House of Smoke

J.F. Freedman

House of Smoke

House of Smoke

  • Title: House of Smoke
  • Author: J.F. Freedman
  • ISBN: 9780451179890
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback

J.F Freedman is on fire once again with this novel, a blazing new thriller of power, murder and one woman s relentless search for the truth An ex cop turned private investigator searches for answers when a wealthy socialite s boyfriend is killed while in police custody But no solutions lead only to dangerous questions, as she enters a glittery world where the ultraJ.F Freedman is on fire once again with this novel, a blazing new thriller of power, murder and one woman s relentless search for the truth An ex cop turned private investigator searches for answers when a wealthy socialite s boyfriend is killed while in police custody But no solutions lead only to dangerous questions, as she enters a glittery world where the ultra rich play the deadliest games.

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i gave up on this trite tale of a lady detective solving an utterly dull mystery at about the halfway mark. points of non-interest:1. terrible intro. laughable. after that, the writing improvesBUT the author commits a cardinal sin in having the same scornful attitude towards the world be rendered not just through various character povs, but in his so-called 'third-person omniscient' parts as well. the characters and the author really should not be expressing the same blanket contempt towards the [...]

We were highly satisfied with our first Freedman suspense thriller, “Bird’s Eye View”, and so thought we’d try this initial entry in his ex-cop, private eye Kate Blanchard set. Kate is loaded with angst and issues, exacerbated by a history of abuse from her ex and her two daughters being raised by her sister (at court order). She has learned the PI trade by essentially assuming the business practice of her mentor and presents as a dogged and resourceful worker. Hired by a wealthy family [...]

Kate Blanchard is a hard-boiled PI with a sad back story (or was I just redundant?). There are some interesting twists and turns but the characters did not seem believable. I also think I would have understood that some of the women were complicated without so much detail about their sex lives. JF Freedman has joined my personal Do Not Read list.

I'm not generally a crime fiction genre reader. This book had plenty of crime and the main character, Detective Kate Blanchard, is a nicely flawed woman who grows through the book, and in a very believable way. Perhaps it is par for the course in this genre, but there was way too much gratuitous sex for my taste. Didn't seem necessary for the plot. there is a twist at the end, which I won't divulge. As a reader I felt duped and intentionally misled and wanted more clues so I could anticipate the [...]

This book had been standing in one of my bookcases for ages and I am not sure why I didn't get around to reading it a long time ago as it was a great read. I really like the main character Kate Blanchardon the one hand, she is tough as nails, yet she has been badly hurt both in body and mind by her former husband. In this book, she is taking her first baby steps in a whole new life, in a new location, far from her abuser and also, her 2 daughters who are living in her sister's far more stable ho [...]

Sue Grafton's PI has a major competitor here: Kate Blanchard. She's a former cop, a former battered woman. Two kids, in the custody of her sister. Lots of emotional baggage. New life in Santa Barbara as a PI. Freedman creates a richly layered protagonist, and while aspects of the plot seemed predictable, in retrospect, the author has pieced together a strong, nicely paced story. Plenty of action. Plenty of local color. Plenty of digging into how PIs, and the police work. And, contrary to some re [...]

House of Smoke is a okay detective story, but nothing special. I kept getting ahead of the plot. The lead is a female ex-cop turned PI with Issues (her ex beat her, she's lost custody of her kids). My main quibble is that it was obvious to me that this was a male writer writing a female character. He kept having her do either a) things guys think all women do or b) things guys want women to do. Also, she inevitably had to be rescued by a dude. Arggh. So yeah. Somewhat exasperating, but an accept [...]

I get the feeling like I've read this book before. Battered female private investigator is trying to fight off her past demons, be a mother, find a new man, and, by the way, find out what's behind a suspicious Santa Monica murder. I like detectives who are flawed and things are not perfectly wrapped up in their worlds, even when you think they might be. This is a pretty long read, but entertaining. Great for the beach!

This was a fairly good hard-boiled thriller. Actually, I really enjoyed Freedman's writing style and his characters all have depth, so I will probably read others by him; I just found the storyline of this novel (poor little rich girls) wasn't my 'thing' and I knew fairly early on (definately sooner than I was supposed to, I'm afraid) whodunit, so that lowered my journal rating a bit. But, overall, worth the reading time

I thought this was a pretty good book, once I got into it. I thought the plot was great and timeless, it could've been written last year. I was sure I had the ending figured out, but I was way off, which is rare. I would recommend this book to anyone, just give it a fair chance.

This is the first book of J.F. Freedman I have read. I enjoyed it enough to add all his other books to my 'hunt for' books. It was good and since it was one of his earlier books I expect his later books to be even better [unless he's John Grisham or Stuart Woods is disguise!]

Have mixed feelings about this book. I didn't much like the main character, but maybe that was the point, because she didn't like herself very muchO, the language was unnecessarily crude. In places it seemed gratuitous. Interesting plot, though a little contrived.

Kate Blanchard was once a cop, married to a cop and a battered wife. She breaks out on her own as a PI in Santa Barbara, CA where there is lots of money and lots being covered up. The story is engaging as are the characters.

This was a pretty good mystery, with some plot twists and turns, some of which were unexpected. My biggest gripe was that there were descriptions of sex that were not central to the storyline and seemed gratuitous. Pretty obvious that a man wrote it; women would have been more subtle.

I did not care for this book at allo many characters.

Just not my kind of readingAlmost pornst

I see that this is a series. Although this book was mildly entertaining, I really don't want to read anymore about Kate Blanchard.

Gripping story, but it also felt quite contrived. Fine for a beach read.

This author is new to me, the book started off with a bang.

Ex-cop leaves abusive husband and becomes a private detective. Hired by rich girl to investigate a lover's death, stirs up trouble with organized crime and rich girl's family.

filthy, main character despicable

I love J.F.F. Freedman's books. This one was a little to predictable.

This book was interesting. It was fast paced and suspenseful with a wealthy family and a female detective as the primary characters. The author writes well.

Liked the writing style. Lots of characters but amazing how everything ties together as the pieces of the mystery unfold.

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First time I read one of Freedman books and will read again. Very good.

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