía del siglo XX. De una forma u otra, Dunsany es precursor de algunos de los nombres más destacados de la literatura fantástica posterior.Es posible trazar fácilmente influencias narrativas, como sobre la etapa onírica de Lovecraft, las ciudades invisibles de Calvino, o los dioses de Gaiman. Hay imágenes que reaparecen con otra forma en obras futuras: Bar-Wul-Yann me recordó a las Argonath, y la Ciudad Qu [...]

Out of the 25 stories I liked these: Charon, The Three Sailors' Gambit, The Hashish Man, and The Secret of the Sea. Dunsany is exquisite in his descriptions of imaginary places, and he can conjure up an atmosphere of mystery and anticipation and eeriness in just a few words. I found his style refreshing and lyrical. This particular collection is not big on plot, however, and I felt like I was being teased - drawn in completely, but ultimately left unsatisfied. I only picked this book up because [...]

Lord Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron Dunsany (or Lord Dunsany, if you haven't got all day) is like Charlie Parker - a much-imitated, never-equaled original. The feverish, liquid reveries of his language led many other authors down a primrose path of overheated, turgid prose. Lovecraft tried and failed. There is no excuse for the delirious orgy of sensory description and evocative sound Dunsany employs, and in anyone else's hands it would fail. Here it succeeds beyond all expectation. Re [...]

Not as good as Lovecraft's dream-stories in my opinion, but nevertheless LOTS of really awesome ideas and concepts. This book exudes creativity.If you are tired of modern fantasy, aka Tolkien derivatives, read this. It is in line with the arabian tales/poe/lovecraft type of fantasy which we see very little of today.

An odd little book, but an absolute must read for anyone who enjoys fables or myths or Victorian authors. Fans of Algernon Blackwood, W.B. Yeats, or Ella Young will adore Lord Dunsany's magnificent prose and vivid imagination.

Lord Dunsany is one of my favorite authors. The Beggars is my favorite short story of all time. If you love poetic prose à la Homer, Tolkien, Gibran, and the Song of Songs, then you should read Lord Dunsany. His fantastic imagination and romantic prose is unrivaled.

Lord Dunsany in top form is like the finest of poetry. Surreal,magical fantasy and a collection of stories that is darker than Sword of Welleran and Other Stories.

Amazing fantasy stories of a world of dreams (from an Appendix N author!) . . . After so many decades of reading Lovecraft, and his insistence on the importance of Lord Dunsany to his work, I have finally delved into Dunsany myself. I can certainly see the influence - knowing what I do now, much of the "Dream Cycle" of Lovecraft's work seems a pastiche of Lord Dunsany! I am looking forward to reading much more of Lord Dunsany's work!

To me, this was pure torture. I can't imagine someone enjoying this, for it is just an endless parade of meaningless made-up names without any context or background. Wtiting style is dreadfully empty and disengaging and plain boring, and that is about the worst thing you can say about a book of fantasy tales. Jesus.

Some good, some bad. Lord Dunsany is not always easy to read. As one of Lovecraft's major inspirations, particularly for his Dreamlands stories, you can imagine he's a bitrbose. A few of the stories are really good. A few are almost unreadable.

More waste of time. Now I know where Tanith Lee got her inspiration for her "beautiful" prose. Ugh. It's nothing but faffing around pointless stories.

Beautiful and whimsical. The stories are short and read a bit stream-of-consciousness but considering they are intended to be experienced like dreams, it works. Definitely antiquated in its subjects but still lovely to escape into now and then. I kept it by my bedside for several months and read a story or two each night, to help me unwind.

"These are the Inner Lands" Technically that describes the fictional cities in the first story of "A Dreamer's Tales," but it could easily have described Lord Dunsany's fantastical mind. Full of invented legends and exotic characters, Dunsany's short stories are a wonderful early fantasy read.He writes about desert cities, where the sea is only a legend; of a rocking horse that revels in a little boy's fantasies; of cities that are "quite dead; of dreams and redemption, long-dead cities that wer [...]

Lyrical, bizarre, creepy and sublime. I found the stories hit and miss, but it's pleasant to encounter something that is so unique, and something that probably wouldn't get past commercial editors today. Fair warning that these tales are stuffed with orientalist tropes, so anyone who's actually from the Middle East or Northern Africa will need to read these with his or her "historical context" hat on.My favourite tales were 'Charon,' 'Where the Tides Ebb and Flow,' 'The Field,' 'Bethmoora,' and [...]

Llegar a la obra de Dunsany es complicado si no se está prevenido desde un comienzo: su fantasía no es a la que estamos acostumbrados. Es muy única en su estilo, en su prosa, en su estética. Cierto, Lovecraft, Borges y Tolkien tomaron influencias de este barón, pero solo en conceptos. Su lirismo puede resultar denso para el que llegue buscando la épica o incluso cuentos de hadas. Un soñador, exactamente, es lo que es Dunsany. Cada una de sus historias está relatada de esa manera, como si [...]

For me, there are three shining threads through Dunsany's Dreamer's Tales. The first is a rich skein of Romanticism that winds through the tales giving a philosophical depth to his visions and nightmares, the second a strong Orientalism and finally a fine comic voice that cannot help but break out of Dreamland to comment on the Edwardian world in which he lives.Although a man who according to his entry spent most of his time in Ireland, Dunsany's delicious use of a gothic London for his tales i [...]

Che dire ancora di questo Maestro della letteratura fantastica?Dreamer's tales per genere e tematiche non mi è apparso molto diverso da "The Sword of Welleran and other stories": racconti dalle atmosfere soffuse, quasi oniriche; storie allegoriche e profonde. Il fantasy di questi racconti non è un mondo di cui si possa tracciare una mappa, sono luoghi che non potrebbero mai esistere, ma che forse esistono dentro ognuno di noi: le terre di Toldees, Mondath e Arizim o il fiume Yann sono più sta [...]

These are wonderfully satisfying, bite-sized fantasy stories. I read them just before falling asleep, one or two at a time, on my iPod, the screen the only light in the room. My favorites were the longer ones ("Poltarnees, Beholder of the Ocean" and "Idle Days on the Yann," maybe also "Carcassonne"), so I'm very curious about The King of Elfland's Daughter. Let's see, what happens in these stories? Cities go mad or are suddenly abandoned or destroyed; corpses are denied rest; a poet convinces a [...]

Came here to check out one of Lovecraft's influences. Yep, I see it. This is some strong narrative if you can appreciate the imagery. All the stories are fantastical and follow a stream of consciousness. There isn't a strong character, but you see the "different kinds of people" the author is trying to portray. There is a lot of irony and illusion that the stories are composed much prior to its time, which is hardly achieved in today's fantasy novels. The last story is The Unhappy Body and it re [...]

One of my ur-books, which had a lasting affect on my imagination.My copy of this is a battered old Modern Library edition that was passed down to me by her father, who gave it to her in the 1940s. I found it on the bookshelf at about the age of ten, and was immediately captivated by Dunsany's dream prose, all wrapped up in short stories that still manage to be epic in their scope. "The Sword of Welleran". "Poltarnees Beholder of the Ocean" (that's right, Christina, I'm on to your father's nom de [...]

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