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  • Title: Castaways
  • Author: Brian Keene
  • ISBN: 9780843960891
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

They came to the lush, deserted island to compete on a popular reality TV show Each one hoped to be the last to leave Now they re just hoping to stay alive It seems the island isn t deserted after all Contestants and crew members are disappearing, but they aren t being eliminated by the game They re being taken by the monstrous half human creatures that live in the juThey came to the lush, deserted island to compete on a popular reality TV show Each one hoped to be the last to leave Now they re just hoping to stay alive It seems the island isn t deserted after all Contestants and crew members are disappearing, but they aren t being eliminated by the game They re being taken by the monstrous half human creatures that live in the jungle The men will be slaughtered The women will be kept alive as captives Night is falling, the creatures are coming, and rescue is so far away.

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Words fail me. That's how bad this book isd to his other books which are great reads. It was formulaic, the characters were annoying, and the pop-culturish quality of the story was off putting for some reason.Maybe it's just because Jack Ketchum's Off Season is a brilliant take on inbred cave dwellers clashing with society that anything else pales by comparison. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. Or maybe those just starting out in the horror genre and won't compare this book to the horro [...]

Castaways is about a group of reality TV contestants hidden away on a secluded and supposedly uninhabited island battling it out among themselves to be the sole survivor for the chance to take away a million dollars in prize money. Being a Brian Keene book things are bound to go wrong and before too long the contestants are battling for survival in the truest sense. Having to deal with a massive storm, a homicidal contestant and then inbred cannibals makes for one terrifying and goose bump-induc [...]

Castaways by Brian Keene is a fun “Survivor” type novel in which the game gets a little bit sideways…and then the wheels come completely off. It is a tongue in cheek horror novel that reads very quick with a quirky cast of characters and no shortage of blood and guts. If you are looking to read something that is not too “hardcore” and has a few laughs then I think that you will enjoy Castaways. I did.

Very intense and gruesome. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially since it's the Halloween season (not that it makes much difference to me since I am always into horror) :)

more like 3.5/4, review to come b/c I'm lazy right now

Why read: Reality TV and horror? Sold.What impressed me: Castaways was just great horror. It was scary and gross and kept me totally involved the whole story. I loved the mix of both human and inhuman evil out to get the castaways. I also loved the reality TV angle and how some of the character's personalities changed once things went bad and the cameras were off. I was completely impressed by Castaways and how it really used the Reality TV situation as opposed to it feeling completely gimicky.W [...]

I won't say that this is Keene's strongest work but it certainly is one of the more fun books in his cannon. Take a bunch of stereotypical reality TV people, slap them on a deserted island a la Survivor, and then add in some cannibal pygmies great stuff.I really hate reality TV, so I balked at first when I realized that it was at the center of the plot of the book. But Keene has created some fun characters to follow through the almost 300 pages of this tale. There is substantial gore and a hefty [...]

This hardcover edition is numbered 62 of 300 copies signed by Brian Keene.

This was a fun, quick read. Keene throws monsters into a reality-tv setting, a premise that mirrors the usual slasher set-up. The prose is clean and vivid, and the plot is well-balanced with quiet moments and bouts of gory killings. I dug the monsters, and I like how Keene stacked the odds against the protagonists. The story was brutal enough that I had no idea who might survive, or whether Keene was just going to kill everyone off. My main criticism is that Keene chose to include rape as one of [...]

That was a really good book. Just the thought that he wrote that story for Richard Laymon's dedication was really cool & the story he tells about how he came up with the book was really neat & any Laymon fan would like & I would recommend this to all Laymon fans. The characters were like able the story was creative & there were some really funny moments in the book. Defiantly another good read from Keene!

I really liked the concept of this book - a horror version of the reality show Survivor. But somehow the execution and lack of likeable characters just didn’t get me too excited (I was really pulling for all the characters to die). It had some moments I did enjoy and it was a quick read. I did like the homage to Richard Laymon though. Not my favorite Keene book by far.

Bloody, gory horror novel. The author takes a mish-mash of reality show contestants on a deserted island and then throws lots of twists and turns in their way. The contestants fit into the usual categories - the author even describes them as their stereotypes (boy/girl-next door, stoner, black girl, black guy, etc). Then he mixes in a cyclone, a domestic terrorist, and a tribe of missing link sub-humans bent on murdering the men and raping the women. It is (mostly) a gore fest and I like more ps [...]

This story resembles The Robinson Crusoe show with competitors and a deserted, lost island as residence. A tropical storm prevents the show to continue, and during that storm, the competitors are all on different places. But they are not aloneMen got butchered and women held as captives, to being raped and impregnate. The describing of the island and surroundings are detailled. The group (as always) dislike each other and try to manipulate whenever they can. Just as every real-life show.This boo [...]

I enjoyed this book primarily because it was envisioned as a "pre-quel" for the Beast House Series by Richard Laymon. I think it was a good story to pay homage to that series. There is some character development, although not above and beyond anything you would expect from any other book. There is a bit of a side story in the main story involving a group called "the Sons of the Constitution", but it really doesn't go much of anywhere, which was disappointing. I enjoy Keene's style and his moment [...]

Keene's Tribute to Laymon has a reality show getting destroyed on an island by the natives, Loved it.

Another Keene thriller - fast-paced, tense, gore galore - some good, exciting, horrible fun.

Imagine the reality show SURVIVOR was unwittingly filmed on an island that was inhabited by a race of violent hominids. That’s what Brian Keene has done here but, unfortunately, he doesn’t make the best of it. The plot could just as easily involve shipwreck survivors on an island of vampires, or prospectors on an island of zombies, or holidaymakers at an exclusive resort on an island of killer rabbits. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, nothing original, and while it’s entertaining eno [...]

I'll be honest and open myself up to a little criticism straight off the bat. I didn't like The Rising. There. I said it. Zombie fans are very passionate about books they like, and Keene's The Rising was well received. It didn't do anything for me. Sorry, Brian. But that didn't put me off snatching up a copy of Castaways when I saw it in the bookstore here (and this is quite an achievement. The bookstore is tiny and doesn't stock much horror at all. But then I saw Leisure titles. LEISURE! Whoo!) [...]

This was the third book I got from Brian Keene, because again, the way he writes the synopsis of the book makes it sound like it will be fun, interesting, thrilling, but most of all, entertaining. Shame that he can't bring the same energy to the actual book as he does to the synopsis.The book starts interestingly enough with a bit of background look on what it entails to film a Survivor style of reality show, and it seems that season would've sucked in terms of variety, as it begins when there a [...]

Castaways is a reality show like Survivor. But the contestants don't know they're sharing an island with beasts. And since there are no other animals on the island, the monsters plan to have a great feast of human meat. But that's just for the men. They have something else in store for the women - they're planning to breed with them to save their dying, inbred species.The plot isn't very original, but I was willing to overlook that because I love Brian Keene. You can definitely tell that it's an [...]

Reality TV has been ripe for genre deconstruction, practically from the moment it entered the public consciousness. With its cachet of conflicting personalities, frequent premises involving isolation, and of course the inherent voyeuristic delight that drives it, the format is tailor-made for sharp-witted horror authors. Taking its cue from SURVIVOR, Brian Keene's CASTAWAYS is among the first to explore this new territory, expanding his novella from 2004's FEAR OF GRAVITY to novel length.Contest [...]

About halfway through Brian Keene’s Castaways, one is reminded of that infamous tagline from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: “Who will survive and what will be left of them?” Indeed, after this white-knuckle fiction screamfest, there may be very little left of readers’ nerves. Relentlessly frightening and viscerally brutal, Castaways combines non-stop action with an old school horror abandon that gives readers scarce time to come up for air.On a lush tropical island, contestants of a Survi [...]

Although Castaways is an entertaining novel, once the premise is set up, events begin to unfold in a fashion you pretty much expect. Knowing the idea is based on the reality show, Survivor, I would have liked Keene to shift the rules of the game around to make it his own. I also felt characters died before you really got to know them, and everything seemed to happen so fast, it felt more like a novella than a novel. I wanted more atmosphere and suspense for a lot of the killings because it seeme [...]

I am honestly shocked by the bad reviews and mediocre rating for this book. I don't normally do big foot like creatures or even survivor type stories, neither plot is a calling card for me, so this book would never have been a purchase had it not sported Keene's name on the cover. It wasn't my first choice read, but after reading the Last Albatwitches I was intrigued to learn about the events that lead there.I was surprised by just how much I actually enjoyed this , it had my interest right from [...]

"Castaways" is a "Survivor"-on-steroids novel that was written as author Brian Keene's homage to horror legend Richard Laymon. I enjoyed the book a great deal because it did have so many Laymon-like qualities to it. Solid characterization, gore, violence, lust, and sexual situations were all present, just like in Laymon's best. Keene certainly hit a home run with his attempt to model Laymon's style. Even those who don't consider themselves to be great Laymon fans should enjoy the pacing and plot [...]

My first Brian Keene novel and I wonder if this was just one of his lows or all of his books are of the same quality. I'm not willing to find out any time sooner. The premise of the book is a reality survival show in a remote tropic island, where the contestants discover they're not alone, but have disturbed the habitat of a primate pygmy human species, which are slowly dying and see in the female contestants a chance to diversify their genes and in the males a chance to have a nice dinner (all [...]

Another great and immersible horror from a talented author. 4.5 of 5 really. My favorite theme of Keene's besides the zombies and worms. When giving praise to talented authors. I say certain themes can often be lost to the genres that birthed them. Not that I have read many stories about carnivorous creatures vs. regular city folks. When it comes to Brian Keene, he is able to take a set of characters, a setting, and leave his brand seared and crispy into the fatty flesh of the situation. On an i [...]

This is a super-fast, super-horrifying read.I love horror novels, but I kind of hate gore. I think I just like the adrenaline rush of being scared. Usually I have to skim the icky parts (kind of like how I close my eyes in horror movies when it gets too bloody). I was pleasantly surprised when I barely had to skim at all in the first half of this book.But then, yeah, I skimmed a lot of the last half, which is probably why it was such a fast read!Castaways is the thinly veiled story of the TV sho [...]

Писан в памет на Ричард Леъмън, романът е класически сплатър, в който Малакаса пойнт се сблъсква с реалитито сървайвър. Героите умишлено отговарят на стереотипи, защото продуцентите на шоуто не могат да си позволят друго.Шоуто корабокрушенци се снима на остров някъде в Мал [...]

I'm not normally a fan of the horror genre but I'm kinda liking this "new horror" stuff. This book reminded me of The Ruins in its overall tone. I went in to the reading a bit cautious; wondering if the storyline was just going to be another hokey rip-off of books like Hunger Games or Battle Royale. It wasn't at all. Keene brought some unique elements to the plot line and I was very impressed with his caliber of storytelling. The book contains some of your usual "token" characters but also intro [...]

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